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October 23 Famous Birthdays

October 23 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on OCTOBER 23 are Scorpio who are romantic at heart. However, they feel some type of way about public displays of affection and posting their private life for everyone to see. In addition, when it comes to relationships, they are faithful and expect the same from their partner.


The October 23 famous celebrities are close knit with their family. It’s nothing for them to get together for a football game or something that they all can do together to have a good time. Having brothers and sisters mean a lot to them. Because of this, it’s likely that they will make a better parent.


When it comes to these famous celebrities and their money, they don’t like to part with it. A career choice may not be easy for them as they look for something that will provide a challenge and much need stimulation. They have a quality that could be persuasive or deceitful. They have a need to compete and those qualities could prove useful in winning.


Famous people born on OCTOBER 23rd likely have high expectations from their friends and loved ones. Their birthday zodiac sign is Scorpio. If efforts are made to maintain peace, they will turn a negative situation into a positive one.

October 23 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

23 October Good Traits:

  • Mysterious
  • Romantic
  • Idealistic
  • Distinctive
  • Instinctive
  • Affectionate
  • Spiritual
  • Creative
  • Inquisitive
  • Determined
  • Competitive

23 October Bad Traits:

  • Private
  • Secretive
  • Demanding
  • Lazy
  • Careless
  • Manipulative
  • Bloodthirsty

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October 23 Famous Birthday Personalities

Abdel Aziz al-Rantisi, 1947, World Leader
Adnan Siddiqui, 1969, Movie Actor
Adriel Young, 1987, Reality Star
Aida Domenech, 1989, Blogger
Aidan Knight, 1986, Folk Singer
AJ Bakunas, 1950, Stunt Double
Akintunde Warnock, 1971, Screenwriter
Al Leiter, 1965, Baseball Player
Alex Flinn, 1966, Young Adult Author
Alex Zanardi, 1966, Race Car Driver
Alexandra Beth, 1994, YouTube Star
AlrightHey, 1994, YouTube Star
Alvaro Morata, 1992, Soccer Player
Amandla Stenberg, 1998, Movie Actress
Amelia Bath, 1994, Reality Star
Amy Paige Cooke, 1993, Reality Star

Andriy Yarmolenko, 1989, Soccer Player
Andy Butler, 1994, Pop Singer
Ang Lee, 1954, Director
Anita Roddick, 1942, Entrepreneur
Antjie Krog, 1952, Poet
Archie Thompson, 1978, Soccer Player
Ariana Renee, 2000, Star
Augusten Burroughs, 1965, Memoirist
Barron Hilton, 1927, Entrepreneur
Bernt Balchen, 1899, Pilot
Bianca Bai, 1982, TV Actress
Bill Obrien, 1969, Football Coach
Blair Bowman, 1997, Cheerleader
Bobbie Thomas, 1975, TV Show Host
Bonnie Templeton, 1906, Scientist
Boti Bliss, 1975, TV Actress
Brad Haddin, 1977, Cricket Player
Bradley Pierce, 1982, Voice Actor
Brett Dean, 1961, Composer
Briana Evigan, 1986, Movie Actress
Brooke Theiss, 1969, TV Actress
october 23 famous birthdaysBud Smith, 1979, Baseball Player
Caleigh Peters, 1988, Pop Singer
Cameron Elder, 1990, YouTube Star
Carmella, 1987, Wrestler
Cassandra Ebner, 1992, YouTube Star
Cat Deeley, 1976, TV Show Host
Cesar Gomez, 1967, Soccer Player
Charly Garcia, 1951, Rock Singer
Chelsey Perkins, 1991, Reality Star
Chenjerai Hunzvi, 1949, Politician
Chi-Chi Rodriguez, 1935, Golfer
Chris Horner, 1971, Cyclist
Chris Neal, 1985, Soccer Player
Clarice Falcao, 1989, Folk Singer
Clinton Presba Anderson, 1895, Politician
Cobus Potgieter, 1986, YouTube Star
Coleen Gray, 1922, Movie Actress
Colleen Green, 1984, Pop Singer

Craig Bradley, 1963, Australian Rules Footballer
Dale Crover, 1967, Drummer
Dalmar Abuzeid, 1990, TV Actor
Damon Christopher, 1995, Vine Star
Dani Austin, 1992, YouTube Star
Daniela Alvarez, 1993,
Daphne Blunt, 1997, TV Actress
David Cerullo, 1952, Religious Leader
Denis Potvin, 1953, Hockey Player
Derek Landy, 1973, Children’s Author
Dezso Gyarmati, 1927, Water Polo Player
Diana Dors, 1931, Movie Actress
Dianne Reeves, 1956, Jazz Singer
DizzyKitten, 1992, Twitch Star
DJ Keoki, 1966, DJ
Dominika Paleta, 1972, TV Actress
Donnell Rawlings, 1970, Comedian
Doug Flutie, 1962, Football Player
Douglas Dunn, 1942, Poet
Duckie Thot, 1995, Model
Dwight Yoakam, 1956, Country Singer

