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November 26 Famous Birthdays

November 26 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on NOVEMBER 26 really prefer to be coupled with someone who they have a lot in common with. As a Sagittarius, they feel complete with a partner. They could have marriage on their mind as they want children.


Making a commitment to love is what they have come to find essential to their happiness and having someone to teach and watch grow with is important to them. Normally, they are full of confidence and have an optimistic outlook on life. They can see good in everybody.


Famous people born on November 26 get joy in meeting people as they are a people’s person. More so, they like learning about other people’s culture and customs. They want things done in a certain way so usually this means they do it themselves.


They could be more open minded when it comes to communicating with others however and their ideas. They like their life to be arranged or planned and stable.

Famous celebrities born on NOVEMBER 26 are levelheaded and alert. They get what they set out to accomplish. Typically, theirs is the only opinion that matters or so they say. These Sagittarius personalities are highly active but need someone with stability.

November 26 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

26 November Good Traits:

  • Sensitive
  • Intelligent
  • Resilient
  • Instinctive
  • Knowledgeable
  • Motivated
  • Passionate
  • Modest
  • Intelligent
  • Fearless

26 November Bad Traits:

  • Insecure
  • Private
  • Distrustful
  • Moody
  • Jealous
  • Controlling
  • Manipulative
  • Restless
  • Paranoid

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November 26 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Gate, 1990, Cyclist
Aaron Murphy, 1988, Rugby Player
Adam Gaynor, 1963, Rock Singer
Adam Harrington, 1967, TV Actor
Adam Williams, 1922, Movie Actor
Adriana De Moura, 1965, Reality Star
Albert Feraud, 1921, Sculptor
Albert Monatanes, 1980, Tennis Player
Alice Herz-sommer, 1903, Pianist
Alison Braden, 1982, Water Polo Player
Alister Dippner, 1988, Graphic Designer
Angeline Quinto, 1989, Pop Singer
Anton Martin Slomšek, 1800, Religious Leader
Antonio Puerta, 1984, Soccer Player
Anuel AA, 1992, World Music Singer
Arjun Rampal, 1972, Movie Actor
Armando Cooper, 1987, Soccer Player
Art Shell, 1946, Football Player
Ashley Sky, 1990, Model

Ashley Smith, 1990, Model
Aurel Stein, 1862, Explorer
Avery Bradley, 1990, Basketball Player
Baadur Jobava, 1983, Chess Player
Baba Saad, 1985, Rapper
Bat Masterson, 1854, Journalist
Ben Wysocki, 1984, Drummer
Bill W., 1895, Activist
Blake Harnage, 1988, Guitarist
Boris Milivojevic, 1971, TV Actor
Boris Yegorov, 1937, Astronaut
Brandon Buddy, 1985, TV Actor
Brian Schneider, 1976, Baseball Player
Bruce Paltrow, 1943, TV Producer
CallMeSkitzo, 1987, Instagram Star
Camille McDonald, 1977, Model
Carmen Vallejo, 1922, TV Actress
Catherine Francoeur, 1993, YouTube Star
Charles Brackett, 1892, Screenwriter
Charles Schulz, 1922, Cartoonist
Chelsea Green, 1991, Wrestler
november 26 famous birthdaysChelsea Latimer, 1986, Blogger
Chip, 1990, Rapper
Chris Hughes, 1983, Entrepreneur
Chris Miller, 1989, Guitarist
Chris Osgood, 1972, Hockey Player
Chris Spang, 1987, MMA Fighter
Christopher Fitzgerald, 1972, Stage Actor
Chuck Finley, 1962, Baseball Player
Dale Jarrett, 1956, Race Car Driver
Damien Lawson, 1978, R&B Singer
Dan Sherman, 1890, Baseball Player
Daniel Davis, 1945, TV Actor
Daniel Petrie, 1920, Director
Daniel Rocha, 1990, TV Actor
Danny Welbeck, 1990, Soccer Player
Danny Welbeck, 1990, Soccer Player
Dave Hughes, 1970, Comedian
Davey Graham, 1940, Folk Singer
David Rosen, 1959, Fashion Designer
Deborah Secco, 1979, TV Actress
Delilah Cotto, 1970, Movie Actress

