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October 21 Famous Birthdays

October 21 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on OCTOBER 21 could be a Libra who are highly excitable or tender. They are a lot of fun to hang out with. Friends and family play an important role in their life. As a spiritual person, they feel it’s their duty to help others in need. It’s almost like they’re compelled to do the right thing. Because of this though, they sometimes get tired.


Balance is significant to who they are. So they need to find the medium that they all can be happy with. Being the smart and mindful person that they are, success to famous October 21 celebrities will probably come easy. They don’t mind making compromises in order to achieve the desired goal.


Their work could be in the education field or something that has to do with the law. They may have a couple of careers before deciding on a particular one. As a lover, they like spending quite time alone. However, it’s nothing for them to grab their keys and go to places unknown. Famous people born on October 21 don’t have any problems meeting new people, so they feel at home wherever they go.


Famous people born on OCTOBER 21st love beautiful things and are attractive individuals. But they may have issues with weight. So they may want to take extra precautions to maintain a certain weight goal. They have the ability to see both sides.

October 21 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

21 October Good Traits:

  • Loyal
  • Communicative
  • Energetic
  • Admired
  • Playful
  • Courageous
  • Emotional
  • Demonstrative
  • Spiritual
  • Intense
  • Versatile

21 October Bad Traits:

  • Rebellious
  • Over Sensitive
  • Vacillating
  • Impulsive
  • Indulgent
  • Extravagant

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October 21 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Tveit, 1983, Stage Actor
Aaron Wilbraham, 1979, Soccer Player
Alec Lorimore, 1948, Screenwriter
Alex Brands, 1994, YouTube Star
Alex Kew, 1986, TV Actor
Alexander Burmistrov, 1991, Hockey Player
Alfred Nobel, 1833, Scientist
Allen Henry Vigneron, 1948, Religious Leader
Allen Hoey, 1952, Poet
Allen O’Donoghue, 1977, Self-Help Author
Almen Abdi, 1986, Soccer Player
Alphonse de Lamartine, 1790, Poet
Amal Fashanu, 1988, TV Show Host
Amanda Arcuri, 1997, TV Actress
Amber Rose, 1983, Model
Andre Geim, 1958, Scientist
Andrew Scott, 1976, Movie Actor
Andreya Triana, 1986, Songwriter
Andy Marte, 1983, Baseball Player
Ann Carlson, 1954, Dancer
Anne Cox, 1967, Family Member

Antonio Smith, 1981, Football Player
Ariana Rodriguez, 1990, Model
Ashley Liao, 2001, TV Actress
Bada Kim, 1971, Pop Singer
Benjamin Netanyahu, 1949, World Leader
Benjamin Parrillo, 1970, Screenwriter
Bernard Tomic, 1992, Tennis Player
Betsy Price, 1949, Politician
Beverley Turner, 1973, TV Show Host
Bill O’Neill, 1981, Bowler
Blanca Suarez, 1988, Movie Actress
Bo Watson, 1960, Politician
Bob Rosburg, 1926, Golfer
Bobby Few, 1935, Pianist
Brent Hayden, 1983, Swimmer
Brent Mydland, 1952, Pianist
Brian Nelson, 1964, Screenwriter
Bryant Dope, 1992, Rapper
october 21 famous birthdaysByron Alvarez, 1978, Soccer Player
Camille Felton, 1999, Movie Actress
Carleton Young, 1905, Movie Actor
Carmella Bing, 1981,
Carolina Nogueira Dantas, 1993,
Carrie Fisher, 1956, Movie Actress
Catherine Hardwicke, 1955, Director
CC Lee, 1986, Baseball Player
Celia Cruz, 1925, World Music Singer
Charlotte Caffey, 1953, Guitarist
Charlotte Sullivan, 1983, TV Actress
Christopher Uckermann, 1986, Pop Singer
Cody Johns, 1989, Vine Star
Corey Nakatani, 1970, Horse Jockey
Cyrus Barrone, 1988, Guitarist
Damien Martyn, 1971, Cricket Player
Damon Bailey, 1971, Basketball Player
Daniel Herrera, 1984, Baseball Player
Danny Orleans, 1954, Magician

