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October 22 Famous Birthdays

October 22 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on OCTOBER 22 are probably different from the other Libra people. They can talk up a storm! They never meet a stranger but they seem to watch people too. They are the thinkers and this makes them a great judge of character. While they may know of a lot of people, they are close to only very few. They tend to stay embedded in their work.


As someone famous born on this day October 22, they do suffer with the inability to make snap decisions. It’s a common trait among most Libras.  Sometimes, they like it when others make their own mind up as many times they come to them with their problems. People know that they are able to see both sides of a problem and likely they can come up with a just solution.


One of the flaws of famous people born on October 22 could be that they can be controlling but at the same time, they don’t like messy situations. If there’s an argument to be had, they try to get around it.


Famous people born on OCTOBER 22nd have an independent Libran quality that keeps them honest and fair. They love their privacy but generally make good friends. People may be scared to approach them.

October 22 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

22 October Good Traits:

  • Analytic
  • Expressive
  • Wise
  • Unique
  • Ingenious, Reliable
  • Fair
  • Unbiased
  • Faithful
  • Dependable
  • Devoted
  • Grounded

22 October Bad Traits:

  • Secretive
  • Intimidating
  • Unapproachable
  • Choosy
  • Competitive
  • Fickle
  • Manipulative

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October 22 Famous Birthday Personalities

21 Savage, 1994, Rapper
Abigail Scott Duniway, 1934, Activist
Acacia Brinley, 1997, Pop Singer
Afewerk Tekle, 1932, Painter
Aidan Kelly, 1940, Religious Leader
Aissa Mandi, 1991, Soccer Player
Akhil Akhineni, 1994, Movie Actor
Alfred Douglas, 1870, Playwright
Ali Haider, 1967, World Music Singer
Amit Shah, 1964, Politician
Andres Palop, 1973, Soccer Player
Ann Rule, 1931, Non-Fiction Author
Annette Funicello, 1942, TV Actress
Archie Lyndhurst, 2000, TV Actor
Arsene Wenger, 1949, Soccer Coach
Ashley Fiolek, 1990, Motorcycle Racer
Austin Thomas, 1995, YouTube Star
Baby CEO, 2000, Rapper
Barrie Youngfellow, 1950, Voice Actor
Bert Trautmann, 1923, Soccer Player

BI, 1996, Rapper
Bill Condon, 1955, Director
Billy McKay, 1988, Soccer Player
Birbal Jha, 1972, Self-Help Author
Bob Odenkirk, 1962, TV Actor
Bobby Blotzer, 1958, Drummer
Bobby Fite, 1968, TV Actor
Bobby Fuller, 1942, Rock Singer
Bobby Seale, 1936, Civil Rights Leader
Brad Stevens, 1976, Basketball Coach
Brandon Bizior, 2000, Pop Singer
Brian Boitano, 1963, Figure Skater
Bryson Bourchier, 1997, YouTube Star
Butch Goring, 1949, Hockey Player
Candice Yu, 1959, Movie Actress
Carlos Mencia, 1967, Comedian
Carrie Hope Fletcher, 1992, YouTube Star
Catherine Deneuve, 1943, Movie Actress
Chad Subratie, 1991, YouTube Star
Charity Vance, 1993, Pop Singer
Charles Keating, 1941, TV Actor
Charles Lynch, 1906, Pianist
october 22 famous birthdaysChase Reynolds, 1987, Football Player
Christopher Lloyd, 1938, Movie Actor
Clare Fischer, 1928, Pianist
Clinton Davisson, 1881, Scientist
Cody Boyd, 1983, Football Player
Collis Potter Huntington, 1821, Entrepreneur
Constance Bennett, 1904, Movie Actress
CoolRiceBunnies, 1994, YouTube Star
Corey Hawkins, 1989, Movie Actor
Cris Kirkwood, 1960, Bassist
Curly Howard, 1903, Movie Actor
D’lo Brown, 1970, Wrestler
Daisy Wood-Davis, 1990, Soap Opera Actress
Damaso Alonso, 1898, Poet
Daniel Nardiello, 1982, Soccer Player
Daniel Steibelt, 1765, Pianist
Danielle Williams, 1998, Family Member
Darel Russell, 1980, Soccer Player

