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May 23 Famous Birthdays

May 23 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on May 23 could be very entertaining. Their friends say they are amusing yet sassy. They love life and they like to share it with their friends and family. They get busy sometimes so they don’t always have a lot to time to spend with them but they make it count when they do.

As a parent, they could be authoritative but mainly they just want the best for their children. Their soul mate should be pleased as they take their vows seriously and will likely be faithful and outspoken loving individual.


When it comes to their health, famous people born on May 23 have a high metabolic rate. But they could learn how to relax more. They should try massage therapy or a dance class to get all of the daily grind off their back.


It would seem that money is attracted to the famous celebrities of May 23. They, however, have trouble keeping it. Perhaps their partner will be of a help to them in this department.

Famous people born on May 23 love to mingle and can be a frivolous spender. These Gemini are busy people and sometimes, can be unreliable because of this fact. Most famous people born on this day May 23 are wonderful companions as they are loving and open-minded.


May 23rd Famous Birthday Personality Traits

23 May Good Traits:

  • Funny
  • Witty
  • Feisty
  • Adaptable
  • Knowledgeable
  • Imaginative
  • Inquisitive
  • Steadfast
  • Loving
  • Progressive

23 May Bad Traits:

  • Unreliable
  • Frivolous
  • Spendthrift
  • Hyperactive
  • Restless

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May 23 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Donald, 1991, Football Player
Adam Wylie, 1984, Voice Actor
Addie Juniper, 1984,
Agathe Uwilingiyimana, 1953, Politician
Agnieszka Chylinska, 1976, Rock Singer
Alan Garcia, 1945, Politician
Alex Buening, 1986, YouTube Star
Alex Shelley, 1983, Wrestler
Alfred P. Sloan, 1875, Entrepreneur
Alice Panikian, 1985, Model
Alicia de Larrocha, 1923, Pianist
Alki David, 1968, Entrepreneur
Alyssa Chi, 2001, Dancer
Ambrose Burnside, 1824, War Hero
Amy Correa Bell, 1982, Movie Actress
Anatoly Karpov, 1951, Chess Player
Andrew Ilnyckyj, 1990, YouTube Star
Andy Selva, 1976, Soccer Player
Angela Martini, 1986, Model
Angelina Jensen, 1973, Curler
Angelo Ogbonna, 1988, Soccer Player
Ann Hui, 1947, Director
Ante Starcevic, 1823, Politician
Antonis Samaras, 1951, Politician
Apollo Robbins, 1974, Magician
Arnold M. Auerbach, 1912, Screenwriter

Artie Shaw, 1910, Composer
Barbara Barrie, 1931, Movie Actress
Ben Dover, 1956,
Ben Ross, 1980, Rugby Player
Ben Stillwell, 1996, TV Actor
Betty Astell, 1912, TV Actress
Betty Garrett, 1919, TV Actress
Bill McCutcheon, 1924, TV Actor
Billy Hamill, 1970, Race Car Driver
Blaine Harrison, 1985, Rock Singer
Bob Mortimer, 1959, Comedian
Boston Hoellein, 2013, Family Member
Bray Wyatt, 1987, Wrestler
Bray Wyatt, 1987, Wrestler
Brian Campbell, 1979, Hockey Player
Bryan Herta, 1970, Race Car Driver
Buck Showalter, 1956, Baseball Manager
Cait Barker, 1990, Model
Caitlin Bassett, 1988, Netball Player
Calvin Mecham, 2015, YouTube Star
Cameron Porter, 1993, Soccer Player
Carl Bloch, 1834, Painter
Carl Linnaeus, 1707, Scientist
Carlos Zarate Serna, 1951, Boxer
Caroline Castigliano, 1960, Fashion Designer
Carrie Stroup, 1982, Model
Charles Kimbrough, 1936, Stage Actor
Charles Rogers, 1981, Football Player
Charlie Young, 1974, Movie Actress
Chris Biersack, 1963, Family Member
Chris Gethard, 1980, TV Actor
Chris Petoyan, 1976, Movie Actor
Chuck Anderson, 1985, Graphic Designer
Claire Pettibone, 1967, Fashion Designer
Craig Monk, 1967, Sailor
Cullen McCarthy, 2001, Voice Actor
Cydney Alexandra, 1994, YouTube Star
Dado Banatao, 1946, Entrepreneur
Dan Hellie, 1975, Sportscaster
Daniel Deffayet, 1922, Saxophonist
Daniel Dinardo, 1949, Religious Leader
Dante Cimadamore, 1984, YouTube Star
Darren Styles, 1975, DJ
Darron Thomas, 1990, Football Player
Dave Babych, 1961, Hockey Player
David Graham, 1946, Golfer
Deacon Phillippe, 1872, Baseball Player
Dean Friedman, 1955, Pop Singer
Deanna Coates, 1954, Paralympian
Deborah Adair, 1952, Soap Opera Actress
Denis Compton, 1918, Cricket Player
Devin Aromashodu, 1984, Football Player
Dillie Keane, 1952, Comedian
Dina Titus, 1950, Politician
DJ Cotrona, 1980, Movie Actor
Donald Hodel, 1935, Politician

