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November 11 Famous Birthdays

November 11 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on NOVEMBER 11 have a quality that makes them a unique Scorpio. They’re not dependent on other people for their success or happiness. They rely on themselves and sometimes, they allow others to help them.


They feel almost obligated to help people come up. It is likely that they will choose a career that is along the lines of social services or a person who counsels others. However, if this doesn’t appeal to them, then famous November 11 celebrities could find that a career entertaining others would provide some comfort and financial rewards.


Music does wonders and can be highly therapeutic to famous people born on November 11. They are lively and upbeat. It’s hard for them to sit still. Depression couldn’t catch them if it tried. They find adventure in almost everything they do. They do things that most people wont or can’t. Having this quality they are not the person to be restrained from moving about.


Famous people born on NOVEMBER 11th are non-conformists but set standards for others to follow. They are found in careers that leave them with a good feeling at the end of the day. Scorpios get satisfaction from helping others.

November 11 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

11 November Good Traits:

  • Funny
  • Interesting
  • Active
  • Positive
  • Joyful
  • Social
  • Accommodating
  • Harmonious
  • Thoughtful
  • Motivated
  • Helpful
  • Stable

11 November Bad Traits:

  • Indecisive
  • Spendthrift
  • Overemotional
  • Evasive
  • Irresolute

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November 11 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aarika Wells, 1978, TV Actress
Aaron Bruno, 1978, Rock Singer
Abigail Adams, 1744, Political Wife
Abul Kalam Azad, 1888, Politician
Ace Sanders, 1991, Football Player
Adam Beach, 1972, Movie Actor
Adam Rippon, 1989, Figure Skater
Adi Gillespie, 1990, Bodybuilder
Al Holbert, 1946, Race Car Driver
Alan Judge, 1988, Soccer Player
Albert Hastings Markham, 1841, Explorer
Alessandro Mussolini, 1854, Family Member
Alessia Marcuzzi, 1972, TV Show Host
Alex Tanney, 1987, Football Player
Alexandra Duckworth, 1987, Snowboarder
Alexandra Kyle, 1988, Movie Actress
Alger Hiss, 1904, Lawyer
Alice Huyler Ramsey, 1886,
Alicia Ostriker, 1937, Poet
Alison Doody, 1966, Movie Actress
Alycia Tyre, 1996, Instagram Star

Andrea Roche, 1977, Model
Andrew J. West, 1986, TV Actor
Andy Partridge, 1953, Guitarist
Angelica Vale, 1975, TV Actress
Ann Maurice, 1951, Reality Star
Anna Katharine Green, 1846, Poet
Anna Speckhart, 1991, Model
Anne-Marie Martin, 1957, TV Actress
Ashleigh Cummings, 1992, TV Actress
Ashley Rose Orr, 1990, TV Actress
Austin Collie, 1985, Football Player
Barbara Boxer, 1940, Politician
Barry Reese, 1972, Novelist
Belle Gunness, 1859, Criminal
Bibi Andersson, 1935, Movie Actress
Bill Moseley, 1951, Movie Actor
Billy Gunn, 1963, Wrestler
BlameItOnJorge, 1995, YouTube Star
Bob Penuelas, 1949, Cartoonist
Bobby Dodd, 1908, Football Coach
Bobs Watson, 1930, Movie Actor
Brad Hoover, 1976, Football Player
november 11 famous birthdaysBradley Calipari, 1997, Family Member
Brandon Mullins, 1986, Drummer
Brittny Gastineau, 1983, Model
Bruna Linzmeyer, 1992, Soap Opera Actress
BruninhoSO7, 1992, YouTube Star
Bryan Massa, 1991, YouTube Star
Bryana Salaz, 1997, Pop Singer
Bryant Anderson, 1970, Wrestler
Caitlin Foord, 1994, Soccer Player
Calista Flockhart, 1964, Movie Actress
Cam Mansel, 1991, Entrepreneur
Camille Hyde, 1993, TV Actress
Carlos Fuentes, 1928, Novelist
Carlos Lacamara, 1958, TV Actor
Carson Kressley, 1969, TV Show Host
Cassandra Bankson, 1992, YouTube Star
Cedric Carter, 1966, Reality Star
Chanelle Hayes, 1987, Reality Star
Charles Bent, 1799, Politician

