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November 7 Famous Birthdays

November 7 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on NOVEMBER 7 are not the one to parade their life in front of the camera. This Scorpio likes to stay behind the scenes and tend to business. They are quite the bashful individuals. Having the space and time to think, they want to fulfill their destiny.


They know that they are unique and it doesn’t seem to bother them or their friends. In fact, they all embrace this idea. They just can’t seem to conform to what other people think they should be. This is okay as many famous activists born on November 7 were nonconformists.


Where people need their help is where famous November 7 celebrities are likely to be found. This goes for their profession as well. It’s a good idea for them to be a counselor of some sort. They seem to listen to people and make them feel better after having done so.


Additionally, they are great at organizing things, people and events. This is another avenue to explore as an occupation or hobby.

Famous people born on NOVEMBER 7th can be secretive Scorpios. They are unique and are not afraid to be themselves. Creative and misunderstood… that is what their friends say about them. From time to time, they may find themselves trying to balance their mood swings.

November 7 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

7 November Good Traits:

  • Serious
  • Humorous
  • Disciplined
  • Dedicated
  • Talented
  • Bold
  • Fair
  • Mysterious
  • Persuasive
  • Just
  • Simple

7 November Bad Traits:

  • Unrealistic
  • Secretive
  • Affectionate
  • Unsure
  • Irresolute
  • Distrustful

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November 7 Famous Birthday Personalities

Adam Campbell, 1980, Movie Actor
Adam DeVine, 1984, TV Actor
Al Attles, 1936, Basketball Player
Al Hirt, 1922, Trumpet Player
Albert Camus, 1913, Novelist
Alberto Grau, 1937, Composer
Alex Henshaw, 1912, Pilot
Alex Minsky, 1988, Model
Alexa Canady, 1950, Doctor
Alexander King Sample, 1960, Religious Leader
Alexander Kovalevsky, 1840, Scientist
Alexandr Dolgopolov, 1988, Tennis Player
Alexandra Dinovi, 1990, Movie Actress
Amber Asaly, 1992, Instagram Star
Amelia Vega, 1984, Model
Amit Duvdevani, 1974, DJ
Amy Purdy, 1979, Snowboarder
Andre Hastings, 1971, Football Player
Andrea Gladso, 1994, Instagram Star
Andreas Spang, 1978, MMA Fighter
Andres Useche, 1977, Director
Angelo Scola, 1941, Religious Leader
Anna Hillinger, 1977, Young Adult Author

Anne Gadegaard, 1991, Pop Singer
Anthony Thomas, 1977, Football Player
Anushka Shetty, 1981, Movie Actress
Archie Campbell, 1914, TV Actor
Arij Fatyma, 1989, TV Actress
Armstrong Sperry, 1897, Children’s Author
Aron Nimzowitsch, 1886, Chess Player
Ary Barroso, 1903, Composer
Ashley Spivey, 1984, Reality Star
Autumn Ajirotutu, 1988, Reality Star
Barney Harwood, 1979, TV Show Host
Barry Newman, 1938, Movie Actor
Barry Robson, 1978, Soccer Player
Bethany Mota, 1995, YouTube Star
Bill Allen, 1962, Movie Actor
Billy Booth, 1949, TV Actor
Billy Gillispie, 1959, Basketball Coach
Billy Graham, 1918, Religious Leader
Bipin Chandra Pal, 1858, Civil Rights Leader
Blake Martin, 2000, Instagram Star
Bob Anderson, 1947, Darts Player
november 7 famous birthdaysBob Young, 1923, News Anchor
Bobak Ferdowsi, 1979, Scientist
Bria Kelly, 1995, Rock Singer
Bridget McGarry, 2000, TV Actress
Bryant H. McGill, 1969, Activist
Buck Martinez, 1948, Sportscaster
Caitlin Rice, 1991, Model
Calvin Borel, 1966, Horse Jockey
Calvin Rodgers, 1978, Music Producer
Carl Eugene Watts, 1953, Criminal
Charles Ranhofer, 1836, Chef
Chris Mortensen, 1951, Sportscaster
Chris Tamer, 1970, Hockey Player
Chris Vonderahe, 1851, Entrepreneur
Christian Gomez, 1974, Soccer Player
Christine Magee, 1959, Entrepreneur
Christopher Daniel Barnes, 1972, Voice Actor
Christopher Knight, 1957, TV Actor
Christopher Tavarez, 1992, TV Actor
CV Raman, 1888, Scientist
Dakin Matthews, 1940, TV Actor
Dan Goodwin, 1955,
Dana Plato, 1964, TV Actress
Daniel Ayala, 1990, Soccer Player