Daren Vongirdner, 1990, Rapper
Darius Khondji, 1955, Cinematographer
David Campese, 1962, Rugby Player
David Clayton Rogers, 1977, TV Actor
David Kudla, 1990, Hockey Player
David Phelps, 1969, Rock Singer
David Walls, 1941, Teacher
Deandre Brackensick, 1994, Pop Singer
Derik Fein, 1992, Pop Singer
Derrick Carter, 1969, DJ
Dick Devos, 1955, Entrepreneur
Dizzy Gillespie, 1917, Composer
Doja Cat, 1996, R&B Singer
Don Byas, 1912, Saxophonist
Drew Woolnough, 1988, Bassist
Edna Purviance, 1895, Movie Actress
Edogawa Ranpo, 1894, Novelist
Elijah King, 1988, Pop Singer
Elizabeth Laird, 1943, Children’s Author
Ellen Buckley, 1913, Politician
Elvin Bishop, 1942, Blues Singer
Eric Faulkner, 1953, Guitarist

Erik Conover, 1989, YouTube Star
Eugene Burton Ely, 1866, Pilot
Evan Harris, 1965, Politician
Everett McGill, 1945, Movie Actor
Femi Lawson, 1988, YouTube Star
Festus Ezeli, 1989, Basketball Player
Fran Landesman, 1927, Poet
Frances Fitzgerald, 1940, Journalist
Francisco Gento, 1933, Soccer Player
Fred Hersch, 1955, Pianist
Fred Sadoff, 1926, Stage Actor
Geoffrey Boycott, 1940, Cricket Player
Georg Solti, 1912, Pianist
George Bell, 1959, Baseball Player
George Stinney, 1929,
George Ulyett, 1851, Cricket Player
Georgia Brown, 1933, Stage Actress
Glen Powell, 1988, TV Actor
GreenVenom, 1996, YouTube Star
Greg Robinson, 1992, Football Player
Hari Kondabolu, 1982, Comedian
Hari Nef, 1992, Model
Heather Nicol, 1993, Pop Singer
Helene Joy, 1978, TV Actress
Henrique Hilario, 1975, Soccer Player
Henry Miller Shreve, 1785,
Hernando Desoto, 1496, Explorer
Hone Tuwhare, 1922, Poet
Horace Hogan, 1965, Wrestler
Hy Averback, 1920, Director
Ian Ballinger, 1925, Sports Shooter
Ilaria Latini, 1972, Voice Actor
Isabel Figueira, 1980, TV Actress
Isabella Victoria, 1992, Instagram Star
Ivan Dragicevic, 1981, Soccer Player
Jackie Chamoun, 1991, Skier
Jade Jagger, 1971, Model
Jaime Primak Sullivan, 1976, Reality Star
Jake Globox, 2001, YouTube Star
James Beaver, 1837, Politician
James C. Bliss, 1933, Entrepreneur
James White, 1982, Basketball Player
Jay Norwood Darling, 1876, Cartoonist
Jean Quan, 1949, Politician
Jeff Richards, 1974, Comedian
Jeremy Lee, 1963, Chef
Jeremy Miller, 1976, TV Actor
Jerry Bergonzi, 1947, Saxophonist
Jessica Michibata, 1984, Model
Jim Henderson, 1982, Baseball Player
Joey Harrington, 1978, Football Player
John Connolly, 1968, Guitarist
John Flaherty, 1967, Baseball Player
Johnny Davis, 1955, Basketball Player
Jonathan Glatzer, 1969, Director
Jonathan Parr, 1988, Soccer Player
Jonathan Viera, 1989, Soccer Player
Jordan McGraw, 1986, Rock Singer
Jos Canela, 1995, Pop Singer
Jose Lobaton, 1984, Baseball Player
Josephine Lovett, 1877, Screenwriter
Josh Ritter, 1976, Pop Singer
Joyce Randolph, 1924, TV Actress
Juan de Ávalos, 1911, Sculptor
Judge Judy Sheindlin, 1942, TV Show Host
Julia Abner, 1994, Vine Star
Julian Cope, 1957, Rock Singer
Julian Dimagiba, 1985, Bassist
Julie Parrish, 1940, TV Actress
Justin De Fratus, 1987, Baseball Player
Justin Hardy, 1991, Football Player
Kane Brown, 1993, Country Singer
Kathy Young, 1945, Pop Singer
Kaycee Rice, 2002, Dancer
Keith Green, 1953, Rock Singer
Ken Watanabe, 1959, Movie Actor
Kenny Cooper, 1984, Soccer Player
Kiel Tutin, 1995, Dancer
Kieran Richardson, 1984, Soccer Player
Kim Kardashian, 1980, Reality Star
Kristina Axen Olin, 1962, Politician
LaTanya Richardson, 1949, Movie Actress
