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May 21 Famous Birthdays

May 21 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on May 21, are a Gemini who want a lifestyle that is without worry or stress about housing, food or clothing. They want to be able to provide for their family and give them what they need. Having the dream is only part of achieving the reality.

Characteristically speaking the May 21 famous celebrities are a barrel of laughs. They tend to stay close to their  family and to their close knit circle of friends. Being in love or finding love does not come at all easy for this Gemini. However, they maintain their eagerness to share their life with someone special.


Famous people born on May 21 are smart, open and down to earth. Additionally, their recall is almost without fault. As far as their money is concerned, they know how to live below their means. This is primarily so they can splurge come vacation time and even have money to invest in their future and those of their children.


Famous people born on May 21 are capable of having a million dollar bank account. Their children will love this part of them as they can be playful and youthful. They are likely to be busy with work to retain anything more than casual friendships.


May 21st Famous Birthday Personality Traits

21 May Good Traits:

  • Motivated
  • Determined
  • Entertaining
  • Creative
  • Enthusiastic
  • Rational
  • Clever
  • Intuitive
  • Honest
  • Straightforward

21 May Bad Traits:

  • Unpredictable
  • Distrustful
  • Indecisive
  • Moody
  • Lethargic

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May 21 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Kwak, 1993, Dancer
Abdulla Yameen, 1959, World Leader
Aditya Chopra, 1971, Director
Al Franken, 1951, Politician
Albrecht Durer, 1471, Painter
Alex Danson, 1985, Field Hockey Player
Alexander Dale Oen, 1985, Swimmer
Alexander Noyes, 1986, Drummer
Alexander Pope, 1688, Poet
aLexBY11, 1993, YouTube Star
Alfred Moore, 1755, Supreme Court Justice
Alice Drummond, 1928, TV Actress
Amanda Valentine, 1981, Fashion Designer
Andrei Sakharov, 1921, Scientist
Andrew Miller, 1985, Baseball Player
Andrew Neil, 1949, TV Show Host
Angelica, 1972, Pop Singer
Angelo Bruno, 1910, Criminal
Anika Moa, 1980, Guitarist
Anisha Nagarajan, 1983, Stage Actress
Anjulie Persaud, 1983, Pop Singer
Anthony Gargasz, 1992, Graphic Designer
Anthony Mundine, 1975, Boxer
Anthony Steel, 1920, Movie Actor
Anthony Touma, 1992, Pop Singer
Antonio Carmona, 1965, World Music Singer
Ara Parseghian, 1923, Football Coach
Areana Lopez, 2005, Dancer
Arielle Baril, 2003, Opera Singer

Armand Hammer, 1898, Entrepreneur
Arthur Russell, 1951, Composer
Ashlie Brillault, 1987, TV Actress
Audrey Smith, 1915, Scientist
Becca Macintyre, 1992, Rock Singer
Ben Hardaway, 1895, Animator
Bill Champlin, 1947, Guitarist
Blake Schwarzenbach, 1967, Punk Singer
Bob Gale, 1951, Screenwriter
Bobby Cox, 1941, Baseball Manager
Brandi Maxiell, 1983, Reality Star
Brandon Fields, 1984, Football Player
Brent Briscoe, 1961, Movie Actor
Brett Rossi, 1989, Model
Brett Tucker, 1972, TV Actor
Bria Myles, 1984, Instagram Star
Briana Banks, 1978, Model
Briana DeJesus, 1994, Reality Star
Briana Delgado, 1993, Instagram Star
Brighid Fleming, 1999, TV Actress
Bruce Buffer, 1957, TV Show Host
Bryan Edwards, 1743, Politician
Calum McSwiggan, 1990, YouTube Star
Calvin Dean, 1985, Movie Actor
Cam Brainard, 1962, Voice Actor
Carol Potter, 1948, TV Actress
Caroline Galeo, 1992, Vine Star
Chauncey Hollis, 1987, Rapper
Chloe Angelides, 1992, Pop Singer
Chris Benoit, 1967, Wrestler
Chris Kael, 1974, Bassist
Chris Raab, 1980, Movie Actor
Clarence Gaines, 1923, Basketball Coach
Cody Johnson, 1987, Country Singer
Craig Anderson, 1981, Hockey Player
CreepsMcPasta, 1991, YouTube Star
Da’vine Joy Randolph, 1986, Stage Actress
Damian Ariel Alvarez, 1979, Soccer Player
Daniel Itse, 1958, Politician
Daniella Grace, 1990, Model
Dara Bubamara, 1976, Pop Singer
Dave Wannstedt, 1952, Football Coach
David Groh, 1939, TV Actor
David Thibault, 1997, Rock Singer
Dayna Martin, 1973, YouTube Star
Dennis Day, 1916, Opera Singer
Deron Miller, 1976, Guitarist
Devin Funchess, 1994, Football Player
Diego Loyzaga, 1995, TV Actor
Donald Lipski, 1947, Sculptor
Dorothy Coade Hewett, 1923, Poet
Earl Averill, 1902, Baseball Player
Eddie Royal, 1986, Football Player
Edson Buddle, 1981, Soccer Player
Eduardo Verástegui, 1974, Pop Singer

