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May 20 Famous Birthdays

May 20 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on May 20 are Geminis who love to talk! They can go on and on but they are extremely observant which makes them an excellent listener and advisor. They know how to do a lot of things as they possess a natural curiosity and have a methodical way of thinking.

The May 20 famous born is the sweetest person anyone could have as a friend or family member. You generally won’t find a Gemini who is not involved in gossip and spreading rumors. They tend to not share all their thoughts and business with everyone. It’s hard for them to sit still though.


The famous people born on May 20 want to make a difference in the world. So, they look for ways to improve their environment but they realize that change starts with people. Typically, their friends will share the same interest and they are capable of working within a group to make this happen.

As a lover, they need to be inspired both spiritually and in the flesh otherwise, they become bored. When the Gemini is bored, he or she becomes agitated.


Famous people born on May 20 may find it difficult to let go of a grudge but they are naturally friendly Gemini. Apparent traits of the May 20 famous celebrities is that they are observant, analytic thinkers and good listeners. They are a quick and steady learner.


May 20th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

20 May Good Traits:

  • Charming
  • Versatile
  • Communicative
  • Responsive
  • Intuitive
  • Grounded
  • Dramatic
  • Observant
  • Analytical
  • Steady

20 May Bad Traits:

  • Disapproving
  • Restless
  • Unreliable
  • Demanding
  • Obstinate
  • Sensitive

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May 20 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Jarvis, 1986, Rugby Player
Abbey Hoes, 1994, TV Actress
AciDicBliTzz, 1993, YouTube Star
Adam Rosales, 1983, Baseball Player
Agnes Kittelsen, 1980, Movie Actress
Alan Zweibel, 1950, TV Producer
Albert Capraro, 1943, Fashion Designer
Alex Smith, 1988, YouTube Star
Alex Tse, 1976, Screenwriter
Alexa Mae, 1996, YouTube Star
Alexei Tupolev, 1925, Engineer
Alexis Gomez, 1992, Country Singer
Allan Nevins, 1890, Historian
Amy Green, 1992, Instagram Star
Andreas Lundstedt, 1972, Pop Singer
Andreas Schluter, 1664, Sculptor
Andrew Hales, 1990, YouTube Star
Angela Goethals, 1977, Movie Actress
Annabel Giles, 1959, Model
Anthony Neely, 1986, Pop Singer
Anthony Zerbe, 1936, Movie Actor
Anton Corbijn, 1955, Photographer
Arlyne Sanjines, 1991, YouTube Star
Asmundur Sveinsson , 1893, Sculptor
Austin Kearns, 1980, Baseball Player
Austin McBroom, 1993, Basketball Player
Bailey Ryon, 2002, Stage Actress
Balu Mahendra, 1939, Director