Dylan Haegens, 1992, YouTube Star
Eduard Romanyuta, 1992, Pop Singer
Edwin Boring, 1886,
Elise Bauman, 1990, YouTube Star
Ella James, 1996, YouTube Star
Ellie Greenwich, 1940, Songwriter
Emily Ann Roberts, 1998, Country Singer
Emma Johnson, 1976, Journalist
Eric Bass, 1974, Bassist
Ernesto Perez, 1964, World Music Singer
Ernie Watts, 1945, Saxophonist
Ernst Opik, 1893, Scientist
Faye, 1987, Pop Singer
Felix Doubront, 1987, Baseball Player
Fortafy, 1986, Rapper
Frank Dileo, 1947, Movie Actor
Frank Hewitt, 1935, Pianist
Frank Rizzo, 1920, Politician
Frank Sutton, 1923, TV Actor
Frankee Rose, 1989, R&B Singer
Freddy Eastwood, 1989, Soccer Player
Frederick Lanchester, 1868, Engineer
Geoff McBride, 1961, Soul Singer
Georgia Toffolo, 1994, Reality Star
Gerald McClellan, 1967, Boxer
Gertrude Ederle, 1905, Swimmer
Gianni Rodari, 1920, Children’s Author
Gilbert Menchaca, 1980, TV Actor
Gordon Korman, 1963, Children’s Author
Grant Imahara, 1970, Reality Star
Greta Wodele Brawner, 1974, Radio Host
Gummo Marx, 1893, Movie Actor
Halie Loren, 1984, Jazz Singer
Harold Warren, 1923, Screenwriter
Harvey Penick, 1904, Golfer
Hayden Rorke, 1910, TV Actor
Heidi Stevens, 1974, Journalist
Hello Kylie, 2007, YouTube Star
Ignatius Of Loyola, 1491, Religious Leader
Ira Steven Behr, 1953, Screenwriter
Ireland Baldwin, 1995, Model
Izabel Goulart, 1984, Model
Jacinta Gulisano, 1993, Pop Singer
Jack Allen, 1907, Movie Actor
Jackie Long, 1981, Movie Actor
Jacque LeWarne, 1995, Dancer
James Daly, 1918, TV Actor
Jan Czochralski, 1885, Scientist
Jaoquin Lavin, 1953, Politician
Jarle Andhoy, 1977, Explorer
Jasmine St. Claire, 1972,
JazMone Adams, 1989, Reality Star
JD Roberto, 1969, Game Show Host
Jean Acker, 1893, Movie Actress
Jessica Stroup, 1986, TV Actress
Jessicka Addams, 1975, Rock Singer
Jim Bunning, 1931, Baseball Player
Jimmy Bullard, 1978, Soccer Player
Jimmy Wayne, 1972, Country Singer
Joginder Sharma, 1983, Cricket Player
John Heisman, 1869, Football Player
John Lackey, 1978, Baseball Player
Johnathan Franklin, 1989, Football Player
Johnny Carson, 1925, TV Show Host
Jon Huertas, 1969, TV Actor
Jon Solo, 1994, YouTube Star
Jonathan Latimer, 1906, Screenwriter
Jordan Crawford, 1988, Basketball Player
Jordan Cwierz, 1990, YouTube Star
Jordan Hanna, 1997, Star
Jorge Solis, 1979, Boxer
Joseph Andre Garcia, 1999, TV Actor
Josh Montgomery, 1988, Guitarist
Josh Strickland, 1983, Stage Actor
Kaelynn Wright, 2002, Movie Actress
Kaitlyn Mason, 1992, Model
Kaleena Kiff, 1974, TV Actress
Kane Atwood, 2011, Family Member
Kasie West, 1976, Novelist
Kate del Castillo, 1972, Movie Actress
Kate del Castillo, 1972, Movie Actress
Katie Ann Lewis, 1996, Vine Star
Kazuo Matsui, 1975, Baseball Player
Keiren Westwood, 1984, Soccer Player
Kevin Henry, 1968, Football Player
Kevin Wilson, 1961, Football Coach
Kim Larsen, 1945, Rock Singer
Kleanthis Vikelidis, 1916, Soccer Player
Lachlan Gillespie, 1985, Folk Singer
Lil Trip, 1995, Rapper
Lilyan Tashman, 1896, Movie Actress
Lincoln Peirce, 1963, Cartoonist
Lisby Larson, 1951, Soap Opera Actress
Ludwig Leichhardt, 1813, Explorer
Lydia Schiavello, 1970, Reality Star
Maggi Hambling, 1945, Sculptor
Malaika Arora, 1973, Dancer
Manos Hatzidakis, 1925, Composer
Manuela Velasco, 1975, Movie Actress
Marcos Flores, 1985, Soccer Player
