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September 16 Famous Birthdays

September 16 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on SEPTEMBER 16 hold some traditions close to themselves and pass those values to their children. They believe in a Higher Power and this gives them a guideline to live by. However, they sometimes believe that they have been cursed. Things just don’t seem to go their way… ever.


Famous September 16 celebrities can’t seem to say what is on their heart. Communicating how they feel deep down is difficult for them. However, speaking out is the best way to be understood. They can be polite and still get their point across. They don’t have to yell and throw temper tantrums in order to get their way either.


When they speak with confidence people are likely to hear and believe them. Finding a career for a famous person born today on September 16 is not really an easy task but they can do it. They just need to concentrate on what is pleasurable to them and see if there is a professional title for it and go for it.


For those famous born on September 16th, it’s likely that they are a stickler for things being done the right way. They have dreams and it is possible that they worry too much. Virgos born today are usually found in social work or in a profession that helps people.

September 16 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

16 September Good Traits:

  • Inquisitive
  • Agile
  • Patient
  • Hopeful
  • Kind
  • Helpful
  • Meticulous
  • Dreamy
  • Successful

16 September Bad Traits:

  • Extreme
  • Vulnerable
  • Misunderstood
  • Tactless
  • Hurtful
  • Annoying

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September 16 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Gordon, 1995, Basketball Player
Adam Lyne, 1994, Twitch Star
Agus Gomez, 1999, Pop Singer
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, 1893, Scientist
Aldo Tatangelo, 1913, Politician
Alec Smith, 1992,
Aleksandr Medved, 1937, Wrestler
Alex Barris, 1922, Screenwriter
Alexei Lubimov, 1944, Pianist
Alexis Bledel, 1981, TV Actress

Alfred Noyes, 1880, Poet
Ali Fedotowsky, 1984, Reality Star
Ali Thom, 1982, Blogger
Alishba Yousuf, 1985, TV Actress
Allen Funt, 1914, TV Show Host
Amanda Wakeley, 1962, Fashion Designer
Amini Silatolu, 1988, Football Player
Amy Holden Jones, 1955, Screenwriter
Amy Poehler, 1971, TV Actress
Amy Price-Francis, 1975, TV Actress
Amy-Leigh Hickman, 1997, TV Actress
september 16 famous birthdaysAndrea L’Artiste, 1974, Children’s Author
Andy Studebaker, 1985, Football Player
Anna Sentina, 1994, YouTube Star
Anne Francis, 1930, Movie Actress
Anne Keothavong, 1983, Tennis Player
Anthony Padilla, 1987, YouTube Star
Ard Schenk, 1944, Speed Skater
Ashrita Furman, 1954,
Assumpta Serna, 1957, TV Actress
Ava Addams, 1981,
Avery Monsen, 1984, Illustrator
B Ez, 1984, Instagram Star
Bailey De Young, 1989, TV Actress
Barbara Shearer, 1936, Pianist
Barry Geraghty, 1979, Horse Jockey
BB King, 1925, Guitarist

Bella Robertson, 2002, Reality Star
Bennett Jackson, 1991, Football Player
Betty Kelly, 1944, Rock Singer
Bilinda Butcher, 1961, Rock Singer
BJ Ward, 1944, Voice Actor
Booch O’Connell, 2001, TV Actress
Braden Holtby, 1989, Hockey Player
Brandon Moss, 1983, Baseball Player
Brighton Thompson, 1996, Instagram Star
Caitlin Dechelle, 1990, TV Actress
Camilo Sesto, 1946, Pop Singer

