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September 19 Famous Birthdays

September 19 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on SEPTEMBER 19 are the kind of people who when they go to work don’t play around on the job. They are there for a reason and they know that quality is what turns heads. They are very capable of turning some chins. But they should not let this go to their head, as they are subject to eat a little humble pie.


The roots  of the famous celebrities of September 19 are their history and without their past, they could not be in their present situation. They’ve always been a well put together individual. They care about their appearance. Just look at their nails and hair… they are both perfect! Both male and female Virgins are top notch fashion experts.


Success comes in many styles. As far as your finances go, this could be you weakest link for the the famous people born on September 19 but it’s not. Although they make the money, they continue to reinvest it. They are able to prosper and this makes them excited!


Famous people born on September 19th are Virgos who could be neurotic but equipped for whatever happens. Those of you with a birth day today could be guilty of being snobbish. It would seem that they suffer from selective amnesia. It is suggested that they stay grounded.

September 19 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

19 September Good Traits:

  • Organized
  • Beautiful
  • Hardworking
  • Grounded
  • Determined
  • Dedicated
  • Systematic
  • Serious

19 September Bad Traits:

  • Choosy
  • Compulsive
  • Condescending
  • Haughty
  • Proud

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September 19 Famous Birthday Personalities

A Jay Popoff, 1973, Rock Singer
Aakash Chopra, 1977, Cricket Player
Aaron Maund, 1990, Soccer Player
Abdul Majeed Waris, 1991, Soccer Player
Adam West, 1928, TV Actor
Adira, 1991, Pop Singer
Al Oerter, 1936, Discus Thrower
Alberto Rivera, 1935, Religious Author
Aleksandr Karelin, 1967, Wrestler
Alex Angelo, 2000, DJ
Alex Etel, 1994, Movie Actor
Alex Lloyd, 1974, Pop Singer
Alexandria The Red, 1992, Instagram Star
Alisa Yastrebova, 1994, Folk Singer
Alison Sweeney, 1976, Soap Opera Actress
Allan Havey, 1954, TV Actor

Amber Lancaster, 1980, Model
Amber Rayne, 1984,
Amil Kahala Whitehead, 1978, Rapper
Andy Turner, 1980, Hurdler
Angel Reyna, 1984, Soccer Player
Anthony Gardner, 1980, Soccer Player
Arthur Mullard, 1910, TV Actor
Arwa Damon, 1977, Journalist
Aspen Franks, 2001, Vine Star
Austin Mitchell, 1934, Politician
Barry Scheck, 1949, Lawyer
Bebexo, 1987, YouTube Star
Ben Turpin, 1869, Movie Actor
Benjamin Davies, 1980, Stage Actor
Bianca Ikinofo, 1990, Dancer
Bill Medley, 1940, Soul Singer
Blaine Capatch, 1965, Game Show Host
Blake Green, 1986, Rugby Player
Bob Krueger, 1935, Politician
Bob Turley, 1930, Baseball Player
september 19 famous birthdaysBonnie Broel, 1960, Fashion Designer
Brett Keisel, 1978, Football Player
Brian Epstein, 1934, Entrepreneur
Brittany Lincicome, 1985, Golfer
Brook Benton, 1931, Pop Singer
Bruce Evans, 1946, Screenwriter
Candice Stewart, 1983, Reality Star
Candy Dulfer, 1969, Saxophonist
Carl Landry, 1983, Basketball Player
Carlos Darwin Quintero, 1987, Soccer Player
Caroline John, 1940, TV Actress
Carolyn McCormick, 1959, TV Actress
Carter Oosterhouse, 1976, TV Show Host
Cass Elliot, 1941, Folk Singer
Cassidy Hubbarth, 1984, TV Show Host
Cesar Camargo Mariano, 1943, Pianist
Charles Carroll, 1737, Politician

