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May 24 Famous Birthdays

May 24 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on May 24 are a Gemini who are very serious about love and career. They are the kind of people who don’t rely on others for financial stability. They are highly intelligent, gorgeous and talented. As a downfall, they could be tenacious and antagonistic.

In this case, it would be hard to imagine them as someone who has a sense of fun but it’s true. It’s kind of hard to read them sometimes as they don’t always show expression. The romantic in them is ready to sweep someone special off his or her feet. They love the feeling that loves brings.


However, famous people born on May 24 can be jealous and sometimes, without reason. Typically, they don’t like being by themselves as they like to talk. Their home is their castle and they like being there. So if you are in love with this Gemini, expect to find ways of entertaining at home.


Famous people born on May 24 can get an idea in their head, and it’s hard to convince them otherwise. It is not often that those born on this day are aggressive or boisterous but they could be a bit spoiled. The Gemini born on this day are socially active.


May 24th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

24 May Good Traits:

  • Charming
  • Independent
  • Unruffled
  • Inventive
  • Humorous
  • Capable
  • Attractive
  • Gracious
  • Generous
  • Devoted
  • Faithful
  • Stimulating

24 May Bad Traits:

  • Rigid
  • Aggressive
  • Boisterous
  • Jealous
  • Lazy
  • Opinionated

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May 24 Famous Birthday Personalities

Adel Taarabt, 1989, Soccer Player
Adrianisen, 1994, YouTube Star
Albert Bouchard, 1947, Drummer
Aled Davies, 1991, Shot Putter
Alex Carpenter, 1983, YouTube Star
Alex Lacamoire, 1975, Composer
Alfred Molina, 1953, Movie Actor
Alicia Dimichele, 1973, Reality Star
Allison Durbin, 1950, Pop Singer
Alyssa Healy, 1990, Cricket Player
Alyssa Shouse, 1995, YouTube Star
Amanda Perez, 1980, R&B Singer
Amelia Cooke, 1979, TV Actress
Amy Nicholson, 1979, Journalist
Andres Garcia, 1941, TV Actor
Andrew Jordan, 1989, Race Car Driver
Andy Lee, 1981, Comedian
Annika Victoria, 1992, YouTube Star
Anthony Melchiorri, 1965, TV Show Host
Anthony Minichiello, 1980, Rugby Player
Archie Shepp, 1937, Saxophonist
Argiris Karras, 1989, TV Actor
Artem Anisimov, 1988, Hockey Player
Arya Babbar, 1981, Movie Actor
Asim Peco, 1927, Novelist
Bailey Michelle Brown, 2006, TV Actress
Barbara West, 1911,
Bartolo Colon, 1973, Baseball Player
Ben Croshaw, 1983, Journalist
Ben Strevens, 1980, Soccer Player
Benjamin N. Cardozo, 1870, Supreme Court Justice
Bernardo Anor, 1988, Soccer Player

Bethan Horton, 1994, Pop Singer
Bhawoh Jue, 1979, Football Player
Bibi Tatto, 2000, YouTube Star
Bill Haas, 1982, Golfer
Bill Stulla, 1911, TV Actor
Billy Gilman, 1988, Country Singer
BlueBerry, 1996, YouTube Star
Bob Dylan, 1941, Folk Singer
Bojana Panic, 1985, Model
Brad Penny, 1978, Baseball Player
Brandon Dotson, 1997, Vine Star
Brandon Gonzales, 1984, Boxer
Brandon Stewart, 1995, TV Actor
Branka Jurca, 1914, Children’s Author
Brent Sherman, 1974, Race Car Driver
Brian Ching, 1978, Soccer Player
Brian Quinn, 1960, Soccer Player
Brianne Howey, 1990, TV Actress
Bryan Greenberg, 1978, TV Actor
Carl Anthony Payne II, 1969, TV Actor
Carlos Franco, 1965, Golfer
Caroline Fox, 1819, Memoirist
Carter Reynolds, 1996, Vine Star
Cayden Boyd, 1994, Movie Actor
Cecilia Cheung, 1980, Movie Actress
Cerrone, 1952, Drummer
Charlie Dent, 1960, Politician
Charlie Plummer, 1999, TV Actor
Chaunte Wayans, 1982, Screenwriter
Chris Hartley, 1982, Cricket Player
Chris Manzo, 1989, Reality Star
Chris Paul II, 2009, Family Member
Christian DelGrosso, 1993, Vine Star
Cliff Parisi, 1960, TV Actor
Clint Ballard Jr., 1931, Songwriter
Cody Eakin, 1991, Hockey Player
Cole Sand, 2003, TV Actor
Coleman Young, 1918, Politician
DaMarcus Beasley, 1982, Soccer Player
Dan Houser, 1974, TV Producer
Dana Ashbrook, 1967, TV Actor
Dani Fernandez, 1988, Comedian
Daniel Fahrenheit, 1686, Scientist
Daniel Rodriguez, 1964, Opera Singer
Darren Espanto, 2001, World Music Singer
Daryn Carp, 1988, Business Executive
Dash Mihok, 1974, Movie Actor
Dave Moody, 1962, Country Singer
David Fray, 1981, Pianist
David Kim, 1963, Violinist
David Lopez, 1987, Vine Star