Carl Andre, 1935, Sculptor
Channon Rose, 1985, Model
Charles Haughey, 1925, World Leader
Charlie Byrd, 1925, Guitarist
Chris Cester, 1981, Drummer
Chris Franklin, 1964, Comedian
Christina Schmidt, 1987, TV Actress
Christopher Rich, 1953, TV Actor
CoCo Brown, 1978, DJ
Corben Bone, 1988, Soccer Player
Craig Espie, 1983,
Danny Fernandes, 1985, R&B Singer
Danny John-Jules, 1960, TV Actor
Danny John-Jules, 1960, TV Actor
Darcy Sterling, 1969, Journalist
Daren Kagasoff, 1987, TV Actor
Dave Sabo, 1964, Guitarist
David Copperfield, 1956, Magician
David Seltzer, 1940, Screenwriter
Derek Mitchell, 1964, Politician
Desi Relaford, 1973, Baseball Player
Durand Bernarr, 1988, Soul Singer
Dustin Tokarski, 1989, Hockey Player
Dwayne Harris, 1987, Football Player
Ean Evans, 1960, Bassist
Earl Klugh, 1953, Guitarist
Ebonie Smith, 1978, TV Actress
Ed Begley Jr., 1949, TV Actor
Ed Stoppard, 1974, Movie Actor
Edward Marshall Hall, 1858, Lawyer
Elgin Baylor, 1934, Basketball Player
Elina Garanca, 1976, Opera Singer
Elle McLemore, 1991, Stage Actress
Ellen V Lora, 1990, Blogger
Ellis Myatt, 1999, YouNow Star
Eric Gross, 1926, Composer
Erich Kempka, 1910, Criminal
Erin Lee, 1989, YouTube Star
Eva Catherine, 1994, Model
Fan Bingbing, 1981, Movie Actress
Flo Rida, 1979, Rapper
Francesca Toole, 1994, Instagram Star
Francesco Tristano Schlime, 1981, Pianist
Frankie Essex, 1988, Reality Star
Freddy Cousin-Brown, 1994, YouTube Star
Gal Fridman, 1975, Surfer
Garrett McLaughlin, 1990, Pop Singer
Gauri Pradhan Tejwani, 1977, Soap Opera Actress
George Chakiris, 1934, Movie Actor
George Daniel, 1789, Novelist
George Roby Dempster, 1887, Entrepreneur
Gleb Savchenko, 1983, Dancer
Gordon Beck, 1936, Pianist
Gordon Beckham, 1986, Baseball Player
Guy Harvey, 1955, Painter
Hamiet Bluiett, 1940, Saxophonist
Harry Douglas, 1984, Football Player
Hayley Hoover, 1990, YouTube Star
Heather Hopper, 1976, TV Actress
Henry Louis Gates, 1950, TV Show Host
Henry Milligan, 1958, Boxer
Higashi Sonomanma, 1957, Comedian
Holly Barrett, 2002, TV Actress
Hossein Mahini, 1986, Soccer Player
Hugo MacNeill, 1958, Rugby Player
Ian Harding, 1986, TV Actor
Iestyn Davies, 1979, Opera Singer
Isabella Giannulli, 1998, Family Member
Jack Churchill, 1906, War Hero
Jack Kelly, 1927, TV Actor
Jade Wilson, 1999, Pop Singer
Jake Anderson, 1980, Reality Star
Jake Roche, 1992, Pop Singer
James Cash Penney, 1875, Entrepreneur
James J. Hill, 1838, Business Executive
Jan Johansson, 1931, Pianist
Jane Chuck, 1992, Blogger
Janis Paige, 1922, Stage Actress
Janno Gibbs, 1969, TV Show Host
Jason Leffler, 1975, Race Car Driver
Jason Yang, 1988, Violinist
Jayne Brook, 1960, TV Actress
Jean Arp, 1886, Sculptor
Jenna Davis, 1991, Blogger
Jennifer Blake, 1983, Wrestler
Jennifer Tilly, 1958, Movie Actress
Jenny Dey, 1993, YouTube Star
Jenny Scordamaglia, 1988, TV Show Host
Jerry Pate, 1953, Golfer
Jess Plummer, 1992, Pop Singer
Jess Wright, 1985, Reality Star
Jessimae Peluso, 1982, Comedian
Jiya Janae, 1999, Instagram Star
Joel Heyman, 1971, TV Actor
John Knowles, 1926, Novelist
Jonathan Biggins, 1960, Comedian
Jonathan Radtke, 1981, Guitarist
Jorge Villafana, 1989, Soccer Player
Jose Salomón Rondón, 1989, Soccer Player
Josep Maria Jujol, 1879, Architect
Jules Bass, 1935, Director
Julia Donaldson, 1948, Playwright
Julian Castro, 1974, Politician
Julian Marcus Trono, 1997, TV Actor
Julissa Velilla, 1994, YouTube Star
Justin Haythe, 1973, Screenwriter
Justin Hunt, 1976, Director
Justine Frischmann, 1969, Rock Singer
Kaleb Nation, 1988, Novelist
Kareem Salama, 1978, Country Singer
Karl Doenitz, 1891, War Hero
Karl-Heinz Riedle, 1965, Soccer Player
Katie Melua, 1984, Blues Singer
Keenyah Hill, 1985, Model
Keith Wickham, 1965, Voice Actor
Kenney Jones, 1948, Drummer
Kevin Kregel, 1956, Astronaut
Kimberly McArthur, 1962, Model
Kirsty Coventry, 1983, Swimmer
Kurt Busiek, 1960, Comic Book Author
