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November 8 Famous Birthdays

November 8 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on NOVEMBER 8 have dreams and follow their heart. As a Scorpio, they tend to do the right thing for people and for themselves. They have great instincts and it becomes useful in decision making. Typically, one could say that they are different from the rest.


They see things in a different light from other people. It seems to work for them as they are determined and likely to be an overachiever. It’s not something they like to tell everyone but they continue to make efforts and this they can see.


On that note, anyone interested in the famous Scorpio born on November 8 shouldn’t ask too many personal questions. This could be a big turn off to the Scorpio. It is suggested that they may have some issues regarding trust. However, they want people to confide in them. This, my friend, is a double standard. They need to be fair in their relationships.


Normally, they are easy going individuals but they can be self-generated. What this means is that they can sometime break the rules or at least bend them a little.

Famous people born on NOVEMBER 8th are a no non-sense kind of person. They do not like messy people as they plan a life that includes an appreciation of life, positive people and a lot of love. They are not an easy one to get to know and their love life may suffer because of it.

November 8 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

8 November Good Traits:

  • Social
  • Loving
  • Friendly
  • Leader
  • Determined
  • Enterprising
  • Compassionate
  • Kind
  • Helpful
  • Funny
  • Brainy
  • Practical

8 November Bad Traits:

  • Private
  • Insecure
  • Anxious
  • Suspicious
  • Skeptic
  • Aloof

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November 8 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Fotheringham, 1991,
Aaron Hughes, 1979, Soccer Player
AD Miles, 1971, TV Actor
Ade Oyeyemi, 1995, Instagram Star
Aden Gillett, 1958, TV Actor
Alain Delon, 1935, Movie Actor
Alan Curbishley, 1957, Soccer Player
Alex Vlastaras, 1991, DJ
Alexander James Adams, 1962, Folk Singer
Alfie Browne-Sykes, 1994, Soap Opera Actor
Alfre Woodard, 1952, Movie Actress
Ali Karimi, 1978, Soccer Player
Alice Notley, 1945, Poet
Alicia Way, 1985, Family Member
Aly Eckmann, 1990, Pop Singer
Amy Yakima, 1993, Dancer
Andrew Gertler, 1988, Business Executive
Andrew Gower, 1989, TV Actor
Angel Cordero Jr., 1942, Horse Jockey
Angel Corella, 1975, Dancer

Anne Dorval, 1960, TV Actress
Anne Seymour Damer, 1749, Sculptor
Anthony Paul, 1994, Pop Singer
Antonin Kubalek, 1935, Pianist
Arefeh Mansouri, 1980, Fashion Designer
Ariel Tatum, 1996, Soap Opera Actress
Arnold Bax, 1883, Composer
Azura Skye, 1981, TV Actress
Barret Beyer, 1976, Chef
Ben Bova, 1932, Non-Fiction Author
Ben Hull, 1972, Soap Opera Actor
Benjamin King, 1971, TV Actor
Bianca Treger, 2000, Cheerleader
Bill Joy, 1954, Scientist
Billi Mucklow, 1988, Reality Star
Blanka Vlasic, 1983, High Jumper
Bobby Bowden, 1929, Football Coach
Bonnie Bramlett, 1944, Rock Singer
Bonnie Raitt, 1949, Rock Singer
november 8 famous birthdaysBrad Davis, 1981, Soccer Player
Bradley Gregg, 1966, Movie Actor
Bram Stoker, 1847, Novelist
Brandon Mull, 1974, Young Adult Author
Brenda Costa, 1982, Model
Brett Lee, 1976, Cricket Player
Brevin Knight, 1975, Basketball Player
Brian Mazza, 1984, Business Executive
Brooke Lyons, 1980, TV Actress
Bruno Gunn, 1968, Movie Actor
Bryan Shaw, 1987, Baseball Player
Bucky Covington, 1977, Country Singer
Bucky Harris, 1896, Baseball Manager
Camille Claudel, 1864, Sculptor
Caroline Hjelt, 1987, DJ
Cassie Henderson, 1998, Pop Singer
Charles Demuth, 1883, Painter
Charles X Gustav, 1622, Royalty
Chase Adams, 2000, Basketball Player
Chika Ike, 1985, Movie Actress

Ching-He Huang, 1978, Chef
Chris Connor, 1927, Jazz Singer
Chris O’Neil, 1994, Movie Actor
Chris Rankin, 1983, Movie Actor
Christiaan Barnard, 1922, Doctor
Christian Leonard, 1996, Vine Star
Christie Hefner, 1952, Entrepreneur
Christopher Corona, 2000, Vine Star
Chuck Cooper, 1954, Stage Actor
Cody Arens, 1993, Movie Actor
Colton Stevens, 1997, Pop Singer
Courtney Thorne-Smith, 1967, TV Actress
D Starr, 2005, Rapper
Dale Gardner, 1948, Astronaut
Damon Fizzy, 1991, YouTube Star
Dan Mori, 1988, Soccer Player
Dan Zanes, 1961, Rock Singer
Dania Ramirez, 1979, TV Actress
Daniel Middleton, 1991, YouTube Star
Danielle Jackson, 1996, Instagram Star