Charley Dyson, 2007, Scooter Rider
Chris Connelly, 1964, Rock Singer
Chris Cresswell, 1987, Guitarist
Chris Smither, 1944, Blues Singer
Christa B Allen, 1991, TV Actress
Claire Ross-Brown, 1972, TV Actress
Connor Price, 1994, Movie Actor
Corrine Brown, 1946, Politician
Daisy Bates, 1914, Civil Rights Leader
Dan DeLuca, 1970, TV Actor
Daniel Daly, 1873, War Hero
Daniel Franco, 1971, Fashion Designer
Daniel Ortega, 1945, World Leader
Daniel Paladini, 1984, Soccer Player
Dave Alvin, 1955, Rock Singer
David Deluise, 1971, TV Actor
David Easter, 1959, Soap Opera Actor
Davinia Taylor, 1977, TV Actress
Demi Moore, 1962, Movie Actress
Denise Alexander, 1939, Soap Opera Actress
Denise Gordy, 1949, Family Member
Di Moon Zhang, 1982, Dancer
Dimples Romana, 1984, TV Actress
Disha Parmar, 1992, Soap Opera Actress

DJ Carey, 1970, Hurler
DJ Cuppy, 1992, DJ
DJ Sancho, 1985, DJ
Douglas Rogers, 1968, Memoirist
Edwin Knopf, 1899, Screenwriter
Elizabeth Glaser, 1947, Family Member
Elle Schneider, 1985, Film Producer
Ellie Simmonds, 1994, Swimmer
Emily Brooke, 1998, Country Singer
Emma Blackery, 1991, YouTube Star
Eulalia Vela López, 1970, Pianist
Eyal Podell, 1975, TV Actor
Francis Van Wyck Mason, 1901, Novelist
Frank John Hughes, 1967, TV Actor
Frankie Shaw, 1986, TV Actress
Fuzzy Zoeller, 1951, Golfer
Fyodor Dostoevsky, 1821, Novelist
Gary Mills, 1961, Soccer Player
Gary Powell, 1969, Drummer
George Smith Patton, 1885, War Hero
Georginio Wijnaldum, 1990, Soccer Player
Georgios Mitsibonas, 1962, Soccer Player
Gianluca Gaudino, 1996, Soccer Player
Gordon Allport, 1897,
Grace Laing, 2000, Pop Singer
Hal Trosky, 1912, Baseball Player
Hannibal Lokumbe, 1948, Trumpet Player
Harry Lumley, 1926, Hockey Player
Hayley Kassel, 1991, Makeup Artist
Heidi Burge, 1971, Basketball Player
Henya Mania, 1989, YouTube Star
Howard Fast, 1914, Novelist
Hugh Scott, 1900, Politician
Hunter Avallone, 1996, YouTube Star
Hyapatia Lee, 1960,
Ian Patrick, 2002, TV Actor
Igor Kolomiyets, 1994, Model
India Yelich-O’Connor, 1998, Family Member
Jack Dail, 1997, Vine Star
Jacob Whitesides, 1997, Pop Singer
Jamaal Lascelles, 1993, Soccer Player
Jason Grilli, 1976, Baseball Player
Jason White, 1973, Guitarist
Jayla Watson, 1994, YouTube Star
Jeff Byrd, 1956, Baseball Player
Jennifer Graziano, 1971, TV Producer
Jennifer Musa, 1917, Family Member
Jenny Yang, 1990, Comedian
Jess Oppenheimer, 1913, Screenwriter
Jessica Mendoza, 1980, Softball Player
Jessica Sierra, 1985, Pop Singer
Jessica Weaver, 1987, Instagram Star
Jevgenija Lisicina, 1942,
Jill McCormick, 1977, Model
John Jett, 1968, Football Player
John Thompson Dorrance, 1873, Entrepreneur
Jon B, 1974, R&B Singer
Jonathan Batiste, 1986, Pianist
Jonathan Buck, 1974, R&B Singer
Jonathan Pierce, 1970, Gospel Singer
Jonathan Winters, 1925, Comedian
Jose Manuel Caballero, 1926, Poet
JR House, 1979, Baseball Player
Juan Masaurus, 1994, YouTube Star
June Whitfield, 1925, TV Actress
Kalan Porter, 1985, Pop Singer
Karen Hess, 1918, Historian
Katie Chonacas, 1980, TV Actress
Kemal Sunal, 1944, Movie Actor
Khoaliti, 1993, Vine Star
Kim Peek, 1951,
Kris Williams, 1980, Film Producer
Kristal Marshall, 1983, Wrestler
Kristian Sturt, 1986, Journalist
Kurt Vonnegut Jr., 1922, Novelist
Kyle Naughton, 1988, Soccer Player
Lavell Crawford, 1968, Comedian
Lee Haney, 1959, Bodybuilder
Lee Starkey, 1970, Family Member
Leonardo DiCaprio, 1974, Movie Actor
Luca Zingaretti, 1961, Movie Actor
Ludi Lin, 1987, Movie Actor
Luz Casal, 1958, Pop Singer
Magda Goebbels, 1901, Family Member
