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September 20 Famous Birthdays

September 20 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on SEPTEMBER 20 could possibly be career students. they are constantly going back to school to update their certifications if not attending full time. They have the ability to live on little income and make the most of it.


If they have found love, it usually means that they want to spend all of your time with that person. Crowding is never a good thing. So, famous people born on September 20 should be careful not to intrude on someone’s personal space.


Additionally, it could scare away the very person they want, leaving them devastated. They’ll know when they meet their soul mate. It will be like being with a clone of themselves only it has the stuff they’re missing!


What some people like about the famous celebrities born on September 20 is that they are straight and to the point. However, others won’t like them for the same reasons. They are progressive in doing what it takes to climb the ladder of success. They’re serious about it and they don’t have the time to worry about what people say.

For famous people born on September 20th, their lifestyle reflects one who practices holistic health care. They love looking their best and staying fit. Virgos born today are subject to having trust issues. In addition, they as a parent will be a strict one.

September 20 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

20 September Good Traits:

  • Straightforward
  • Honest
  • Wise
  • Prudent
  • Practical
  • Respectful
  • Loyal
  • Motivated
  • Spiritual

20 September Bad Traits:

  • Opportunist
  • Emotional
  • Obsessive
  • Compulsive
  • Distrustful

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September 20 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Paul, 1972, Pop Singer
Abe Coleman, 1905, Wrestler
Adrian Piper, 1948, Philosopher
Aimee Graham, 1971, Movie Actress
Ainsley Earhardt, 1976, TV Show Host
AJ Ramos, 1986, Baseball Player
Akkineni Nageswara Rao, 1923, Movie Actor
Alannah Currie, 1957, Pop Singer
Aldis Hodge, 1986, Movie Actor
Alvaro Cervera, 1965, Soccer Player
Amuro Namie, 1977, Pop Singer
Amy Farrington, 1966, TV Actress
Andrew Davies, 1936, Screenwriter
Anna Boden, 1976, Screenwriter
Anne McIntosh, 1954, Politician
Anne Meara, 1929, Movie Actress
Anthony Denison, 1949, TV Actor

Anthony Smith, 1983, Football Player
Armin Merusic, 1998, YouTube Star
Arn Anderson, 1958, Wrestler
Asia Argento, 1975, Movie Actress
Aspen Halle, 2000, Dancer
Ayah Marar, 1980, World Music Singer
Beau Griffiths, 1983, YouTube Star
Belen Rodriguez, 1984, TV Show Host
Ben Edlund, 1968, Screenwriter
Ben Shepherd, 1968, Bassist
Betsy Brantley, 1955, Movie Actress
Bill Amend, 1962, Cartoonist
Blakely Bjerken, 2008, YouTube Star
Bob Lemon, 1920, Baseball Player
Brad Beyer, 1973, TV Actor
Braxton Pierce, 1996, eSports Player
Brenden Adams, 1995,
Brett Lapeyrouse, 1993, Movie Actor
september 20 famous birthdaysBrinke Stevens, 1954, Movie Actress
Brooke Azzopardi, 1994, YouTube Star
Cagla Simsek, 2002, TV Actress
Candy Spelling, 1945, Family Member
Carl Long, 1967, Race Car Driver
Carlos Guerrero, 1980, Sportscaster
Carlos Hyde, 1991, Football Player
Caroline Ribeiro, 1979, Model
Casey Ledford, 1995, Instagram Star
Catherine Crowe, 1803, Novelist
Charlie Engle, 1962, Runner
Chico Hamilton, 1921, Drummer
Chip Wade, 1982, TV Show Host
Chris Mooney, 1977, Journalist
Christine Tremarco, 1977, TV Actress
Christopher Scott, 1983, Choreographer
Chuck Dressen, 1898, Baseball Manager
Chuck Panozzo, 1948, Bassist