Demolition D+, 1991, YouTube Star
Dennis Ross, 1948, Politician
Detlev Eisinger, 1957, Pianist
Dizzy Wright, 1990, Rapper
DJ Khaled, 1975, DJ
Don Jazzy, 1982, World Music Singer
Don Lake, 1956, TV Actor
Dustin Franta, 1988, Family Member
Dylan Moore, 1986, TV Actress
Easynow1337, 1987, YouTube Star
Eddie Betts, 1986, Australian Rules Footballer
Edward Clark Potter, 1857, Sculptor
Edward Gelbinovich, 1989, TV Actor
Elizabeth Blackburn, 1948, Scientist
Ellen G. White, 1827, Religious Leader
Emelyne Behr, 1993, YouTube Star
Emilio Buale Coka, 1972, TV Actor
Emma Portner, 1994, Dancer
Erena Ono, 1993, Pop Singer
Eric Sevareid, 1912, Radio Host
Ernie Coombs, 1927, TV Show Host
Eugene Ionesco, 1909, Playwright
Eugene Istomin, 1925, Pianist
Evan Royster, 1987, Football Player

Felix Gonzalez-torres, 1957, Sculptor
Fernando Varela, 1987, Soccer Player
Frances Dee, 1909, Movie Actress
Fred Tenney, 1871, Baseball Player
Frederik Pohl, 1919, Novelist
Gabriel Paulista, 1990, Soccer Player
Gage Parris, 2000, Instagram Star
Garcelle Beauvais, 1966, TV Actress
Georgios Tzavellas, 1987, Soccer Player
Greg Berg, 1960, Voice Actor
Guglielmo Scilla, 1987, YouTube Star
Hafpor Júlíus Björnsson, 1988, TV Actor
Harold Reynolds, 1960, Baseball Player
Harry Carson, 1953, Football Player
Hilary Benn, 1953, Politician
Hugh Duffy, 1866, Baseball Player
Ian Parker, 1953, Pianist
icoNICK, 1999, Vine Star
Ilona Staller, 1951, Politician
Imran Yusuf, 1979, Comedian
Indian Bob Johnson, 1905, Baseball Player
Ingrid Oliver, 1977, Comedian
Ivan Basso, 1977, Cyclist
Ivan Cheparinov, 1986, Chess Player
Ivory, 1961, Wrestler
Jack Markell, 1960, Politician
Jackie Thomas, 1990, Pop Singer
Jake Sims, 1994, Pop Singer
Jake Tribus, 1997, Dancer
James Dashner, 1972, Children’s Author
Jamie Rose, 1959, TV Actress
Jan Stenerud, 1942, Football Player
Janyse Jaud, 1969, Voice Actor
Jasmine Burkitt, 1993, Reality Star
Jassi Gill, 1988, World Music Singer
Jean Grae, 1976, Rapper
Jean Terrell, 1944, R&B Singer
Jessica Bowman, 1980, TV Actress
JFK Gamer, 1995, YouTube Star
Joe Nichols, 1976, Country Singer
John Amaechi, 1970, Basketball Player
John Harvard, 1607, Religious Leader
John Kolosci, 1974, MMA Fighter
John McVie, 1945, Bassist
John Michael Morris, 1998, Family Member
Jon Ryan, 1981, Football Player
Josh Batstone, 1996, Pop Singer
Joy Ang, 1985, Illustrator
Julien Temple, 1953, Director
Justin York, 1982, Guitarist
Kai Nielsen, 1882, Sculptor
Kanae Ito, 1986, Voice Actor
Kara Walker, 1969, Artist
Karl Ziegler, 1898, Scientist
Katie Sagona, 1989, TV Actress
Kelly Landry, 1979, YouTube Star
Kenzie Nimmo, 1991, Vine Star
Kidd Kidd, 1991, Rapper
Kitty Muffin, 1992, YouNow Star
Kristin Bauer, 1966, TV Actress
Krsto Hegedusic, 1901, Painter
Lakota Kornfeld, 1979, Vine Star
Lauren Nelson, 1986, Model
Levi Bernhardt, 1994, YouTube Star