Darren O’Day, 1982, Baseball Player
Darren Tate, 1972, DJ
David Friedrich, 1989, Drummer
Debbie Macomber, 1948, Novelist
Deepak Chopra, 1946, Self-Help Author
Deontay Wilder, 1985, Boxer
Derek Jacobi, 1938, Stage Actor
Donald H Peterson, 1933, Astronaut
Donny Montell, 1987, Pop Singer
Doris Lessing, 1919, Novelist
Dory Previn, 1925, Songwriter
Doug Reinhardt, 1984, Reality Star
Douglas Reinhardt, 1984, Baseball Player
Drazen Petrovic, 1964, Basketball Player
Dylan Robbins, 1997, Instagram Star
Ed Droste, 1978, Rock Singer
Eddie Brigati, 1945, Rock Singer
Edgell Rickword, 1898, Poet
Eli Whiteside, 1979, Baseball Player
Elias Harger, 2007, TV Actor
Elizabeth Hay, 1951, Novelist
Elizabeth Kucinich, 1977, Politician

Eric Guggenheim, 1973, Screenwriter
Ethan Munck, 2003, TV Actor
Ettore Boiardi, 1897, Chef
Fernanda Ly, 1996, Model
Frances Yip, 1947, Pop Singer
Frank Lowy, 1930, Entrepreneur
Franz Liszt, 1811, Pianist
George Cohen, 1939, Rugby Player
Georges Lentz, 1965, Composer
Georgina Anderson, 1998, Pop Singer
Giorgio Gaslini, 1929, Pianist
Glenn Loovens, 1983, Soccer Player
Gloria Carter Spann, 1926, Family Member
Godfrey Chitalu, 1947, Soccer Player
Gunars Astra, 1931, Activist
Hadise, 1985, R&B Singer
Haley Reeves Barbour, 1947, Politician
Harrison Reid, 1994, Reality Star
Harry Kent, 1879, Soccer Player
Harry Moniba, 1937, Politician
Harry Walker, 1916, Baseball Player
Heath Miller, 1982, Football Player
Helen Svedin, 1976, Model
Helmut Lotti, 1969, Opera Singer
Heyitspriscila, 1991, YouTube Star
HIlary Angie, 1992, YouTube Star
Hue Jackson, 1965, Football Coach
Ichiro Suzuki, 1973, Baseball Player
James A. Bland, 1854, Songwriter
Jamie Spafford, 1986, YouTube Star
Jan de Bont, 1943, Director
Jannero Pargo, 1979, Basketball Player
Jason Moore, 1970, Director
Je-Vaughn Watson, 1983, Soccer Player
Jeff Goldblum, 1952, Movie Actor
Jesse Biddle, 1991, Baseball Player
Jesse Tyler Ferguson, 1975, TV Actor
Jimmie Foxx, 1907, Baseball Player
Joan Fontaine, 1917, Movie Actress
Joaquim Chissano, 1939, World Leader
John Boyd, 1981, TV Actor
John Chafee, 1922, Politician
John Graham, 1966, Race Car Driver
John Norquist, 1949, Politician
John Reed, 1887, Journalist
John Sutton, 1908, Movie Actor
Jon Foreman, 1976, Rock Singer
Jonas Frisk, 1991, YouTube Star
Jonathan Lipnicki, 1990, Movie Actor
Joseph Carr, 1880, Entrepreneur
Josip Crnobori, 1907, Painter
Justin Whitesel, 1988, Guitarist
Kaitlin Witcher, 1992, YouTube Star
Kara Lang, 1986, Soccer Player
Karl Guthe Jansky, 1905, Scientist
Katy Taylor, 1989, Figure Skater
Keith Leak Jr., 1991, Vine Star
Kelvin MacKenzie, 1946, Entrepreneur
Kermit Cintron, 1979, Boxer
Kevin Michael, 1985, Pop Singer
Kyle Gallner, 1986, TV Actor
Laidback Luke, 1976, DJ
Lamarr Wilson, 1977, YouTube Star
Lamichael James, 1989, Football Player
Lawrie Sanchez, 1959, Soccer Coach
Leonard Marshall, 1961, Football Player
Leslie West, 1945, Guitarist
Lev Yashin, 1929, Soccer Player
Levi Sherwood, 1991, Motorcycle Racer
Lewis Brindley, 1983, YouTube Star
Lisa D’Amato, 1981, Model
Lola Dubini, 1993, Pop Singer
Louis Riel, 1844, Politician