Clarice Taylor, 1917, TV Actress
Clarice Taylor, 1917, TV Actress
Clyde Bruckman, 1894, Director
Coby Fleener, 1988, Football Player
Conrad Coleby, 1979, TV Actor
Cora Alvillar, 1985, YouTube Star
Cory Kruseman, 1970, Race Car Driver
Cory Wade Hindorff, 1990, Model
Craig Forrest, 1967, Soccer Player
Crystle Stewart, 1981, Model
Dale Chihuly, 1941,
Dan Gillespie Sells, 1978, Pop Singer
Daniel El Travieso, 1994, Vine Star
Danielle Marie, 1998, YouTube Star
Dante Hall, 1978, Football Player
Dave Bliss, 1943, Basketball Coach
David Haig, 1955, Movie Actor
David McMillan, 1981, Football Player
David Stockdale, 1985, Soccer Player

Davor Dujmovic, 1969, Movie Actor
Debbi Morgan, 1956, Soap Opera Actress
Deborah Roberts, 1960, Journalist
Diala Makki, 1981, Journalist
Dominic Toliver, 1993, Vine Star
Donald Hall, 1928, Poet
Donatas Motiejunas, 1990, Basketball Player
Donatas Motiejunas, 1990, Basketball Player
Donna Marie Lombardi, 1992, Reality Star
Dounia Coesens, 1988, TV Actress
Dustin Drury, 1983, Comedian
Edward Butera, 1958, Family Member
Edward Lakso, 1932, Screenwriter
Edward Montoro, 1928, Screenwriter
Edy Ganem, 1983, TV Actress
Elena Kong, 1971, TV Actress
Elisabeth Scott, 1898, Architect
Elizabeth Kenny, 1886, Scientist
Ellie Louise, 2001, YouTube Star
Emma Abeba, 1999, Instagram Star
Enuka Okuma, 1976, TV Actress
Eric Gale, 1938, Guitarist
Eric Kelly, 1980, Boxer
Erich Gonzales, 1990, TV Actress
Erick Eerdhuizen, 1969, DJ
Ernest Manning, 1908, Politician
Feliciano Lopez, 1981, Tennis Player
Florence Ryerson, 1892, Screenwriter
Frances Heflin, 1920, Soap Opera Actress
Frank De Vol, 1911, Composer
Fred Winter, 1926, Horse Jockey
Ga-In, 1987, Pop Singer
Gabriela Villalba, 1984, Pop Singer
Gary Cole, 1956, TV Actor
Gary Jennings, 1928, Children’s Author
George Cosbuc, 1866, Poet
George L. Mosse, 1918, Historian
George RR Martin, 1948, Novelist
Ghassan Massoud, 1958, Movie Actor
Gillian Rose, 1947, Philosopher
Gogi Grant, 1924, Pop Singer
Gracyanne Barbosa, 1983, Instagram Star
Grant Landis, 1999, Pop Singer
Greg Valentine, 1951, Wrestler
Gus Edson, 1901, Cartoonist
Guy Lafleur, 1951, Hockey Player
Hai Lam, 1992, YouTube Star
Hannah Geller, 2001, Instagram Star
Hans Scharoun, 1893, Architect
Harry Baker, 1990, Soccer Player
Harvey James, 1952, Guitarist
Heather Snow Clark, 1980, TV Actress
Henrik Larsson, 1971, Soccer Player
Herbert Putnam, 1861, Politician
Holly Weber, 1984, TV Actress
Hooks Dauss, 1889, Baseball Player
Ian Desmond, 1985, Baseball Player
Jack Hemmings, 1993, Family Member
Jack Lawless, 1987, Drummer
Jake Newton, 1988, Hockey Player
James Dewar, 1842, Scientist
James Galanos, 1924, Fashion Designer
James Pawelczyk, 1960, Astronaut
Jane Manning, 1938, Opera Singer
Jason Bay, 1978, Baseball Player
Jason Drucker, 2005, TV Actor
Jean-jacques Dessalines, 1758, Politician
Jean-Marie Londeix, 1932, Saxophonist
Jeni Ross, 1999, TV Actress
Jeremy Nicholas, 1947, Radio Host
