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October 20 Famous Birthdays

October 20 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on OCTOBER 20 are Libra who are mostly misunderstood. They may have a lot to do with this though. They are nice individuals but they give the impression sometimes that they just don’t care. They just have other ideas especially when it comes to being in love and having a relationship.


In their search, they don’t seem to make very wise choices. Money is another thing that they are not especially good at. Well, saving it anyway. They spend it just fine.


Famous October 20 celebrities would rather have expensive clothes and jewelry than money in the bank. They can have all of those things but going broke trying to have it, is not a good practice. They need to be patient. They have a lot of possibilities.


Famous people born on October 20 are a good looking individuals who are also alluring, gracious and true-blue but they can sometimes be volatile and proud. However, when they make a mistake, they are likely willing to apologize for their shortcomings.

Famous people born on OCTOBER 20th are smart Librans who want a relationship based on honesty and loyalty. They may appear to be standoffish but actually, they are friendly people who could be blunt.

October 20 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

20 October Good Traits:

  • Attractive
  • Sexy
  • Graceful
  • Powerful
  • Straightforward
  • Concerned
  • Truthful
  • Ambitious
  • Dedicated
  • Smart

20 October Bad Traits:

  • Cynical
  • Weepy
  • Arrogant
  • Spendthrift
  • Critical
  • Blunt
  • Demanding

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October 20 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Pryor, 1955, Boxer
Adam Butcher, 1988, Movie Actor
Adam Cianciarulo, 1996, Motorcycle Racer
Adan Zapata, 1990, Rapper
Addison Richards, 1887, Movie Actor
Aelbert Cuyp, 1620, Painter
Alana Smith, 2000, Skateboarder
Alberto Ammann, 1978, Movie Actor
Alex Frankel, 1982, Pop Singer
Alex Nackman, 1983, Songwriter
Aljosha Rompe, 1947, Punk Singer
Allan Donald, 1966, Cricket Player
Alona Tal, 1983, TV Actress
Amelia Henderson, 1995, TV Actress
Amrit Sandhu, 1993, Model
Andrew Trimble, 1984, Rugby Player
Andy Dawson, 1978, Soccer Player

Anneke Wills, 1941, TV Actress
Anonymousculture, 1985, Rapper
Anthony Taylor, 1978, Referee
Arlene Francis, 1907, Movie Actress
Art Buchwald, 1925, Journalist
Arthel Neville, 1962, News Anchor
Arthur Rimbaud, 1854, Poet
ASAP Ferg, 1988, Rapper
Balqees Ahmed Fathi, 1988, World Music Singer
Barrie Chase, 1933, Movie Actress
Bashar Rahal, 1974, TV Actor
Bela Lugosi, 1882, Movie Actor
Ben Wong, 1967, TV Actor
Bickram Ghosh, 1966, Composer
Bill Chase, 1934, Trumpet Player
Bill Nunn, 1953, Movie Actor
BlazeLifehammer, 1996, YouTube Star
Bob Sheppard, 1910, Sportscaster
Borgore, 1987, Music Producer
Brennan Clost, 1994, Dancer
october 20 famous birthdaysBrian Schatz, 1972, Politician
Brooke Ellison, 1978,
Candice Swanepoel, 1988, Model
Carla Laemmle, 1909, Movie Actress
Cassidy Lynn Campbell, 1996, YouTube Star
Chad Hennings, 1965, Football Player
Charles Ives, 1874, Composer
Charley Chase, 1893, Screenwriter
Chase Anela Rolison, 2000, Family Member
Choo Freeman, 1979, Baseball Player
Chris Cowdrey, 1957, Cricket Player
Christopher Wren, 1632, Architect
Christy Marx, 1952, Screenwriter
Claudio Ranieri, 1951, Soccer Coach
Clive Hornby, 1944, Soap Opera Actor
Cyn Santana, 1992, Instagram Star
Dan Fogler, 1976, Comedian
Dan Folger, 1976, Stage Actor
Daniel Owen, 1836, Novelist

Daniel Stewart, 1967, TV Actor
Daniel Weber, 1978, Guitarist
Dann Gillen, 1967, Drummer
Dannii Minogue, 1971, Pop Singer
Danny Blu, 1989, Rock Singer
Danny Boyle, 1956, Director
Dave Collins, 1952, Baseball Player
Dave Finlay, 1958, Wrestler
Dave Krieg, 1958, Football Player
David Caspe, 1978, Screenwriter
David Gilinsky, 1963, Family Member
David M. Evans, 1962, Director
David Mancuso, 1944, DJ
Dillon Cooper, 1992, Rapper
Dimitrios Papadopoulos, 1981, Soccer Player
Dionne Quan, 1978, Voice Actor
Dominic McGuire, 1985, Basketball Player
Doug Atchison, 1974, Screenwriter
Dr Joyce Brothers, 1927, Doctor
Earl Hindman, 1942, TV Actor

