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September 18 Famous Birthdays

September 18 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on SEPTEMBER 18 are Virgo who don’t stand for messy situations. They believe in a drama free zone that sometimes feels as though the worst luck has been bestowed on them. Nonetheless, they keep their head held high and carry on.


The September 18 famous celebrities are sociable individuals who love the arts. As a retreat, they can likely be found at an outdoor concert. Another possibility is that they are in touch with their inner self and psychic functions. For all that it is worth, Virgo, they will go through a period where they experience having the blues but it only adds to their attraction. Some people may find being vulnerable appealing.


Typically, the famous Virgo born on September 18 is good with his or her hands. Or on the other side, they are a person who likes to search the unknown. They are generally thoughtful individuals but they could do for a lifestyle change.


Famous people born on September 18th could be someone that is intuitive, stable but moody. They may have gone through some disappointments in their life but they have come out on top. They work hard to get the things they have.

September 18 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

18 September Good Traits:

  • Loving
  • Curious
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • Approachable
  • Insightful
  • Helpful
  • Reliable
  • Devoted
  • Peacemaker

18 September Bad Traits:

  • Private
  • Severe
  • Overemotional
  • Aloof
  • Restless
  • Moody

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September 18 Famous BirthdayPersonalities

2face Idibia, 1975, Rapper
Abel Trujillo, 1983, MMA Fighter
Adam Cohen, 1972, Rock Singer
Adam Devenport, 1993, Instagram Star
Adriana Louvier, 1980, TV Actress
Agnes de Mille, 1905, Choreographer
Ahmo Hight, 1973, Model
Aidan Gallagher, 2003, TV Actor
Aisha Tyler, 1970, TV Actress
Aitor Karanka, 1973, Soccer Player
Aitor Luna, 1981, TV Actor
Alfredo Talavera, 1982, Soccer Player
Alison Lohman, 1979, Movie Actress
Allie Bennicas, 1995, YouTube Star
Amber Liu, 1992, Rapper
Ami Onuki, 1973, Pop Singer
Andrew Airlie, 1961, TV Actor

Andrew Collberg, 1987, Pianist
Andrew Hansen, 1974, Comedian
Andy Chapman, 1959, Soccer Player
Angela Jones, 1996, Vine Star
Angela Simmons, 1987, Reality Star
Anna Deavere Smith, 1950, Playwright
Anna Deavere Smith, 1950, Stage Actress
Anna Netrebko, 1971, Opera Singer
Anna Thomson, 1953, Movie Actress
Anthony Gonzalez, 1984, Football Player
Arie Luyendyk Jr., 1981, Race Car Driver
Arizona Muse, 1988, Model
Arthur Carhart, 1892, Activist
Asher Monroe, 1988, R&B Singer
Ashwini Ponnappa, 1989, Badminton Player
Austin Trout, 1985, Boxer
Barrett Foa, 1977, TV Actor
Ben Carson, 1951, Doctor
Ben Wade, 1971, Reality Star
Bernard Kangro, 1910, Poet
september 18 famous birthdaysBernard Werber, 1961, Novelist
Beth Grant, 1949, TV Actress
Bill Hobbs, 1946, Football Player
Billy Drago, 1946, Movie Actor
Billy Eichner, 1978, TV Show Host
Billy Sims, 1955, Football Player
Blue Sky, 1938, Sculptor
Bob Bennett, 1933, Politician
Bobby Jones, 1939, Gospel Singer
Bogomil Bonev, 1957, Politician
Boris Said, 1962, Race Car Driver
Brandon Maxwell, 1986, Fashion Designer
Brendan Oconnell, 1968, Painter
Brent King, 1966, Movie Actor
Brittany Taylor, 1987, Soccer Player
Bud Greenspan, 1926, Director
Cameron Mizell, 1983, Music Producer
Cappadonna, 1968, Rapper
Carl Friedberg, 1872, Pianist

Carl Jackson, 1953, Songwriter
Cayla Carpenter, 1991, Family Member
Charles K. Eastman, 1929, Screenwriter
Charles Veach, 1944, Astronaut
Charlie Finn, 1975, TV Actor
Chelsie Aryn Miller, 1992, Model
Chris Eubank, Jr., 1989, Boxer
Chris Hedges, 1956, Journalist
Chris Riggi, 1985, TV Actor
Chris Salih, 1985, Drummer
Christian Pulisic, 1998, Soccer Player
Christina Lindley, 1983, Model
Christopher Heyerdahl, 1963, TV Actor
CJ Holland, 1992, Pop Singer
CJ Sanders, 1996, Football Player
Courtney Cole, 1987, Country Singer
Crystal Renay, 1989, Model
Dan Povenmire, 1963, TV Producer
Danielle Jonas, 1986, Reality Star
Darren Gough, 1970, Cricket Player