Jerome Sinclair, 1996, Soccer Player
Jesper Trip, 1996, Model
Jessica Lesaca, 1987, Vine Star
Jessie Blush, 1994, Instagram Star
Jim Taylor, 1935, Football Player
Joanie Dodds, 1981, Model
Joanna Cameron, 1951, TV Actress
Joe Roff, 1975, Rugby Player
Joel Kosche, 1969, Guitarist
John Dankworth, 1927, Composer
John Panozzo, 1948, Drummer
John Tavares, 1990, Hockey Player
Jon Bernthal, 1976, TV Actor
Jonathan Walters, 1983, Soccer Player
Joshua Moore, 1989, Guitarist
Juan Pablo Montoya, 1975, Race Car Driver
Jude Deveraux, 1947, Novelist
Judith Francisca Baca, 1946, Civil Rights Leader
Judith Thompson, 1954, Playwright
Julia Friedman, 1997, Instagram Star
Julian Draxler, 1993, Soccer Player
Julian Joachim, 1974, Soccer Player
Juozas Tumas-Vaizgantas, 1869, Activist
Justin Koschitzke, 1982, Australian Rules Footballer
Kally Berard, 1999, Gymnast
Karen Martini, 1971, Chef
Keith Semple, 1981, Rock Singer
Ken Giles, 1990, Baseball Player
Kenneth More, 1914, Movie Actor
Kimbal Musk, 1972, Entrepreneur
Kindly Myers, 1985, Model
Kristen Johnston, 1967, TV Actress
Kyle Anderson, 1993, Basketball Player
Lars Vaular, 1984, Rapper
Leo Strauss, 1899, Philosopher
Lewis Schwellenbach, 1894, Politician
Liam Fox, 1961, Politician
Lili Mac, 1992, YouTube Star
Lisa Bloom, 1961, Lawyer
Lloyd Blankfein, 1954, Business Executive
Lloyd Howells, 1999, Movie Actor
Louise Peete, 1880, Criminal
Luis Pardo, 1882,
Mac Brunson, 1957, Religious Leader
Madison Young, 1980,
Maggie Cheung, 1964, Movie Actress
Mahesh Bhatt, 1948, Director
Malachy McCourt, 1931, TV Actor
Mallory Everton, 1989, Comedian
Mandy Bruno, 1981, Soap Opera Actress
Manuel Zelaya, 1952, World Leader
Marilou Bourdon, 1990, Pop Singer
Marissa Jade, 1984, Reality Star
Martin Larsson, 1996, eSports Player
Matt Alford, 1986, YouTube Star
Matt Blair, 1950, Football Player
Matt Joseph Diaz, 1992, Blogger
Matthew Barrett, 1944, Business Executive
Matthew Gray Nelson, 1967, Pop Singer
Matthias, 1988, YouTube Star
Maurice Gamelin, 1872, War Hero
Max Amini, 1981, Comedian
Maxwell Perkins, 1884,
Maya VanDien, 2001, Family Member
Mehrzad Marashi, 1980, Soul Singer
Meral Okay, 1959, TV Actress
Mia Martini, 1947, Composer
Michael Hurst, 1957, TV Actor
Michael Simeon, 1993, Pop Singer
Michal Zyro, 1992, Soccer Player
Michelle Visage, 1968, TV Show Host
Mike Matheny, 1970, Baseball Player
Mina Anwar, 1969, TV Actress
Mitch Mullany, 1968, TV Actor
Mohamed Omar, 1991, Journalist
Molly Fletcher, 1971, Sports Executive
Monica Zetterlund, 1937, Jazz Singer
Monika Radulovic, 1990, Model
Moon Bloodgood, 1975, Movie Actress
Moric Benyovszky, 1746, Explorer
Morwenna Banks, 1961, Voice Actor
Namie Amuro, 1977, Pop Singer
Nbushe Wright, 1970, Movie Actress
Nick Toczek, 1950, Poet
Nicktron, 1994, Twitch Star
Nicola Haste, 1980, YouTube Star
Nuno Bettencourt, 1966, Guitarist
Olivia Brower, 1994, Model
Olivia Grant, 1983, TV Actress
Omar Abdulrahman, 1991, Soccer Player