Deborah Francois, 1987, Movie Actress
Dermot O’Leary, 1973, TV Show Host
Dominic Grieve, 1956, Politician
Dominique Pegg, 1995, Gymnast
Doug Jones, 1960, Movie Actor
Drake Sather, 1959, Screenwriter
Elena Boeva, 1985, Model
Elijah Burke, 1978, Wrestler
Elisa Bridges, 1973, Model
Elsa Maxwell, 1883, Novelist
Emil Conrad, 1989, YouTube Star
Eric Cantona, 1966, Soccer Player
Eric Close, 1967, TV Actor
Ezekiel B Turner, 1825, Lawyer
Fabio Fognini, 1987, Tennis Player
Fadi Fawaz, 1973, Family Member
Florence Knoll, 1917, Architect
Frank Dolce, 1996, TV Actor
Frank Mir, 1979, MMA Fighter
G-Eazy, 1989, Rapper
Gabe Gonzalez, 1972, Baseball Player
Garett Maggart, 1969, Movie Actor
Garrett Johnson, 1984, Shot Putter
Gary Burghoff, 1943, TV Actor
Gema Zamprogna, 1976, TV Actress
Greg Berlanti, 1972, Screenwriter
Guy Fletcher, 1960, Pianist

Heavy D., 1967, Rapper
Hector Camacho, 1962, Boxer
Helen B. Taussig, 1898, Doctor
Helen Fulthorpe, 1980, Pop Singer
Henri Michaux, 1899, Poet
Herbie Fields, 1919, Saxophonist
Hope Chapman, 1990, Blogger
J Jb Wilson, 1954, Journalist
Jack McNiece, 1919, War Hero
Jadon Sand, 2003, TV Actor
James Cosmo, 1948, TV Actor
Jan Smuts, 1870, World Leader
Jane Byrne, 1934, Politician
Jarell Martin, 1994, Basketball Player
Jason Babin, 1980, Football Player
Jean-Paul Marat, 1743, Politician
Jeff Celentano, 1960, Director
Jenn Korbee, 1980, Pop Singer
Jesus Franco Manera, 1949, Screenwriter
Jia Zhangke, 1970, Director
Jill Johnson, 1973, Country Singer
Jim Broadbent, 1949, Movie Actor
Jim Mora, 1935, Football Coach
Jimena Baron, 1987, TV Actress
Jimmy Demaret, 1910, Golfer
Jimmy Doherty, 1975, Reality Star
Jo Joyner, 1977, Soap Opera Actress
Joan Barry, 1920, Movie Actress
Joan Hammond, 1912, Opera Singer
Joe Dumars, 1963, Basketball Player
Joey Deacon, 1920, Autobiographer
Joey Logano, 1990, Race Car Driver
John C. Reilly, 1965, Movie Actor
John Harrington, 1957, Hockey Player
John Henry Foley, 1818, Sculptor
John Rowland, 1957, Politician
Jordan James, 1980, Rugby Player
Jordan Spence, 1990, Soccer Player
Jordi Gomez, 1985, Soccer Player
Jose Nasazzi, 1901, Soccer Player
Joseph Brodsky, 1940, Poet
Juan Toja, 1985, Soccer Player
Juicy M, 1991, DJ
Kanchi Kaul, 1982, TV Actress
Katharina Szelinski-Singer , 1918, Sculptor
Kayla Anderson, 1993, Journalist
Kelli Carpenter-O’donnell, 1967, Family Member
Ken Flach, 1963, Tennis Player
Kenneth Bjerre, 1984, Race Car Driver
Kenniasbeautychannel, 1997, YouTube Star
Kimberley Crossman, 1988, Soap Opera Actress
Kiril Gospodinov, 1934, Movie Actor
Kris Draper, 1971, Hockey Player
Kristin Scott Thomas, 1960, Movie Actress
Kym Valentine, 1977, Soap Opera Actress
Larry Blackmon, 1952, Funk Singer
Layne Beachley, 1972, Surfer
Libby Isted, 1998, Family Member
Lillian Moller Gilbreth, 1878, Engineer
Lohanthony, 1999, YouTube Star
Lorenzo Gilyard, 1950, Criminal
Luke Lerdwichagul, 1999, YouTube Star
Maksim Surayev, 1972, Astronaut
Malcolm Walker, 1943, Football Player
Marc Cerrone, 1952, Composer
Marc Gagnon, 1975, Speed Skater
Mariam Nour, 1936, TV Show Host
