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November 25 Famous Birthdays

November 25 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on NOVEMBER 25 is a friendly person. As a Sagittarius, they know a lot of people in various backgrounds, classes and races. With that being said, it’s safe to say that they like to socialize. People enjoy their company.


They keep their close friends to a minimum. However, everyone seems to be loyal to them. As a downfall or shortcoming, they are not very patient with people. Sometimes, they are unpredictable but for the most part, they are fun to be around and have a way with people.


Typically, famous celebrities born on November 25 accept everyone on their own character and not by the rules of society or by their own standards. Being the modest individual that they are, they still are full of life and energy.


They are the motivator, the stimulator, the educator of the group or family. They are not afraid to meet someone head on. They can handle their own in times of conflict and discord.

Famous people born on NOVEMBER 25th come under the zodiac sign Sagittarius! They have a knack for picking all the best travel destinations. They keep their few friends close. Some people say that they relate a healthy body to a healthy mind.

November 25 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

25 November Good Traits:

  • Emotional
  • Innovative
  • Analytical
  • Enthusiastic
  • Disciplined
  • Grounded
  • Optimistic
  • Sensible
  • Savvy

25 November Bad Traits:

  • Impulsive
  • Controlling
  • Introvert
  • Nosy
  • Angry
  • Unforgiving
  • Revengeful

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November 25 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aeneas Chigwedere, 1939, Politician
Alan Watson, 1950, Magician
Alex Bain, 2001, Soap Opera Actor
Alex Brownsell, 1988, Business Executive
Alik Alfus, 1988, Reality Star
Alviro Petersen, 1980, Cricket Player
Amy Grant, 1960, Rock Singer
Anastasiya Kvitko, 1994, Instagram Star
Andres B, 1977, Vine Star
Andrew Carnegie, 1835, Entrepreneur
Andrius Pojavis, 1983, Pop Singer
Ann Stanford, 1916, Poet
Anthony Peeler, 1969, Basketball Player
Art Wallenda Jr,, 1923, Golfer
Arthur Schwartz, 1900, Composer
Arturo Perez-reverte, 1951, Journalist
Ashley Alexiss, 1990, Model
Aslaug Magnusdottir, 1967, Entrepreneur
Asmahan, 1912, World Music Singer

Atsushi Itō, 1983, Movie Actor
Augusto Pinochet, 1915, World Leader
Bambi Bains, 1994, Pop Singer
Barbara Bush, 1981, Family Member
Batty Weber, 1860, Journalist
Ben Braun, 1953, Basketball Coach
Ben Stein, 1944, Game Show Host
Beverly Washburn, 1943, TV Actress
Bill Hamid, 1990, Soccer Player
Bill Morrissey, 1951, Folk Singer
Billy Burke, 1966, Movie Actor
Blackjack Mulligan, 1942, Wrestler
Blythe Duff, 1962, TV Actress
Bo Bruce, 1984, Pop Singer
Bob Lind, 1942, Folk Singer
Brian Little, 1953, Soccer Player
Brooke Haven, 1979,
Bruno Tonioli, 1955, Reality Star
Bucky Dent, 1951, Baseball Player
Cameron Moulene, 1993, TV Actor
Carry Nation, 1846, Activist
Casey Holmes, 1991, YouTube Star
Celine Tam, 2007, Pop Singer
Charlaine Harris, 1951, Novelist
november 25 famous birthdaysCharles Kennedy, 1959, Politician
Charlie Nguyen, 1968, Director
Charlie Yin, 1992, Music Producer
Chase Matthew, 2002, YouTube Star
Chelsea Collins, 1998, YouTube Star
Chip Kelly, 1963, Football Coach
Chris Claremont, 1950, Comic Book Author
Christina Applegate, 1971, TV Actress
Cody Williams, 1991, Family Member
Connor Michalek, 2005,
Corbyn Besson, 1998, YouNow Star
Corey Harper, 1994, Pop Singer
Craig Gardner, 1986, Soccer Player
Cris Carter, 1965, Football Player
Danny Kent, 1993, Motorcycle Racer
Darkk Mane, 1996, YouTube Star
Darlanne Fluegel, 1958, Movie Actress
Delanie Frances, 1994, Instagram Star

