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May 25 Famous Birthdays

May 25 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on May 25 are a Gemini who like the city life. They have dreams and goals that go beyond a little town’s offerings. They are decided about their future and having a lifestyle worth writing back home about.

Being tied down is not on their list of things to do although they like being partnered with someone special. Their best match suggestion is that of another Gemini. This is someone who will understand them and give them unconditional love and support.


Famous people born on May 25 will work hard to provide for a life without financial stress. But they prefer a profession that provides personal gratification. Also they place a high regard on their independence. They hate the thought of being caged.

When it comes to their health, they take it seriously. Working out gives them a chance to relieve some of the daily tension and looking fit is an added benefit to exercising.


Famous people born on May 25 are a Gemini who is imaginative, focused and ambitious. They do not need other people to feel complete or whole. They probably left their parent’s home early on.


May 25th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

25 May Good Traits:

  • Funny
  • Talkative
  • Friendly
  • Serious
  • Unusual
  • Sensible
  • Communicative
  • Imaginative
  • Focused
  • Ambitious
  • Self-Reliant
  • Playful
  • Lively
  • Optimistic

25 May Bad Traits:

  • Loner
  • Distant
  • Ruthless
  • Nervous
  • Insecure
  • Scared

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May 25 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron McLean, 1983, Soccer Player
Adam Gontier, 1978, Rock Singer
Adam Vossen, 2001, YouTube Star
Aissa Maiga, 1975, Movie Actress
Alain Baltazar, 1994, YouTube Star
Alastair Campbell, 1957, Journalist
Alberto Del Rio, 1977, Wrestler
Alexander Chung, 1992, Choreographer
Alexis Texas, 1985,
Aly Raisman, 1994, Gymnast
Amy Klobuchar, 1960, Politician
Anastasija Raznatovic, 1998, Family Member
Andre Jones, 1985, Football Player
Andrea Russotto, 1988, Soccer Player
Andrew Lambrou, 1998, Pop Singer
Andy Westhead, 1991, Guitarist
Angelica Kathleen, 1992, Model
Ann Robinson, 1929, Movie Actress
Anne Consigny, 1963, Movie Actress
Anne Heche, 1969, TV Actress
Anthea Turner, 1960, TV Show Host
Arthur Mutambara, 1966, Politician
Barbara Luddy, 1908, Voice Actor
Barbara Schulz, 1972, TV Actress
Barrett Jones, 1990, Football Player
Beverly Sills, 1929, Opera Singer
Bill Robinson, 1878, Movie Actor
Bill Sharman, 1926, Basketball Coach

Binnie Barnes, 1903, Movie Actress
Blaise Nkufo, 1975, Soccer Player
Blaise Nkufo, 1975, Soccer Player
Bo Dallas, 1990, Wrestler
Bobby Campbell, 1985,
Bobby Lockwood, 1993, TV Actor
Bobby Slayton, 1955, Comedian
Brec Bassinger, 1999, TV Actress
Brian Urlacher, 1978, Football Player
Carlos Bocanegra, 1979, Soccer Player
Carly Rowena, 1987, YouTube Star
Charlie Barker, 1995, Instagram Star
Chloe Lukasiak, 2001, Dancer
Chris Burney, 1969, Guitarist
Chris Young, 1979, Baseball Player
Christian Kinkela, 1982, Soccer Player
Cillian Murphy, 1976, Movie Actor
Claude Akins, 1926, TV Actor
Cocomonkey, 2000, YouTube Star
Cody Canada, 1976, Country Singer
Colby Canterbury, 1997, Movie Actor
Connie Sellecca, 1955, TV Actress
Corbin Allred, 1979, Movie Actor
Cory Tyler, 1973, TV Actor
Courtney Williams, 1993, YouTube Star
Cung Le, 1972, Boxer
Dani Artaud, 1988, Pop Singer
DanicaMMakeup, 1997, YouTube Star
Daniel Budiman, 1983, TV Show Host
Daniel Passarella, 1953, Soccer Player
Dave Lee Travis, 1945, Radio Host
David Navarro, 1980, Soccer Player
David Pastrnak, 1996, Hockey Player
David Sacks, 1972, Entrepreneur
Daz Dillinger, 1973, Rapper
Demba Ba, 1985, Soccer Player
Demetri Martin, 1973, Comedian
Derrick Williams, 1991, Basketball Player
Dixie Carter, 1939, TV Actress
Dmitri Kondratyev, 1969, Astronaut
Donald Arthur Luscombe, 1895, Entrepreneur
Eli Craig, 1972, Screenwriter
Elle Fowler, 1988, YouTube Star
Elle Fowler, 1988, YouTube Star
Emily Hartridge, 1984, YouTube Star
Emily Wowk, 1992, YouTube Star
Emma Marrone, 1984, Pop Singer
Emzy255, 1988, YouTube Star
Eric Young Jr., 1985, Baseball Player