Darryl Sittler, 1950, Hockey Player
Dashon Goldson, 1984, Football Player
Dave Mac, 1989, Rapper
David Mirkin, 1955, Director
David Rodriguez, 1977, Boxer
Dennis Johnson, 1954, Basketball Player
Derek Pringle, 1958, Cricket Player
Diana Lewis, 1919, Movie Actress
DJ Satomi, 1978, Music Producer
Don Calloway, 1979, Politician
Douglas Glenn Colvin, 1951, Punk Singer
Eddie Rochester Anderson, 1905, TV Actor
Edwin McMillan, 1907, Scientist
Elena Alberdi, 1999, World Music Singer
Elizabeth Spriggs, 1929, Movie Actress
Emily Remler, 1957, Guitarist
Emily Rutherfurd, 1974, TV Actress
Ernestine Jackson, 1942, Stage Actress
Fabrice Camels, 1980, Dancer
Fefita La Grande, 1943, World Music Singer
Felice Herrig, 1984, MMA Fighter
Francis Parker Yockey, 1917, Philosopher
Franco Franchi, 1928, Comedian
Frankie Avalon, 1939, Pop Singer
Fred Willard, 1933, TV Actor
Gailard Sartain, 1946, TV Actor
Gary Russell, 1963, Screenwriter
Gayle McLaughlin, 1952, Politician
George Read, 1733, Politician
George Uhle, 1898, Baseball Player
Gerry Bamman, 1941, TV Actor
Grayson Hall, 1922, Movie Actress
Greta Garbo, 1905, Movie Actress
Gringo the MC, 1994, Rapper
Han Ye-seul, 1981, TV Actress
Hannah Telle, 1987, Voice Actor
Harry Main, 1990, BMX Rider
Harvey Haddix, 1925, Baseball Player
Hayley Hubbard, 1986, Blogger
Heather Lindsey, 1982, Entrepreneur
Holly Robinson Peete, 1964, Movie Actress
Holly Robinson Peete, 1964, Movie Actress
Ian Lucas, 1960, Politician
Jack Harris, 1941, Sportscaster
Jack Walton, 1996, Pop Singer
Jack Warden, 1920, TV Actor
Jada Pinkett Smith, 1971, Movie Actress
James Gandolfini, 1961, TV Actor
James Gardener, 1975, Runner
James Marsden, 1973, Movie Actor
James Masterson, 1855, Politician
James O. Richardson, 1878, War Hero
Jamie Lidell, 1973, Soul Singer
Janet Huntington Brewster, 1910, Journalist
Jason Mendez, 1993, Vine Star
Jason Sudeikis, 1975, TV Actor
Javarris James, 1987, Football Player
JD Tippit, 1924, Law Enforcement Officer
Jeana Keough, 1955, Reality Star
Jeanette Jenkins, 1974,
Jennifer Chung, 1989, YouTube Star
Jennifer Tisdale, 1981, TV Actress
Jessica Lewis, 1986, YouTube Star
Jessikii, 1998, YouTube Star
Jinkx Monsoon, 1988, Reality Star
Joe Kubert, 1926, Comic Book Artist
Joe Stump, 1960, Guitarist
John Aldridge, 1958, Soccer Player
John Diefenbaker, 1895, Politician
John Fashanu, 1962, Soccer Player
John Hessin Clarke, 1857, Supreme Court Justice
John McAfee, 1945, Entrepreneur
John Powell, 1963, Composer
Jon Hutchinson, 1995, YouTube Star
Jon Singleton, 1991, Baseball Player
Jonathan Biss, 1980, Pianist
Jonathan Wutawunashe, 1955, Gospel Singer
Jorge Sampaio, 1939, Politician
Jose Derivera, 1904, Sculptor
Joseph Story, 1779, Supreme Court Justice
Jovino Santos-Neto, 1954, Pianist
June Foray, 1917, Voice Actor
Karleigh Santry, 1992, YouTube Star
Katya Paskaleva, 1945, Movie Actress
Keeley Hazell, 1986, Model
Keith Morris, 1955, Punk Singer
Kelsey Marillis, 1992, YouTube Star
Kendra Lust, 1978,
Kerry Livgren, 1949, Guitarist
Kevin Doyle, 1983, Soccer Player
Kevin Ortiz, 1995, Pop Singer
Kiki Kannibal, 1992, YouTube Star
Kira Isabella, 1993, Country Singer
Koo Kien Keat, 1985, Badminton Player
Kurt Doss, 1996, TV Actor
LA Capone, 1996, Rapper
Lance Armstrong, 1971, Cyclist
Leon Foucault, 1819, Scientist
Lewis Holtby, 1990, Soccer Player
Linda Lusardi, 1958, Soap Opera Actress
Liv Mjones, 1979, Movie Actress
