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November 9 Famous Birthdays

November 9 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on NOVEMBER 9 are Scorpio who are a natural at writing or expression. This could be done in a number of ways but they tend to like to do things that don’t require other people. For the most part they are private people which makes them somewhat mysterious. Being this way, they don’t mind telling people off and to stay out of their business.


Their work ethics are great. However they like to be in control at all times over every aspect of their job and sometimes, other people’s jobs as well. They can be guilty of doing too much. The November 9 famous celebrities have a lot of hobbies that they can turn their attention to. Thus their career takes off with financial stability and the possibility of endless growth.


Promoting themselves has never been a problem as they are creative in more ways than one. Some people just don’t understand them but it’s okay… there are others that totally get them.


Famous people born on NOVEMBER 9th like being by themselves. Most artists like to be free, as do you. But they can be biased. However, they care about others to the point, they act as their friends and family’s therapist. Professionally, this could be their forte.

November 9 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

9 November Good Traits:

  • Truthful
  • Sympathetic
  • Creative
  • Open
  • Articulate
  • Balanced
  • Spiritual
  • Emotional
  • Imaginative
  • Dedicated
  • Accommodating

9 November Bad Traits:

  • Aggressive
  • Moody
  • Domineering
  • Forceful
  • Controversial
  • Indecisive
  • Frustrated

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November 9 Famous Birthday Personalities

Adam Dunn, 1979, Baseball Player
Adam Joseph, 1987, News Anchor
Alan Kotok, 1941, Entrepreneur
Alessandro Del Piero, 1974, Soccer Player
Alessandro Del Piero, 1974, Soccer Player
Alex Popow, 1975, Race Car Driver
Alexandra Osteen, 1998, Family Member
Alice Coachman, 1923, High Jumper
Allison Wolfe, 1969, Punk Singer
Alyson Court, 1973, TV Actress
Alyssa Bates, 1994, Reality Star
Analeigh Tipton, 1988, Model
Andre Francois, 1915, Cartoonist
Andreas Brehme, 1960, Soccer Player

Anne Sexton, 1928, Poet
Arielle Reitsma, 1989, Movie Actress
Arto Saari, 1981, Skateboarder
Attila Adorjany, 1974, Cartoonist
Austen Lane, 1987, Football Player
Bakary Soumare, 1985, Soccer Player
Baptiste Giabiconi, 1989, Model
BB The Jerk, 1993, Rapper
Belen Esteban, 1973, Movie Actress
Benjamin Banneker, 1731, Scientist
Benny Mardones, 1946, Pop Singer
Bernard Membe, 1953, Politician
Bianca Buitendag, 1993, Surfer
Biljana Golic, 1977, Table Tennis Player
Bill Guerin, 1970, Hockey Player
Bille August, 1948, Director
Boaz Myhill, 1982, Soccer Player
Bob Gibson, 1935, Baseball Player
Bob Graham, 1936, Politician
Bridget Maasland, 1974, TV Show Host
november 9 famous birthdaysBrittany Bell, 1987, Model
Bryn Terfel, 1965, Opera Singer
Byron De la Beckwith, 1920, Criminal
Carl Gunnarsson, 1986, Hockey Player
Carl Sagan, 1934, Scientist
Carlos Carvalhas, 1941, Politician
Carlos Machado, 1963, MMA Fighter
Caroline Flack, 1979, TV Show Host
Charles Franklin Thwing, 1853, Teacher
Charles Henry Nimitz, 1826, Entrepreneur
Charlie Ross, 1885, Journalist
Charlie Webster, 1982, Sportscaster
Chloe Gill, 1988, Family Member
Choi Bi-na, 1991, Pop Singer
Choi Hong Hi, 1918, War Hero
Chris Jericho, 1970, Wrestler
Chris Lane, 1984, Country Singer
Christina Tosi, 1982, Chef
Christine Michael, 1990, Football Player
CJ Box, 1958, Novelist

Clark Little, 1968, Photographer
Cole Plante, 1996, DJ
Corin Tucker, 1972, Rock Singer
Cory Hardrict, 1979, Movie Actor
Cory Hardrict, 1979, Movie Actor
CoryxKenshin, 1992, YouTube Star
Curly Fox, 1910, Country Singer
DaForce Dawg, 1977, Rapper
Dalton Wixom, 1994, Pop Singer
Danny Wisker, 1985, Reality Star
Daphne Guinness, 1967, Model
David Duval, 1971, Golfer
Delta Goodrem, 1984, Pop Singer
Demi Grace, 1989, Pop Singer
Derek Muller, 1982, TV Show Host
Dexter Stacey, 1992, Race Car Driver
Donnie McClurkin, 1959, Gospel Singer
Dorothy Dandridge, 1922, Movie Actress
Ed Wynn, 1886, Comedian
Eden Ang, 1987, YouTube Star
Edna May Oliver, 1883, Movie Actress

