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May 19 Famous Birthdays

May 19 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on May 19 are Taurus who attract the finer things in life and the wealthiest people in the world. It is safe to say that they are a star who is a well-kept secret… for now. They are extremely talented and gifted. They  depend on no one and their confidence illuminates what is wild and exciting. They are beautiful inside and out.

However, the May 19 famous celebrities have a tendency to hold back their true feelings unless until they are totally sure about a person’s loyalty and dedication. When they feel that their trust is being returned, they are particularly generous and will share their inner views, positions and goals.


When the famous people born on May 19 fall in love, they hold nothing back. Their partner never has to wonder about their next move. They are open and honest. Don’t be surprised when this famous May 19 Taurus takes off for the weekend or suddenly takes their lover on a chariot ride or on a shopping spree. When it comes to their health, they should be aware that they are not immune to humanism. They need to take care of themselves by exercising and eating properly.


Famous people born on May 19 are extremely smart Taurus who have an independent quality that makes them a great leader. They are inclined to have too many acquaintances but have few that are close. Characteristically, they will wait to have children of their own.


May 19th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

19 May Good Traits:

  • Intelligent
  • Independent
  • Unconventional
  • Confident
  • Responsible
  • Eager
  • Competitive
  • Exciting
  • Generous
  • Interesting
  • Idealistic

19 May Bad Traits:

  • Private
  • Aloof
  • Domineering
  • Blunt
  • Rash
  • Suspicious
  • Doubtful

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May 19 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Albert, 1992, TV Actor
Aaron Horton, 1992, Soccer Player
Aaron Marino, 1976, Business Executive
Abdoulaye Wade, 1926, Politician
Abeer Nehme, 1980, World Music Singer
Alan Mannus, 1982, Soccer Player
Alayna Westcom, 1991,
Albert Fish, 1870, Criminal
Alejandro Galang, 1995, Vine Star
Alice Mary Smith, 1839, Composer
Alice Roberts, 1973, Scientist
Amanda de Cadenet, 1972, TV Show Host
Amber Zadora, 1993, Reality Star
Amy Matthews, 1973, Reality Star
Andre the Giant, 1946, Wrestler
Andrea Pirlo, 1979, Soccer Player
Andrew Johns, 1974, Rugby Player
Anh Minh, 1985, Pop Singer
Anthony Aiello, 1986, Hockey Player
Anthony Spilotro, 1938, Criminal
Antoine Bournonville, 1760, Dancer
Antonija Misura, 1988, Basketball Player
Archie Manning, 1949, Football Player
Ata Erol, 1999, DJ
Bally Sagoo, 1964, Music Producer
Barbara Whiting Smith, 1931, Movie Actress
Bella Falconi, 1985, Instagram Star
Ben Callahan, 1957, Baseball Player
Ben Seewald, 1995, Reality Star
Berenice Marlohe, 1979, Movie Actress
Biboy Chua Cabigon, 1995, Dancer
BigDawsTv, 1993, YouTube Star
Bill Laimbeer, 1957, Basketball Player

Bobby Burgess, 1941, TV Actor
Boz Boorer, 1962, Guitarist
Brandon Carr, 1986, Football Player
Brandon Inge, 1977, Baseball Player
Brendan Fitzpatrick, 1989, Reality Star
Brittani Kline, 1991, Model
Brooke Mahan, 1978, YouTube Star
Brooke Wexler, 1993, TV Actress
Bruce Bennett, 1906, Movie Actor
Bryan Marshall, 1938, Movie Actor
Cassi van den Dungen, 1993, Model
Catherine Dickens, 1815, Family Member
Cecil McBee, 1935, Bassist
Cecilia Bolocco, 1965, Political Wife
ChandlerKnowsBest, 1999, YouTube Star
Charles Sorley, 1895, Poet
Charlotte Becker, 1983, Cyclist
Choi Kyung-Ju, 1970, Golfer
Chris Chittell, 1948, Soap Opera Actor
Chris Van Vliet, 1983, TV Show Host
Christian Patrick Salonga, 1999, Dancer
Claudia Karvan, 1972, TV Actress
Colin Fry, 1962, Reality Star
Colton Burpo, 1999,
Crawford Wilson, 1990, Voice Actor
Daigo Umehara, 1981, eSports Player
Daniel Termont, 1953, Politician
Dara Maclean, 1986, Rock Singer
Dario Franchitti, 1973, Race Car Driver
David Hartman, 1935, Journalist
David Helfgott, 1947, Pianist
David Wilkerson, 1931, Religious Leader
Dianne Holum, 1951, Speed Skater
Diego Forlan, 1979, Soccer Player
Dolph Schayes, 1928, Basketball Player
Dorothy Buffum Chandler, 1901, Family Member
Drew Fuller, 1980, Model
Duc Anh Tran, 1990, Dancer
Dulcita Lieggi, 1989, Model
Dusty Hill, 1949, Bassist
Dylan Remick, 1991, Soccer Player
Ed Cota, 1976, Basketball Player
Ed Decter, 1959, Screenwriter
Edward de Bono, 1933, Doctor
Eleanor Tomlinson, 1992, Movie Actress
Elena Poniatowska, 1932, Novelist
Elena Yatkina, 1991, Dancer
Emma Shapplin, 1974, Opera Singer
Emmanuel Orenday, 1984, TV Actor
Eric Lloyd, 1986, Movie Actor
Erika Jordan, 1982, TV Show Host
Erin Phillips, 1985, Basketball Player
Erin Thorn, 1981, Basketball Player
Evgeny Kuznetsov, 1992, Hockey Player
Felix Verdejo, 1993, Boxer
Ferdinand Magellan, 1480, Explorer
Flavio Parenti, 1979, Movie Actor
Francis Scobee, 1939, Astronaut
Frank Luke, 1897, War Hero
Fred Neal, 1942, Basketball Player
Future Zahir Wilburn, 2014, Family Member
Gaelan Connell, 1989, Movie Actor
Gail Simmons, 1976, Chef
Gary Kildall, 1942, Entrepreneur