Mark Ballas, 1986, Reality Star
Marline Barberena, 1987, Model
Matt Stonie, 1992, Competitive Eater
Max Bennett, 1928, Bassist
Max Vernon, 1988, Composer
Maxim Noreau, 1987, Hockey Player
Mellie Stanley, 1989, Reality Star
Michael Chabon, 1963, Novelist
Michael De Mesa, 1960, TV Actor
Michael Lonsdale, 1931, Movie Actor
Michelle Dillon, 1973, Triathlete
Mick Mannock, 1887, Pilot
Mikulas Schneider-Trnavsky, 1881, Composer
Mitch Kupchak, 1954, Basketball Player
Mo Mo O’Brien, 1994, YouTube Star
Nell Campbell, 1953, Movie Actress
Nelson Agholor, 1993, Football Player
Owen Benjamin, 1980, TV Actor
Pat Verbeek, 1964, Hockey Player
Patti LaBelle, 1944, Pop Singer
Paul Gigot, 1955, Journalist
Paul Marcarelli, 1970, TV Actor
Penny Taylor, 1981, Basketball Player
Presley Tennant, 1992, Star
Prince Mak, 1990, Pop Singer
Priscilla Presley, 1945, TV Actress
Queen Victoria, 1819, Royalty
Racingcatz, 1996, YouTube Star
Rajdeep Sardesai, 1965, News Anchor
Rajesh Roshan, 1955, Composer
Rein Otsason, 1931, Politician
Ricardo Franco, 1949, Screenwriter
Rich Rodriguez, 1963, Football Coach
Ricky Craven, 1966, Race Car Driver
Ricky Mabe, 1983, Movie Actor
Robby Robinson, 1946, Bodybuilder
Robert Bateman, 1930, Painter
Robert Garrett, 1975, Shot Putter
Roger Deakins, 1949, Cinematographer
Rosanne Cash, 1955, Country Singer
Ryan Leonard, 1992, Soccer Player
Ryan Upchurch, 1991, YouTube Star
Ryan Wieber, 1984, Director
Sabrina Vega, 1995, Gymnast
Sam Page, 1965, Politician
Samantha Mogwe, 1988, Soul Singer
Samantha Stuckmann, 1990, Family Member
Sarah Margaret Hagan, 1984, TV Actress
Sean Kelly, 1956, Cyclist
Seijun Suzuki, 1923, Director
Shalrie Joseph, 1978, Soccer Player
Shannon Skinner, 1997, YouTube Star
Shinichiro Watanabe, 1965, Director
Shinichiro Watanabe, 1965, Director
Shunsuke Okubo, 1994, TV Actor
Soren Sorensen Adams, 1879, Entrepreneur
Stanley Baxter, 1926, TV Actor
Steven Shane McDonald, 1967, Bassist
Sue Lasmar, 1985, Model
Sue Thomas, 1950, Memoirist
Susana Baca, 1944, World Music Singer
Suzanne Lenglen, 1899, Tennis Player
Sybil Danning, 1947, Movie Actress
Tamarine Tanasugarn, 1977, Tennis Player
Tanner Patrick Howe, 1991, YouTube Star
Tara Correa-McMullen, 1989, TV Actress
Thomas Desimone, 1950, Criminal
Tito Torbellino, 1981, World Music Singer
Tom Bertram, 1977, Field Hockey Player
Tom Phillips, 1937, Multimedia Artist
Tommy Chong, 1938, Movie Actor
Tommy Page, 1970, Pop Singer
Tony Carter, 1986, Football Player
Tracy McGrady, 1979, Basketball Player
Travis T. Flory, 1991, TV Actor
Victor Bernardez, 1982, Soccer Player
Vincent Cronin, 1924, Non-Fiction Author
Vladimir Smicer, 1973, Soccer Player
Walter Beasley, 1961, Saxophonist
Will Barlow, 1990, YouTube Star
Will Sasso, 1975, Comedian
William Strife, 1987, YouTube Star
William Trubridge, 1980, Diver
William Whewell, 1794, Scientist
Yannick Bolasie, 1989, Soccer Player
Yordany Alvarez, 1985, Soccer Player
Yuya Matsushita, 1990, Pop Singer
Zach Sill, 1988, Hockey Player


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