Edward Watson, 1976, Dancer
Elizabeth Fry, 1780, Activist
Emily Robins, 1989, TV Actress
Emma Hentchel, 2002, TV Actress
Evan Green, 1930, Journalist
Evelyn Blair, 1999, Instagram Star
Fairuza Balk, 1974, Movie Actress
Fats Waller, 1904, Pianist
Forrest Whaley, 1994, YouTube Star
Gabbie Rae, 1998, Rock Singer
Gabi Hollows, 1953, Doctor
Gary Balletto, 1975, Boxer
Gaspard Auge, 1979, DJ
Gene Keady, 1936, Basketball Coach
Gento, 1992, YouTube Star
Gianna LePera, 1999, TV Actress
Gina Bachauer, 1913, Pianist
Ginnie Wade, 1843,
Giovanna Lancellotti, 1993, TV Actress
Glenn Curtiss, 1878, Entrepreneur
Gotye, 1980, Rock Singer
Greg Frewin, 1967, Magician
Guy Whimper, 1983, Football Player
Harold Robbins, 1916, Novelist
Harry Tierney, 1890, Composer
Havoc, 1974, Rapper

Heath L’Estrange, 1985, Rugby Player
Henri Rousseau, 1844, Painter
Hilton Valentine, 1943, Guitarist
Hiroki Ikegawa, 1990, Bassist
Hollyjboo, 2004, Dancer
Homayoun Shajarian, 1975, World Music Singer
Hudson Taylor, 1832, Religious Leader
Hutch Dano, 1992, TV Actor
Hypno Carlito, 1989, Rapper
Ikponmwosa Osakioduwa, 1979, TV Show Host
Inese Jaunzeme, 1932, Javelin Thrower
Isa Guha, 1985, Cricket Player
Isaiah Canaan, 1991, Basketball Player
Isha Blaaker, 1988, Model
Ivo Minar, 1984, Tennis Player
Jack Payne, 1997, Vine Star
Jack Twyman, 1934, Basketball Player
Jackson Pearce, 1984, Young Adult Author
Jamaal Magloire, 1978, Basketball Player
Jamal Harrison Bryant, 1971, Religious Leader
Jamie Cottrell, 1992, YouTube Star
Janet Dailey, 1944, Novelist
Janice Karman, 1954, Film Producer
Jarrett Bush, 1984, Football Player
Jeffrey Dahmer, 1960, Criminal
Jeffrey Toobin, 1960, Lawyer
Joe Camilleri, 1948, Jazz Singer
Joe Ross, 1993, Baseball Player
John L. Hines, 1868, War Hero
John Paxton, 1911, Screenwriter
Jon Beavers, 1984, TV Actor
Jonathan Hyde, 1948, Movie Actor
Joseph Parry, 1841, Composer
Josh Hamilton, 1981, Baseball Player
Josh Hill, 1990, Football Player
Josh Hull, 1987, Football Player
Josh Richman, 1965, Movie Actor
Josh Tryhane, 1994, YouTube Star
Joshua Burt, 1991, YouTube Star
Joshua Ritchie, 1994, Reality Star
JtByMilka, 1997, YouTube Star
Judge Reinhold, 1957, Movie Actor
Julia Vins, 1996, Weight Lifter
Julie Vega, 1968, Movie Actress
Juliet Cowan, 1974, TV Actress
Juwan Staten, 1992, Basketball Player
Kano, 1985, Rapper
Kate Hall, 1983, Pop Singer
Kathleen Wynne, 1953, Politician
Kay Kendall, 1927, Movie Actress
Kay Pollak, 1938, Director
Kayla Itsines, 1991, Instagram Star
Kelly Sibley, 1988, Table Tennis Player
Ken Bone, 1958, Basketball Coach
Kent Hrbek, 1960, Baseball Player
Kevin Quinn, 1997, TV Actor
Kevin Shields, 1963, Guitarist
Kimberly Pressler, 1977, Model
Konstantinos Argiros, 1986, World Music Singer
Kyle Red Silverstein, 2002, Movie Actor
Lauryn Evarts, 1986, Blogger
Lazaro Cardenas, 1895, World Leader
Leo Sayer, 1948, Pop Singer
Leon Schuster, 1951, Movie Actor
Lisa Edelstein, 1966, TV Actress
Lisette Morelos, 1978, TV Actress
Lloyd Wilkinson, 1991, YouTube Star
LM Carson, 1941, Screenwriter
Logan Brown, 1994, Reality Star
Loretta Lynch, 1959, Politician
Ma’a Nonu, 1982, Rugby Player
Maayan Davidovich, 1988, Surfer
Mace Brown, 1909, Baseball Player
Maggie Batson, 2003, TV Actress
Malcolm Fraser, 1930, World Leader
Manly Wade Wellman, 1903, Novelist
