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May 22 Famous Birthdays

May 22 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on May 22 are described as a Gemini who will go to great lengths to make sure that things are done right for them and their family. They are often times insecure about themselves or how they come off looking to other people. They shouldn’t worry however. People mainly respect them and don’t know any more than what they allow them to know.

Famous people born on May 22 do a good job of keeping their personal business behind closed doors. The values that they were taught have remained in the forefront of their teachings today and of their beliefs. However, they can be demanding when it comes to raising their children. They keep it real with them though and yet love them.


In a relationship, famous people born on May 22 like their space but need constant reinforcement. Betrayal is not tolerated and will not be accepted in business or personal relationships. Their health is generally in good condition but they should remember to flush their system regularly.


Famous people born on May 22 can have dual personalities. Gemini are people with integrity. They can be secretive, and a perfectionist. They may be unaware of the impact that they have on other people’s lives. They are a playful and charming partner in love.


May 22nd Famous Birthday Personality Traits

22 May Good Traits:

  • Simple
  • Spiritual
  • Meticulous
  • Upfront
  • Leader
  • Idealistic
  • Accommodating
  • Traditional
  • Playful
  • Perfectionist

22 May Bad Traits:

  • Arrogant
  • Secretive
  • Atypical
  • Overprotective
  • Possessive
  • Pushy

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May 22 Famous Birthday Personalities

Abdullah Afzal, 1989, TV Actor
Adam McKola, 1989, YouTube Star
Adorian Deck, 1993, YouTube Star
Adrian Marcel, 1990, R&B Singer
Ahmed Fouad Negm, 1969, Poet
AJ Langer, 1974, TV Actress
Al Corley, 1956, TV Actor
Al Simmons, 1902, Baseball Player
Alan Ashby, 1991, Guitarist
Alexandra Dowling, 1990, TV Actress
Alison Eastwood, 1972, Movie Actress
Anatol Rapoport, 1911, Scientist
Andre Nemec, 1972, Screenwriter
Andrew Kingsbury, 1993, Instagram Star
Andrew Lauterstein, 1987, Swimmer
Ann Cusack, 1961, Movie Actress
Anna Belknap, 1972, TV Actress
Anne-Julia Hagen, 1990, Model
Apolo Ohno, 1982, Speed Skater
Arlene Phillips, 1943, Director
Arnold Lobel, 1933, Children’s Author
Arturo Vidal, 1987, Soccer Player
Aurora Ruffino, 1989, TV Actress
Austin Brown, 1986, Country Singer
AverySunshine, 1975, Soul Singer
Aylen Milla, 1990, Model
Barbara Parkins, 1942, TV Actress
Beau Kazer, 1951, Soap Opera Actor
Bernie Taupin, 1950, Rock Singer
Betty Williams, 1943, Civil Rights Leader
Bismarck du Plessis, 1984, Rugby Player
Bob Dyer, 1909, Game Show Host
Boris Laursen, 1995, Vine Star
Bradley Martyn, 1989, YouTube Star
Brian Pillman, 1962, Wrestler
Brittny Ward, 1990, Model
Brody Stevens, 1970, Comedian