Geoff Stradling, 1955, Pianist
George Hook, 1941, Radio Host
Georges St-Pierre, 1981, MMA Fighter
Georgia Bonora, 1990, Gymnast
Geraldine Somerville, 1967, Movie Actress
Girish Karnard, 1938, Playwright
Giulia Bevilacqua, 1979, TV Actress
Grace Jones, 1948, Pop Singer
Graham Kersey, 1971, Cricket Player
Gregorio Maranon, 1887, Scientist
Gregory Poirier, 1961, Screenwriter
Guilherme Kaue Castanheira Alves, 1998, Pop Singer
H Olliver Twisted, 1983, Rock Singer
Hamed Haddadi, 1985, Basketball Player
Hannah Vancouver, 1996, YouTube Star
Harriet Lane, 1830, Political Wife
Harry Perry, 1951, Guitarist
Heather Watson, 1992, Tennis Player
Helen Hartness Flanders, 1890, Folk Singer
Helen Steiner Rice, 1900, Poet
Herbie Flowers, 1938, Bassist
Ho Chi Minh, 1890, Politician
Inez Jasper, 1981, R&B Singer
Israel Houghton, 1971, Rock Singer
Ivan Van Norman, 1985, Entrepreneur
Ivo Kerdic, 1881, Sculptor
Jack Skille, 1987, Hockey Player