Bastian Baker, 1991, Pop Singer
Betty DeGeneres, 1930, Family Member
Betty Driver, 1920, Soap Opera Actress
BG James, 1969, Wrestler
Bill Belew, 1931, Fashion Designer
Bob Florence, 1932, Pianist
Bobby Enriquez, 1943, Pianist
Bobby Murcer, 1946, Baseball Player
Brendon Goddard, 1985, Australian Rules Footballer
Brennan Benko, 1996, Drummer
Brent Richards, 1990, Soccer Player
Brett Walkow, 1972, Comedian
Brian Nash, 1963, Guitarist
Brit Shaw, 1988, Movie Actress
Bronson Pinchot, 1959, TV Actor
Bud Grant, 1927, Football Coach
Busta Rhymes, 1972, Rapper
Caitlin Cahow, 1985, Hockey Player
Caleda Cooper, 1996, Dancer
Candace Bailey, 1982, TV Show Host
Carla Humphries, 1988, Model
Carlos Guevara, 1997, Pop Singer
Carlos Hathcock, 1942, War Hero
Cate Campbell, 1992, Swimmer
Caua Reymond, 1980, TV Actor
Chad Muska, 1977, Skateboarder
Charisse Christine, 1993, YouTube Star
Cher, 1946, Pop Singer
Chris Froome, 1985, Cyclist
Chris Ogbonnaya, 1986, Football Player
Christian Antidormi, 1992, Movie Actor
Christophe Lemaire, 1979, Horse Jockey
Christopher Bailey, 1971, Fashion Designer
Cindy Hensley McCain, 1954, Political Wife
Clayton Collins, 1993, Guitarist
Clinton Jackson, 1954, Boxer
Clyde Edgerton, 1944, Novelist
Colin Cassidy, 1988, Soccer Player
Comfort Fedoke, 1988, Reality Star
Constance Towers, 1933, Movie Actress
Craig Patrick, 1946, Hockey Player
Dan Abrams, 1966, TV Show Host
Dan Wilson, 1961, Rock Singer
Dan Yaccarino, 1965, Illustrator
Darwin Teilhet, 1904, Novelist
Dave Hill, 1937, Golfer
Dave Thomas, 1949, Comedian
David Hedison, 1927, TV Actor
David Keene, 1945, Politician
David Paterson, 1954, Politician
David Proval, 1942, TV Actor
David Ray, 1932, Poet
David Wells, 1963, Baseball Player
Dean Butler, 1956, TV Actor
Derrick Peltz, 1986, Chef
Devon Seron, 1993, TV Actress
Dexter Blackstock, 1986, Soccer Player
Diamond, 1988, Rapper

Dieter Rams, 1932, Business Executive
Dietrich Mateschitz, 1944, Entrepreneur
Dolley Madison, 1768, Political Wife
Dominique Reighard, 1984, Model
DopeIsland, 1998, Vine Star
Ebba Zingmark, 1995, Model
Edith Fellows, 1923, Movie Actress
Eduard Buchner, 1860, Scientist
Ekpe Udoh, 1987, Basketball Player
Elijah Fenton, 1683, Poet
Elizabeth Bradley, 1922, Soap Opera Actress
Emanuel Gigliotti, 1987, Soccer Player
Emile Berliner, 1851, Entrepreneur
Emily Hunter, 1984, Non-Fiction Author
Emma Williams, 1983, TV Actress
Enes Kanter, 1992, Basketball Player
Eric Norris, 1965, Family Member
Fernando Corona, 1997, World Music Singer
Gabriele Muccino, 1967, Director
Gardner Fox, 1911, Comic Book Author
Garry Newman, 1982, Game Designer
Gaston Lenotre, 1920, Chef
George Gobel, 1919, Comedian
Gina Ravera, 1966, TV Actress
Goh Chok Tong, 1941, Politician
Gosha Kutsenko, 1967, Movie Actor
Guy Hoffman, 1954, Drummer
Hagigat Rzayeva, 1907, Folk Singer
Hal Newhouser, 1921, Baseball Player
Hao Wang, 1921, Philosopher

