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May 8 Famous Birthdays

May 8 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on MAY 8 are exceptionally gifted and generous Taurus. People admire them probably because of these qualities. They like things to stay the same as change can irritate them especially if it happens suddenly.

The motto of May 8 famous birthdays could be “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. This could be because they are well-organized and they do things by the book. They like to have order in their life particularly when it comes to things or situations that they control. Now with this being said, they find that a challenge is a different story. They tend to get motivated by the thought that tests their wills and strengths.


As the Taurus born today, famous May 8 celebrities could be considered to be people who are youthful and idealistic when it comes to love and romance. Finding the perfect match for them can be tricky. So it may take them some time to commit. Their inability to express themselves openly will likely hinder progress in that area, so they may want to open up just a bit. They will have a dedicated soul mate whom they need to trust.


Famous people born on May 8 are a self-reliant, brainy and attractive Taurus. However they do not like sudden changes. They are capable of managing a mass amount of finances and this can be stressful. They are almost exempt from illnesses.


May 8th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

8 May Good Traits:

  • Charitable
  • Bright
  • Strong
  • Disciplined
  • Stimulated
  • Serious
  • Independent
  • Persuasive
  • Helpful
  • Mature
  • Fascinating
  • Sentimental
  • Faithful
  • Talented

8 May Bad Traits:

  • Notorious
  • Blunt
  • Secretive
  • Irritable
  • Rigid
  • Calculative

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May 8 Famous Birthday Personalities

Adrian Gonzalez, 1982, Baseball Player
Ajee Wilson, 1994, Runner
Alana Atkins, 1986, Family Member
Alex Kelly, 1967, Criminal
Alex Shigo, 1930, Scientist
Alex Van Halen, 1953, Drummer
Alfredo Simon, 1981, Baseball Player
Allaray Roo, 1993, YouTube Star
Aloysius Stepinac, 1898, Religious Leader
Amanda Cook, 1984, Gospel Singer
Ambrosia Malbrough, 1990, YouTube Star
Amy Rider, 1985, TV Actress
Ana Mulvoy-Ten, 1992, TV Actress
Ana Mulvoy-Ten, 1992, TV Actress
AndImGone, 1998, YouTube Star
Andrea Barzagli, 1981, Soccer Player
Andres Romero, 1981, Golfer
Andy Brown, 1987, Rock Singer
Andy Dibble, 1965, Soccer Player
Anea Garcia, 1992, Model
Aneurin Barnard, 1987, Movie Actor
Anthony Field, 1963, Pop Singer
Anthony Reynolds, 1968, TV Actor
Ariane Labed, 1984, Movie Actress
Augusta Jane Evans, 1835, Novelist
Ben Giles, 1987, Journalist

Benjamin Graham, 1894, Entrepreneur
Benoit Paire, 1989, Tennis Player
Bertram Windle, 1858, Scientist
Beth Henley, 1952, Playwright
Betsy Baker, 1955, Movie Actress
Bill Cowher, 1957, Football Coach
Bill de Blasio, 1961, Politician
Bishop Fulton Sheen, 1895, TV Show Host
Blake Coward, 1996, Instagram Star
Bob Clampett, 1913, Cartoonist
Bobby LaBonte, 1964, Race Car Driver
Brad Culpepper, 1969, Football Player
Bradley Horowitz, 1965, Business Executive
Brandon Robert Brown, 1985, Model
Brian Tyler, 1972, Composer
Buakaw Banchamek, 1982, MMA Fighter
Byron Bernstein, 1989, YouTube Star
Candace Nelson, 1974, Chef
Candice Night, 1971, Folk Singer
Chany Dakota, 1996, Star
Charbel Makhluf, 1828, Religious Leader
Charles Scorsese, 1913, Family Member
Chinmayananda Saraswati, 1916, Religious Leader
Chris Frantz, 1951, Drummer
Chris Lighty, 1968, Entrepreneur
Chris Miles, 1999, Rapper
Christian Jacob, 1958, Pianist
Christina Cole, 1982, TV Actress
Christine Brecht, 1991, Reality Star
Chuck Huber, 1971, Voice Actor
Cindy Burbridge, 1979, Model
Connor Knowlage, 2000, YouNow Star
Cooper Huckabee, 1951, Movie Actor
Cristina Comencini, 1956, Screenwriter
Culum Retallick, 1985, Rugby Player
Dan Brouthers, 1858, Baseball Player
Daniel Kaluuya, 1989, TV Actor
Darren Hayes, 1972, Rock Singer
Dave Rowntree, 1964, Drummer
David Attenborough, 1926, TV Show Host
David Keith, 1954, Movie Actor
Deborah Harmon, 1951, TV Actress
Dennis Leonard, 1951, Baseball Player
Desmond Dennis, 1994, R&B Singer
Devi Shetty, 1953, Doctor
Devon Soltendieck, 1985, TV Show Host
Dinesh Patel, 1989, Baseball Player
DJ Sounds 4 Life, 1979, DJ
Doga Konakoglu, 1988, Vine Star
Don Rickles, 1926, Comedian
Drake Nevis, 1989, Football Player
Edd Roush, 1893, Baseball Player
Edmund Wilson, 1895, Non-Fiction Author
Elyes Gabel, 1983, TV Actor
Emilio Delgado, 1940, TV Actor
Emily Lucas, 2000, Vine Star

