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September 14 Famous Birthdays

September 14 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on SEPTEMBER 14 have the same birthdate as Tyler Perry, and Amy Winehouse. They are awesome personalities who were born under the zodiac sign Virgo. They love to laugh and have a good time but they stay focused on the big picture.


Famous celebrities born on September 14 set high standards and usually expect others to take advantage of life’s golden opportunities. It bothers them when their friends and family do not participate wholeheartedly. People think that they are money hungry and pretentious. What they are really like is being considerate of others. They are hard working individuals who have the ability to influence others. They support those that display a willingness to do better in life.


While famous people born on September 14 know work is important and all that comes with it, they keep themselves surrounded by mentors as motivation. It helps them to maintain their focus ability. They are emotionally mature and anyone would be lucky to have them on their team.


Famous people born on September 14 are people who are top shelf. Giving and receiving nothing but the best should be the norm for a person born on this day. It’s a job leveling professional tasks and personal chores. They should relax more.

September 14 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

14 September Good Traits:

  • Focused
  • Loyal
  • Attractive
  • Perfect
  • Affectionate
  • Sentimental
  • Sociable
  • Influential

14 September Bad Traits:

  • Scrupulous
  • Agitated
  • Hotheaded
  • Materialistic
  • Greedy
  • Demanding

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September 14 Famous Birthday Personalities

Adam Lamberg, 1984, TV Actor
Adolf Albin, 1848, Chess Player
Agustin Calleri, 1976, Tennis Player
Ai Takahashi, 1986, Pop Singer
AJ Trauth, 1986, TV Actor
Alex Clare, 1985, Rock Singer
Alex Killorn, 1989, Hockey Player
Alex Lowes, 1990, Motorcycle Racer
Alexander Vonhumboldt, 1769, Explorer
Alexsandro De Souza, 1977, Soccer Player
Alicia Coutts, 1987, Swimmer
Allan Bloom, 1930, Philosopher

Alvaro Mel, 1996, Model
Amanda Barrie, 1935, Soap Opera Actress
Amy Winehouse, 1983, Soul Singer
Andrew Lincoln, 1973, TV Actor
Anna Malle, 1967,
Anthony Carboni, 1980, TV Show Host
Anthony DeMatteis, 1999, Vine Star
Archie Hahn, 1880, Runner
Aron Coleite, 1977, Screenwriter
Art Rooney II, 1952, Sports Executive
Ashley Caldwell, 1993, Skier
Ashley Roberts, 1981, Pop Singer

september 14 famous birthdaysAshlyn Gere, 1967,
Audriana Giudice, 2009, Family Member
Austin Basis, 1976, TV Actor
Aya Ueto, 1985, Movie Actress
Ayushmann Khurrana, 1984, TV Show Host
Basketmouth, 1978, Comedian
Baylee Tkaczuk, 1997, YouTube Star
Belinda Hocking, 1990, Swimmer
Ben Cohen, 1978, Rugby Player
Ben Garant, 1970, Screenwriter
Benjamin Ingrosso, 1997, Pop Singer
Bernard Maclaverty, 1942, Novelist

Beth Nielsen Chapman, 1958, Songwriter
Blaire White, 1993, YouTube Star
Blake Sparkles, 2001, Pop Singer
Bobbie Bowman, 1981, TV Actor
Bobby Brackins, 1988, Rapper
Bong Joon-ho, 1969, Director
Bowzer, 1947, Rock Singer
Buzz Schneider, 1954, Hockey Player
Byron Talbott, 1985, YouTube Star
Cachao Lopez, 1918, Bassist
Caleb Campbell, 1984, Football Player
Callum Keith Rennie, 1960, TV Actor
Carlos Gracie, 1902, MMA Fighter
Carmen Kass, 1978, Model