Henry Smith, 1788, Politician
Hephzibah Menuhin, 1920, Pianist
Honore De Balzac, 1799, Novelist
Houston Kraft, 1989, Entrepreneur
Hristos Banikas, 1978, Chess Player
Ibrahim Saeed, 1945, Journalist
Iker Casillas, 1981, Soccer Player
Israel Kamakawiwoʻole, 1959, Folk Singer
Iyanna Mayweather, 2000, Family Member
Jack Gleeson, 1992, TV Actor
Jackson Lehane, 1994, Guitarist
Jaiden Micheal, 1986, Reality Star
Jake Luppen, 1995, Guitarist
James Ryan, 2000, YouTube Star
James Stewart, 1908, Movie Actor
Jan Meyer, 1990, YouTube Star
Jane Wiedlin, 1958, Pop Singer
Jay Watson, 1990, Drummer
Jayden Siwa, 2000, Family Member
Jayson Werth, 1979, Baseball Player
Jenny Funnell, 1963, TV Actress
Jimmy Blythe, 1901, Pianist
Jl Carr, 1912, Novelist
Joe Cocker, 1944, Rock Singer
Joel Moon, 1988, Rugby Player
Joey Waronker, 1973, Drummer
Johann Gottfried Schadow, 1764, Sculptor
John Ballesty, 1945, Rugby Player
John Billingsley, 1960, TV Actor
John C. Carney Jr., 1956, Politician
John Corapi, 1947, Religious Leader
John Marshall Harlan Ii, 1899, Supreme Court Justice
John Stuart Mill, 1806, Philosopher
Jon Meacham, 1969, Journalist
Jon Pardi, 1985, Country Singer
Jonas Vaitkus, 1944, Director
Jose Mujica, 1935, Politician
Joshua Marzano, 1990, eSports Player
Judy Kuhn, 1958, Movie Actress
Julia Macchio, 1992, Stage Actress
Julian Benasis, 1991, Music Producer
Justin Hunter, 1991, Football Player
Kahn Fotuali’i, 1982, Rugby Player
Kai Tsang, 1996, YouTube Star
Kait Weston, 1990, YouTube Star
Keith Fletcher, 1944, Cricket Player
Ken Boyer, 1931, Baseball Player
Kenny Vasoli, 1984, Pop Singer
Kevin Frazier, 1964, Sportscaster
Kim Hyung-sung, 1980, Golfer
Kimberly Cole, 1987, Pop Singer
Kimberly Freeman, 1987, Punk Singer
King Phaze, 1985, Rapper
Kreso Golik, 1922, Director
Kristen Hughey, 1988, Model
Kristopher Van Varenberg, 1987, Movie Actor
Kyle Harris, 1986, TV Actor
Kyle Jensen, 1988, Baseball Player
Kyle Patrick, 1986, Pop Singer
Landon Gilley, 1998, YouTube Star
Leon Schlesinger, 1884, Film Producer
Lindsay Taylor, 1981, Basketball Player
Lisa Paige, 1978, Radio Host
Loey Lane, 1993, YouTube Star
Louis Bullock, 1976, Basketball Player
Louis Theroux, 1970, Director
Lowell Oakley, 1995, Blues Singer
Lucas Rangel, 1997, Vine Star
Lucy Gordon, 1980, Model
Lyda Roberti, 1906, Stage Actress
Lydia Cabrera, 1899, Activist
Manchu Manoj, 1983, Movie Actor
Marc Thompson, 1975, Voice Actor
Marianne Curley, 1959, Novelist
Mario Palacios Berrueco, 2001, Chef
Mark Winterbottom, 1981, Race Car Driver
Martin Lopez, 1978, Drummer
Mary Kate Robertson, 1996, Family Member
Mary Pope Osborne, 1949, Children’s Author
Matt Czuchry, 1977, TV Actor
Matt Fraser, 1990, Hockey Player
Matt McCoy, 1958, Movie Actor
Matt Poole, 1988, Surfer
Mattie Larson, 1992, Gymnast
Max Euwe, 1901, Chess Player
Maya Washington, 1982, YouTube Star
Michael Brown, 1996,
Michaela McManus, 1983, TV Actress
Mickey Rose, 1935, Screenwriter
Mikael Stanne, 1974, Metal Singer
Mike Breen, 1961, Sportscaster
Mike Chabala, 1984, Soccer Player
Mike Crapo, 1951, Politician