Lee Chong Wei, 1982, Badminton Player
Lee Loughnane, 1946, Trumpet Player
Leo Burnett, 1891, Entrepreneur
Lera Auerbach, 1974, Composer
Liliane Bettencourt, 1922, Entrepreneur
Lisa Morales, 1985, Instagram Star
Little Miss Jae, 2009, Star
Lonely Goomba, 1991, YouTube Star
Louis Koo, 1970, Movie Actor
Louriza Tronco, 1993, TV Actress
Lux Interior, 1946, Punk Singer
Lydia Lopokova, 1892, Dancer
Madchild, 1975, Rapper
Maddie Firmin, 1995, Vine Star
Malcolm Arnold, 1921, Composer
Manuel Riguez, 1993, Vine Star
Mark Holcomb, 1982, Guitarist
Martin Gardner, 1914, Mathematician
Mary Blair, 1911, Animator
Marzia Bisognin, 1992, YouTube Star
Matt Dallas, 1982, TV Actor
Matthew Friedberger, 1972, Guitarist
Meg Bussert, 1949, Stage Actress
Mel Street, 1935, Country Singer
Melhem Zein, 1982, World Music Singer
Melora Walters, 1959, Movie Actress
Mercedes Edison, 1991, Model
Michael McMillian, 1978, TV Actor
Michael Swango, 1954, Criminal
Michel Briere, 1949, Hockey Player
Milana Coco, 1995, YouTube Star
Miranda Wayne, 1999, Star
Monica Michael, 1990, Pop Singer
Msz Jkush, 1993, Pop Singer
Nadia Nerina, 1927, Dancer
Nakia Burrise, 1974, TV Actress
Natalee Holloway, 1986,
Natalia Makarova, 1940, Stage Actress
Natalie Makarova, 1940, Dancer
Nemanja Vidic, 1981, Soccer Player
Nikita Mikhalkov, 1945, Director
Ninet Tayeb, 1983, Rock Singer
Oliver Payne Pearson, 1915, Scientist
Olmes Garcia, 1992, Soccer Player
Orlando Thomas, 1972, Football Player
Osamu Watanabe, 1940, Wrestler
Oswald Avery, 1877, Doctor
Paris Qualles, 1965, Screenwriter
Pat Sandora-Nastyn, 1982, YouTube Star
Patti Davis, 1952, TV Actress
Paul Ince, 1967, Soccer Player
Paula Kelly, 1943, Stage Actress
Peter Mandelson, 1953, Politician
Peter Petroff, 1919, Engineer
Raplh Paffenbarger, 1922, Doctor
Raymond Ventrone, 1982, Football Player
Reco Chapple, 1978, Fashion Designer
Rene Casados, 1961, Soap Opera Actor
Rich Mullins, 1955, Rock Singer
Ricky Rubio, 1990, Basketball Player
Rita Montaner, 1900, World Music Singer
Robert Clothier, 1921, TV Actor
Ron Pruitt, 1951, Baseball Player
Ronald McNair, 1950, Astronaut
Rose McDowall, 1959, Pop Singer
Saint Dog, 1975, Rapper
Salvador Gonzales Escalona, 1948, Painter
Sam McTrusty, 1987, Rock Singer
Sam Vokes, 1989, Soccer Player
Samuel Francis Smith, 1808, Songwriter
Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 1772, Poet
Sarah Rayson, 2004, TV Actress
Sasha Roiz, 1973, TV Actor
Shammi Kapoor, 1930, Movie Actor
Shannon Magrane, 1995, Opera Singer
Shaun Burgoyne, 1982, Australian Rules Footballer
Shelden Williams, 1983, Basketball Player
Simon Gray, 1936, Playwright
Sir Malcolm Arnold, 1921, Trumpet Player
Ssinnim, 1990, YouTube Star
Stack Bundles, 1982, Rapper
Steph Davies, 1987, Cricket Player
Steve Cropper, 1941, R&B Singer
Steve Lukather, 1957, Guitarist
Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 1986, Criminal
Ted Shawn, 1891, Dancer
Tony Junior, 1989, DJ
Tyler Braun, 1984, YouTube Star
Ulises Heureaux, 1845, Politician
Ursula K. Leguin, 1929, Children’s Author
Vivian Pickles, 1931, Movie Actress
Whitey Ford, 1928, Baseball Player
Will Carleton, 1845, Poet
Will Estes, 1978, TV Actor
William Zabka, 1965, Movie Actor
Willie Anderson, 1879, Golfer
Yakov Flier, 1912, Pianist
Zack Greinke, 1983, Baseball Player
Zephyr Teachout, 1971, Politician


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