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November 10 Famous Birthdays

November 10 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on NOVEMBER 10 are Scorpio, who can do anything they put their mind too. They think positively and manifest their dreams to become a reality. They may find that they want instant success and with their exceptional energy, they could possibly make it happen. They don’t wait for other people to jump on the band wagon as they can go at it on their own.


Typically, famous November 10 celebrities are fast learners. They have the ability to learn from watching others make mistakes or make things happen. Their downfall could be that they don’t always finish what they start. When it comes to their friends and family, they stay close to them. Mostly, they maintain loyalty even to friends that move far away.


As a lover, they make their partners feel that they want more and more of them. They tend to only want one person to be with but it doesn’t always turn out to be a favorable match for them and they are left disappointed.


Famous people born on NOVEMBER 10 are Scorpio who are independent but tend to live in the moment. Naturally, people want to share the spotlight with them. They are flexible and when it comes to making a career choice, they have a variety to choose from.

November 10 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

10 November Good Traits:

  • Genial
  • Smart
  • Charming
  • Extrovert
  • Unique
  • Organized
  • Funny
  • Mingling
  • Unbiased
  • Trustworthy

10 November Bad Traits:

  • Vain
  • Egotistic
  • Confrontational
  • Combative
  • Superficial

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November 10 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Brown, 1948, News Anchor
Aaron Crow, 1986, Baseball Player
Aaron Murray, 1990, Football Player
Abigail Washburn, 1977, Banjo Player
Adam Brice, 1999, YouTube Star
Aftab Ahmed, 1985, Cricket Player
Alaina Reed Hall, 1946, TV Actress
Albert Hall, 1937, Movie Actor
Aleksandar Kolarov, 1985, Soccer Player
Aleksandar Kolarov, 1985, Soccer Player
Alexandra Hoffman, 1987,
Allan Moffat, 1939, Race Car Driver
Alvaro Cunhal, 1913, Politician
Ana Quincoces, 1965, Reality Star
Andrew J. Morley, 1989, TV Actor
Andy Mientus, 1986, TV Actor
Ann Reinking, 1949, Stage Actress
Ann Schein Carlyss, 1939, Pianist
Aron Johannsson, 1990, Soccer Player
Arouna Kone, 1983, Soccer Player
Ava Davila, 2007, TV Actress

Azie Faison, 1964, Rapper
Ben Villaflor, 1952, Boxer
Big Pun, 1971, Rapper
Bill Demott, 1966, Wrestler
Birdie Tebbetts, 1912, Baseball Player
Bob Orton Jr., 1950, Wrestler
Bob Stanley, 1954, Baseball Player
Brad Womack, 1972, Reality Star
Britt Irvin, 1984, Movie Actress
Brittany Murphy, 1977, Movie Actress
Bruce Ozella, 1958, Cartoonist
Cale Hulse, 1973, Hockey Player
Calvin Chen, 1980, Pop Singer
Camilla Frederikke, 1992, YouTube Star
Carl Williams, 1959, Boxer
Carlos Celdran, 1972, Performance Artist
Caroline Receveur, 1987, Blogger
Cassie McIntosh, 1992, Wrestler
Cetan Clawson, 1987, Guitarist
Chance Perez, 1997, YouTube Star
Charles E Leiserson, 1953, Scientist
november 10 famous birthdaysCharles Hamilton, 1987, Rapper
Chloe Chrisley, 2012, Family Member
Chris Cagle, 1968, Country Singer
Chris Canty, 1982, Football Player
Chris Joannou, 1979, Bassist
Chris Lilley, 1974, Comedian
Christine Hamilton, 1949, Autobiographer
Clare Higgins, 1955, Movie Actress
Claude Rains, 1889, Stage Actor
Coley O’Toole, 1986, Guitarist
Corey Gamble, 1980,
Craig Smith, 1983, Basketball Player
DamnItsRiley, 1997, Star
Daniel Waters, 1962, Screenwriter
Danilo Medina, 1951, Politician
Dannic, 1987, DJ
Dave Graham, 1981, Rock Climber
Dave Loggins, 1947, Country Singer
David Fletcher, 1952, Cartoonist
David Paetkau, 1978, Movie Actor
David Sencer, 1924, Doctor
Debra Hill, 1950, Film Producer
Denise Zimba, 1988, Pop Singer