Danny Smith, 1953, Football Coach
Danny Young, 1986, TV Actor
Darnell Jackson, 1985, Basketball Player
David de Gea, 1990, Soccer Player
David Guetta, 1967, DJ
David Nelson, 1986, Football Player
David Petraeus, 1952, War Hero
David Ware, 1949, Saxophonist
Dean Jagger, 1903, Movie Actor
Debbie Hockley, 1962, Cricket Player
Dee Clark, 1938, R&B Singer
Derek Watt, 1992, Football Player
Diana Amft, 1975, TV Actress
Dick Stuart, 1932, Baseball Player
Dimitrij Andrusov, 1897, Scientist
Dirk Shafer, 1962, Model
DJ EZ, 1973, DJ
Dmytro Chygrynskiy, 1986, Soccer Player
Don Blanding, 1894, Poet
Donna Fraser, 1972, Runner
Donny Thompson, 1971, Reality Star
Doukissa Nomikou, 1986, TV Show Host
Dulee Johnson, 1984, Soccer Player
Earl Boen, 1945, Movie Actor
Edith Bouvier Beale, 1917, Model
Edson Juarez, 1990, Dancer
Edward Sedgwick, 1889, Screenwriter

Edwin Hall, 1855, Scientist
Elizabeth Bradford Holbrook, 1913, Sculptor
Elsa Hosk, 1988, Model
Emily Sasson, 1983, YouTube Star
Eric Kandel, 1929, Scientist
Evan Breen, 1988, Vine Star
Forrest Kline, 1983, Rock Singer
Francisco De Zurbaran, 1598, Painter
Geraldo Alckmin, 1952, Politician
Gervasio Deferr, 1980, Gymnast
Ghulam Azam, 1922, Politician
Giulia Anghelescu, 1984, Pop Singer
Gloria Leroy, 1931, Movie Actress
Grae Fernandez, 2001, Pop Singer
Greg Evans, 1958, YouTube Star
Greg Tribbett, 1968, Guitarist
Hasim Rahman, 1972, Boxer
Helene Grimaud, 1969, Pianist
Herman Mankiewicz, 1897, Screenwriter
Hilary Thayer Hamann, 1962, Novelist
Hiro Peralta, 1994, TV Actor
Howard Rumsey, 1917, Bassist
Ignacio Martin-Baro, 1942, Religious Leader
Ignaz Brull, 1846, Pianist
Jake Bell, 1974, Comic Book Author
Jake Johnston, 1997, Vine Star
Jason London, 1972, Movie Actor
Jean Chatzky, 1964, Journalist
Jeewan Kumaranatunga, 1958, Politician
Jeremy London, 1972, TV Actor
Jes Gordon, 1969, TV Show Host
Jesus Maria Sanroma, 1902, Pianist
Jim Kaat, 1938, Baseball Player
Joan Sutherland, 1926, Opera Singer
Joanna Zhou, 1984, YouTube Star
Joe Bushkin, 1916, Pianist
Joe Cobb, 1916, TV Actor
Joe Niekro, 1944, Baseball Player
Joelle Hadjia, 1990, R&B Singer
Joey Ryan, 1979, Wrestler
John Andrew Hull, 1986, Rock Singer
John Aylward, 1946, TV Actor
John Barnes, 1963, Soccer Player
Johnny Rivers, 1942, Guitarist
Jon Peter Lewis, 1979, Pop Singer
Jon Taffer, 1954, TV Show Host
Jonathan Bornstein, 1984, Soccer Player
Jonathan Matthews, 1974, Sculptor
Jonathan Palmer, 1956, Race Car Driver
Joni Mitchell, 1943, Folk Singer
Jose Díaz-Balart, 1960, Journalist
Jude Foley, 1999, TV Actor
Judy Parfitt, 1935, Movie Actress
Judy Tenuta, 1956, Comedian
Julian Garrett, 1940, Politician
Julie Pinson, 1967, Soap Opera Actress
Justin Gilbert, 1991, Football Player
Justin Mylo, 1995, Music Producer
Kamal Haasan, 1954, Movie Actor
Katlego Danke, 1978, TV Actress
Keesha Anderson, 1993, YouTube Star
Keith Lockhart, 1959, Conductor
Kevin Drew, 1989, DJ
Kim Roberts, 1961, Poet
Kim Willoughby, 1980, Volleyball Player
King Kong Bundy, 1957, Wrestler
Kiran Rao, 1973, Director
Konrad Lorenz, 1903, Scientist
Kris Benson, 1974, Baseball Player
Krystal Harris, 1981, Pop Singer
Lana Jurcevic, 1984, Pop Singer
Lance Pekus, 1986, Reality Star
Laura Vitale, 1986, Chef
Lauren Elaine, 1983, Fashion Designer
Lauren Hallworth, 1995, Instagram Star
Lawrence O’donnell, 1951, TV Producer
LeCharles Bentley, 1979, Football Player
Lee Kholafai, 1986, Model
Leon Trotsky, 1879, Politician
Leonardo Barker, 1959, Football Player
Leonora Speyer, 1872, Poet
Liam O Maonlai, 1964, Rock Singer
Lindsay Czarniak, 1977, Sportscaster
Lindsay Duncan, 1950, TV Actress