Brooke Smith, 1967, TV Actress
BryanStars, 1990, YouTube Star
Buddy Alan, 1948, Country Singer
Camren Bicondova, 1999, Dancer
CariDee English, 1985, Model
Carl Craig, 1969, DJ
Carlos Valdes, 1985, Soccer Player
Catie Curtis, 1965, Pop Singer
Cha Bum-Kun, 1953, Soccer Player
Chalmers Alford, 1955, Guitarist
Charles Aznavour, 1924, Pop Singer
Charlie DePew, 1996, Movie Actor
Chase Budinger, 1988, Basketball Player
Cheryl Campbell, 1949, TV Actress
Chris Salvatore, 1985, Movie Actor
Chrisspy, 1987, YouTube Star
Christian Vande Velde, 1976, Cyclist
Christina Bertevello, 1996, Blogger
Clare Taylor, 1965, Cricket Player
Clyde Brion Davis, 1894, Novelist
Clyde Tolson, 1900, Law Enforcement Officer
Connie Powney, 1983, Soap Opera Actress
Dale Winton, 1955, TV Show Host
Daniel Bryan, 1981, Wrestler
Daniel Erlandsson, 1976, Drummer
Daniel Woolard, 1984, Soccer Player
Danielle Arciniegas, 1992, TV Actress
Dave Rimington, 1960, Football Player
David Blatt, 1959, Basketball Coach
David Bloom, 1963, News Anchor
David Schneider, 1963, TV Actor
Davina Kullar, 1980, Reality Star
Dean Gerken, 1985, Soccer Player
Denise Welch, 1958, Soap Opera Actress
Dina Pugliese, 1974, TV Show Host
Dominique Christina, 1974, Poet
Don Estelle, 1933, TV Actor
Donell Jones, 1973, R&B Singer
Donna Roberts, 1944, Criminal
Doug DeMuro, 1988, Blogger
Dre Bly, 1977, Football Player
Dustin Moskovitz, 1984, Entrepreneur
E.A.S. Prasanna, 1940, Cricket Player
Ellis Turffrey, 1997, Punk Singer
Eric Delaney, 1924, Drummer
Eric Sogard, 1986, Baseball Player
Erin McNaught, 1982, Model
Fanis Christodoulou, 1965, Basketball Player
Fei Yang, 1994, YouTube Star
Franco Masini, 1994, TV Actor
Frank Converse, 1938, Soap Opera Actor

Frederick Ruckstull, 1853, Sculptor
Gary Sweet, 1957, Movie Actor
George Best, 1946, Soccer Player
George Kourounis, 1970, TV Show Host
Gerard De Nerval, 1808, Poet
Giacomo Matteotti, 1885, Politician
Ginnifer Goodwin, 1978, TV Actress
Graham Harrell, 1985, Football Player
Graham Linehan, 1968, Screenwriter
Guy Marchand, 1937, Movie Actor
Harvey Milk, 1930, Civil Rights Leader
Heida Reed, 1988, TV Actress
Herbert C. Brown, 1912, Scientist
Herge, 1907, Cartoonist
Hideaki Anno, 1960, Director
Holly Conrad, 1986, YouTube Star
Horton Smith, 1908, Golfer
Howard Kendall, 1946, Soccer Player
I Marlene King, 1962, TV Producer
Itza Samocracy, 2001, YouTube Star
Iva Davies, 1955, Pop Singer
James Huling, 1984, Reality Star
Jared Cunningham, 1991, Basketball Player
Jay Carney, 1965, Journalist
JD Williams, 1978, TV Actor
Jeremy Gelbwaks, 1961, TV Actor