Lil Fizz, 1985, Rapper
Linda Davis, 1962, Country Singer
Louane Emera, 1996, Pop Singer
Louie Lopez, 1994, Skateboarder
Luka Sabbat, 1997, Model
Magnus Karlsson, 1973, Guitarist
Maia Campbell, 1976, TV Actress
Marcy Walker, 1961, TV Actress
Maria Sanchez, 1989, Tennis Player
Marian Mercer, 1935, Stage Actress
Marilynne Robinson, 1943, Novelist
Mark Dixon, 1970, Football Player
Mark Margolis, 1939, TV Actor
Marshall Taylor, 1878, Cyclist
Martin Picard, 1966, Chef
Mary Edwards Walker, 1832, Doctor
Matt Carpenter, 1985, Baseball Player
Matthew Doerner-miller, 1977, Entrepreneur
Matthew Dunlap, 1964, Politician
Matthew Ebden, 1987, Tennis Player
Maurice James McDonald, 1902, Entrepreneur
Michael Pangilinan, 1996, Pop Singer
Mo Khan, 1993, Vine Star
Natalie Gauci, 1981, Pop Singer
Natasha Bedingfield, 1981, Pop Singer
Ngoc Son, 1970, Pop Singer
Nick Sjolinder, 1991, YouTube Star
Nyi Tasha, 1997, Vine Star
OJ da Juiceman, 1981, Rapper
Olivia Cole, 1942, TV Actress
Olivia O’Brien, 1999, Pop Singer
Omar Chaparro, 1974, TV Actor
Pat Phoenix, 1923, Soap Opera Actress
Paul Burnett, 1943, DJ
Peter Facinelli, 1973, Movie Actor
Peter Manfredo Jr., 1980, Boxer
Porter Gross, 1938, Politician
Rachel Starr, 1983,
Rayful Edmond, 1964, Criminal
Rich Little, 1938, Comedian
Rita Ora, 1990, Pop Singer
Robert Audi, 1941, Philosopher
Robert Goulet, 1933, Stage Actor
Roshan Khan, 1929, Squash Player
Ryan Johnson, 1984, Soccer Player
Ryan Kane, 1991, Soccer Player
Ryan Robbins, 1971, TV Actor
Ryan Toby, 1976, Soul Singer
Samuel Bodman, 1938, Politician
Samuel Reshevsky, 1911, Chess Player
San Holo, 1990, DJ
Sarah Grimke, 1792, Activist
Satoshi Ohno, 1980, Pop Singer
Scott Adsit, 1965, TV Actor
Sen Mitsuji, 1987, Model
Shahveer Jafry, 1993, Facebook Star
Shaista Lodhi, 1971, TV Show Host
Shannon Dunn-Downing, 1972, Snowboarder
Shawn Kemp, 1969, Basketball Player
Sheryn Regis, 1980, World Music Singer
Shlomo Artzi, 1949, Folk Singer
Sir Ernest Desilva, 1887, Business Executive
Slade Echeverria, 1989, Rock Singer
Slavko Avsenik, 1929, Composer
Stephan Andersen, 1981, Soccer Player
Sven Martin, 1976, Music Producer
Tammy Lynn Michaels, 1974, TV Actress
Tamsin Egerton, 1988, Movie Actress
Tandy Cronyn, 1945, Stage Actress
Taylor Halfacre, 1994, Star
ThunThun Skittles, 1999, Star
Tina Turner, 1939, R&B Singer
Tom Ballard, 1989, Comedian
Tom Carroll, 1961, Surfer
Tom Cooper, 1986, Cricket Player
Trevor Morgan, 1986, Movie Actor
Velupillai Prabhakaran, 1954, Criminal
Victor Grinich, 1924, Entrepreneur
Vreni Schneider, 1964, Skier
Will Jimeno, 1967, Law Enforcement Officer
William Cowper, 1731, Poet
Willis Carrier, 1876, Engineer
Winky Wright, 1971, Boxer
Yves Flores, 1994, Reality Star
Zach Tomlinson, 1999, Vine Star
Zhang Jun, 1977, Badminton Player
Zola Matumona, 1981, Soccer Player


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