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September 15 Famous Birthdays

September 15 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on SEPTEMBER 15 could be the picture of health except for the little problem of their weight. They try to take an optimistic outlook on it but it is very easy for them to tip over the scales at just the thought of food which is discouraging. They need to just stack their kitchen with plenty of alternative snacks and meals.


Maintaining good health is a lifestyle change not just a work out for September 15 celebrities. When we talk about their love life, it lacks in the romance department. It would seem that they don’t have much of an imagination when it comes to making love exciting.


However, for the right person, famous people born on September 15 are willing to learn how to let go and enjoy the ride. Their friendships are key aspects of their life. They generally have friends that go way back. When they make a friend, it’s for life. Even those that they hadn’t been with in a while, they pick up just where they left off as if it was yesterday.


Famous people born on September 15th could be a Virgo who love food but need to watch their calories. Highly creative, they are also gifted with some artistic qualities. However, they are down to earth and loyal to those they love.

September 15 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

15 September Good Traits:

  • Honest
  • Unpretentious
  • Humble
  • Bubbly
  • Observant
  • Talented
  • Artistic
  • Spiritual
  • Intuitive
  • Inspirational
  • Romantic
  • Straightforward

15 September Bad Traits:

  • Loner
  • Escapist
  • Awkward
  • Unfriendly
  • Lazy
  • Aggressive
  • Blunt

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September 15 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaliyah Mendes, 2003, Vine Star
Aaron Mooy, 1990, Soccer Player
Aaron Ross, 1982, Football Player
Agatha Christie, 1890, Novelist
Alex Torres, 1987, Guitarist
Alexis Joy, 1997, Journalist
Alexys Johns, 1991, Vine Star
Aly Cissokho, 1987, Soccer Player
Alyssa Pacheco, 1990, YouTube Star
Amy Davidson, 1979, TV Actress
Amy Ignatow, 1977, Children’s Author

Anan Anwar, 1986, Pop Singer
Andrew Fitzpatrick, 1988, Vine Star
Andy Laplegua, 1975, Pop Singer
Andy Wiener, 1959, Photographer
Angela Aki, 1977, Pop Singer
Angelika Kallio, 1972, Model
Anjali World, 1992, R&B Singer
Anne Moody, 1940, Memoirist
Arman Jalal, 1997, Facebook Star
Asami Zdrenka, 1995, Pop Singer
Aubree Miller, 1979, Movie Actress
Austin Diaz, 1990, Guitarist
Autumn Nicole Costa, 1998, YouTube Star

september 15 famous birthdaysAwer Mabil, 1995, Soccer Player
Barry Shabaka Henley, 1954, Movie Actor
Ben Schwartz, 1981, TV Actor
Ben Woolf, 1980, TV Actor
Big Lurch, 1976, Criminal
Bishop Sankey, 1992, Football Player
Bobby Short, 1924, Pianist
Brad Leland, 1954, TV Actor
Brendan O’Carroll, 1955, Comedian
Brian Henderson, 1931, TV Show Host
Brian Klugman, 1975, TV Actor
Bruce Reitherman, 1955, Voice Actor
Bruno Hoffmann, 1913,
Bruno Walter, 1876, Composer

Camelia Jordana, 1992, Pop Singer
Cannonball Adderley, 1928, Saxophonist
Carlos Davila, 1887, Politician
Carlyn Bryan, 1992,
Carmen Maura, 1945, Movie Actress
Caterina Murino, 1977, TV Actress
Chelsea Kane, 1988, TV Actress
Chelsea Kane, 1988, TV Actress
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, 1942, Novelist
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, 1977, Novelist
Chloe Dykstra, 1988, YouTube Star
Chris Menges, 1940, Director
Chris Tomlinson, 1981, Long Jumper