Danny Fratella, 1997, YouNow Star
Darwin Barney, 1985, Baseball Player
David Chappe, 1947, Screenwriter
David Muir, 1973, News Anchor
DazzlingDrew, 1995, YouTube Star
Dennis Moore, 1945, Politician
Devin Faraci, 1973, Journalist
Dimitrija Cupovski, 1878, Non-Fiction Author
DJ Sliink, 1990, DJ
Donte Jackson, 1997, Football Player
Dorothy Day, 1897, Civil Rights Leader
Dorothy Day, 1897, Civil Rights Leader
Dylan Albino, 1995, Instagram Star
Edai, 1988, Rapper
Edgardo Alfonzo, 1973, Baseball Player
Edmond Halley, 1656, Scientist
Edward Gibson, 1936, Astronaut
Elizabeth Dawn, 1939, Soap Opera Actress
Ella Grace Denton, 1994, YouTube Star
Emily Faith, 2002, Pop Singer
Emma Mather, 2004, Dancer
Erica Mena, 1987, Model
Erin Everly, 1965, Family Member
Esther Rolle, 1920, TV Actress
Evan Sanders, 1981, Pop Singer
Florence Foresti, 1973, Comedian
Frank McGuire, 1914, Basketball Coach
Frederick Rentschler, 1887, Engineer
Gareth Bennett, 1929, Religious Leader
Gene Saks, 1921, Family Member
George Maciunas, 1931, Conceptual Artist
Gerald Alston, 1951, R&B Singer
Giancarlo Stanton, 1989, Baseball Player
Gigi Gonzalez, 2000, Instagram Star
Gordon Ramsay, 1966, Chef
Gretchen Mol, 1972, Movie Actress
GS Fraser, 1915, Poet
Heike Hennig, 1966, Dancer
Hendrix Hart, 2007, Family Member
Henry Rodriguez, 1967, Baseball Player
Ian Hallard, 1974, TV Actor
Ingrid Vandebosch, 1970, Model
Inno Genga, 1993, YouTube Star
Jack Kilby, 1923, Scientist
Jack Osbourne, 1985, TV Actor
Jade Pettyjohn, 2000, TV Actress
James Aish, 1995, Australian Rules Footballer
Jamie Roberts, 1986, Rugby Player
Jane Danson, 1978, TV Actress
Jared Kusnitz, 1988, TV Actor
Jasmine Thompson, 2000, Pop Singer
Jeff Blauser, 1965, Baseball Player
Jeff Speakman, 1958, Movie Actor
Jeffrey Jordan, 1988, Basketball Player
Jeffrey Sutorious, 1979, DJ
Jennifer Banko-stewart, 1978, Movie Actress
Jeremy Kerley, 1988, Football Player
Jerome Hines, 1921, Opera Singer
Jessica Lowndes, 1988, TV Actress
Jill Banner, 1946, Movie Actress
Jill Dobson, 1977, Journalist
Joao Rodrigo silva Santos, 1977, Soccer Player
Jocelin Donahue, 1981, Movie Actress
Joe Cole, 1981, Soccer Player
Joe Flynn, 1924, TV Actor
Johann Muhlegg, 1970, Skier
John J Strauss, 1957, Screenwriter
John Musker, 1953, Director
Johnny Bower, 1924, Hockey Player
Jonathan Slavin, 1969, TV Actor
Jonathan Wheeler, 1985, YouTube Star
Jose Manuel Pinto, 1975, Soccer Player
Jose Offerman, 1968, Baseball Player
Joseph Franklin Rutherford, 1869, Religious Leader
Juan Ferrara, 1943, TV Actor
Julian Wilson, 1988, Surfer
Julieta Rosen, 1962, TV Actress
Jully Black, 1977, R&B Singer
June Havoc, 1912, Stage Actress
K. Gary Sebelius, 1949, Lawyer
Kamar Reyes, 1967, Soap Opera Actor
Karen Civil, 1984, Journalist
Kass McQuillen, 1971, Reality Star
Katelyn Good, 1990, Figure Skater
Katrina Hodgson, 1982, YouTube Star
Kazuchika Okada, 1987, Wrestler
Kazuo Sakamaki, 1918,
Keir Odonnell, 1978, Movie Actor
Kelsey Murrell, 1991, YouTube Star
Ken Dodd, 1927, Comedian
Kendra Murrell, 1991, YouTube Star
Kevin Tran, 1991, YouTube Star
Kevin Young, 1970, Poet
Khia, 1977, Rapper
Kyle R Robinson, 1986, Dancer
Lal Krishna Advani, 1927, Politician
Laura Jane Grace, 1980, Punk Singer
Lauren Akins, 1989, Family Member
Lauren Alaina, 1994, Country Singer
Lauren Oliver, 1982, Young Adult Author
Lauren Young, 1993, TV Actress
Leif Garrett, 1961, TV Actor
Lennie Mayne, 1927, Director
Liam McEwan, 1995, DJ
Lk Advani, 1927, Politician
LoadingGodmode, 1991, YouTube Star
Lothar Osiander, 1939, Soccer Coach