Luke Smallbone, 1988, Pop Singer
Lynette Fromme, 1948, Criminal
Madi Lee, 1999, YouTube Star
Majid Al Maskati, 1990, Music Producer
Manon Mathews, 1988, Vine Star
Marc Shaiman, 1959, Composer
Mariah Huq, 1978, Reality Star
Mark Morgan, 1961, Composer
Mark Renshaw, 1982, Cyclist
Marvin Bush, 1956, Family Member
Mason Holgate, 1996, Soccer Player
Matt Evans, 1988, Reality Star
Max Apple, 1941, Novelist
MegSays, 1993, Blogger
Michael Barrett, 1976, Baseball Player
Michael Essany, 1982, TV Show Host
Michael Fishman, 1981, TV Actor
Michel Salgado, 1975, Soccer Player
Mike Hendrick, 1948, Cricket Player
Mike Loop, 1995, Instagram Star
Mikkel Hansen, 1987, Handball Player
Miroslav Satan, 1974, Hockey Player
Muhammad Wilkerson, 1989, Football Player
NC Wyeth, 1882, Painter
Niall Breslin, 1980, Pop Singer
Nicolay Sysyn, 1997, YouTube Star
Nina Parker, 1979, TV Show Host
Nnanna Egwu, 1992, Basketball Player
Omer Adam, 1993, Pop Singer
Oona King, 1967, Politician
Owais Shah, 1978, Cricket Player
Parineeti Chopra, 1988, Movie Actress
Park Ha-sun, 1987, TV Actress
Parker Fennelly, 1891, TV Actor
Paul McStay, 1964, Soccer Player
Peck Kelley, 1898, Pianist
Pedro Morales, 1942, Wrestler
Piotr Wiwczarek, 1965, Metal Singer
Plan B, 1983, Rapper
Plan B, 1983, Rapper
Quantrel Bishop, 1968, YouTube Star
Ram Barkai, 1957, Swimmer
Reese Waters, 1980, Comedian
Richard McGonagle, 1946, Voice Actor
Ricky Ray, 1979, Football Player
Rita Guerra, 1967, Pop Singer
Robert Benedetto, 1946, Entrepreneur
Robert Capa, 1913, Photographer
Robert Rauschenberg, 1925, Painter
Robert Torti, 1961, TV Actor
Robinson Cano, 1982, Baseball Player
Romero Cavalcanti, 1952,
Saffron Burrows, 1972, Movie Actress
Salarrue, 1899, Poet
Sarah Bernhardt, 1844, Stage Actress
Sarah Richardson, 1971, TV Show Host
Sean Munger, 1972, Novelist
Shaggy, 1968, Pop Singer
Sharon Rooney, 1988, TV Actress
Sheila Allen, 1932, TV Actress
Shelby Lynne, 1968, Country Singer
Slater Martin, 1925, Basketball Player
Sochitta Sal, 1992, Rapper
Sofia Vassilieva, 1992, Movie Actress
Sonia Sui, 1980, Model
Spike Jonze, 1969, Director
SSSniperWolf, 1992, YouTube Star
Stanley Mazor, 1941, Entrepreneur
Stefan Radu, 1986, Soccer Player
Steven Grant, 1953, Comic Book Author
Stiv Bators, 1949, Guitarist
Stiv Bators, 1949, Guitarist
Svante Henryson, 1963, Bassist
Sydney S. Reynolds, 1943, Religious Leader
Tar Mar, 1992, YouTube Star
Tatiana Manaois, 1996, Pop Singer
Taylor Cuqua, 1991, Reality Star
Terry Yake, 1968, Hockey Player
Timothy Leary, 1920, Teacher
tobyMac, 1964, Rapper
tobyMac, 1964, Rapper
Todd Graff, 1959, TV Actor
Todd Oldham, 1961, Fashion Designer
Tony Grant, 1967, R&B Singer
Tony Roberts, 1939, Movie Actor
Valeria Golino, 1965, Movie Actress
Vicky Guzman, 1944, Doctor
Vince Hornsby, 1966, Bassist
Virgil Donati, 1958, Drummer
William Hanley, 1931, Playwright
Yitzhak Shamir, 1915, Politician
Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer, 1986, TV Actress
Zac Hanson, 1985, Pop Singer
Zhuri Nova James, 2014, Family Member
Zuzanna Szadkowski, 1978, TV Actress


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