Enrique Iglesias, 1975, Pop Singer
Eric Gelinas, 1991, Hockey Player
Ethel Allen, 1929, Politician
Evan Hofer, 1997, TV Actor
Felix Jones, 1987, Football Player
Francis Ouimet, 1893, Golfer
Francis Quarles, 1592, Poet
Franco Baresi, 1960, Soccer Player
Frank Garcia, 1927, Magician
Frank Kreyer, 1970, Race Car Driver
Fulton J. Sheen, 1895, Religious Leader
Galen Rupp, 1986, Runner
Garrett Temple, 1986, Basketball Player
Gary Glitter, 1944, Rock Singer
Gary Snyder, 1930, Poet
Gemma Oaten, 1984, Soap Opera Actress
George Miller Beard, 1839, Doctor
George Woodcock, 1912, Essayist
Gerda Weissman Klein, 1924,
Greg Finley, 1947, Voice Actor
Harry S Truman, 1884, US President
Henry Baker, 1698, Scientist

Henry Dunant, 1828, Activist
Hidekaz Himaruya, 1985, Cartoonist
Hiromu Arakawa, 1973, Cartoonist
Igor Presnyakov, 1960, Guitarist
Iiamcarloss, 2002, Instagram Star
Iran Barkley, 1960, Boxer
Jack Chapman, 1843, Baseball Player
Jack Charlton, 1935, Soccer Player
Jack LaBrant, 1998, Vine Star
Jack Laird, 1923, TV Producer
Jamaal Jackson, 1980, Football Player
James Elmer, 1986, Field Hockey Player
James Mitchum, 1941, Family Member
James Traficant, 1941, Politician
Jasen Fisher, 1980, Movie Actor
Jean Giraud, 1938, Cartoonist
Jeff Wincott, 1957, Movie Actor
Jennifer Hope Wills, 1973, Stage Actress
Jennifer Walcott, 1977, Model
Jeremy Jahns, 1981, YouTube Star
Jessica Aguilar, 1982, MMA Fighter
Jnan Prakash Ghosh, 1909, Composer
Jodhi May, 1975, Movie Actress
Jodie Connor, 1981, R&B Singer
Joe Bonamassa, 1977, Blues Singer
Joe Shear, 1943, Race Car Driver
John Archer, 1915, TV Actor
John C Bogle, 1929, Entrepreneur
John Maine, 1981, Baseball Player
John Mariucci, 1916, Hockey Player
Jonathon Young, 1973, TV Actor
Jordan Oliver, 1990, Wrestler
Jose Maria Peman, 1897, Novelist
Josie Maran, 1978, Model
Julia Whelan, 1984, TV Actress
Julian DelGrosso, 1995, Vine Star
Kam Heskin, 1973, Soap Opera Actress
Karma Samdrup, 1968, Business Executive
Katy B, 1989, R&B Singer
Keiji Inafune, 1965, Illustrator
Keith Harling, 1963, Country Singer
Keith Jarrett, 1945, Pianist
Kemba Walker, 1990, Basketball Player
Kendra James, 1987, Reality Star
Kevin Hayes, 1992, Hockey Player
Kevin McCloud, 1959, TV Show Host
Keyon Dooling, 1980, Basketball Player
Kimberlee Peterson, 1980, TV Actress
Kirk Lynn, 1972, Playwright
Kristina, 1979, World Music Singer
Kwame Anthony Appiah, 1954, Philosopher
Laced Up Lauren, 1992, Twitch Star
Lars Eller, 1989, Hockey Player
Lauren Mae, 1986, YouTube Star
Lefteris Valakas, 1944, Sculptor
Lenisa Di Clemente, 2002, Pop Singer
Lex Barker, 1919, Movie Actor
Liam Bridcutt, 1989, Soccer Player
Liam MacKay, 1986, YouTube Star
Lizzy Plapinger, 1988, Rock Singer
Lonnie Pilgrim, 1928, Entrepreneur
Louis Moreau Gottschalk, 1829, Pianist
Louise Stratten, 1968, Movie Actress
Lovie Smith, 1958, Football Coach
Lucas Castel, 1996, YouTube Star
Luis Enrique, 1970, Soccer Player
Luke Burbank, 1976, Radio Host
Luke Christopher, 1993, Rapper
Mahmoud Ahmed, 1941, World Music Singer
Marc Veyrat, 1950, Chef