Donna Christanello, 1942, Wrestler
Douglas Fairbanks Sr., 1883, Movie Actor
Doyle Dykes, 1954, Guitarist
Drew Carey, 1958, TV Show Host
Dummy Hoy, 1862, Baseball Player
Duncan Black, 1908, Economist
Edgar Hayes, 1904, Pianist
Emmy Montes, 1986, Novelist
Erin Baker, 1961, Triathlete
Evan Bird, 2000, TV Actor
Ezra Henderson, 1999, Pop Singer
Felissa Rose, 1969, Movie Actress
Fran McCaffery, 1959, Basketball Coach
Frank McHugh, 1898, Movie Actor
Franz Kline, 1910, Painter
Freddie Ransome, 1990, Instagram Star
Gary Brackett, 1980, Football Player
Gary McCord, 1948, Golfer
Gary Roberts, 1966, Hockey Player
Gavin Free, 1988, YouTube Star
Gayatri Devi, 1919, Royalty
George Osborne, 1971, Politician
Gerry Armstrong, 1954, Soccer Player
GhostgamingYT, 1994, Twitch Star
Gigi Maguire, 1979, Radio Host
Gints Gabrans, 1978, Multimedia Artist
Glen Morgan, 1967, Screenwriter

Glyn Brown, 1993, Instagram Star
Gomes Garcia, 1992, YouTube Star
Grace Ingalls, 1877, Family Member
Grace Mahary, 1989, Model
Gracie Otto, 1987, Director
Graeme Hick, 1966, Cricket Player
Guinevere Turner, 1968, Screenwriter
H Jon Benjamin, 1966, TV Actor
H Jon Benjamin, 1966, TV Actor
Haneen Zoabi, 1969, Politician
Harold Samuel, 1879, Pianist
Hasan Adan Samatar, 1953, World Music Singer
Heather Wahlquist, 1977, Movie Actress
Heidi Range, 1983, Pop Singer
Helen O’Connell, 1920, Rock Singer
HelloGreedo, 1986, YouTube Star
Hugh Casson, 1910, Architect
Hugo Almeida, 1984, Soccer Player
Humphrey Lyttelton, 1921, Trumpet Player
Ilia Kulik, 1977, Figure Skater
Irene the Dream, 1985, Model
Jackson Duggar, 2004, Reality Star
Jake Robinson, 1990, TV Actor
James Charles, 1999, Instagram Star
James Gillum, 1992, Family Member
James Gleason, 1882, Movie Actor
Jamie Morin, 1975,
Jane Kenyon, 1947, Poet
Jarod Green, 1981, Director
Jasmin Walia, 1990, Reality Star
Jeffery Taylor, 1989, Basketball Player
Jeralean Talley, 1899,
Jesse Heiman, 1978, Movie Actor
Jewel, 1974, Pop Singer
Jewel Tankard, 1974, Reality Star
Jimmy Bracken, 1909, Film Producer
Jimmy D. Ross, 1936, War Hero
Jinny Ng, 1992, Pop Singer
Joan Collins, 1933, TV Actress
Joe Gomez, 1997, Soccer Player
John Bardeen, 1908, Scientist
John Newcombe, 1944, Tennis Player
John Ortiz, 1968, TV Actor
John Payne, 1912, TV Actor
John Quinones, 1952, TV Show Host
John Whaite, 1989, Chef
Johnny Ball, 1938, TV Show Host
Jon Champion, 1965, Soccer Player
Jordan Zimmermann, 1986, Baseball Player
Jose Collins, 1887, Stage Actress
Josh Pace, 1983, Basketball Player
Joshua Lederberg, 1925, Scientist
Juliette Willis, 2003, Family Member
Karen Duffy, 1962, Model
Kate Barnard, 1875, Politician
KayKay Blaisdell, 1993, Blogger
Kelly Monaco, 1976, TV Actress
Ken Jennings, 1974, Reality Star
Ken Westerfield, 1947,
Kevin Ullyett, 1972, Tennis Player
Kevin Ward Jr., 1994, Race Car Driver
Kim Sung-soo, 1975, Movie Actor
Kristy-Lei Juan, 1988, Instagram Star
Lane Garrison, 1980, TV Actor
Laura Devon, 1931, TV Actress
Laura Reed, 1985, Soul Singer
Laurel Holloman, 1971, TV Actress
Lauren Chapin, 1945, TV Actress
Lauren Kubiske, 1997, Cheerleader
Lea DeLaria, 1958, Comedian
Lena Meyer-Landrut, 1991, Pop Singer
Leroy Troy, 1966, Banjo Player
Leslie de Koning, 1998, Dancer
Libby Holman, 1904, Stage Actress
Lil Dred, 1993, Rapper
Linda Thompson, 1950, Movie Actress
Linden Ashby, 1960, Movie Actor
Little Kelly, 1995, YouTube Star