Destra Garcia, 1977, World Music Singer
Diplo, 1978, DJ
DJ Ashba, 1972, Guitarist
DJ Augustin, 1987, Basketball Player
Dobri Voynikov, 1833, Journalist
Donna Fargo, 1945, Country Singer
Donte Stallworth, 1980, Football Player
Eddie Irvine, 1965, Race Car Driver
Edwin Walker, 1909, War Hero
Ellen Demming, 1922, Soap Opera Actress
Ellen Pompeo, 1969, TV Actress
Emily Brightwell, 1948, Young Adult Author
Emily Sears, 1985, Model
Emmanuel Acho, 1990, Football Player
Ennio Morricone, 1928, Composer
Eric Thames, 1986, Baseball Player
Eugene Kamlyuk, 1990, Guitarist
Eve, 1978, Rapper
Faustino Asprilla, 1969, Soccer Player
Frank A. Barrett, 1892, Politician
Frazer Dale, 1991, Australian Rules Footballer
Friedrich Schiller, 1759, Poet

Gene Conley, 1930, Baseball Player
Genevieve Buechner, 1991, TV Actress
George Fenneman, 1919, Game Show Host
George Lowe, 1958, TV Actor
George Roop, 1981, MMA Fighter
Giovonnie Samuels, 1985, TV Actress
Giulia Siegel, 1974, Reality Star
Glen Buxton, 1947, Guitarist
Goma Lambu, 1984, Soccer Player
Gonza Gravano, 1994, Reality Star
Granville Sharp, 1735, Civil Rights Leader
Greg Lake, 1947, Bassist
Halina Reijn, 1975, Movie Actress
Heather Matarazzo, 1982, Movie Actress
Holly Black, 1971, Children’s Author
Hong Lim, 1950, Politician
Houston Person, 1934, Saxophonist
Hubert Laws, 1939, Flute Player
Hugh Bonneville, 1963, Movie Actor
Isaac Bruce, 1972, Football Player
Isaac Redman, 1984, Football Player
Jack Clark, 1955, Baseball Player
Jack Gordon, 1939, Business Executive
Jack Ketchum, 1946, Novelist
Jack Scalia, 1950, Soap Opera Actor
Jacob Epstein, 1880, Sculptor
Jamie Dixon, 1965, Basketball Coach
Jane Froman, 1907, Pop Singer
Jason Dunham, 1981, War Hero
Jason Nelson, 1974, Gospel Singer
Jason Suminski, 1991, Reality Star
Jennifer Cody, 1969, Stage Actress
Jens Lehmann, 1969, Soccer Player
Jeremy Olenski, 1993, YouTube Star
Jessica Kennedy, 1997, Dancer
Jessica Tovey, 1987, TV Actress
Jim Adkins, 1975, Pop Singer
Jimmy Dykes, 1896, Baseball Player
Joanna Moore, 1934, TV Actress
John P. Marquand, 1893, Novelist
John Roberts, 1971, Voice Actor
John Walton, 1961, Darts Player
Johnny Marks, 1909, Songwriter
Jon Shaw, 1983, Soccer Player
Jonas Akerlund, 1965, Director
Jonathan Nelson, 1974, Gospel Singer
Jonna Mannion, 1988, Reality Star
Jorge Ubico, 1878, Politician
Joseph Vitale, 1954, Politician
Josh Barnett, 1977, MMA Fighter
Josh Peck, 1986, TV Actor
Julian Gargiulo, 1972, Pianist
Jung Taekwoon, 1990, Pop Singer
Karen Corr, 1969,
Karl Shapiro, 1913, Poet
Katarina Waters, 1980, Wrestler
Kaylin Garcia, 1991, Reality Star
Kendrick Perkins, 1984, Basketball Player
Kenny Rogers, 1964, Baseball Player
Kevin Spraggett, 1954, Chess Player
Khalil Madovi, 1997, TV Actor
Kiernan Shipka, 1999, TV Actress
Kjeld Nuis, 1989, Speed Skater
Kye Palmer, 1962, Trumpet Player
Kyla Cole, 1978, Model
Larry Parrish, 1953, Baseball Player
Larry Wyche, 1957, War Hero
Lauren Lovette, 1991, Dancer
Lee Jaeshin, 1992, YouTube Star
Les Miles, 1953, Football Coach
Lilly Pulitzer, 1931, Fashion Designer
Linda Cohn, 1959, Sportscaster
Livia Klausova, 1943, Political Wife
Lou Brutus, 1972, Radio Host
Luke Bilyk, 1994, TV Actor
Mackenzie Foy, 2000, Movie Actress
Mackenzie Phillips, 1959, Movie Actress
Magnus Scheving, 1964, TV Producer
Malia Tinay, 2002, Dancer