Marcel Cunningham, 1990, YouTube Star
Marcus Brigstocke, 1973, Comedian
Marcus Ginyard, 1987, Basketball Player
Marissa Neitling, 1984, TV Actress
Mark Noble, 1987, Soccer Player
Marta Sanchez Lopez, 1966, World Music Singer
Marvell Wynne, 1986, Soccer Player
Mary Ann Ochota, 1981, TV Show Host
Mary Lou Williams, 1910, Pianist
Matt Martin, 1989, Hockey Player
Matt Willis, 1983, Pop Singer
Matthew Davis, 1978, TV Actor
Maverick McConnell, 1995, Model
Maximo Gianfranco Sorrentino, 1979, Reality Star
Megan Evans, 1987, YouTube Star
Megan Miller, 1990, Pop Singer
Mehmet Gunsur, 1975, Movie Actor
Meles Zenawi, 1955, World Leader
Meles Zenawi, 1955, World Leader
Melissa Gilbert, 1964, TV Actress
Melvin Zais, 1916, War Hero
Micah Christenson, 1993, Volleyball Player
Micah Sloat, 1981, Movie Actor
Michael Bevan, 1970, Cricket Player
Michel Gondry, 1963, Director
Michelle McManus, 1980, R&B Singer
Miguel Hidalgo Costilla, 1753, War Hero
Mike D’Antoni, 1951, Basketball Coach
Mike Linnyker, 1997, YouTube Star
Miyoshi Umeki, 1929, Movie Actress
Mladen Juran, 1942, Director
Mona Monica Kattan, 1985, Blogger
Moulay Hassan, 2003, Royalty
Nadine Chandrawinata, 1984, Model
Naomi Klein, 1970, Activist
Nathan Hibbott, 1992, YouTube Star
Nico DiMarco, 1989, Family Member
Noo Stenning, 1999, YouTube Star
Nora Arnezeder, 1989, TV Actress
Nora Marks Dauenhauer, 1927, Poet
Nyle DiMarco, 1989, Model
Olivia Culpo, 1992, Model
Patrick McKenna, 1960, TV Actor
Peter Benchley, 1940, Novelist
Peter Chao, 1987, YouTube Star
Philip Bailey, 1951, Folk Singer
Phillis Wheatley, 1753, Poet
Phyllida Law, 1932, Movie Actress
Potap, 1981, Rapper
Priscilla Star Diaz, 1994, Rapper
Problem, 1985, Rapper
Rachel Marie Harris, 1996, Instagram Star
Raphael Jacquelin, 1974, Golfer
Ray Whitney, 1972, Hockey Player
Red Nichols, 1905, Trumpet Player
Ricky Nelson, 1940, Pop Singer
Robert Guiney, 1971, Reality Star
Robert Johnson, 1911, Guitarist
Robert M. Hensel, 1969, Activist
Roddy Doyle, 1958, Novelist
Roger Bowling, 1982, MMA Fighter
Ronnie Lott, 1959, Football Player
Rosie Caddick, 1996, YouTube Star
Ruth Padel, 1946, Novelist
Ryan Belleville, 1976, Comedian
Ryan Cook, 1983, Football Player
Sam Dekker, 1994, Basketball Player
Sapan Verma, 1989, Comedian
Satomi Sato, 1986, Voice Actor
Sayed Mekawy, 1927, Composer
Sean O’Connor, 1985, Comedian
Shana Petrone, 1972, Country Singer
Sid James, 1913, Comedian
Simon Kunz, 1954, Movie Actor
Sloan Wilson, 1920, Novelist
Sonny Liston, 1932, Boxer
Speedy Claxton, 1978, Basketball Player
Stephen Amell, 1981, TV Actor
Stephen Polk, 1960, Screenwriter
Sveta Sanders, 1982, Instagram Star
Terry Neill, 1942, Soccer Player
Thomas Hancock, 1786, Inventor
Tim Elis, 1963, Magician
Toni Tennille, 1940, Pop Singer
Tony Discipline, 1989, Soap Opera Actor
Trisha Paytas, 1988, YouTube Star
Tubby Emu, 1991, YouTube Star
Vern Buchanan, 1951, Politician
Vittorio Sgarbi, 1952, Politician
Wendy Bentley, 1986, YouTube Star
Wily Peralta, 1989, Baseball Player
Yara Sofia, 1984, Reality Star

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