Lizzie Sider, 1998, Country Singer
Lizzie Waterworth, 1984, Voice Actor
Lora Arellano, 1987, Makeup Artist
Lowkey, 1986, Rapper
Margaret Fuller, 1810, Activist
Margaret Wise Brown, 1910, Children’s Author
Marinko Stevanovic, 1961, Poet
Marius Hjerpseth, 1993, YouTube Star
Martin McGuinness, 1950, Politician
Martin Puryear, 1941, Sculptor
Marvin Hagler, 1954, Boxer
Mary Fickett, 1928, Soap Opera Actress
Mason Rudolph, 1934, Golfer
Matt Flynn, 1970, Drummer
Matt McBride, 1985, Baseball Player
Matthew Lintz, 2001, Movie Actor
Max Abramovitz, 1908, Architect
Maxwell, 1973, R&B Singer
Melissa McBride, 1965, TV Actress
Michel Roux Jr., 1960, Chef
Mike Dunn, 1985, Baseball Player
Mike Gonzalez, 1978, Baseball Player
Mike Goodson, 1987, Football Player
Miko Fogarty, 1997, Dancer
Mindi Abair, 1969, Saxophonist
Mitch Albom, 1958, Novelist
Monica Naranjo, 1974, Rock Singer
Morgan Pressel, 1988, Golfer
Nadia Santini, 1970, Chef
Najwa Latif, 1995, Pop Singer
Natalie Madsen, 1985, Comedian
Nigel Davenport, 1928, Movie Actor
Noah Lahn, 2000, Pop Singer
Oli Brown, 1989, Blues Singer
Oliver Holt, 1966, Journalist
Otto Lilienthal, 1848, Pilot
Ove Fundin, 1933, Race Car Driver
Patricia McCormick, 1956, Journalist
Paul Rey, 1992, Pop Singer
Pauline Chan Bo-lin, 1973, Movie Actress
Phil Selway, 1967, Drummer
Pol Albrecht, 1874, Composer
Ramon Ortiz, 1973, Baseball Player
Ramunas Butautas, 1964, Basketball Coach
Randy Graff, 1955, Movie Actress
Rasual Butler, 1979, Basketball Player
Rebecca James, 1995, Pop Singer
Reggie Hamilton, 1989, Basketball Player
Richard Blade, 1956, DJ
Richard Chase, 1950, Criminal
Richard Hill, 1973, Rugby Player
Rick Fenn, 1953, Guitarist
Robert A. M. Stern, 1939, Architect
Robert Moog, 1934, Inventor
Robert Warren Miller, 1933, Entrepreneur
Rochelle Pangilinan, 1982, Dancer
Ronald Williams, 1967, Entrepreneur
Rory Gates, 1999, Family Member
Rosemary Clooney, 1928, Pop Singer
Ross Davenport, 1984, Swimmer
Ross Wallace, 1985, Soccer Player
Rubens Barrichello, 1972, Race Car Driver
Rytis Vaisvila, 1971, Basketball Player
Ryuta Kawashima, 1959, Scientist
Sam Milby, 1984, TV Actor
Sarah Jarosz, 1991, Folk Singer
Scatman Crothers, 1910, Jazz Singer
Scott O’Dell, 1898, Children’s Author
Scott Raynor, 1978, Drummer
Sean Williams, 1967, Novelist
Shelly West, 1958, Country Singer
Smartista Beauty, 1994, YouTube Star
Sofie Orstadius, 2000, YouTube Star
Steve Flesch, 1967, Golfer
Sunny May Allison, 2002, Movie Actress
Susan Mary Cooper, 1935, Novelist
Theofanis Gekas, 1980, Soccer Player
Thomas Hood, 1799, Poet
Thomas Reiter, 1958, Astronaut
Tim Robinson, 1981, Comedian
Tom Tykwer, 1965, Director
Tosh Zhang, 1989, YouTube Star
Tristan Prettyman, 1982, Pop Singer
Tristan Thomas, 1986, Runner
turnthepaige, 1997, YouTube Star
Tyler Beede, 1993, Baseball Player
Tyriq Lamont, 1989, YouTube Star
Umair Khaliq, 1994, YouTube Star
Ursula Hegi, 1946, Novelist
Vered Buskila, 1983, Sailor
Vicky Moscholiou, 1943, World Music Singer
Victor Espinoza, 1972, Horse Jockey
Wally Dallenbach, 1963, Race Car Driver
Wesley Johnson, 1988, YouTube Star
William Hunter, 1718, Doctor
William Kircher, 1958, TV Actor
William P. Barr, 1950, Politician
William Stromberg, 1964, Composer
Yung Booke, 1987, Rapper
Zack Wheat, 1888, Baseball Player
Zalman King, 1942, Director


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