Marc Ribot, 1954, Guitarist
Marco Carta, 1985, Pop Singer
Marcus Hanna, 1997, Instagram Star
Maria Fernanda Candido, 1974, Soap Opera Actress
Maria Taylor, 1976, Pop Singer
Mario Mandzukic, 1986, Soccer Player
Mark Carnevale, 1960, Golfer
Mark Cavendish, 1985, Cyclist
Mark Crilley, 1966, Children’s Author
Mary Anning, 1799, Scientist
Matt Wieters, 1986, Baseball Player
Maurice Andre, 1933, Trumpet Player
Maurice Bishop, 1943, Politician
Max B, 1978, Rapper
Mikel Jollett, 1978, Rock Singer
Mitch Allan, 1972, Songwriter
Mitja Nikisch, 1899, Pianist
Mohanlal Nair, 1960, Movie Actor
Mr. T, 1952, TV Actor
MrCreepyPasta, 1988, YouTube Star
Mutya Buena, 1985, Pop Singer
Nadine Bargery Dorries, 1957, Politician
Naeem Khan, 1958, Fashion Designer
Nancy Benoit, 1964, Wrestler
Ngoy Bomboko, 1975, Soccer Player
Niall Burke, 1991, Hurler
Nick Cassavetes, 1959, Director
Nick Havlin, 2001, Vine Star
Nikki Kimball, 1971, Runner
Noel Fielding, 1973, Comedian
Nora Aunor, 1953, Movie Actress
Notorious B.I.G., 1972, Rapper
Olga Sosnovska, 1972, TV Actress
Olivia Olson, 1992, Rock Singer
Omar Esparza, 1988, Soccer Player
Oton Gliha, 1914, Painter
Paolo Montalban, 1973, Movie Actor
Park Gyu-ri, 1988, Pop Singer
Park So-jin, 1986, Pop Singer
Parker Cannon, 1992, Pop Singer
Peggy Cass, 1924, Stage Actress
Pete Sandoval, 1963, Drummer
Philip II of Spain, 1527, World Leader
Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, 1921, Philosopher
Pyropuncher, 1993, YouTube Star
Rachelle Ferrell, 1964, Jazz Singer
Raymond Burr, 1917, TV Actor
Rebecca Jones, 1957, Soap Opera Actress
Rebecca Moore, 1968, Stage Actress
RejectedShotgun, 1997, YouTube Star
Ricardo Lamas, 1982, MMA Fighter
Ricardo Lockette, 1986, Football Player
Richard Appel, 1963, Screenwriter
Richard Libertini, 1933, Movie Actor
Richie Myler, 1990, Rugby Player
Rick Jason, 1923, TV Actor
Ricky Williams, 1977, Football Player
Rob Norbury, 1988, Soap Opera Actor
Robbie Magasiva, 1970, Movie Actor
Robert Creeley, 1926, Poet
Robert Montgomery, 1904, Director
Robert Springer, 1942, Astronaut
Rocky Carson, 1979,
Romain Gary, 1914, Novelist
Ronald Isley, 1941, R&B Singer
Ronnie Clark, 1932, Soccer Player
Rosalind Plowright, 1949, Opera Singer
Rowan Jones, 1993, DJ
Roxy Sowlaty, 1988, Reality Star
Ruth Bancroft Law, 1887, Pilot
Sarah Ramos, 1991, TV Actress
Scott Smith, 1979, MMA Fighter
Scotty Leavenworth, 1990, TV Actor
Seda Aznavour, 1947, Pop Singer
Serge Mputu Mbungu, 1980, Soccer Player
Sergio Mayer, 1966, TV Actor
Seth Morris, 1970, TV Actor
Sharna Bass, 1997, Pop Singer
Spencer Lanning, 1988, Football Player
Stan Lynch, 1955, Drummer
Steve Brooker, 1981, Soccer Player
Stewart Cink, 1973, Golfer
Sujoy Ghosh, 1966, Director
Sunkrish Bala, 1984, TV Actor
Suzanne Lilar, 1901, Novelist
Syamsul Yusof, 1984, Director
Tatjana Saphira, 1997, Movie Actress
Todd White, 1975, Hockey Player
Tom Daley, 1994, Diver
Tommy Dunne, 1974, Hurler
Tony Hayward, 1957, Entrepreneur
Tudor Arghezi, 1880, Poet
Victor Henry Anderson, 1917, Poet
Viktoria Petryk, 1997, Pop Singer
Vladimir Salnikov, 1960, Swimmer
Will Packwood, 1993, Soccer Player
Willem Einthoven, 1860, Doctor
William Bradford Champlin, 1947, Rock Singer
XxScreamKiwixX, 1995, YouTube Star
Zdenko Kozul, 1966, Chess Player


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