Ceyda Ates, 1987, TV Actress
Chad Bradford, 1974, Baseball Player
Chad Duell, 1987, Soap Opera Actor
Chance Warmack, 1991, Football Player
Chandler King, 2007, Gymnast
Charles Dana Gibson, 1867, Illustrator
Charles Marriott, 1895, Cricket Player
Charlie Goh, 1988, Movie Actor
Charlie Winston, 1978, Pop Singer
Cher Wang, 1958, Entrepreneur
Chris John, 1979, Boxer
Christopher McCulloch, 1971, Cartoonist
Clayton Moore, 1914, TV Actor
Connor Fielding, 2006, Movie Actor
Constance Baker Motley, 1921, Civil Rights Leader
Corey Enright, 1981, Australian Rules Footballer
Corey Holcomb, 1982, Comedian
Daisy von Scherler Mayer, 1966, Director
Dan Cortese, 1967, TV Actor
Dan Paladin, 1979, Game Designer
Danielle Peck, 1978, Country Singer
Dave Berry, 1978, TV Show Host
David Bell, 1972, Baseball Player
David Desharnais, 1986, Hockey Player
David McGurn, 1980, Soccer Player
David Wojnarowicz, 1954, Photographer
Dee Milliner, 1991, Football Player
Delmon Young, 1985, Baseball Player
Denis Betts, 1969, Rugby Player
Deshaun Watson, 1995, Football Player
Dilshad Vadsaria, 1985, TV Actress
Dmitry Medvedev, 1965, World Leader
Don Walser, 1934, Country Singer
Donnell Bennett, 1972, Football Player
Dorothy Shakespear, 1886, Family Member
Douglas Costa, 1990, Soccer Player
Dusty Wygle, 1988, BMX Rider
E Breezy, 1991, Star
Earl Hurd, 1880, Director
Ed King, 1949, Rock Singer
Edmund Szoka, 1927, Religious Leader
Edu Manzano, 1955, Game Show Host
Elon Gold, 1970, TV Actor
Emma Kenney, 1999, TV Actress
Eric Blakeney, 1959, Screenwriter
Ettore Sottsass, 1917, Architect
Eugene Trinh, 1950, Astronaut
Evelyn Ng, 1975,
Faith Ford, 1964, TV Actress
Farhan Saeed, 1984, World Music Singer
Fattah Amin, 1990, TV Actor
FaZe CBass, 1994, YouTube Star
Ferdinand Leopold Oyono, 1929, Politician
Fiona O’Carroll, 1980, TV Actress
Fiona Zanetti, 1994, Blogger
Frances Bergen, 1922, TV Actress
Francis Ryan Lim, 2002, World Music Singer
Frank Matano, 1989, YouTube Star
Fred Smith, 1949, Guitarist
Gabrielle Richens, 1974, Model
Gareth Maybin, 1980, Golfer
Gary Harris, 1994, Basketball Player
Gary Holland, 1958, Drummer
Giles Mutsekwa, 1948, Politician
Grayson Hunter Goss, 1998, TV Actor
Gregory Polanco, 1991, Baseball Player
Gunter Netzer, 1944, Soccer Player
Hailey Anne Nelson, 1994, Movie Actress
Hal B. Wallis, 1898, Film Producer
Hamlin Garland, 1860, Poet
Harley Clifford, 1993, Wakeboarder
Harrison Greenbaum, 1986, Comedian
Harry Amelia, 1992, Reality Star
Harry Sinden, 1932, Hockey Player
Haru Merritt, 2000, YouNow Star
Harve Presnell, 1933, Movie Actor
Haviland Morris, 1959, Soap Opera Actress
Hector El Father, 1979, Reggae Singer
Henry Cockburn, 1921, Soccer Player
Hicham El Guerrouj, 1974, Runner
Howard Deutch, 1950, Director
Hugo Benioff, 1899, Scientist
I Am Wildcat, 1992, YouTube Star
Inigo Pascual, 1997, Family Member
