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November 24 Famous Birthdays

November 24 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on NOVEMBER 24 want to be free. The Sagittarius born on this date, usually has exciting things to talk about. If it’s different and even a little dangerous, they want to try it. It’s the thrill that they seek and love.


Additionally, they like to do things when they have the inclination to do them and not when they are told or expected to do them. As a career option, the November 24 famous celebrities could be found in the entertainment industry. Being in the spotlight seems to be to their liking.


They have a great attitude and are capable of making people feel a certain way about themselves or they are able to sell their ideas to the public. This is an awesome trait to have.


However, famous people born on November 24 tend to attract some unusual characters especially when it comes to lovers. They need to look for someone who shares their points of view like the zodiac sign Leo. This could be a union that is affectionate and arousing.

For the famous people born on NOVEMBER 24th, their beauty comes from within. They are attractive people who have many friends because of this appeal. As a lover, they are suited best for someone who has same interests as theirs. Maybe a date in the woods could help finalize a decision.

November 24 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

24 November Good Traits:

  • Bold
  • Daring
  • Passionate
  • Resolute
  • Dependable
  • Trustworthy
  • Cautious
  • Psychic
  • Confident
  • Remarkable
  • Enterprising

24 November Bad Traits:

  • Standoffish
  • Aloof
  • Withdrawn
  • Miserly
  • Cheap
  • Mischievous

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November 24 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Fike, 1982, Race Car Driver
Aaron Pedersen, 1970, TV Actor
Adam George, 1989, Rock Singer
Al Christie, 1881, Screenwriter
Al Cohn, 1925, Saxophonist
Alain Chabat, 1958, Director
Alan Lake, 1940, TV Actor
Alben W. Barkley, 1877, Politician
Albert Wolsky, 1930, Fashion Designer
Alex Mortensen, 1985, Football Player
Alex Simpson, 1924, Soccer Player
Alexa Losey, 1994, Vine Star
Ali Ansari, 1967, Teacher
Alistair McGowan, 1964, Comedian
Amanda Wyss, 1960, Movie Actress

Amit Mishra, 1982, Cricket Player
Amol Palekar, 1944, Movie Actor
Andrew Wallace, 1983, Movie Actor
Angaraag Mahanta, 1975, World Music Singer
Anna Albus, 1993, Pop Singer
Anne Hill, 1916, Fashion Designer
Anthony Griffin, 1920, War Hero
Anthony Ogogo, 1988, Boxer
Ard Adz, 1991, Rapper
Artrell Hawkins, 1976, Football Player
Artur Logunov, 1989, TV Actor
Arundhati Roy, 1961, Novelist
Awino Gam, 1979, Movie Actor
Aylin Mujica, 1974, TV Actress
Benedict De Spinoza, 1632, Philosopher
Bernard Delfgaauw, 1912, Philosopher
Bernard Fonlon, 1924, Politician
Bernhard Stavenhagen, 1862, Pianist
Bernice Jane Orwig, 1976, Water Polo Player
november 24 famous birthdaysBernie Kosar, 1963, Football Player
Beth Phoenix, 1980, Wrestler
Bev Bevan, 1945, Drummer
Billy Connolly, 1942, Movie Actor
Bob Higgins, 1894, Football Player
Bob Hill, 1928, Basketball Coach
Brad Sherwood, 1964, TV Actor
Brandon Molale, 1971, Movie Actor
Brecken Palmer, 1998, TV Actor
Brian Viloria, 1980, Boxer
Bridger Palmer, 1998, Movie Actor
Brittlestar, 1969, Vine Star
Brooke Houts, 1998, YouTube Star
Bruce Hungerford, 1922, Pianist
Caleb Lane, 1982, Model
Carmelita Jeter, 1979, Runner
Carolina Sandoval, 1973, TV Show Host
Cass Gilbert, 1859, Architect
Celina Jaitley, 1981, Model

Chad Taylor, 1970, Guitarist
Charles Brickley, 1891, Football Player
Charles Lucky Luciano, 1897, Criminal
Charles Starkweather, 1938, Criminal
Charlotte Cleverley-Bisman, 2003,
Chris Le, 1988, Director
Chris Wu, 1982, TV Actor
Christopher Wright, 1964, Young Adult Author
Chua En Lai, 1979, TV Actor
Clem Burke, 1955, Drummer
Colin Hanks, 1977, TV Actor
Conleth Hill, 1964, Stage Actor
Craig Thomas, 1942, Novelist
Dale Carnegie, 1888, Entrepreneur
Damon Evans, 1949, TV Actor
Dan Falzon, 1972, Soap Opera Actor
Dan Glickman, 1944, Politician
Danielle LaVigne, 1990, YouTube Star
Danielle Nicolet, 1973, TV Actress
Dave Bing, 1943, Basketball Player
Dave Whelan, 1936, Business Executive