Charles Sims, 1990, Football Player
Charlie Weber, 1978, TV Actor
Chase Jeter, 1997, Basketball Player
Chase Rice, 1986, Country Singer
Cheri Oteri, 1962, Comedian
Christoph Powers, 1991, Vine Star
CJ McCollum, 1991, Basketball Player
Collin Klein, 1989, Football Player
Columbus Short, 1982, TV Actor
Connor Shaw, 1991, Football Player
Courtney Smith-Pope, 1977, Cheerleading Coach
Cuong Vu, 1969, Trumpet Player
Cyrus Nowrasteh, 1956, Screenwriter
Dakota Rose, 1995, YouTube Star
Damon Baker, 1991, Photographer
Dan Bylsma, 1970, Hockey Coach
Dan Hampton, 1957, Football Player
Daniel Eric Gold, 1975, TV Actor
Daniel Lanois, 1951, Music Producer

Danielle Panabaker, 1987, TV Actress
Dannielle Brent, 1979, TV Actress
Danny Valencia, 1984, Baseball Player
Dave Canterbury, 1963, Reality Star
Dave Clarke, 1968, DJ
Davey Orgill, 1983, YouTube Star
David Bamber, 1954, Movie Actor
David Bromberg, 1945, Blues Singer
David Hess, 1936, Movie Actor
David McCallum, 1933, TV Actor
David Seaman, 1963, Soccer Player
David Zepeda, 1974, TV Actor
Debbye Turner, 1965, TV Show Host
Diego Reyes, 1992, Soccer Player
Don Harron, 1924, TV Show Host
Duke Snider, 1926, Baseball Player
Eamon, 1983, Rapper
Eduardo Carvalho, 1982, Soccer Player
Eesha Koppikar, 1976, Model
Eleni Daniilidou, 1982, Tennis Player
Emil Sutovsky, 1977, Chess Player
Emil Vilain Albrechtsen, 1988, YouTube Star
Emil Zatopek, 1922, Runner
Ernest Tomlinson, 1924, Composer
Ernest Truex, 1889, Movie Actor
Ernie Sabella, 1949, Voice Actor
Eva Marie, 1984, Wrestler
Faye Reagan, 1988,
Frances Farmer, 1913, Movie Actress
Frank Barrie, 1936, Stage Actor
Fred E. Ahlert, 1892, Composer
Fred E. Ahlert, 1892, Composer
Freda Payne, 1942, Soul Singer
Gabriel Swaggart, 1979, TV Show Host
Gary Pinto, 1973, R&B Singer
George Springer, 1989, Baseball Player
George Warhop, 1961, Football Coach
Gerald Koh, 1984, Radio Host
Gertrude Baniszewski, 1929, Criminal
Gio Gonzalez, 1985, Baseball Player
Gregory Abbott, 1942, Soul Singer
Hannah Louise Farrington, 1993, Blogger
Harold Brown, 1927, Politician
Hartley Coleridge, 1796, Poet
Helen Carter, 1927, Country Singer
Henry Bromell, 1947, Screenwriter
Henry Roberto Cuellar, 1955, Politician
Ignazio Buttitta, 1899, Poet
Isha Koppikar, 1976, Movie Actress
Jack Downham, 2002, Soap Opera Actor
Jack Garner, 1926, Family Member
James Haskins, 1941, Novelist
James Lipton, 1926, TV Producer
Jarno Laasala, 1979, TV Actor
Jarvis Cleverley, 1963, Rock Singer
Jarvis Cocker, 1963, Pop Singer
Jay Electronica, 1976, Rapper
Jeff Bates, 1963, Country Singer
Jefferson Thomas, 1942, Civil Rights Leader
Jeni Suk, 1990, R&B Singer
Jeremy Irons, 1948, Movie Actor
Jerome Benton, 1962, Funk Singer
Jessie Lee, 1984,
Jim Abbott, 1967, Baseball Player
Jimmy Bower, 1968, Drummer
Jimmy Fallon, 1974, TV Show Host
Joan Lunden, 1950, TV Show Host
Joe Morgan, 1943, Baseball Player