Lisa Robertson, 1965, TV Show Host
Liz Mikel, 1963, TV Actress
Lorde, 1996, Pop Singer
Lucas Neff, 1985, TV Actor
Luciana Salazar, 1980, Model
Lucille La Verne, 1872, Movie Actress
Luigi Riva, 1944, Soccer Player
Luke Mannikus, 2001, Stage Actor
Madame Curie, 1867, Scientist
Madame Curie, 1867, Scientist
Maggie Doyne, 1986, Entrepreneur
Marc Orrell, 1982, Guitarist
Marcus Luttrell, 1975, War Hero
Marcus Stewart, 1972, Soccer Player
Margaret Leech, 1893, Historian
Mark Copani, 1981, Wrestler
Mark Hateley, 1961, Soccer Player
Mark Philippoussis, 1976, Tennis Player
Martin Davidson, 1939, Screenwriter
Martin Palermo, 1973, Soccer Player
Mary Daheim, 1937, Novelist
Matt Corby, 1990, Folk Singer
Matthew Ryan, 1971, Country Singer
Megan Wollover, 1987, Model
Mei Yu, 1988, YouTube Star
Melyssa Ford, 1976, Model
Michael Dameski, 1995, Dancer
Michael Papajohn, 1964, Movie Actor
Michelle Clunie, 1969, TV Actress
Michelle Veintimilla, 1992, TV Actress
Mike Goldman, 1972, TV Show Host
Mikhail Alperin, 1956, Pianist
Mohamed Aboutrika, 1978, Soccer Player
Monica Beets, 1993, Reality Star
Morgan Duffin, 1997, Instagram Star
Morgan Spurlock, 1970, Director
Muhammad Hassan, 1981, Wrestler
Nairoby Quezada, 1996, eSports Player
Nandita Das, 1969, Movie Actress
Neil Hannon, 1970, Pop Singer
Netty Plays, 1987, YouTube Star
Noah Lomax, 2001, Movie Actor
Noah Slomski, 1994, Family Member
Norman Krasna, 1909, Screenwriter
Octavio Ocana, 1998, TV Actor
Otep Shamaya, 1979, Metal Singer
Pablo Martinez, 1987, Pop Singer
Pascal Leclaire, 1982, Hockey Player
Patricia Brooks, 1937, Opera Singer
Paul Lincke, 1866, Composer
Paulina Cerrilla, 1995, YouTube Star
Philip Morrison, 1915, Scientist
RA Lafferty, 1914, Novelist
Rachele Brooke Smith, 1987, Movie Actress
Raima Sen, 1979, Movie Actress
Raphael Haroche, 1975, Rock Singer
Reece James, 1993, Soccer Player
Reid Ewing, 1988, TV Actor
Rick Malambri, 1982, Movie Actor
Rio Ferdinand, 1978, Soccer Player
Rituparna Sengupta, 1971, Movie Actress
Rob Caggiano, 1976, Guitarist
Robbie Mizzone, 1998, Folk Singer
Robin Beck, 1954, Rock Singer
Robin Finck, 1971, Guitarist
Ruth Pitter, 1897, Poet
Samir Bannout, 1955, Bodybuilder
Saul Blinkoff, 1972, Director
SD, 1994, Rapper
Serey Die, 1984, Soccer Player
Shamir, 1994, Pop Singer
Shane Feldman, 1994, Activist
Shane Watts, 1972, Motorcycle Racer
Shannon Bahrke, 1980, Skier
Shannon Whirry, 1964, Movie Actress
Sharleen Spiteri, 1967, Pop Singer
Skylar Healey, 1998, Dancer
Sonny Gray, 1989, Baseball Player
Sophie Porley, 1992, Soap Opera Actress
Srinivas, 1959, Composer
Stan Rice, 1942, Poet
Stephen Greenblatt, 1943, Teacher
Steve DiGiorgio, 1967, Bassist
Su Pollard, 1949, TV Actress
Tanya Karn, 1991, Dancer
Tao Ruspoli, 1975, Director
Tao Ruspoli, 1975, Director
Terry Newton, 1978, Rugby Player
THE8, 1997, Pop Singer
Tinie Tempah, 1988, Rapper
Tom Barnard, 1951, Radio Host
Tom Croft, 1985, Rugby Player
Tom Moore, 1938, Football Coach
Tommy Thayer, 1960, Rock Singer
Tony Schiavone, 1957, Sportscaster
Tore Sagen, 1980, Radio Host
Toro Y Moi, 1986, Pop Singer
Tracie Savage, 1962, News Anchor
Trivikram Srinivas, 1971, Director
Troy Beyer, 1964, Movie Actress
Troy Rowland, 1975, Boxer
Usha Uthup, 1947, Pop Singer
Venkat Prabhu, 1975, Director
Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic, 1787, Novelist
Walter W. Granger, 1872, Scientist
Will Demps, 1979, Football Player
William Alwyn, 1905, Composer
William Wharton, 1925, Novelist
Yunjin Kim, 1973, TV Actress
Zach Myers, 1983, Guitarist
Zachary Cole Smith, 1984, Rock Singer


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