Dennis Rommendahl, 1980, Soccer Player
Dennis Smith Jr., 1997, Basketball Player
Dick Wellstood, 1927, Pianist
Dolla, 1987, Rapper
Donovan McNabb, 1976, Football Player
Dougray Scott, 1965, TV Actor
Eddie Shore, 1902, Hockey Player
Eddie Steeples, 1973, TV Actor
Eilish McColgan, 1990, Runner
Eleanor McGovern, 1921, Family Member
Ella Leffland, 1931, Novelist
Ellen Anderson, 1959, Politician
Emad Hamdy, 1909, Movie Actor
Emily Sonnett, 1993, Soccer Player
Erick Sermon, 1968, Rapper
Ethan Silverman, 1959, Screenwriter
Ethelbert Nevin, 1862, Composer
Etta Jones, 1928, Jazz Singer
Fantastical Gamer, 1997, YouTube Star
Felix Mawamba Musasa, 1982, Soccer Player
Flynn McGarry, 1998, Chef

Franjo Racki, 1828, Historian
Gail Collins, 1945, Journalist
Garland Brown, 1991, Reality Star
Gaspard Ulliel, 1984, Movie Actor
Gerard Mortier, 1943, Director
Giaro Giarratana, 1992, Instagram Star
Grace Marcum, 2002, Dancer
Gus Bivona, 1915, Saxophonist
Haley Webb, 1985, Movie Actress
Harry Greenwood, 1881, War Hero
Helen Gahagan Douglas, 1900, Politician
Helene Chadwick, 1897, Movie Actress
Herschel Savage, 1952,
Hironobu Sakaguchi, 1962, Game Designer
Ho Ngoc Ha, 1984, Model
Imran Khan, 1952, Politician
Isaac Rosenberg, 1890, Poet
J Nichole Jones, 1973, Gospel Singer
James Hayden, 1953, Movie Actor
Jamie Grace, 1991, Rock Singer
Jarius Wright, 1989, Football Player
Jay Hazelwood, 1995, YouTube Star
Jazmine Michelle Walker, 1994, YouTube Star
Jeffrey Hunter, 1926, Movie Actor
Jeffrey Skilling, 1953, Entrepreneur
Jenna Bush, 1981, Family Member
Jerry Ferrara, 1979, TV Actor
Jhulan Goswami, 1983, Cricket Player
Jill Flint, 1977, TV Actress
Jill Hennessy, 1968, TV Actress
Jill Hennessy, 1968, TV Actress
Joe DiMaggio, 1914, Baseball Player
Joe Gibbs, 1940, Football Coach
Joel Kinnaman, 1979, TV Actor
Joelle Fletcher, 1990, Reality Star
Joey Chestnut, 1983, Competitive Eater
John F. Kennedy Jr., 1960, Entrepreneur
John Flynn, 1880, Entrepreneur
John Frederick Demartini, 1954, Novelist
John Larroquette, 1947, TV Actor
John Lehr, 1967, TV Actor
John Lynch, 1952, Politician
John-michael Liles, 1980, Hockey Player
Johnny Rep, 1951, Soccer Player
Johnny Sequoyah, 2003, TV Actress
Johnny Valiant, 1946, Wrestler
Jonathan Kaplan, 1947, Director
Joseph Sasson, 1991, Soap Opera Actor
Joseph Wood Krutch, 1893, Novelist
Josh Mathews, 1980, Wrestler
Joyce Cohen, 1948, TV Actress
Julie Smith, 1944, Novelist
Juliet Angus, 1975, Reality Star
Kailand Null, 2013, YouTube Star
Karl Benz, 1844, Engineer
Kathryn Crosby, 1933, TV Actress
Katie Cassidy, 1986, Movie Actress
Katie Heaney, 1986, Novelist
Kayla Hatton, 2007, Reality Star
Kenneth Mitchell, 1974, TV Actor
Kenny Monday, 1961, Wrestler
Kevin Balot, 1991, Instagram Star
Kevin Woo, 1991, Pop Singer
Khaya Mthethwa, 1987, Pop Singer
Kirsty Crawford, 1983, Pop Singer
Kristian Nairn, 1975, TV Actor
KT Gray, 1981, Voice Actor
Lalonde Gordon, 1988, Runner
Lars Eighner, 1948, Memoirist
Lateysha Grace, 1992, Reality Star
Laurence Stallings, 1894, Autobiographer
Lenny Moore, 1933, Football Player
Leonard Woolf, 1880, Autobiographer
Lewis Spence, 1874, Poet
Liam Doyle, 1990, Stage Actor
Lindsey Cheek, 1992, Gymnast
Lovey James, 1997, Pop Singer
Lucas Ross, 1980, Movie Actor
Mabel Gardiner Hubbard, 1857, Family Member
Machaizelli Kahey, 1996, YouTube Star