Joe Pasternak, 1901, Film Producer
Joel Houston, 1979, Gospel Singer
Johann Johannsson, 1969, Composer
John Coghlan, 1946, Drummer
John Couey, 1958, Criminal
John Eppel, 1947, Poet
John Jaso, 1983, Baseball Player
John Paul Green, 1989, TV Actor
Jon Simmons, 1989, Rock Singer
Jonny Giger, 1992, Skateboarder
Joseph Kony, 1964, Criminal
Josiah Fredericks, 2008, YouTube Star
Josiah Zion Gumede, 1919, Politician
Kalpana Kartik, 1931, Movie Actress
Kate Adie, 1945, Radio Host
Katrina Bowden, 1988, TV Actress
Kavya Madhavan, 1984, Movie Actress
Kennadi Boese, 2002, Dancer
Kenny Britt, 1988, Football Player
Kevin Hooks, 1958, TV Actor
Kevin Zegers, 1984, Movie Actor
Kieran Trippier, 1990, Soccer Player
Kim Richards, 1964, Movie Actress
Kobe Paras, 1997, Basketball Player
Kostya Tszyu, 1969, Boxer
Krzysztof Wlodarczyk, 1981, Boxer
Kyle Cease, 1977, TV Actor
Laura Alicia Summers, 1985, Reality Star
Lauren Goodger, 1986, Reality Star
Laurie R. King, 1952, Novelist
Leon Jaworski, 1905, Lawyer
Liam Boyle, 1985, TV Actor
Liam Palmer, 1991, Soccer Player
Linda Ikeji, 1980, Blogger
Lindsey Hughes, 1994, YouTube Star
Lisa Cimorelli, 1993, Pop Singer
Lita Ford, 1958, Guitarist
Lizi Pop, 2003, Pop Singer
Lloyd Haynes, 1934, TV Actor
Lol Coxhill, 1932, Saxophonist
Lopon Tsechu, 1918, Religious Leader
Lorenza Izzo, 1989, Movie Actress
Louis Joseph Vance, 1879, Novelist
Lovie Austin, 1887, Composer
Lucky Ali, 1958, Pop Singer
Lurleen Wallace, 1926, Politician
Lydia Hearst, 1984, Model
Maartje Paumen, 1985, Field Hockey Player
Magnus Folko, 1989, Drummer
Mama Cass Elliot, 1941, Folk Singer
Mamoru Hosoda, 1967, Director
Mandy Musgrave, 1986, TV Actress
Margaret Lindsay, 1910, Movie Actress
Mariano Puerta, 1978, Tennis Player
Mario Batali, 1960, Chef
Marlon Yates Jr., 1987, Movie Actor
Marshall Henderson, 1990, Basketball Player
Marshall Jefferson, 1959, Music Producer
Martha Howe-Douglas, 1980, Soap Opera Actress
Marty Belafsky, 1975, TV Actor
Massy Tadjedin, 1978, Screenwriter
Matt Cockbain, 1972, Rugby Player
McMakistein, 1996, YouTube Star
Michael Symon, 1969, Chef
Michelle Alves, 1978, Model
Mika Waltari, 1908, Novelist
Mike Royko, 1932, Journalist
Mike Sayre, 1981, Family Member
MissChloeCraft, 2004, YouTube Star
Mista Cain, 1989, Rapper
Monica Crowley, 1968, Journalist
Muhal Richard Abrams, 1930, Pianist
Namitha Pramod, 1996, Movie Actress
Nathan Griffith, 1987, Reality Star
Nicholas Bishop, 1973, TV Actor
Nick Cimorelli, 2003, Family Member
Nick Johnson, 1978, Baseball Player
Nick Massi, 1927, Bassist
Nigel Stewart Mitchell, 1978, Radio Host
Nile Rodgers, 1952, Music Producer
Nini Rosso, 1926, Trumpet Player
Noemie Lenoir, 1979, Model
Patrick Breeding, 1990, Pop Singer
Patrick Marber, 1964, Playwright
Paul Williams, 1940, Songwriter
Paulo Freire, 1921, Philosopher
Pedro Munoz, 1968, Baseball Player
Peter Vack, 1986, TV Actor