Jimmy Lyon, 1955, Guitarist
Jimmy Riley, 1954, Reggae Singer
Joel Obi, 1991, Soccer Player
Joey Ahern, 1990, Vine Star
Joey Woody, 1973, Hurdler
Johannes R. Becher, 1891, Politician
John Flanagan, 1944, Novelist
John Henry Mears, 1878, Explorer
John Sisko, 1958, Sculptor
Johnny Gill, 1966, R&B Singer
Johnny Olson, 1910, TV Show Host
Jose Mesa, 1966, Baseball Player
Julia Pierce, 1997, Rock Singer
Julian Edelman, 1986, Football Player
Jun Quemado, 1984, Dancer
Jurgen Melzer, 1981, Tennis Player
K Koke, 1985, Rapper
Kaelyn Cooper, 1997, YouTube Star
Karoline Herfurth, 1984, Movie Actress
Katelynne Quinn, 1987, Family Member
Katie Price, 1978, Model
Kay Unger, 1945, Fashion Designer
Kenny Ball, 1930, Jazz Singer
Kenny Hickey, 1966, Guitarist
Kim Lee, 1988, Model
Kramies, 1974, Folk Singer
Lee Hughes, 1976, Soccer Player
Lexy Panterra, 1989, Dancer
Lily Parr, 1905, Soccer Player
Linda Emond, 1959, TV Actress
Lisa Murkowski, 1957, Politician
Lola Saunders, 1994, Pop Singer
Luis Montalbert-Smith, 1975, Rock Singer
Lunga Shabalala, 1989, Model
Lyn-Z, 1979, Bassist
Maggie Q, 1979, Movie Actress
Maisa Silva, 2002, World Music Singer
Malcolm Lee, 1990, Basketball Player
Marcel Breuer, 1902, Architect
Marcelle Meyer, 1897, Pianist
Marcus Dupree, 1964, Football Player
Margaret Mee, 1909,
Marisol Escobar, 1930, Sculptor
Mark Christopher Lawrence, 1964, Movie Actor
Mary Cassatt, 1844, Painter
Matt Jarvis, 1986, Soccer Player
Mauro Boselli, 1985, Soccer Player
Max Brooks, 1972, Screenwriter
MC Eiht, 1967, Rapper
Michael Constantine, 1927, Movie Actor
Michael Kelly, 1969, TV Actor
Michael Kostroff, 1961, TV Actor
Michael Lockwood, 1961, Guitarist
Michael Sarrazin, 1940, Movie Actor
Mike Hawkins, 1991, DJ
Mike Hollis, 1972, Football Player
Mikhail Aleshin, 1987, Race Car Driver
Molly Ephraim, 1986, TV Actress
Molly Lamont, 1910, Movie Actress
Molly O’Malia, 2001, Instagram Star
Monika Chiang, 1974, Fashion Designer
Morgan Stewart, 1988, Reality Star
Morrissey, 1959, Rock Singer
Nadia Khan, 1979, TV Show Host
Naomi Campbell, 1970, Model
Natasha Kai, 1983, Soccer Player
Natasha Shneider, 1956, Pianist
Nazanin Boniadi, 1982, Movie Actress
Novak Djokovic, 1987, Tennis Player
Oliver Woollford, 1998, TV Actor
Osmani García, 1981, Reggae Singer
Parker Ballinger, 2013, Family Member
Pat Smullen, 1977, Horse Jockey
Patrick Husbands, 1973, Horse Jockey
Paul Viiding, 1904, Poet
Paul Winfield, 1939, Movie Actor
Peter Matthiessen, 1927, Novelist
Peter Nero, 1934, Pianist
Peyton Elizabeth Lee, 2004, TV Actress
Pierre Phipps, 1989, Rapper
Raimund Marasigan, 1971, Rock Singer
Ram Mohan Roy, 1774, Religious Leader
Raymond E Brown, 1928, Religious Leader
Rhett Fisher, 1980, TV Actor
Richard Benjamin, 1938, TV Actor
Richard Wagner, 1813, Composer
Rio Locsin, 1961, TV Actress
Roy English, 1988, Music Producer
Rudolf Bergander, 1909, Painter
Santana Garrett, 1988, Wrestler
Sarah Reinertsen, 1975, Paralympian
Scarlett Rose Turner, 1998, YouTube Star
Sean Gunn, 1974, TV Actor
Shane Koyczan, 1976, Poet
Shirley Murdock, 1957, R&B Singer
Shuji Nakamura, 1954, Scientist
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 1859, Novelist
Sir Laurence Olivier, 1907, Movie Actor
Sophia Abrahao, 1991, World Music Singer
Steve Bridges, 1963, Comedian
Stuart Tomlinson, 1985, Soccer Player
Suhana Khan, 2000, Family Member
Suho, 1991, Pop Singer
Sun Ra, 1914, Pianist
Susan Strasberg, 1938, Stage Actress
T Boone Pickens, 1928, Entrepreneur
Tanner Linford, 1997, Pop Singer
Tao Okamoto, 1985, Model
Tarek Madkour, 1967, Composer
Ted Kaczynski, 1942, Criminal
Thomas Schlamme, 1950, Director
Tom Pearce, 1991, Reality Star
Tom Zbikowski, 1985, Football Player
Tommy John, 1943, Baseball Player
Tommy Rees, 1992, Football Player
Traci Brooks, 1975, Wrestler
Tranquillo Barnetta, 1985, Soccer Player
Vanessa Ziletti, 1990, YouTube Star
Victoria Wyndham, 1945, Soap Opera Actress
Vivian Green, 1979, Soul Singer
Wang Xiaoshuai, 1966, Director
Warwick Armstrong, 1879, Cricket Player
Yina Moe-Lange, 1993, Skier
Yuri Drozdovskij, 1984, Chess Player
Yvonne Danson, 1959, Runner


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