Marc Brown, 1946, Children’s Author
Marcus Hellner, 1985, Skier
Marcus Hicks, 1975, MMA Fighter
Margaret Livingston, 1895, Movie Actress
Mark Frost, 1953, Screenwriter
Mark Lanegan, 1964, Rock Singer
Mark Morton, 1972, Guitarist
Marqise Lee, 1991, Football Player
Martin Del Rosario, 1991, TV Actor
Mary Jo Deschanel, 1945, Family Member
Marziyya Davudova, 1901, Movie Actress
Matt Clark, 1936, Movie Actor
Matt Henjak, 1981, Rugby Player
Matthew Dunn, 1968, Novelist
Mauno Koivisto, 1923, Politician
Mauricio Rua, 1981, MMA Fighter
Max Jacoby, 1977, Director
Michael Garnett, 1982, Hockey Player
Mike Joy, 1949, Sportscaster
Mike Lynn, 1945, Basketball Player
Mimis Papaioannou, 1942, Soccer Player
Mori Sert, 1993, YouTube Star
Murray Sawchuck, 1973, Magician
Murray Schisgal, 1926, Screenwriter
Nat Adderley, 1931, Trumpet Player
Ng Yi-Sheng, 1980, Poet
Nick Swisher, 1980, Baseball Player
Niurka Marcos, 1967, Model
Noel Neill, 1920, Movie Actress
Noel Neill, 1920, Movie Actress
Norman Buckley, 1955, Director
Octavio Dotel, 1973, Baseball Player
Orlando Canizales, 1965, Boxer
Paty Cantu, 1983, Pop Singer
Paul Desmond, 1924, Saxophonist
Paul Mealor, 1975, Composer
Percy Sledge, 1940, R&B Singer
Peter Siddle, 1984, Cricket Player
Philippa Coulthard, 1992, TV Actress
Pnina Tornai, 1962, Fashion Designer
Pope John XXIII, 1881, Religious Leader
PopularMMOs, 1988, YouTube Star
Poul Anderson, 1926, Novelist
Pretty Lights, 1981, DJ
Priscilla Dean, 1896, Movie Actress
Rakhi Sawant, 1978, Movie Actress
Randy Blake, 1986, MMA Fighter
Reinhard Furrer, 1940, Astronaut
Ricardo Montalban, 1920, TV Actor
Richard Cottingham, 1946, Criminal
Richard Seifert, 1910, Architect
Richie Campbell, 1986, Reggae Singer
Rodney Sheppard, 1967, Guitarist
Rome Flynn, 1991, TV Actor
Roopa Ganguly, 1966, Movie Actress
Rosa von Praunheim, 1942, Director
Rudolf Hoss, 1901, Criminal
Ruslan Pimenov, 1981, Soccer Player
Rusty Stevens, 1948, TV Actor
Rye Rye, 1990, Rapper
Ryguyrocky, 1995, YouTube Star
Scott Cam, 1962, TV Show Host
Sean Lew, 2001, Dancer
Simon Fisher-Becker, 1961, TV Actor
Solanus Casey, 1870, Religious Leader
Sonja Morgan, 1963, Reality Star
Stacy Lattisaw, 1966, Pop Singer
Stanley Ho, 1951, Entrepreneur
Stefan Everts, 1972, Motorcycle Racer
Stefanie Von Pfetten, 1973, TV Actress
Stephen Lunsford, 1989, TV Actor
Steve Rothery, 1959, Guitarist
Steven Lee Olsen, 1985, Country Singer
Tais Araujo, 1978, Soap Opera Actress
Terry Stotts, 1957, Basketball Coach
TheOddOne, 1988, eSports Player
Tia Valentine, 1995, Vine Star
Tim Armstrong, 1966, Guitarist
Tommy Torres, 1971, Music Producer
Tracey Walter, 1947, Movie Actor
Travis Stever, 1978, Guitarist
Trevor Booker, 1987, Basketball Player
Trey Traylor, 1998, Vine Star
Trisha Brown, 1936, Dancer
Tunde Baiyewu, 1968, Pop Singer
Valerie Azlynn, 1980, TV Actress
Victor Orsatti, 1905, Film Producer
Victoria Hart, 1988, Jazz Singer
Virgil Thomson, 1896, Composer
W. R. Burnett, 1899, Novelist
Wells Thompson, 1983, Soccer Player
Wilhelm Kempff, 1895, Pianist
William Li, 1989, Twitch Star
Willie Smith, 1910, Saxophonist
Winonah de Jong, 1981, Blogger
Xabi Alonso, 1981, Soccer Player
Yvonne Kenny, 1950, Opera Singer
Yvonne Okoro, 1984, Movie Actress
Zack Shada, 1992, Movie Actor
Ziovo, 1999, YouTube Star


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