Ossip Bernstein, 1882, Chess Player
Owen Sheers, 1974, Poet
Paige Lorentzen, 1994, Instagram Star
Parle Patel, 1990, YouTube Star
Patrick Pentland, 1969, Guitarist
Patrizio Buanne, 1978, Pop Singer
Paul Wendkos, 1922, Director
Peter Daicos, 1961, Soccer Player
Peter Phelps, 1960, TV Actor
Peter Prevc, 1992, Skier
Peter White, 1954, Guitarist
Philippa Forrester, 1968, TV Show Host
Phillip Phillips, 1990, Pop Singer
Pia Lindstrom, 1938, Family Member
Prince Arthur, 1486, Royalty
Rachel Roberts, 1927, Movie Actress
Ralph Regenvanu, 1970, Politician
Red Auerbach, 1917, Basketball Coach
Reza Ghoochannejhad, 1987, Soccer Player
Ricci Guarnaccio, 1986, Reality Star
Richard Cresswell, 1977, Soccer Player
Richard Montague, 1930, Philosopher
Richard Ward, 1967, Entrepreneur
Rick DeJesus, 1983, Rock Singer
Rick Woolstenhulme Jr., 1979, Drummer
Robert Koren, 1980, Soccer Player
Robert LaSardo, 1963, Movie Actor
Robert Rusler, 1965, Movie Actor
Ron Cochran, 1912, News Anchor
Ronald Zubar, 1985, Soccer Player
Rosanna Carter, 1918, Movie Actress
Roshni Walia, 2001, TV Actress
Ryan Donowho, 1980, Movie Actor
Ryan Feng, 1982, Dancer
Ryan Hartman, 1994, Hockey Player
Ryan Jensen, 1977, MMA Fighter
Ryan Swope, 1990, Football Player
Sammi Hanratty, 1995, TV Actress
Sani Abacha, 1943, World Leader
Sarah Glendening, 1982, Soap Opera Actress
Sarah Kaufman, 1985, MMA Fighter
Sarah Natochenny, 1987, Voice Actor
Sarit Hadad, 1978, World Music Singer
Sean Davis, 1979, Soccer Player
Sebb Argo, 1995, YouTube Star
Sera Gamble, 1983, TV Producer
Sergei Bobrovsky, 1988, Hockey Player
Sergio Di Zio, 1972, TV Actor
Shaira Luna, 1986, Photographer
Sian Thomas, 1953, Movie Actress
Simrin Player, 1998, Dancer
Sophia Loren, 1934, Movie Actress
Soundarya Ashwin, 1984, Director
Spencer Locke, 1991, Movie Actress
Stephanie Millward, 1981, Swimmer
Steve Coleman, 1956, Saxophonist
Steve Powell, 1955, Soccer Player
Steven Skyler, 1983, TV Actor
Stevie Smith, 1902, Poet
Stuart Milner-Barry, 1906, Chess Player
Tara Sands, 1975, Voice Actor
Taro Aso, 1940, World Leader
Tasha Leelyn, 1991, YouTube Star
Ted Neeley, 1943, Movie Actor
The-Dream, 1977, Music Producer
Thekingnappy, 1992, YouTube Star
Tim Rogers, 1969, Rock Singer
TJ Lang, 1987, Football Player
Todd Blackadder, 1971, Rugby Player
Tom Luke, 2000, YouTube Star
Tommy Nobis, 1943, Football Player
Tony Garea, 1946, Wrestler
Upton Sinclair, 1878, Novelist
Van Jones, 1968, Novelist
Vaughn Gittin, 1980, Race Car Driver
Victor Ponta, 1972, World Leader
Victoria Dillard, 1969, TV Actress
Vladimir Clementis, 1902, Politician
Vladimir Ivanov, 1988, Model
Wallis Day, 1994, Soap Opera Actress
Warren Lieberstein, 1968, Screenwriter
Waylon Francis, 1990, Soccer Player
Wayne Lyons, 1992, Football Player
William Finley, 1940, Movie Actor
William Kapell, 1922, Pianist
Young Roddy, 1986, Rapper
Yui Horie, 1976, Voice Actor
Yuna Ito, 1983, Pop Singer


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