Louise Windsor, 2003, Royalty
Luba Goy, 1945, Comedian
Lubov Azria, 1967, Fashion Designer
Lucy Hatton, 1994, Hurdler
Luis Fabiano, 1980, Soccer Player
Madeline Schiller, 1843, Pianist
Madison Paige, 1992, Model
Magda Apanowicz, 1985, TV Actress
Maja Marijana, 1972, Folk Singer
Malcolm Thomas, 1988, Basketball Player
Margaret Mitchell, 1900, Novelist
Margaret Rhea Seddon, 1947, Astronaut
Martha Gellhorn, 1908, Journalist
Mary Hart, 1950, TV Show Host
Masashi Kishimoto, 1974, Comic Book Artist
Matheus Borges, 1996, eSports Player
Matthew Rhys, 1974, TV Actor
Megan Cavanagh, 1960, TV Actress
Melissa Valenzuela, 1991, YouTube Star
Meyrick Murphy, 2003, TV Actress
Michael D. Brown, 1954, Politician
Michael Platco, 1988, Blogger
Michal Straka, 1983, Rapper
Mickey Matthews, 1953, Football Coach
Micky Adams, 1961, Soccer Player
Mihajlo Apostolski, 1906, War Hero
Mika Kallio, 1982, Motorcycle Racer
Mike Williamson, 1983, Soccer Player
Milton Bradley, 1836, Entrepreneur
Minnie Riperton, 1947, Soul Singer
Monica Edwards, 1912, Children’s Author
Morgan Schneiderlin, 1989, Soccer Player
Morley Safer, 1931, News Anchor
Natalie Conway, 1981, Pop Singer
Natalie Zemon Davis, 1928, Teacher
Nathan Scheelhaase, 1990, Football Player
Neil Lawson Baker, 1938, Sculptor
Nerva, 30, Royalty
Nerys Hughes, 1941, TV Actress
Nguyen Khanh, 1927, World Leader
Nick Mara, 1997, Dancer
Niti Taylor, 1994, TV Actress
Norman Lloyd, 1914, TV Actor
Parker Posey, 1968, Movie Actress
Pat Marsden, 1936, TV Show Host
Patricia Barber, 1955, Jazz Singer
Patti Page, 1927, Pop Singer
Paul McKenna, 1963, TV Show Host
Penelope Heyns, 1974, Swimmer
Peter van Pels, 1926,
Porl Thompson, 1957, Guitarist
Qadry Ismail, 1970, Football Player
Richard Curtis, 1956, Director
Rickie Lee Jones, 1954, Pop Singer
Ricky Lawson, 1954, Drummer
Riker Lynch, 1991, Bassist
Robert Strauss, 1913, Movie Actor
Roxana Zal, 1969, TV Actress
Roy Wood, 1946, Rock Singer
Rufus Wheeler Peckham, 1838, Supreme Court Justice
Russell Malone, 1963, Guitarist
Sacha Jones, 1990, Tennis Player
Sam Bradford, 1987, Football Player
Sam Sparro, 1982, Funk Singer
Samantha Droke, 1987, TV Actress
Sarah Fielding, 1710, Children’s Author
Sasha Go Hard, 1991, Rapper
Sayria Jade, 1994, YouTube Star
Seishi Kishimoto, 1974, Illustrator
Shyne, 1978, Rapper
Sophie Kasaei, 1989, Reality Star
Steph Valenzuela, 1991, YouTube Star
Stephane Audran, 1932, Movie Actress
Stephanie Edwards, 1943, TV Show Host
Steve Donoghue, 1884, Horse Jockey
Steven Webb, 1984, Stage Actor
Subhaan Ashrafi, 1993, YouTube Star
Susan Francia, 1982, Rower
Susie McEntire, 1957, Rock Singer
SZA, 1990, Pop Singer
Tara Reid, 1975, Movie Actress
Tay600, 1996, Rapper
Tech N9ne, 1971, Rapper
Ted DiBiase Jr., 1982, Wrestler
Telana Lynum, 1996, Pop Singer
Thiago Tavares, 1984, MMA Fighter
Thongchai Jaidee, 1969, Golfer
Tom Anderson, 1970, Entrepreneur
Tommy Armstrong Jr., 1993, Football Player
Tomoyuki Yamashita, 1885, War Hero
Tony DeZuniga, 1932, Cartoonist
Tres Russell, 1987, Reality Star
Trey Moe, 1991, YouTube Star
Ty Alaxandar, 1993, Rapper
Virna Lisi, 1936, Movie Actress
Walter Mirisch, 1921, Film Producer
Wang Yuan, 2000, Pop Singer
Wayne LaPierre, 1948, Politician
Whip Jones, 1909, Entrepreneur
Widya Soraya, 1996, YouTube Star
Wiktoria, 1996, Pop Singer
Will Robertson, 2001, Reality Star
Yann Kermorgant, 1981, Soccer Player
Yasmani Grandal, 1988, Baseball Player
Zach Charlson, 2000, Star
Zahara Juarez, 2006, Blogger
Zosh, 1995, YouTube Star


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