Mala Sinha, 1936, Movie Actress
Maniche, 1977, Soccer Player
Marc Summers, 1951, TV Actor
Marco Huck, 1984, Boxer
Marian Diamond, 1926, Scientist
Marianne McAndrew, 1942, Movie Actress
Mark Powell, 1960, Fashion Designer
Mark Sanchez, 1986, Football Player
Marshall Crenshaw, 1953, Guitarist
Martina de las Alas, 1964, Comedian
Mary Anne Disraeli, 1792, Family Member
Mary Gaitskill, 1954, Essayist
Melissa Stark, 1973, Sportscaster
Mic Michaeli, 1962, Pianist
Michael Weisman, 1993, Pop Singer
Michel Mossessian, 1959, Architect
Michelle Vieth, 1979, TV Actress
Mike Melvill, 1940, Pilot
Mike Stoklasa, 1978, YouTube Star
Mose Allison, 1927, Pianist
Nabilah Azalia, 1999, Pop Singer
Narvel Felts, 1938, Country Singer
Natalie Glebova, 1981, Model
Nathan Ballard, 1997, Pop Singer
Nathan Rimmington, 1982, Cricket Player
Nayyar Ali Dada, 1943, Architect
Niall Madden, 1985, Horse Jockey
Nicole Winhoffer, 1984,
Noha Nabil, 1984, Instagram Star
Olivia Cara, 1995, YouTube Star
Onision, 1985, YouTube Star
Osvaldo Alonso, 1985, Soccer Player
Pat O’Brien, 1899, Movie Actor
Patric Knowles, 1911, Movie Actor
Patrick Simondac, 1989, YouTube Star
Paul Signac, 1863, Painter
Peaches, 1968, Punk Singer
Peg Kehret, 1936, Children’s Author
Peter Parros, 1960, TV Actor
Philip McKeon, 1964, TV Actor
Philipp Lahm, 1983, Soccer Player
Pie Traynor, 1899, Baseball Player
Rabbit Maranville, 1891, Baseball Player
Rafael de la Fuente, 1986, TV Actor
Raghu Dixit, 1974, Folk Singer
Rebecca Lowe, 1980, News Anchor
Regina Reynoso, 1998, TV Actress
Reid Wiseman, 1975, Astronaut
Reina Tanaka, 1989, Rock Singer
Richard Dormer, 1969, TV Actor
Richie Rich, 1970, Fashion Designer
Ricky Hunley, 1961, Football Player
Rob Furlong, 1976, War Hero
Robert John Lange, 1948, Film Producer
Robert Ryan, 1909, Movie Actor
Roberto Matta, 1911, Painter
Robin Uthappa, 1985, Cricket Player
Ruby Jerins, 1998, TV Actress
Rudy Larusso, 1937, Basketball Player
Sally Jo, 1993, YouTube Star
Sam Spiegel, 1901, Film Producer
Sammy Miller, 1933, Motorcycle Racer
Samuel Insull, 1859, Entrepreneur
Sanju Samson, 1994, Cricket Player
SB737, 1997, YouTube Star
Scoot McNairy, 1980, Movie Actor
Scott Plank, 1958, TV Actor
Shamicka Lawrence, 1975, Family Member
Shaun Ricker, 1982, Wrestler
Sheilianice Gonzalez, 2001, Musical.ly Star
Shimon Moore, 1982, Rock Singer
Shrenu Parikh, 1989, TV Actress
Skrapz, 1986, Rapper
Sophie Perry, 1986, Soccer Player
Stanley Tucci, 1960, Movie Actor
Static Major, 1974, Rapper
Stedman Bailey, 1990, Football Player
Stefan Ciobanu, 1883, Historian
Stephen Lewis, 1937, Politician
Stubby Kaye, 1918, Movie Actor
Susan Kohner, 1936, Movie Actress
Susanna Kaysen, 1948, Memoirist
Tay Ping Hui, 1970, TV Actor
Thomas Bailey Aldrich, 1836, Poet
Tim Love, 1971, Chef
Tomas Pacesas, 1971, Basketball Player
Tommy Trash, 1987, DJ
Tony Snell, 1991, Basketball Player
Trey Smith, 1992, Family Member
Tye Sheridan, 1996, Movie Actor
Tyler Christopher, 1972, Soap Opera Actor
U-God, 1970, Rapper
Uldouz Wallace, 1988, Movie Actress
V-Nasty, 1990, Rapper
Vedran Smailovic, 1956, Cellist
Victor Cruz, 1986, Football Player
Victor Soultanbeieff, 1895, Chess Player
Vince Martell, 1945, Guitarist
Vincent Schiavelli, 1948, Movie Actor
Vinny Guadagnino, 1987, Reality Star
Vladimir Solovyov, 1946, Astronaut
Warner Wolf, 1937, Sportscaster
Willie Parker, 1980, Football Player
Yanis Marshall, 1989, Choreographer
Yuri Vovk, 1988, Chess Player
Yuya Tegoshi, 1987, Pop Singer


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