Phillip Buchanon, 1980, Football Player
Pia Mia, 1996, Pop Singer
Rachel Field, 1894, Poet
Raja Bell, 1976, Basketball Player
Ramin Karimloo, 1978, Stage Actor
Randolph Mantooth, 1945, TV Actor
Randy Myers, 1962, Baseball Player
Rasmus Vilain Albrechtsen, 1988, YouTube Star
Ray Danton, 1931, Film Producer
Rebecca Skloot, 1972, Non-Fiction Author
Reigan Derry, 1988, Pop Singer
Rene Caillie, 1799, Explorer
Renee Paquette, 1985, Sportscaster
Rex Smith, 1955, TV Actor
Rhea Walls, 1995, Gospel Singer
Rhys Chatham, 1952, Composer
Ricardo Cortez, 1900, Movie Actor
Richard Linnehan, 1957, Astronaut
Richard Ridings, 1958, TV Actor
Rick Dipietro, 1981, Hockey Player
Robert Nkemdiche, 1994, Football Player
Robert White, 1921, Sculptor
Roelof Botha, 1973, Entrepreneur
Roger Angell, 1920, Journalist
Rosemary Harris, 1927, Movie Actress
Russell Roberts, 1954, Economist
Ryan Connors, 1996, Vine Star
Ryan Dusick, 1977, Drummer
Ryan Girdler, 1972, Rugby Player
Ryan Palmer, 1976, Golfer
Ryan Roberts, 1980, Baseball Player
Ryan Succop, 1986, Football Player
Sabrina Claudio, 1996, Pop Singer
Sally Ann Matthews, 1970, Soap Opera Actress
Sally Barker, 1959, Jazz Singer
Sally Pearson, 1986, Runner
Sally Potter, 1949, Director
Salman Shah, 1971, Movie Actor
Sanaa Lathan, 1971, Movie Actress
Sara Quin, 1980, Pop Singer
Scott Baker, 1981, Baseball Player
Sheneka Adams, 1989, Instagram Star
Sidney Wicks, 1949, Basketball Player
Simon Lehna Singh, 1964, Mathematician
Sitaleki Timani, 1986, Rugby Player
Skepta, 1982, Rapper
Sky, 1983, Reality Star
Soledad O’Brien, 1966, News Anchor
Song Joong-ki, 1985, Movie Actor
Sonny Anderson, 1970, Soccer Player
Stefan Gates, 1967, TV Show Host
Stephanie J. Block, 1972, Stage Actress
Steven Evans, 1991, Soccer Player
Stuffy McInnis, 1890, Baseball Player
Suchitra Mitra, 1924, World Music Singer
Sunita Williams, 1965, Astronaut
Sylvia Tyson, 1940, Folk Singer
Tanith Lee, 1947, Novelist
Tanja Reichert, 1980, Movie Actress
Taylor Geare, 2001, Movie Actress
Tegan Quin, 1980, Rock Singer
Thiemo Debakker, 1988, Tennis Player
Thierry Marx, 1962, Chef
Tim Scott, 1965, Politician
TJ Lane, 1994, Criminal
Tommie Campbell, 1987, Football Player
Tonja Walker, 1960, Soap Opera Actress
Trey Wingo, 1963, Sportscaster
Trisha Yearwood, 1964, Country Singer
Tuki Carter, 1975, Tattoo Artist
Twiggy, 1949, Model
Tyler Neitzel, 1991, Movie Actor
Tyreke Evans, 1989, Basketball Player
Victor Williams, 1970, TV Actor
Victoria Silvstedt, 1974, Model
Wayne Goldthorpe, 1957, Soccer Player
Wayne Miller, 1918, Photographer
William Golding, 1911, Novelist
William Hickey, 1927, Movie Actor
Willie Pep, 1922, Boxer
Yolanda Saldivar, 1960, Criminal
Yoshihiro Takayama, 1966, Wrestler
Young Greatness, 1984, Rapper
Yvonne Vera, 1964, Novelist
Zack Kalter, 1984, Reality Star


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