Ivan Pavlov, 1849, Scientist
Ivica Olic, 1979, Soccer Player
Jack Hawkins, 1910, Movie Actor
Jacobo Arbenz, 1913, Politician
James Hayes, 1994, YouTube Star
James Wilson, 1742, Politician
Jan Garavaglia, 1956, Doctor
Janet Davies, 1927, Movie Actress
Janis Cakste, 1859, Politician
Jasper Publie, 1996, Rock Singer
Jay Rayner, 1966, TV Show Host
Jean-Paul Salome, 1960, Director
Jeff Loomis, 1971, Guitarist
Jerel Mascarinas, 1991, Dancer
Jesse James, 1989, Movie Actor
Jessica Brown Findlay, 1989, TV Actress
Jessica VerSteeg, 1987, Model
Jim Fanning, 1927, Baseball Manager
Jimmy Butler, 1989, Basketball Player
Jimmy Rose, 1980, Pop Singer
Joey Heatherton, 1944, Model
John Berry, 1959, Country Singer
John Buckley, 1997, Pop Singer
John H. Striebel, 1891, Cartoonist
John Hester, 1983, Baseball Player
John Leham, 1942, Politician
John Power, 1967, Rock Singer
Jon Bauman, 1947, Rock Singer
Jose Mojica, 1896, Movie Actor
Josh Holliday, 1976, Baseball Player
Joshua Morris, 2001, YouTube Star
Joyce Chen, 1917, Chef
Jubal Flagg, 1978, Comedian
Julia Pace Mitchell, 1985, Soap Opera Actress
Justin Richards, 1961, Novelist
Justin Tan, 1988, YouTube Star
Kabir Khan, 1971, Director
Karla Deras, 1989, Blogger
Kat Blaque, 1990, YouTube Star
Katie Lee, 1981, Chef
Kay Medford, 1914, Movie Actress
Kayla Seah, 1989, Fashion Designer
Kaytlyn Stewart, 2001, Star
Kazumi Evans, 1990, Voice Actor
Ken Khachigian, 1944, Lawyer
Kevin Lyttle, 1976, World Music Singer
Khosro Heydari, 1983, Soccer Player
Kid Nichols, 1869, Baseball Player
Kim Jong-kook, 1973, Baseball Player
Kimberly Williams-Paisley, 1971, Movie Actress
King Dunlap, 1985, Football Player
Kirsten Haglund, 1988, Model
Kostas Karamanlis, 1956, World Leader
Kristen Renton, 1982, TV Actress
Larry Brown, 1940, Basketball Coach
Laszlo Fogarasi Jr., 1980, Composer
Lee Jong-suk, 1989, TV Actor
Lehman Engel, 1910, Composer
Leonhard Seppala, 1877, Dog Musher
Lethal Bizzle, 1984, Rapper
Linvoy Primus, 1973, Soccer Player
Logan Henderson, 1989, Pop Singer
Maddie Welborn, 1998, YouNow Star
Maggie Gallagher, 1960, Journalist
Malik Bendjelloul, 1977, Director
Marcus Lee, 1994, Basketball Player
Margaret Sanger, 1879, Civil Rights Leader
Maria Grever, 1885, Composer
Mario Benedetti, 1920, Poet
Mark Hall, 1969, Gospel Singer
Marquess Wilson, 1992, Football Player
Mart Raud, 1903, Poet
Martin Caidin, 1927, Non-Fiction Author
Martin Fourcade, 1988, Biathlete
Martin Petrov, 1995, YouTube Star
Martin Tyler, 1945, Sportscaster
Martin Whitcombe, 1961, Rugby Player
Mary Crosby, 1959, TV Actress
Matija Skurjeni, 1898, Painter
Max Hershenow, 1987, Music Producer
Melissa Leo, 1960, Movie Actress
Michael Bollner, 1958, Movie Actor
Michael Crabtree, 1987, Football Player
Michael Haydn, 1737, Composer
Michael Patrick King, 1954, TV Producer
Michel Auclair, 1922, Movie Actor