David Booth, 1984, Hockey Player
David C. Hayes, 1971, Screenwriter
David Newell, 1938, TV Actor
Dawn Robinson, 1968, Pop Singer
Dean Ashton, 1983, Soccer Player
Denise Crosby, 1957, TV Actress
Devin Jones, 1994, Race Car Driver
Dewi Zephaniah Phillips, 1934, Philosopher
DJ Iceberg, 1987, DJ
Don MacLaughlin, 1906, Soap Opera Actor
Donald Dunn, 1941, Bassist
Dwight Schultz, 1947, TV Actor
Eddie Johnston, 1935, Hockey Player
Edgar Meyer, 1960, Bassist
Elena Satine, 1987, Movie Actress
Eli Elezra, 1960,
Emilio Caballero, 1999, TV Actor
Emilio Osorio, 2002, TV Actor
Emir Kusturica, 1954, Director
Eric Avila, 1987, Soccer Player
Forrest J Ackerman, 1916,
Frances Hodgson Burnett, 1849, Children’s Author
Franck Avitabile, 1971, Pianist
Fraser Taylor, 1987, Guitarist
Fred Brathwaite, 1972, Hockey Player
Fred Titmus, 1932, Cricket Player
Freddie Webb, 1942, Basketball Player
Garret Dillahunt, 1964, Movie Actor
Garson Kanin, 1912, Director
Gary Baxter, 1978, Football Player
Gerhard Gentzen, 1909, Philosopher
Glenn Withrow, 1953, Director
Grace Darling, 1815, Family Member
Greg Lake, 1984, Reality Star
Greg Stevens, 1935, Politician
Gus Barry, 2000, Movie Actor
Gwilym Lee, 1983, TV Actor
Hande Ercel, 1993, TV Actress
Hannah Kirby, 1995, Pop Singer
Harrison Kantarias, 1992, Pop Singer
Helen Cherry, 1915, Movie Actress
Henjo Richter, 1963, Guitarist
Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec, 1864, Painter
Henry Bibby, 1949, Basketball Player
Henry Lomb, 1828, Entrepreneur
Howard Duff, 1913, Movie Actor
Hunter Herring, 1993, Instagram Star
Ian Botham, 1955, Cricket Player
Ivi Adamou, 1993, World Music Singer
Jacob Elijah Lincoln, 1984, Gospel Singer
Jake LaRosa, 1997, Vine Star
James Redmond, 1971, TV Actor
Jane Mayer, 1955, Journalist
Jared Cohen, 1981, Entrepreneur
Jarrod Parker, 1988, Baseball Player
Jason Bowles, 1982, Race Car Driver
Jaycee Wilkins, 2002, Dancer
Jaz the Rapper, 1991, Rapper
Jeremain Lens, 1987, Soccer Player
Jeremiah Brent, 1984, Family Member
Jessica Kurten, 1969, Equestrian
Jim Northrup, 1939, Baseball Player
Jimmy Graham, 1986, Football Player
Joe Howard, 1948, TV Actor
Joe Medwick, 1911, Baseball Player
Joel Guzman, 1984, Baseball Player
Joey Ansah, 1982, Movie Actor
John Brashear, 1840, Scientist
John De Andrea, 1941, Sculptor
John Kovalic, 1962, Cartoonist
John Lindsay, 1921, Politician
John Squire, 1962, Guitarist
John Velazquez, 1971, Horse Jockey
Johnny Zell, 1947, Trumpet Player
Jon Hein, 1967, Radio Host
Jorge Clemente, 1993, TV Actor
Jose Lopez, 1983, Baseball Player
Julia Alexandratou, 1986, Model
Julia Sarah Stone, 1997, Movie Actress
Julieta Venegas, 1970, Pop Singer
Junipero Serra, 1713, Religious Leader
Kabir Ali, 1980, Cricket Player
Kagisho Dikgacoi, 1984, Soccer Player
Kaine Ward, 1998, Dancer
Karine Vanasse, 1983, Movie Actress
Katherine Heigl, 1978, Movie Actress
Katie Horan, 1998, YouTube Star
Kayhan Kalhor, 1963, Composer
Ken Barrington, 1930, Cricket Player
Kenny Phillips, 1986, Football Player
Keo Motsepe, 1989, Dancer
Kevin Toliver II, 1995, Football Player
Kid Fury, 1987, Blogger
Koumei Nakamura, 1947, Chef
Krystal Ball, 1981, Business Executive
Lacey Baker, 1991, Skateboarder
Leah Jenner, 1982, Pop Singer
Letty Martinez, 1987, Radio Host
Lil Cuete, 1984, Rapper
LilRome Diddy, 2009, Instagram Star
Linda Tripp, 1949, Politician
Lindsay Ellis, 1984, YouTube Star
Lindsey Doe, 1981, YouTube Star
Lisa Howard, 1963, TV Actress
Lisa Maxwell, 1963, TV Actress
Lisa Norden, 1984, Triathlete
Lola Glaudini, 1971, TV Actress
Luis Sanchez, 1983, Cyclist
Lukas Hradecky, 1989, Soccer Player