Maria Candela, 1996, Instagram Star
Marilyn Bergman, 1929, Songwriter
Mark Thomas Vande Hei, 1966, Astronaut
Mark Turner, 1965, Saxophonist
Martin Luther, 1483, Religious Leader
Matt Craven, 1956, Movie Actor
Matt Maher, 1974, Gospel Singer
Matt Mullins, 1980, TV Actor
Mattia Perin, 1992, Soccer Player
Maude Eburne, 1875, Stage Actress
Meg Jones, 1992, YouTube Star
Micha Hancock, 1992, Volleyball Player
Michael Choice, 1989, Baseball Player
Michael Jai White, 1967, Movie Actor
Michael Schultz, 1938, Director
Michael Strank, 1919, War Hero
Mike McCarthy, 1963, Football Coach
Mikhail Kalashnikov, 1919, Scientist
Miranda Lambert, 1983, Country Singer
Moise Tshombe, 1919, Politician
Nadine Angerer, 1978, Soccer Player
Nastassia Smith, 1987, Reality Star
Neil Gaiman, 1960, Novelist
Nic Chagall, 1972, Music Producer
Nick Gore, 1974, Bassist
Nina Mercedez, 1979, Model
Ninon Sevilla, 1921, Movie Actress
Nita Kuzmina, 1990, Instagram Star
Noelle Robinson, 1999, Family Member
Norm Cash, 1934, Baseball Player
Norma Crane, 1928, Movie Actress
Oliver Torres, 1994, Soccer Player
Orny Adams, 1970, TV Actor
Patricia Green, 1961, Screenwriter
Patrick Pearse, 1879, Activist
Patrik Berger, 1973, Soccer Player
Paul Bley, 1932, Pianist
Paul John Ferris, 1963, Novelist
Paula Galindo, 1994, YouTube Star
Pauleen Luna, 1988, TV Actress
Peter Craig, 1969, Novelist
Philippe Saisse, 1962, Pianist
Pippa Scott, 1935, TV Actress
Quentin Alexander, 1993, Pop Singer
Rafael Rosell, 1982, TV Actor
Rener Gracie, 1983, Boxer
Rennie Curran, 1988, Football Player
Richard Brodie, 1959,
Richard Burton, 1925, Movie Actor
Ricki-Lee Coulter, 1985, Pop Singer
Robert Engle, 1942, Economist
Roland Emmerich, 1955, Director
Ronald Evans, 1933, Astronaut
Roy Scheider, 1932, Movie Actor
Rudra Soni, 2004, TV Actor
Russell Johnson, 1924, TV Actor
Russell Means, 1939, Civil Rights Leader
Ruth Lorenzo, 1982, Pop Singer
Ryback, 1981, Wrestler
Ryback, 1981, Wrestler
Sabah, 1927, Pop Singer
Sabreena Brar, 1997, Family Member
Sammie Rhodes, 1983,
Sammy Wanjiru, 1986, Runner
Samuel Nelson, 1792, Supreme Court Justice
Samuel Wanjiru, 1986, Runner
Saxby Chambliss, 1943, Politician
Scott Columbus, 1956, Drummer
Scott Major, 1995, YouTube Star
Sean Hughes, 1965, Comedian
Shawn Green, 1972, Baseball Player
Sikiru Adepoju, 1950, Drummer
Sinbad, 1956, Movie Actor
Skylander Boy, 2008, YouTube Star
Steffen Iversen, 1976, Soccer Player
Steve Brookstein, 1968, Soul Singer
Tanju Colak, 1963, Soccer Player
Tara Babcock, 1989, YouTube Star
Taron Egerton, 1989, TV Actor
Teddy Bridgewater, 1992, Football Player
Terence Davies, 1945, Director
Tim Rice, 1944, Songwriter
Tom Papa, 1968, Comedian
Tommy Davidson, 1963, TV Actor
Tony Ave, 1968, Race Car Driver
Tori Wade, 2000, Dancer
Tracy Morgan, 1968, TV Actor
Trisha Malik, 1969, Family Member
Vachel Lindsay, 1879, Poet
Vanessa Angel, 1966, TV Actress
Vanessa Ferrari, 1990, Gymnast
Vince Vieluf, 1970, Movie Actor
Vivian Chow, 1967, Movie Actress
Walden L. Ainsworth, 1886, War Hero
Walton Goggins, 1971, TV Actor
Walton Goggins, 1971, TV Actor
Warren G, 1970, Rapper
Warren Wolf, 1979, Drummer
Wilfried Zaha, 1992, Soccer Player
William Hogarth, 1697, Cartoonist
Wu Minxia, 1985, Diver
Zach Ertz, 1990, Football Player
Zoey Deutch, 1994, Movie Actress


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