Lukas Graham, 1988, Funk Singer
Lynn Abbey, 1948, Novelist
Mabrouk El Mechri, 1976, Cinematographer
Margarita Muñoz, 1987, TV Actress
Maria De la Cruz, 1912, Politician
Mark Chisholm, 1981, Rugby Player
Mark di Suvero, 1933, Sculptor
Mark Normand, 1983, Comedian
Mark Shuttleworth, 1973, Entrepreneur
Mark Simpkin, 1972, TV Show Host
Martin Bramah, 1957, Punk Singer
Matt Murray, 1989, TV Actor
Matt Targett, 1995, Soccer Player
Mauricio Magana, 1978, TV Actor
Max Meyer, 1995, Soccer Player
Megan Joy, 1985, Pop Singer
Megan Lee, 1995, Pop Singer
Michael Franks, 1944, Jazz Singer
Michael Hartnett, 1941, Poet
Michael Landes, 1972, TV Actor
Michael Morales, 1992, YouTube Star
Mickey Higham, 1980, Rugby Player
Mike Pyle, 1975, MMA Fighter
Milan Rakic, 1876, Poet
Mona Johannesson, 1986, Model
Monte Kay, 1924, Entrepreneur
MsRosieBea, 1997, YouTube Star
Munib Younan, 1950, Religious Leader
Myra Molloy, 1997, Pop Singer
Najma Akhtar, 1964, World Music Singer
Nakai Kiichi, 1961, Movie Actor
Nathan Fyfe, 1991, Australian Rules Footballer
Neil Clark Warren, 1934, Entrepreneur
Nicholas Altrock, 1876, Baseball Player
Nicholas Clay, 1946, Movie Actor
Nick Miller, 1985, YouTube Star
Nick Pallauf, 1994, Vine Star
Nico Klopp, 1894, Painter
Nicole Da Silva, 1981, TV Actress
Nina Lu, 2003, TV Actress
Olga Nolla, 1938, Poet
Olly Smith, 1974, TV Show Host
Owen Norton, 1999, DJ
Patrick Schwarzenegger, 1993, Model
Patrick Schwarzenegger, 1993, Model
Pete Cashmore, 1985, Entrepreneur
Peter Budaj, 1982, Hockey Player
Peter Shilton, 1949, Soccer Player
Peter Smithson, 1923, Architect
Peter Stastny, 1956, Hockey Player
PF Sloan, 1945, Songwriter
Phoenix List, 2004, Family Member
Rachid Taha, 1958, Rock Singer
Rebecca Rose, 1980, Sculptor
Rick Pitino, 1952, Basketball Coach
Ricky Bell, 1967, R&B Singer
Robert Blake, 1933, TV Actor
Rocio Jurado, 1946, Pop Singer
Ronaldo, 1976, Soccer Player
Rossano Brazzi, 1916, Movie Actor
Russ Abbot, 1947, Comedian
Ryan Burt, 1980, Drummer
Ryan Lowe, 1978, Soccer Player
Ryan Moore, 1983, Horse Jockey
Ryne Sandberg, 1959, Baseball Player
Samuel Johnson, 1709, Non-Fiction Author
Sarena Parmar, 1986, TV Actress
Scotty Bowman, 1933, Hockey Coach
Sean Waugaman, 1987, Drummer
Serge Ibaka, 1989, Basketball Player
Shabana Azmi, 1950, Movie Actress
Shannon Sarich, 1987, Reality Star
Shaquille Marquis Burwell, 1994, Vine Star
Silvia Munoz, 1979, Field Hockey Player
Simon Trpceski, 1979, Pianist
Simone Dinnerstein, 1972, Pianist
Sol Campbell, 1974, Soccer Player
Sophina Brown, 1976, TV Actress
Stephanie Evans, 1991, YouTube Star
Steve McNamara, 1971, Rugby Coach
Steven Pinker, 1954, Scientist
Stuart Wells, 1982, Movie Actor
Tan Boon Heong, 1987, Badminton Player
Tara Fitzgerald, 1967, TV Actress
Tarah Gieger, 1985, Motorcycle Racer
Taylor Dye, 1995, Country Singer
Ticha Penicheiro, 1974, Basketball Player
Tim McInnerny, 1956, TV Actor
Toby Murray, 2001, TV Actor
Tom Hawk, 1946, Politician
Tommy Tuberville, 1954, Football Coach
Toni Kukoc, 1968, Basketball Player
Towanda Braxton, 1973, R&B Singer
Travis Outlaw, 1984, Basketball Player
Travis Schuldt, 1974, TV Actor
Upendra, 1968, Director
Vinay Rai, 1979, Movie Actor
Vishnuvardhan, 1950, Movie Actor
William March, 1893, Novelist
Wylie Dufresne, 1970, Chef
Xzibit, 1974, Rapper
Yoshihiro Takahashi, 1953, Cartoonist
Yuki Yamada, 1990, Voice Actor

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