Mike Stefanik, 1958, Race Car Driver
Mindy Cohn, 1966, TV Actress
Moshe Dayan, 1915, Politician
Nam Nguyen, 1998, Figure Skater
Naturi Naughton, 1984, R&B Singer
Nicholas Oliver, 1979, Activist
Nick Heyward, 1961, Pop Singer
Nick Rahall, 1949, Politician
Nick Santonastasso, 1996, Vine Star
Noah Harden, 1999, TV Actor
NT Rama Rao Jr., 1983, Movie Actor
Olivia Newman-Young, 1991, YouTube Star
Owen Teale, 1961, TV Actor
Paolo Seganti, 1965, Soap Opera Actor
Patricia Navidad, 1973, Soap Opera Actress
Paul Lewis, 1972, Pianist
Paul Parker, 1989, YouTube Star
Per Enflo, 1944, Pianist
Peter Copley, 1915, Movie Actor
Peter Diamandis, 1961, Entrepreneur
Petr Cech, 1982, Soccer Player
Peyton Clark, 1994, TV Actor
Philip Hannan, 1913, Religious Leader
Prince Pavlos, 1967, Royalty
Rachel Platten, 1981, Pop Singer
Ralph Firman, 1975, Race Car Driver
Ramesh Powar, 1978, Cricket Player
Ramon Bautista, 1986, YouTube Star
Ramon Hernandez, 1976, Baseball Player
Ramzi Yousef, 1967, Criminal
Randy Charles Morin, 1969, Entrepreneur
Richard Gehman, 1921, Non-Fiction Author
Rick Edwards, 1979, TV Show Host
Rick Upchurch, 1952, Football Player
RJ Mitchell, 1895, Engineer
Robby Ayala, 1991, Vine Star
Robert Emms, 1986, Movie Actor
Roger Huerta, 1983, MMA Fighter
Roger Milla, 1952, Soccer Player
Ron Reagan, 1958, Family Member
Ron Sparks, 1977, Comedian
Roy Heather, 1935, TV Actor
Ryan Fowler, 1982, Football Player
Ryuichi Kawamura, 1970, Rock Singer
Sadaharu Oh, 1940, Baseball Player
Samuel Williams, 1842, Politician
Sarah George, 1992, TV Actress
Sarah Taylor, 1989, Cricket Player
Sean Conlon, 1981, Pop Singer
Shorty Long, 1940, Soul Singer
Sierra Boggess, 1982, Stage Actress
Sierra Boggess, 1982, Stage Actress
Sophie Alexander, 1978, Soap Opera Actress
Stan Mikita, 1940, Hockey Player
Stefan Valdobrev, 1970, Composer
Stephane Mbia, 1986, Soccer Player
Stephanie Niznik, 1967, TV Actress
Stephen Girard, 1750, Business Executive
Steve Krantz, 1923, Screenwriter
Stirling Mortlock, 1977, Rugby Player
Susan Cowsill, 1959, Pop Singer
Tahmoh Penikett, 1975, TV Actor
Ted Allen, 1965, TV Show Host
Terrell Brandon, 1970, Basketball Player
Tha Vill, 1974, DJ
Thomas Akers, 1951, Astronaut
Timothy Olyphant, 1968, TV Actor
Tina Ellertson, 1982, Soccer Player
Tina Hobley, 1972, TV Actress
Todd Stottlemyre, 1965, Baseball Player
Tom Cox, 1975, Novelist
Tonia Couch, 1989, Diver
Tony Goldwyn, 1960, TV Actor
Tony Stewart, 1971, Race Car Driver
Toussaint Louverture, 1743, War Hero
UnaGize, 1998, YouTube Star
W.M. Spackman, 1905, Novelist
Wade Benton, 1998, YouTube Star
Wadel Abdelkader Kamougue, 1939, Politician
Waisale Serevi, 1968, Rugby Player
Walter Isaacson, 1952, Non-Fiction Author
Wes Hoolahan, 1982, Soccer Player
Wilfrid Sellars, 1912, Philosopher
Wilfrid Sellars, 1912, Philosopher
Will Lyman, 1948, Movie Actor
William Redington Hewlett, 1913, Entrepreneur
Wu Ying, 1981, Entrepreneur
Yolanda Perez, 1983, Pop Singer
Yon Gonzalez, 1986, TV Actor
Zelmar Michelini, 1924, Politician


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