Ednamay Oliver, 1883, Stage Actress
Eduardo Gonzalez, 1969, Politician
Edward VII, 1841, Royalty
El Mayor Clasico, 1990, World Music Singer
Elijah Parish Lovejoy, 1802, Activist
Elin Zetterstrand, 1981, Family Member
Elladj Balde, 1990, Figure Skater
Elleanora, 1994, YouTube Star
Emery Welshman, 1991, Soccer Player
Eric Dane, 1972, TV Actor
Eric Thompson, 1929, Family Member
Ericson Grey, 1993, Vine Star
Euday L. Bowman, 1887, Pianist
Even Ormestad, 1978, Guitarist
Eyedea, 1981, Rapper
Felipe Scolari, 1948, Soccer Coach
Fernando Meirelles, 1955, Director
Finn Cole, 1995, TV Actor
Florence Sabin, 1871, Scientist
Florentino Fernandez, 1972, TV Show Host
Florian Dick, 1984, Soccer Player
Francesca Jones, 1990, Gymnast
Fred Di Blasio, 1968, Family Member
French Montana, 1984, Rapper
Gabrielle Miller, 1973, TV Actress
Gail Borden, 1801, Scientist
Gareth Malone, 1975, Reality Star
Gianluca Bezzina, 1989, Pop Singer
Giles Gilbert Scott, 1880, Architect
Giovanna Mezzogiorno, 1974, Movie Actress
Gordon Northcott, 1906, Criminal
Grace Palmer, 1994, Soap Opera Actress
Grant Gulla, 1993, Model
Greg Bird, 1992, Baseball Player
Gretel Scarlett, 1987, Stage Actress
Harry Radford, 1989, Rock Singer
Hedy Lamarr, 1913, Movie Actress
Heiti Talvik, 1904, Poet
Herbert Kalmus, 1881, Scientist
Hodgy Beats, 1990, Rapper
Ignacio Ellacuría, 1930, Philosopher
Ignacio Ellacuría, 1930, Philosopher
Imre Kertesz, 1929, Non-Fiction Author
Imre Lakatos, 1922, Philosopher
Ion Overman, 1976, TV Actress
Ivan Moravec, 1930, Pianist
Ivan Turgenev, 1818, Novelist
Jackie Kay, 1961, Poet
James Marcus Schuyler, 1923, Poet
Janice De Belen, 1968, TV Actress
Jeff Valentine, 1991, Bassist
Jerry Purpdrank, 1993, Vine Star
Jill Dando, 1961, TV Show Host
Jim Perry, 1933, Game Show Host
Jim Riggleman, 1952, Baseball Manager
Joanna Riding, 1967, Stage Actress
Jobi McAnuff, 1981, Soccer Player
Joe Bouchard, 1948, Bassist
Joel Zumaya, 1984, Baseball Player
John Megna, 1952, Movie Actor
Johnny Dingle, 1984, Football Player
Jonathan Raggett, 1992, TV Actor
Jordan Bolger, 1994, TV Actor
Jorge Rodriguez, 1965, Politician
Jos Van Immerseel, 1945, Pianist
Josefina Pla, 1903, Poet
Joseph Yates, 1768, Politician
Josh Kaufman, 1976, Soul Singer
Karen Dotrice, 1955, Movie Actress
Karol Sevilla, 1999, TV Actress
Kate Clinton, 1947, Comedian
Kay Thompson, 1909, Children’s Author
Kayla Price, 1991, Family Member
Kelly Harmon, 1948, TV Actress
Kevin Savigar, 1956, Rock Singer
Kory DeSoto, 1986, YouTube Star
Ku Hye-sun, 1984, TV Actress
Kyle Rudolph, 1989, Football Player
Kyra Sivertson, 1996, YouTube Star
LookUnderHere, 1990, YouTube Star
Lori Lively, 1966, TV Actress
Lou Ferrigno, 1951, Movie Actor
Louise Troy, 1933, Stage Actress
Luiz Felipe Scolari, 1948, Soccer Coach
Luke Shay, 1990, DJ
Lustrelux, 1988, YouTube Star
Lyudmyla Blonska, 1977, Long Jumper
Mabel Normand, 1892, Movie Actress
Marco Bellocchio, 1939, Director
Marcus Ward, 1812, Politician