Eastside Ivo, 1995, Instagram Star
Eddie Harris, 1934, Saxophonist
Eddie Jones, 1971, Basketball Player
Edgar Selwyn, 1875, Director
Elena Ora, 1988, Family Member
Elfriede Jelinek, 1946, Playwright
Elih Tani, 1995, Vine Star
Ellery Queen, 1905, Novelist
Elyse Taylor, 1986, Model
Empress Michiko, 1934, Royalty
Eric Scott, 1958, TV Actor
Fayard Nicholas, 1914, Dancer
Finlay, 1958, Wrestler
Francis Boulle, 1988, Reality Star
Francisco Javier Rodriguez, 1981, Soccer Player
Fruto Chamorro, 1804, World Leader
Gage Bordeaux, 1998, Instagram Star
Galadriel Stineman, 1990, TV Actress
Gene Wood, 1925, Game Show Host
George Harris, 1949, Movie Actor
Gian Pyres, 1973, Guitarist
Grandpa Jones, 1913, Country Singer
Gunturu Seshendra Sarma, 1927, Poet
Guy Chouinard, 1956, Hockey Player
Herman Moore, 1969, Football Player
Hilda Solis, 1957, Politician
Ian Rush, 1961, Soccer Player
Ida Anduyan, 1993, Blogger
Isabel Oli, 1981, TV Actress
Ismail Al-Azhari, 1900, Politician
Ivo Pogorelic, 1958, Pianist
Jack Franklin, 1919, Baseball Player
Jackie Winsor, 1941, Sculptor
Jakob Hellman, 1965, Pop Singer
James Chadwick, 1891, Scientist
Jamie Collins, 1989, Football Player
Jelly Roll Morton, 1890, Composer
Jennifer Freeman, 1985, TV Actress
Jennifer Hall, 1977, TV Actress
Jeremy Hill, 1992, Football Player
Jerry Meals, 1961, Umpire
Jerry Orbach, 1935, Movie Actor
Jess Glynne, 1989, Pop Singer
Jett Newman, 2015, Family Member
Jim Sonefeld, 1964, Drummer
Jimi Westbrook, 1971, Country Singer
Joe Joseph, 1985, Football Player
John Bell, 1997, Movie Actor
John Dewey, 1859, Philosopher
John Krasinski, 1979, TV Actor
John Lodge, 1903, Politician
John Pascoe Fawkner, 1792, Politician
Jonathan Hurst, 1966, Baseball Player
Jose Javier Acasuso, 1982, Tennis Player
Josh Elkin, 1982, YouTube Star
Joze Javorsek, 1920, Essayist
Juan Gonzalez, 1969, Baseball Player
Juan Marichal, 1937, Baseball Player
Julia Bliss, 1983, DJ
Julie Payette, 1963, Astronaut
Kamala Harris, 1964, Political Wife
Karl Collins, 1971, TV Actor
Karol Mikuli, 1819, Pianist
Kasongo Ilunga, 1972, Politician
Kathleen Martin, 1988, Dancer
Kathy Kirby, 1938, Pop Singer
Katie Featherston, 1982, Movie Actress
Kaylah Melvin, 1994, Family Member
Keidrich Sellati, 2001, TV Actor
Keith Hernandez, 1953, Baseball Player
Ken Ham, 1951, Religious Leader
Ken Morrison, 1931, Entrepreneur
Kendra Andrews, 1981, Dancer
Kenneth Choi, 1971, TV Actor
King Chip, 1986, Rapper
Kirsten Olson, 1991, TV Actress
Konrad Wolf, 1925, Director
Kyle Wiltjer, 1992, Basketball Player
Lacey Fuller, 1995, Reality Star
Lauren Flans, 1988, Comedian
Laurie Daley, 1969, Rugby Player
Leila Josefowicz, 1977, Violinist
Leon Lemartin, 1883, Pilot
Lepa Brena, 1960, Pop Singer
Les Stroud, 1961, TV Show Host
Liis Lemsalu, 1992, Pop Singer
Limmy, 1974, Comedian
Lucia Hakkaart, 2000, Family Member
Luis Saritama, 1983, Soccer Player
Lynn Flewelling, 1958, Novelist
Ma Long, 1988, Table Tennis Player
Marc Andrus, 1956, Religious Leader
Margaret Dumont, 1882, Movie Actress
Maria Barbara Bach, 1684, Family Member
Maria Taktouk, 1999, Family Member
Marija Ujevic Galetovic, 1933, Sculptor
Mario Gosselin, 1971, Race Car Driver
Mark King, 1958, Jazz Singer
Martin Taylor, 1956, Guitarist
Mary Castano, 1993, Family Member
Mary Peach, 1934, TV Actress
Matt Norman, 1971, Director
Matt Steffanina, 1986, Choreographer
Matthew Hicks, 1989, Reality Star
Mattia De Sciglio, 1992, Soccer Player
Mehmet Okonsar, 1961, Pianist