Margaret Qualley, 1995, TV Actress
Marque Richardson, 1985, TV Actor
Martin Garcia, 1984, Horse Jockey
Martin Luther King III, 1957, Civil Rights Leader
Marvin Dawkins, 1980, Rapper
Marylene Dosse, 1939, Pianist
Masiela Lusha, 1985, TV Actress
Matt Angel, 1990, TV Actor
Matt Shultz, 1983, Rock Singer
Matthew Quick, 1973, Novelist
Matthew Williamson, 1971, Fashion Designer
Megan Fairchild, 1984, Dancer
Meghan McCain, 1984, Journalist
Mel Martinez, 1946, Politician
Michael Crichton, 1942, Novelist
Michael Eric Dyson, 1958, Novelist
Michael Kory, 1992, YouTube Star
Michael Rupert, 1951, Stage Actor
Michael Walsh, 1949, Screenwriter
Michelle Beadle, 1975, TV Show Host
Miguel Jontel Pimentel, 1985, R&B Singer
Mike Falzone, 1984, YouTube Star
Mike Harding, 1944, Folk Singer
Mike Tomczak, 1962, Football Player
Milan Borjan, 1987, Soccer Player
Molly Elliot Seawell, 1860, Historian
Morgan Tompkins, 1989, Radio Host
Nancy Grace, 1959, TV Show Host
Natalie Sawyer, 1979, TV Show Host
Nathalie Paris, 1999, YouTube Star
Oliver Proudlock, 1988, Reality Star
Paul Davidson, 1930, Scientist
Paul Kagame, 1957, World Leader
Paul Rudolph, 1918, Architect
Paul Zimmerman, 1932, Journalist
Pauline Black, 1953, Pop Singer
Peggy Moran, 1918, Movie Actress
Pele, 1940, Soccer Player
Perizaad Zorabian, 1973, Movie Actress
Peter Griffith, 1933, TV Actor
Philip Kaufman, 1936, Director
Philip Lamantia, 1927, Poet
Prabhas, 1979, Movie Actor
Priscilla Wong, 1981, TV Actress
Randy Pausch, 1950, Teacher
Regan Wingo, 1998, YouTube Star
Reggie Barnes, 1969, Football Player
Rene Wurz, 1995, YouTube Star
Richard Johns, 1981, Race Car Driver
Richard McNamara, 1972, Guitarist
Richie Dalmau, 1973, Basketball Player
Ritesh Rajan, 1988, TV Actor
Robert Bray, 1917, TV Actor
Robert Bridges, 1844, Poet
Robert Lipsett, 1947, Violinist
Robert Skye, 1998, Family Member
Robert Trujillo, 1964, Bassist
Roslin Hashim, 1975, Badminton Player
Royal Jackson, 1999, Reality Star
Ryan Reynolds, 1976, Movie Actor
Sam Berns, 1996, Activist
Sam Lacy, 1903, Journalist
Sam Marx, 1859, Family Member
Sam Raimi, 1959, Director
Samuel Morey, 1762, Entrepreneur
Sanjay Gupta, 1969, Doctor
Sara Rubin, 1989, YouTube Star
Sarah Laine, 1982, Movie Actress
Sasha DiGiulian, 1992, Rock Climber
Scott Drew, 1970, Basketball Coach
Seo In-guk, 1987, Pop Singer
Shamsur Rahman, 1929, Poet
Skylar Burke, 2003, Movie Actress
Sonny Criss, 1927, Saxophonist
Sophia Gennusa, 2003, Stage Actress
Sophie Oda, 1991, TV Actress
Stan Walker, 1990, Pop Singer
Steve Gonsalves, 1975, TV Producer
Steve Harmison, 1978, Cricket Player
Stevie Brock, 1990, Pop Singer
Sunil Mittal, 1957, Entrepreneur
Tallulah Greive, 2000, TV Actress
Taylor Baxter, 1994, YouTube Star
Taylor Spreitler, 1993, TV Actress
Temepara Bailey, 1975, Netball Player
The Angel French, 1903, Wrestler
Thomas Pinckney, 1750, Politician
Tiffeny Milbrett, 1972, Soccer Player
Tom Searle, 1987, Guitarist
Vern Stephens, 1920, Baseball Player
Vivi Devereaux, 1986, Movie Actor
Walt Flanagan, 1967, Reality Star
Wayne Rainey, 1960, Motorcycle Racer
Weird Al Yankovic, 1959, Pop Singer
William D. Coolidge, 1873, Scientist
Winston McKenzie, 1953, Politician
Zach Callison, 1997, Voice Actor


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