Michelle Jenner, 1986, Movie Actress
Michelle Stafford, 1965, Soap Opera Actress
Micke Moreno, 1998, Pop Singer
Miyavi, 1981, Rock Singer
Morten Harket, 1959, Pop Singer
Mr. Fruit, 1994, YouTube Star
MsJazzy2Classy, 1987, YouTube Star
Nana, 1991, Pop Singer
Narimiya Hiroki, 1982, TV Actor
Nas, 1973, Rapper
Natasha Mackay, 1992, YouTube Star
Neil Murphy, 1972, Reality Star
Nick Tangorra, 1997, Pop Singer
Nicol Williamson, 1938, Stage Actor
Norman Chandler, 1899, Entrepreneur
Officer Daniels, 1986, Vine Star
Oliver Wilson, 1980, Golfer
Owen Fielding, 2006, Movie Actor
Pana Hema Taylor, 1989, TV Actor
Paolo Gregoletto, 1985, Bassist
Patrick Garcia, 1981, Movie Actor
Paul Kossoff, 1950, Guitarist
Paulo Evaristo Arns, 1921, Religious Leader
Pedro Moreno, 1980, Soap Opera Actor
Perry Ellis, 1993, Basketball Player
Peter Scott, 1909, Painter
Phoebe Gates, 2002, Family Member
Priscilla Renea, 1988, Pop Singer
Rademes Pera, 1960, TV Actor
Ray Wilkins, 1956, Soccer Coach
Renzo Piano, 1937, Architect
Robert C. Solomon, 1942, Philosopher
Robert Faugno, 1992, Family Member
Robert Herjavec, 1963, Entrepreneur
Robert S. Dietz, 1914, Scientist
Robert Wisdom, 1953, TV Actor
Robin Singh, 1963, Cricket Player
Rocio Laura, 1988, YouTube Star
Ron DeSantis, 1978, Politician
Ron Pearson, 1965, TV Actor
Ronnie Hillman, 1991, Football Player
Ryan Butler, 1994, Family Member
Ryan Kendall, 1989, Soccer Player
Ryan Sutter, 1974, Reality Star
Sam Neill, 1947, Movie Actor
Scoutthedoggie, 1965, YouTube Star
Sean Federline, 2005, Family Member
Sean Maitland, 1988, Rugby Player
Shannon Kane, 1986, TV Actress
Shayne Topp, 1991, TV Actor
Silas Malafaia, 1958, Religious Leader
Silvia Navarro, 1976, Soap Opera Actress
Simon Collins, 1976, Rock Singer
Sinead Kennedy, 1984, TV Show Host
Stephen Bishop, 1971, TV Actor
Stephen Dunham, 1964, TV Actor
Steve Gaines, 1949, Guitarist
Steven Jay Russell, 1957, Criminal
Steven Naismith, 1986, Soccer Player
Steven Reineke, 1970, Composer
Teddy Park, 1978, Rapper
Terrell Fletcher, 1973, Football Player
Terry Dubrow, 1958, Doctor
The Kid Ryan, 1990, Rapper
Theodor Storm, 1817, Novelist
Theophilus Oglethorpe, 1650, Politician
Thomas Leeb, 1977, Guitarist
Thomas Tyner, 1994, Football Player
Tiggs Da Author, 1990, Rapper
Tim Wallach, 1957, Baseball Player
Tinchy Stryder, 1986, Entrepreneur
Tom Schaar, 1999, Skateboarder
Tommy Seebach, 1949, Pop Singer
Tony Becker, 1963, TV Actor
Tory Johnson, 1970, Entrepreneur
Vanessa Fernandes, 1985, Triathlete
Walter Koenig, 1936, TV Actor
Wendy Thomas, 1961, Family Member
Wes Carr, 1982, Folk Singer
William Ayrton, 1847, Engineer
Yiannis Latsis, 1910, Entrepreneur
Yorelis Apolinario, 1995, Dancer
Zico, 1992, Rapper
Zimran Malik, 2001, Instagram Star
Zoe Caldwell, 1933, Stage Actress


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