Melanie Mayron, 1952, TV Actress
Michael Condrey, 1972, Game Designer
Michael Dunn, 1934, TV Actor
Michael Johns, 1978, Pop Singer
Michael McClure, 1932, Poet
Michel Vorm, 1983, Soccer Player
Michelle Bridges, 1970, TV Show Host
Michelle Malkin, 1970, Blogger
Mickey Mantle, 1931, Baseball Player
Mike Perez, 1985, Boxer
Mitch Lucker, 1984, Metal Singer
Mitch Lucker, 1984, Metal Singer
Mitchell Marsh, 1991, Cricket Player
Molly Thompson, 1999, YouTube Star
Monica Ali, 1967, Novelist
Monique Haas, 1909, Pianist
Morgan Jackson, 1993, Model
Mudassar Khan, 1987, Dancer
Nargis Fakhri, 1979, Model
Nate Diesel, 1987, Instagram Star
Navjot Singh Sidhu, 1963, Cricket Player
Nellie McClung, 1873, Civil Rights Leader
Niall Matter, 1980, TV Actor
Nick Hodgson, 1977, Drummer
Nicola Legrottaglie, 1976, Soccer Player
Nikki Grimes, 1950, Young Adult Author
Noreen Corcoran, 1943, TV Actress
Olive Thomas, 1894, Movie Actress
Omar Arnaout, 2000, Pop Singer
OpTic Predator, 1992, YouTube Star
Oscar Swahn, 1847, Sports Shooter
Pamela Ballantine, 1958, TV Show Host
Patrick Kavanaugh, 1954, Composer
Paul O’Connell, 1979, Rugby Player
Paul Wilson, 1978, Bassist
Pedguin, 1992, YouTube Star
Percy Crawford, 1902, Religious Leader
Peter Combe, 1948, Folk Singer
Peter Morwood, 1956, Novelist
Peyton Sellers, 1983, Race Car Driver
Philip Whalen, 1923, Poet
Philippa Christian, 1987, Novelist
Philomena Begley, 1942, Country Singer
Rafael Michelini, 1958, Politician
Rebeca Terán, 1994, YouTube Star
Rob Cesternino, 1978, Reality Star
Robert Peters, 1924, Poet
Robert Pinsky, 1940, Poet
Robin Welsh, 1869, Tennis Player
Rodney Hood, 1992, Basketball Player
Rodrigo Faro, 1973, Soap Opera Actor
Rodrigo Vargas, 1978, Soccer Player
Roger Hanin, 1925, TV Actor
Ronnie Banks, 1997, Vine Star
Roop Raj, 1976, News Anchor
Ruhi Çenet, 1990, YouTube Star
Ruth Murray, 1900, Teacher
Ryan Green, 1980, Soccer Player
Ryan Jarman, 1980, Guitarist
Salvador Guerrero IV, 1970, Wrestler
Samuel Witwer, 1977, TV Actor
Sandra Dickinson, 1948, Voice Actor
Scott Hall, 1958, Wrestler
Sheldon Whitehouse, 1955, Politician
Sheri Salata, 1959, Entrepreneur
Sherman Minton, 1890, Supreme Court Justice
Shon Burnett, 2001, Pop Singer
Siddhartha Shankar Ray, 1920, Politician
Snoop Dogg, 1971, Rapper
Sonja Ball, 1956, Voice Actor
Sonu Sood, 1972, Movie Actor
Stefan Raab, 1966, TV Show Host
Steve Moakler, 1988, Country Singer
Stuart Hamblen, 1908, Gospel Singer
Sunil Malhotra, 1975, Voice Actor
Susan Tully, 1968, TV Actress
Sydel Curry, 1994, Family Member
Thomas Douglas, 1904, Politician
Thomas Newman, 1955, Composer
Timothy West, 1934, TV Actor
Todd Richards, 1966, Hockey Coach
Tom Petty, 1950, Rock Singer
Tommy Douglas, 1904, Politician
Tracy Hall, 1919, Scientist
Tracy Negoshian, 1981, Fashion Designer
Unfuggettable, 1995, YouTube Star
Valerie Faris, 1958, Director
Viggo Mortensen, 1958, Movie Actor
Virender Sehwag, 1978, Cricket Player
VS Achuthanandan, 1923, Politician
Wanda Jackson, 1937, Rock Singer
Wayne L. Morse, 1900, Politician
Wilbur Wood, 1941, Baseball Player
Will Greenwood, 1972, Rugby Player
William Christopher, 1932, TV Actor
William Eteki Mboumoua, 1933, Politician
William Russ, 1950, TV Actor
Willis McGahee, 1981, Football Player
Yanina Wickmayer, 1989, Tennis Player
Zeke Bratkowski, 1931, Football Player
Zhenwei Wang, 1995, Movie Actor
Zulfahmi Khairuddin, 1991, Motorcycle Racer


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