Marie Dressler, 1868, Movie Actress
Marina Warner, 1946, Non-Fiction Author
Mark Akenside, 1721, Poet
Mark Colbourne, 1969, Cyclist
Marvel Rea, 1901, Movie Actress
Mary Hallock Foote, 1847, Illustrator
Mary Travers, 1936, Folk Singer
Matt Gibson, 1978, Blogger
Matt McCarthy, 1979, Comedian
Matty Fusaro, 1987, YouTube Star
Max Garcia, 1991, Football Player
Maya Bouskilla, 1977, Pop Singer
Maya Ritter, 1993, TV Actress
McKaylee True, 1999, Dancer
Michelle May, 1962, Doctor
Mick Wallace, 1955, Politician
Mike Mularkey, 1961, Football Coach
Mikhail Tal, 1936, Chess Player
Muggsy Spanier, 1901, Trumpet Player
Muhammad Iqbal, 1877, Philosopher
Nick Hamilton, 1959, Referee
Nick Hamilton-Smith, 1979, Fashion Designer
Nick Lachey, 1973, Pop Singer
Nick Mitchell, 1982, Wrestler
Nick Smith, 1979, Fashion Designer
Nikki Blonsky, 1988, Movie Actress
Nikki Williams, 1988, Pop Singer
Olivia Marie, 1987, Model
Owen Daniels, 1982, Football Player
Payal Rohatgi, 1980, Movie Actress
Peyton Smith, 1997, Soccer Player
Phil Driscoll, 1947, Trumpet Player
Rachel Vetter Huang, 1958, Violinist
Ramona Milano, 1969, TV Actress
Rezigiusz, 1996, YouTube Star
Riana Nel, 1982, World Music Singer
Richard Bernstein, 1974, Lawyer
Richard G. Hovannisian, 1932, Historian
Rob Patterson, 1970, Guitarist
Robert David Hall, 1947, TV Actor
Robert Douglas, 1909, Movie Actor
Robert Duncan McNeill, 1964, TV Actor
Robert Scott Wilson, 1987, Soap Opera Actor
Roger Edens, 1905, Music Producer
Roger McGough, 1937, Poet
Roxanne Shante, 1969, Rapper
Ruth Payne, 1990, Family Member
Sam Savage, 1940, Poet
Samantha Johnson, 1984, Model
Sandra Denton, 1969, Rapper
Sargent Shriver, 1915, Politician
Scarface, 1970, Rapper
Scott Tipton, 1956, Politician
Scottie Thompson, 1981, TV Actress
Se7en, 1984, Pop Singer
Sebastien Toutant, 1992, Snowboarder
Shane Perry, 1977, Rugby Player
Sheek Louch, 1976, Rapper
Shelby Wulfert, 1993, TV Actress
Sherrod Brown, 1952, Politician
Simon Saran, 1988,
Sisqo, 1978, Rapper
Skip Hollandsworth, 1957, Screenwriter
Snub Pollard, 1889, Movie Actor
Spiro Agnew, 1918, Politician
Stanford White, 1853, Architect
Stephanie Rothman, 1936, Screenwriter
Steven Lopez, 1978, MMA Fighter
Sue Upton, 1954, TV Actress
Sunder, 1991, YouTube Star
Sunnie Pelant, 2009, TV Actress
Susan Tedeschi, 1970, Blues Singer
Teryl Rothery, 1962, TV Actress
Todd Gill, 1965, Hockey Player
Tom Fogerty, 1941, Guitarist
Tom Harkin, 1939, Politician
Tom Weiskopf, 1942, Golfer
Tony Heally, 1990, YouTube Star
Tony Slattery, 1959, TV Actor
Uzoechi Emenike, 1994, Music Producer
Vanessa Lachey, 1980, TV Actress
Varvara Stepanova, 1894, Painter
Viktor Chukarin, 1921, Gymnast
Vladislav Tkachiev, 1973, Chess Player
Walter West, 1885, Director
Whitey Herzog, 1931, Baseball Manager
William Hayley, 1745, Poet
Yordan Yovkov, 1880, Novelist
Yvon Chouinard, 1938, Entrepreneur
Zisis Vryzas, 1973, Soccer Player


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