Christian Cooke, 1987, TV Actor
Christopher Myers, 1981, Football Player
Clare Maguire, 1987, Pop Singer
Claude McKay, 1889, Poet
Clinton McKenzie, 1955, Boxer
Colin McFarlane, 1961, TV Actor
Colleen Villard, 1971, Voice Actor
Creighton Abrams Jr., 1914, War Hero
CyHi the Prynce, 1984, Rapper
Dan Marino, 1961, Football Player
Daniel Lassman, 1986, Entrepreneur
Daniel Mangano, 1996, Musical.ly Star
Danny Nucci, 1968, Movie Actor
Darko Lazovic, 1990, Soccer Player
Dave Annable, 1979, TV Actor
David Diehl, 1980, Football Player
David Stove, 1927, Philosopher
Dean Gladstone, 1978, Reality Star
Dennis Schroder, 1993, Basketball Player
Dewi Driegen, 1982, Model
Dick Latessa, 1929, TV Actor
Dilly Duka, 1989, Soccer Player
Dina Lohan, 1962, Reality Star
Dinkha IV, 1935, Religious Leader
Domiziana Giovinazzo, 1999, TV Actress
Donatella Arpaia, 1971, Chef
Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, 1964, Guitarist
Dr. Know, 1958, Guitarist
Du Juan, 1982, Model
Earnest Byner, 1962, Football Player
Ed Solomon, 1960, Screenwriter
Eduardo España, 1971, Soap Opera Actor
Edward Gottlieb, 1898, Basketball Coach
Edward Gottlieb, 1898, Basketball Coach
Edward J. Scott, 1944, TV Producer
Eidour Gudjohnsen, 1978, Soccer Player
Emma Fuhrmann, 2001, Movie Actress
Emmerson Mnangagwa, 1946, Politician
Emtee, 1992, Rapper
Eric Garner, 1970,
Eric Johnson, 1979, Football Player
Eteri Andjaparidze, 1956, Pianist
Ettore Bugatti, 1881, Entrepreneur
Fady Elsayed, 1993, TV Actor
Fausto Coppi, 1919, Cyclist
Fay Wray, 1907, Movie Actress
Frederick C. Weyand, 1916, War Hero
Fredrik Lindgren, 1985, Race Car Driver
Gabriela Rivero, 1964, Soap Opera Actress
Gage Williams, 1995, Dancer
Gaylord Perry, 1938, Baseball Player
George Howard, 1956, Saxophonist
George Watsky, 1986, Rapper
Gev Manoukian, 1986, Dancer
Grady Powell, 1987, Reality Star
Graham Taylor, 1944, Soccer Coach
Hazel Crowney, 1982, Movie Actress
Heidi Pratt, 1986, Reality Star
Henry Brant, 1913, Composer
Henry Silva, 1928, Movie Actor
Horatio Parker, 1863, Composer
Ismail Yasin, 1912, Movie Actor
Jac Holzman, 1931, Entrepreneur
Jack Bailey, 1907, Game Show Host
Jackie Cooper, 1922, Movie Actor
Jake Cherry, 1996, Movie Actor
Jaki Graham, 1956, R&B Singer
James Fenimore Cooper, 1789, Novelist
Jan Ernst Matzeliger, 1852, Entrepreneur
Jason Terry, 1977, Basketball Player
Jean Batten, 1909, Pilot
Jean Renoir, 1894, Director
Jeff Brown, 1962, Self-Help Author
Jenna Marbles, 1986, YouTube Star
Jenna McCorkell, 1986, Figure Skater
Jerome Youngman, 1951, Radio Host
Jerry Dixon, 1967, Bassist
Jessica Smith Evans, 1987, Reality Star
Jessye Norman, 1945, Opera Singer
Jimmy Carr, 1972, Comedian
Joe Fahy, 1995, Vine Star
Joe Morris, 1960, Football Player
Joe Nixon, 1956, Politician
Joel Quenneville, 1958, Hockey Coach
Johan Neeskens, 1951, Soccer Player
John Isaacs, 1915, Basketball Player
Jolin Tsai, 1980, World Music Singer
Jonathan Liebesman, 1976, Director
Jordan Wiseley, 1990, Reality Star
Joseph Lyons, 1879, World Leader
Josh Charles, 1971, Movie Actor
Josh Janowicz, 1981, Movie Actor
Josh Richardson, 1993, Basketball Player
JP Tokoto, 1993, Basketball Player
Justin Charney, 2001, Drummer
Kate Grigorieva, 1988, Model
Kate Mansi, 1987, Soap Opera Actress
Kayden Kross, 1985,
Kenny Blank, 1977, TV Actor
Kid Sheik, 1908, Trumpet Player
Kira Soltanovich, 1973, Comedian
Kurt Voss, 1963, Screenwriter
Kyle Carr, 1986, Speed Skater
Laila Boonyasak, 1982, Movie Actress
Lanae’ Hale, 1986, Rock Singer
Larry Sparks, 1947, Folk Singer