Macaulay Callard, 1999, Model
Machel Montano, 1974, World Music Singer
Manlio Argueta, 1935, Poet
Manolo Sanlucar, 1943, Composer
Margaret Mountford, 1951, Reality Star
Maria Hofl-riesch, 1984, Skier
Maria Jose Mariscal, 2006, Soap Opera Actress
Mario Gavranovic, 1989, Soccer Player
Mark Winegardner, 1961, Novelist
Martin Charnin, 1934, Director
Mary Quinn Sullivan, 1877,
Mathea-Mari Glittenberg, 2000, Pop Singer
Matt Hayes, 1961,
Matt Spaeth, 1983, Football Player
Megan Mullins, 1986, Country Singer
Meredith Patterson, 1975, Stage Actress
Michael Edwards, 1944, Movie Actor
Michaela Wain, 1995, Model
Michele S Jones, 1962, War Hero
Mike Goldberg, 1964, Sportscaster
Mike Hoffman, 1989, Hockey Player
Mitch Clarke, 1985, MMA Fighter
Morgan James, 1981, Pop Singer
Mr Traumatik, 1984, Rapper
Nabil Bentaleb, 1994, Soccer Player
Nathan Haseleu, 1977, Race Car Driver
Nathan Odom, 2001, Chef
Nathan Owens, 1990, YouTube Star
Neale Cooper, 1963, Soccer Player
Nuruddin Farah, 1945, Novelist
Oscar Carmona, 1869, World Leader
Oscar Robertson, 1938, Basketball Player
Parveen Shakir, 1952, Poet
Paul Blackburn, 1926, Poet
Paul Tagliabue, 1940, Sports Executive
Penny Jordan, 1946, Novelist
Pete Best, 1941, Drummer
Peyton Meyer, 1998, TV Actor
Prince Narula, 1990, Reality Star
Rabi Ghosh, 1931, Movie Actor
Rachel Chagall, 1952, TV Actress
Ramon Dominguez, 1976, Horse Jockey
Rebecca Barlow, 1979, Guitarist
Reece Mastin, 1994, Pop Singer
Ricardo Chavez, 1965, Soap Opera Actor
Richard Arnold, 1969, TV Show Host
Richard Mylan, 1972, TV Actor
Rick Davis, 1958, Soccer Player
Rochelle Rao, 1988, Model
Roman Bohnen, 1894, Movie Actor
Ron Dellums, 1935, Politician
Ronaldus Shamask, 1945, Fashion Designer
Roscoe Born, 1950, Soap Opera Actor
Rowdy Rebel, 1991, Rapper
Roy Miller, 1984, Soccer Player
Ruben Santiago-Hudson, 1956, TV Actor
Rudy Tomjanovich, 1948, Basketball Player
Russ Parrish, 1970, Guitarist
Russell Watson, 1966, Pop Singer
Ryan Fitzpatrick, 1982, Football Player
Ryan Mislich, 1999, Instagram Star
Ryan Moloney, 1979, Soap Opera Actor
Sabi, 1988, Pop Singer
Salim Khan, 1935, Screenwriter
Sarah Hyland, 1990, TV Actress
Scott Colley, 1963, Bassist
Scott Hoch, 1955, Golfer
Scott Joplin, 1868, Composer
Scott Krinsky, 1968, TV Actor
Sean O’Loughlin, 1982, Rugby Player
Seanyyy, 1994, Instagram Star
Sebastian Barraza, 1993, Star
Seth Bishop, 1997, YouNow Star
Shahid Malik, 1967, Politician
Shavlik Randolph, 1983, Basketball Player
Shawn Sloan, 1990, Soccer Player
Shirley Henderson, 1965, Movie Actress
Shwikar, 1938, Movie Actress
Sindarius Thornwell, 1994, Basketball Player
Stanley Livingston, 1950, TV Actor
Steph Landor, 1998, YouNow Star
Stephanie Perkins, 1981, Young Adult Author
Stephen Merchant, 1974, Comedian
Subrata Paul, 1986, Soccer Player
Swipey, 1997, Rapper
Ted Bundy, 1946, Criminal
Teddy Wilson, 1912, Pianist
Terry Lewis, 1956, R&B Singer
Third Lapat, 1998, Pop Singer
Todd Beamer, 1968,
Tom Odell, 1990, Pop Singer
Tony Rombola, 1964, Guitarist
Ulrika Widstrom, 1764, Poet
Velvet McIntyre, 1962, Wrestler
Walter Burley Griffin, 1876, Architect
Wayne Jackson, 1941, Trumpet Player
Wen Yiduo, 1899, Poet
Wes Bergman, 1984, Reality Star
Wilfried van Winden, 1955, Architect
William F. Buckley Jr., 1925, TV Show Host
William Webb Ellis, 1806, Inventor
Wroetoshaw, 1996, YouTube Star
Yovanna Ventura, 1995, Instagram Star
Yukihiro, 1968, Drummer
Yvonne Rainer, 1934, Dancer
Zach Letter, 1990, YouTube Star
Zachary Taylor, 1784, US President
Zeinab Badawi, 1959, News Anchor
Zoe Levin, 1993, Movie Actress


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