Kurt Fuller, 1953, Movie Actor
Kyla Pratt, 1986, Movie Actress
Kyle Lafferty, 1987, Soccer Player
Laura Dundovic, 1987, Model
Laura Zerra, 1985, Reality Star
Lauren Bacall, 1924, Movie Actress
Laurence Evans, 1995, YouTube Star
Lee Kuan Yew, 1923, Politician
Lenni Kim, 2001, Pop Singer
Lenny Clarke, 1953, TV Actor
Leon Britton, 1982, Soccer Player
Lewis Yancey, 1895, Pilot
Lolo Rodriguez, 1998, R&B Singer
Longtack Sam, 1884, Magician
Loona, 1974, Pop Singer
Louise Boyd, 1887, Explorer
Loyd Grossman, 1950, TV Show Host
Lucy Vallely, 2001, Blogger
Luke Rowe, 1991, Soccer Player
Madeline Zima, 1985, TV Actress
Madison Ward, 1994, YouTube Star
Manolo Gonzalez Vergara, 1992, Family Member
Manuel Pellegrini, 1953, Soccer Player
Marc Anthony, 1968, Pop Singer
Marcus Dixon, 1984, Football Player
Marcus T. Gray, 1981, R&B Singer
Mark Bruener, 1972, Football Player
Mark McEwen, 1954, TV Show Host
Marlon Teixeira, 1991, Model
Mary Coustas, 1964, TV Actress
Matt Hall, 1971, Pilot
Matt Harrison, 1985, Baseball Player
Matt West, 1994, Guitarist
Max Minghella, 1985, Movie Actor
MC Kevinho, 1998, Rapper
Merve Bolugur, 1987, TV Actress
Metro Boomin, 1993, Music Producer
Michael Mosley, 1978, TV Actor
Michael Parsberg, 1974, DJ
Michelle Lombardo, 1983, Model
Mickey Rourke, 1952, Movie Actor
Mickey Tettleton, 1960, Baseball Player
Micky Stewart, 1932, Cricket Player
Miguel Sanz, 1952, Politician
Mike Doyle, 1972, TV Actor
Mike Mignola, 1960, Comic Book Artist
Molly Shannon, 1964, Comedian
Morgan Woodward, 1925, TV Actor
MS Subbulakshmi, 1916, Pop Singer
Musiq Soulchild, 1977, R&B Singer
Nadia Boulanger, 1887, Composer
Natalia Lashchenova, 1973, Gymnast
Neville Southall, 1958, Soccer Player
Nick Jonas, 1992, Pop Singer
Nicola McLean, 1981, Model
Nikko Jenkins, 1986, Criminal
Nil Cardoner, 1998, TV Actor
Orel Hershiser, 1958, Baseball Player
Oscar Lloyd, 1997, Soap Opera Actor
Pablo Garza, 1983, MMA Fighter
Palaniappan Chidambaram, 1945, Politician
Pat Ryan, 1955, Football Player
Patrik Stefan, 1980, Hockey Player
Paul Barron, 1953, Soccer Coach
Paul Henning, 1911, Screenwriter
Paul Taffanel, 1844, Flute Player
Payton Coon, 1997, Cheerleader
Pedro Geoffroy Rivas, 1908, Poet
Peter Bailey, 1980, Journalist
Peter Falk, 1927, TV Actor
Peter Harvey, 1944, Journalist
Peter Keleghan, 1959, TV Actor
Prasoon Joshi, 1971, Composer
Ramalinga Raju, 1954, Business Executive
Rayhon G’aniyeva, 1978, Pop Singer
Rees Jones, 1941, Architect
Rene van de Kerkhof, 1951, Soccer Player
Richard Engel, 1973, Journalist
Richard Marx, 1963, Pop Singer
Richard Wiseman, 1966, YouTube Star
Robin Yount, 1955, Baseball Player
Ron Blair, 1948, Bassist
Ronnie Drew, 1934, Folk Singer
RosalieSaysRawr, 1994, YouTube Star
Rosemary Casals, 1948, Tennis Player
Rosie833, 1989, YouTube Star
Rossy De Palma, 1964, Movie Actress
Roya, 1996, Pop Singer
Sabrina Bryan, 1984, Pop Singer
Sam Byram, 1993, Soccer Player
Samaje Perine, 1995, Football Player
Sarah Jane Steele, 1988, Movie Actress
Shalane McCall, 1972, TV Actress
Shannon Noll, 1975, Pop Singer
Sophie Powles, 1988, Soap Opera Actress
Stefano de Gregorio, 1994, TV Actor
Susan Ruttan, 1948, TV Actress
Tamron Hall, 1970, TV Show Host
Tanner Beard, 1984, Director
Tayla Parx, 1993, Songwriter
Teddy Geiger, 1988, Rock Singer
Thomas Ernest Hulme, 1883, Novelist
Til Brugman, 1888, Poet
Tim Raines, 1959, Baseball Player
Tina Barrett, 1976, Pop Singer
Tionna Smalls, 1984, Reality Star
Toks Olagundoye, 1975, TV Actress
Tom Varndell, 1985, Rugby Player
Tommy Bond, 1926, Movie Actor
Tony Little, 1956, TV Show Host
Travis Wall, 1987, Dancer
Ugo Frigerio, 1901, Race Walker
Veli Saarinen, 1902, Skier
Victory Tischler-Blue, 1959, Director
Victory Van Tuyl, 1995, TV Actress
William McKeen, 1954, Non-Fiction Author
Yolandita Monge, 1955, Pop Singer


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