Lawrence G Williams, 1913, Politician
Lee Dorman, 1942, Bassist
Lee Jung-shin, 1991, Bassist
Lindsey Harrod, 1988, Model
Lisa Vanderpump, 1960, Reality Star
Loan Chau, 1973, Pop Singer
Lonnie Randall, 1994, YouTube Star
Loren D. Estleman, 1952, Novelist
Luke McChesney, 1996, Pop Singer
Mackensi Emory, 1996, MMA Fighter
Maggie Reilly, 1956, Folk Singer
Mahonri Schwalger, 1978, Rugby Player
Marco Polo, 1254, Explorer
Margaret Keane, 1927, Painter
Margarita Moran-Floirendo, 1953, Model
Marisa Ramirez, 1977, Soap Opera Actress
Mark Duggan, 1981,
Mark Kirk, 1959, Politician
Mark Tacher, 1977, TV Actor
Marshal Yanda, 1984, Football Player
Mary Maybe, 1993, YouTube Star
Matt Shively, 1990, TV Actor
Matt Shively, 1990, TV Actor
Merab Mamardashvili, 1930, Philosopher
Mercy Otis Warren, 1728, Historian
Merlin Olsen, 1940, Football Player
Michael Lahoud, 1986, Soccer Player
Mike Dunleavy Jr., 1980, Basketball Player
Mike Reiss, 1959, TV Producer
Milton Eisenhower, 1899, Family Member
Miroslaw Hermaszewski, 1941, Astronaut
Murray Gell-mann, 1929, Scientist
Nelson Gidding, 1919, Screenwriter
Nicholas Locash, 1997, Movie Actor
Nicole Fiscella, 1979, TV Actress
Nikolay Haytov, 1919, Non-Fiction Author
Nipsey Russell, 1918, TV Actor
Norman Spinrad, 1940, Novelist
Oliver Stone, 1946, Director
Pat Vaulkhard, 1911, Cricket Player
Patrick Marleau, 1979, Hockey Player
Paul Thomson, 1976, Drummer
Paulie Harraka, 1989, Race Car Driver
Penny Singleton, 1908, Movie Actress
Pete Carroll, 1951, Football Coach
Peter Dvorsky, 1951, Opera Singer
Peter Wilson, 1986, Sports Shooter
Phi Nguyen, 1988, Dancer
Poppy Delevingne, 1986, Model
Porfirio Diaz, 1830, World Leader
Prince Harry, 1984, Royalty
Queen Letizia of Spain, 1972, Royalty
Rah Rah Q, 1996, Pop Singer
Ramya Krishnan, 1967, Movie Actress
Ratnappa Kumbhar, 1909, Civil Rights Leader
Ray Narvaez Jr., 1989, YouTube Star
Rebecca Miller, 1962, Screenwriter
Rebecka Forsberg, 2000, Instagram Star
Rene Paul Chambellan, 1893, Sculptor
Rhema Marvanne, 2002, YouTube Star
Ricky Maymi, 1972, Drummer
Rimanelli Mellal, 1989, Reality Star
Rob Wiethoff, 1976, Voice Actor
Robert Benchley, 1889, Journalist
Robert Fico, 1964, World Leader
Robert McCloskey, 1914, Children’s Author
Robin Windsor, 1979, Dancer
Rod Reed, 1966, Football Coach
Rodney Perry, 1970, Comedian
Ron Shelton, 1945, Director
Ross J Anderson, 1956, Scientist
Roy Acuff, 1903, Country Singer
Ruby Castro, 2003, Dancer
Russell Davis, 1956, Football Player
Sandra Prinsloo, 1947, Movie Actress
Sara Taylor, 1974, Politician
Scott McNeil, 1962, Voice Actor
Seth Dusky, 1998, Voice Actor
Sierra Watts, 1997, YouTube Star
Son Seung-yeon, 1993, Pop Singer
Sophie Dahl, 1977, Model
Stylo G, 1985, Reggae Singer
Subramanian Swamy, 1939, Politician
Tammie Brown, 1980, Reality Star
Taylor Martinez, 1990, Football Player
Thato Sikwane, 1972, DJ
Theodore Long, 1947, Wrestler
Thomas Reilly, 1994, Soccer Player
Tom Austen, 1987, TV Actor
Tom Conway, 1904, Movie Actor
Tom Dolan, 1975, Swimmer
Tom Hardy, 1977, Movie Actor
Tomas Sivok, 1983, Soccer Player
Tomie dePaola, 1934, Children’s Author
Tommy Lee Jones, 1946, Movie Actor
Trisha Hershberger, 1982, YouTube Star
Troydan, 1987, Twitch Star
Vicky Entwistle, 1968, Soap Opera Actress
Visvesvaraya, 1860, Scientist
Wael Kfoury, 1974, World Music Singer
Warren Fitzgerald, 1968, Guitarist
Wendie Jo Sperber, 1958, Movie Actress
William Howard Taft, 1857, US President
Willy Cartier, 1991, Model
Zach Filkins, 1978, Guitarist


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