Erin Mielzynski, 1990, Skier
Erinn Hayes, 1976, TV Actress
Esme Bianco, 1982, TV Actress
Esteve Rabat, 1989, Motorcycle Racer
Ethan Suplee, 1976, TV Actor
Eve Ensler, 1953, Playwright
Ezekiel Kemboi, 1982, Runner
Felix Fox, 1876, Pianist
Frank Klepacki, 1974, Composer
Frank Oz, 1944, Puppeteer
Fryda Wolff, 1982, Voice Actor
Gabby Soleil, 1995, TV Actress
Gary Foster, 1936, Saxophonist
Gene Tunney, 1897, Boxer
George Hickenlooper, 1963, Director
Georgia Annable, 1995, Model
Geraint Thomas, 1986, Cyclist
Glen Drover, 1969, Guitarist
Gordon H. Smith, 1952, Politician
Goundamani, 1939, Movie Actor
Guy Lawrence, 1991, DJ
Hal David, 1921, Songwriter

Hannah Rutherford, 1988, YouTube Star
Hattie Watson, 1986, Instagram Star
Helen Terry, 1956, Rock Singer
Henry Calvin, 1918, TV Actor
Herbert Krause, 1905, Historian
Hikari Ishida, 1972, TV Actress
Hillary B. Smith, 1957, Soap Opera Actress
Ian McKellen, 1939, Movie Actor
Igor Sikorsky, 1889, Scientist
Ivan Bella, 1964, Astronaut
J Michael Tatum, 1976, TV Actor
Jacki Weaver, 1947, TV Actress
Jamaica Kincaid, 1949, Novelist
James Green, 1993, YouNow Star
James Mckeen Cattell, 1860, Scientist
Jamie Foreman, 1958, TV Actor
Jamie Kennedy, 1970, Comedian
Jan Bahyl, 1856, Engineer
Jared Outlaw, 1991, YouTube Star
Jarred Cosart, 1990, Baseball Player
Jason Kubel, 1982, Baseball Player
Jeanne Crain, 1925, Movie Actress
Jennifer Pinches, 1994, Gymnast
Jesse Rossi, 1996, Rock Singer
Jessi Colter, 1943, Country Singer
Jessica Martinez, 1988, Instagram Star
Jessica Martinez, 1988, Pop Singer
JJ Hamblett, 1988, Pop Singer
Joe Judge, 1894, Baseball Player
Joe King, 1980, Guitarist
Joe Robinson, 1991, Guitarist
Joey Buttitta, 1989, Reality Star
John A. Ryan, 1869, Religious Leader
John Bunnell, 1944, TV Show Host
John Gregory Dunne, 1932, Novelist
John Mott, 1865, Religious Leader
Jonny Wilkinson, 1979, Rugby Player
Joseph D. Reitman, 1968, Film Producer
JT Money, 1979, Rapper
Julian Clary, 1959, Reality Star
Julio Cocielo, 1993, YouTube Star
Justin Hodges, 1982, Rugby Player
Kamil Stoch, 1987, Skier
Karan Johar, 1972, Director
Karen Valentine, 1947, TV Actress
Karime Pindter, 1993, Reality Star
Karthi, 1977, Movie Actor
Kazi Nazrul Islam, 1899, Poet
Kazi Nazrul Islam, 1899, Poet
KC Jones, 1932, Basketball Player
KellyAnne Judd, 1986, Reality Star
Kendall Gill, 1968, Basketball Player
Kevin Hartman, 1974, Soccer Player
Kirk Frost, 1982, Reality Star
Kitty Kallen, 1922, Rock Singer
Klaus Meine, 1948, Metal Singer
Kofi Adu, 1969, Comedian
Kostas Martakis, 1984, Pop Singer
Kristen Butler, 1984, Blogger
Kunal Khemu, 1983, Movie Actor
Kurt Nathaniel Gatip, 2000, Facebook Star
Kylee Saunders, 1994, World Music Singer
Larry Hogan Jr., 1956, Politician
Lauren Crace, 1986, Soap Opera Actress
Lauren Snyder, 1999, YouTube Star
Lauren Taveras, 1999, Pop Singer
Lauren York, 1993, TV Actress
Lee Jung-jin, 1978, Movie Actor
Leo Podolsky, 1894, Pianist
Lesley J. McNair, 1883, War Hero
Leslie Uggams, 1943, TV Show Host
Lil Buck, 1988, Dancer
Linda Maclennan, 1956, TV Show Host
Lindsay Greenbush, 1970, TV Actress
Lindsey Nelson, 1919, Sportscaster
Logan Tom, 1981, Volleyball Player
Luciana Abreu, 1985, Pop Singer
Luke Ball, 1984, Australian Rules Footballer
Maiko Kazama, 1956, Movie Actress
Malcolm Glazer, 1928, Sports Executive
Marcelo Huertas, 1982, Basketball Player
Margaret Forster, 1938, Memoirist
Mario Manningham, 1986, Football Player
Marion Raven, 1984, Pop Singer
Mark Rosewater, 1967, Game Designer
Mark Shields, 1937, Journalist
Marshall Allen, 1924, Saxophonist
Martin Gleeson, 1980, Rugby Player
Martina Sablikova, 1987, Speed Skater
Mathilde Verne, 1865, Pianist
Matthew Borlenghi, 1967, Soap Opera Actor
Michael Lally, 1942, Poet
Michael Latta, 1991, Hockey Player
Miguel Tejada, 1974, Baseball Player
Mike Myers, 1963, Movie Actor
Minh Mang, 1791, Royalty
Mischa Levitzki, 1898, Pianist
Molly Sims, 1973, Model
Monica Keena, 1979, TV Actress
Naim Frasheri, 1846, Poet
Naoufal Benazzouz, 1979, Boxer
Natasha Barnard, 1988, Model
Nate Davis, 1987, Football Player
Nathan Kriis, 1993, Instagram Star
Neil Marshall, 1970, Director
Neon Hitch, 1986, Pop Singer
Nic Truong, 1993, YouTube Star
Nobuyoshi Araki, 1940, Photographer
Norman Powell, 1993, Basketball Player
Ob Obrien, 1984, Rapper
Octavia Spencer, 1970, Movie Actress
Oka Nikolov, 1974, Soccer Player
Omar Abdalla Aboelazm, 1980, Criminal
Pam Veasey, 1962, TV Producer
Patti Darbanville, 1951, TV Actress
Paul Dempsey, 1976, Guitarist
Paul Petrino, 1967, Football Coach
Paul Weller, 1958, Rock Singer
Peguy Luyindula, 1979, Soccer Player
Petter, 1974, Rapper
Pio Of Pietrelcina, 1887, Religious Leader
Polina Beregova, 1997, YouTube Star
Poppy Z. Brite, 1967, Novelist
Preap Sovath, 1975, World Music Singer
Rafael Cabrera-Bello, 1984, Golfer
Ralph Gracie, 1971, MMA Fighter
Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1803, Philosopher
Ram Kinker Baij, 1906, Sculptor
Ramon Sanchez, 1982, Soccer Player
Rash Behari Bose, 1886, Activist
Rasheeda, 1982, Rapper
Ray Stevenson, 1964, Movie Actor
Raymond Carver, 1938, Poet
Richard Matt, 1966, Criminal
Ricky Banderas, 1975, Wrestler
Robert Ludlum, 1927, Novelist
Roger Bowen, 1932, Comedian
Roman Reigns, 1985, Wrestler
Rosario Castellanos, 1925, Poet
Ruthie Bolton, 1967, Basketball Player
Ryan Gallant, 1982, Skateboarder
Samed Yesil, 1994, Soccer Player
Samir Badran, 1990, Reality Star
Sandy Bennett, 1972, Field Hockey Player
Scarlet Rose Stallone, 2002, Family Member
Scott Hairston, 1980, Baseball Player
Shaleen Malhotra, 1988, TV Actor
Shawne Merriman, 1984, Football Player
Sidney Carroll, 1913, Screenwriter
Sidney Greenbush, 1970, TV Actress
Simmi Singh, 1989, YouTube Star
Simone Robertson, 1975, TV Actress
Smokey Yunick, 1923, Race Car Driver
Sonia Rykiel, 1930, Fashion Designer
Sri Divya, 1991, Movie Actress
Stacy London, 1969, Entrepreneur
Stefka Kostadinova, 1965, High Jumper
Steve Cochran, 1917, Movie Actor
Steven Krueger, 1989, TV Actor
Sudirman Arshad, 1954, Pop Singer
Susan Vanita Diol, 1962, TV Actress
Tamzin Swann, 1993, Blogger
Terra Jole, 1980, Reality Star
Theodore Hesburgh, 1917, Religious Leader
Theodore Roethke, 1908, Poet
Thorgy Thor, 1984, Reality Star
Thornton Willis, 1936, Painter
Tina Woods, 1999, Vine Star
Todd Walker, 1973, Baseball Player
Tom Rolinson, 1997, TV Actor
Tom T. Hall, 1936, Country Singer
Vera Nazarian, 1966, Novelist
Vincent Piazza, 1976, TV Actor
Wallace Roney, 1960, Trumpet Player
Warren Frost, 1925, TV Actor
Weston Wilson, 1997, Pop Singer
WP Kinsella, 1935, Novelist
Yadira Borrego, 1986, Model
Yoan Gouffran, 1986, Soccer Player
Zak DeOssie, 1984, Football Player


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