Jaidyn Lynzee, 2002, YouTube Star
James Fox, 1939, Movie Actor
James Gaisford, 1994, Movie Actor
James Gore, 1992, YouTube Star
James Greene, 1931, TV Actor
James Reyne, 1957, Rock Singer
Jamie Larson, 1991, Reality Star
Janis Lusis, 1939, Javelin Thrower
Jarrod Uthoff, 1993, Basketball Player
Jason Gray-Stanford, 1970, TV Actor
Jason Quigley, 1991, Boxer
Jayne Wisener, 1987, Movie Actress
Jenee Cruise, 1997, Cheerleader
Jessiann Gravel, 1988, Model
Jessica Fox, 1983, Movie Actress
Jim Lehrer, 1934, Journalist
Jim Ward, 1959, Voice Actor
Jodi Picoult, 1966, Novelist
Joey Johns, 1974, Rugby Player
Joey Ramone, 1951, Rock Singer
John Esposito, 1940, Teacher
JoJo Siwa, 2003, Dancer
Jon Kortajarena, 1985, Model
Jordan Pruitt, 1991, Pop Singer
Jorge Alessandri, 1896, Politician
Julia Sheer, 1992, Country Singer
Julian Smith, 1987, YouTube Star
Kanadajin3, 1990, YouTube Star
Kate Clapp, 1993, YouTube Star
Kelly Sheridan, 1977, Voice Actor
Kelvin Boerma, 1996, YouTube Star
Kendrell David, 1994, Vine Star
Kevin Garnett, 1976, Basketball Player
Kevin Kenner, 1963, Pianist
Kiera Cass, 1981, Young Adult Author
Kim Zolciak, 1978, Reality Star
Klara Berkovich, 1928, Violinist
Kris Kohls, 1972, Drummer
Kyle Eastwood, 1968, Bassist
Lady Domisha, 1991, YouTube Star
Lakshmi Menon, 1996, Movie Actress
Larry Abney, 1977, Basketball Player
Lenny Tavárez, 1986, World Music Singer
Lily Cole, 1988, Movie Actress
Lindsey Pelas, 1991, Instagram Star
Linzey Cocker, 1987, Movie Actress
London Fletcher, 1975, Football Player
Lorraine Hansberry, 1930, Playwright
Louis Aidala, 1992, YouNow Star
Lubka Kolessa, 1902, Pianist
Lucy Flight, 1997, YouTube Star
Maggie Rose, 1988, Country Singer
Maile Flanagan, 1965, Voice Actor
Malcolm X, 1925, Religious Leader
Mali-koa Hood, 1991, Pop Singer
Manuel Almunia, 1977, Soccer Player
Marcedes Lewis, 1984, Football Player
Marcos Witt, 1962, Rock Singer
Marcus Bent, 1978, Soccer Player
Marie Wallace, 1939, TV Actress
Marija Vujovic, 1984, Model
Mario Chalmers, 1986, Basketball Player
Marjorie Barretto, 1974, TV Actress
Mark Ashton, 1960, Activist
Mark Edward, 1951, Magician
Martyn Ware, 1956, Music Producer
Masanobu Ando, 1975, Movie Actor
Max Cooper, 1980, Music Producer
Max Perutz, 1914, Scientist
Michael Angelakos, 1987, Rock Singer
Michael Che, 1983, Comedian
Michael Lee Firkins, 1967, Guitarist
Michelle McQuay, 1977, Family Member
Mickey Newbury, 1940, Country Singer
Mike Alessi, 1988, Motorcycle Racer
Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro, 1975, Cartoonist
Monica Laire, 1997, Pop Singer
Morten Tyldum, 1967, Director
Moshe Peretz, 1983, Pop Singer
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, 1881, Politician
Muza Rubackyte, 1959, Pianist
Nancy Astor, 1879, Politician
Natalia Oreiro, 1977, Pop Singer
Nate Cole, 1981, Rock Singer
Nathuram Godse, 1910, Criminal
Nawazuddin Siddiqui, 1974, Movie Actor
Nellie Melba, 1861, Opera Singer
Nicholas Winton, 1909, War Hero
Nicole Brown Simpson, 1959, Family Member
Nora Ephron, 1941, Screenwriter
Oguchi Onyewu, 1982, Soccer Player
Ola John, 1992, Soccer Player
Owen Stuart, 1995, Rapper
Pat Roach, 1937, Wrestler
Paul Brady, 1947, World Music Singer
Paul Hartnoll, 1968, Pop Singer
Pauline Clarke, 1921, Children’s Author
Pete Townshend, 1945, Guitarist
Peter Mayhew, 1944, Movie Actor
Phi Tran, 1992, Instagram Star
Phil Rudd, 1954, Drummer
Pierre Thuot, 1955, Astronaut
Pol Pot, 1925, Politician
Polly Walker, 1966, Movie Actress
Pops Foster, 1892, Bassist
Rachel Appleton, 1992, Movie Actress
Rasul Rza, 1919, Poet
Ray Goren, 2000, Guitarist
Rebecca Hall, 1982, Movie Actress
Renee Asherson, 1915, Movie Actress
Richard Albertson, 1880, Architect
Robert Kilroy-Silk, 1942, Politician
Robert Lytle, 1804, Politician
Rohan Marley, 1972, Reggae Singer
Romeo Challenger, 1950, Drummer
Ruskin Bond, 1934, Children’s Author
Ryan Belcher, 1989, Guitarist
Ryunosuke Kamiki, 1993, Movie Actor
Sage Lescher, 2000, YouTube Star
Sally Wheeler, 1970, TV Actress
Sam Smith, 1992, Pop Singer
Sanoe Lake, 1979, Movie Actress
Sarah Ellis, 1952, Children’s Author
Sarah Grey, 1996, TV Actress
Saylor Curda, 2004, Family Member
Sean Whalen, 1964, Movie Actor
Shelly Hickman, 1987, Reality Star
Shooter Jennings, 1979, Country Singer
Skylar Kergil, 1991, YouTube Star
Slavko Brankov, 1951, TV Actor
Sophia Crawford, 1966, TV Actress
Stephanie Nadolny, 1972, Voice Actor
Steve Lieber, 1967, Illustrator
Steven Ford, 1956, Family Member
Steven O’Donnell, 1963, TV Actor
T. Harry Williams, 1909, Historian
Takahiro Kimura, 1964, Illustrator
Teddy Coffey, 1995, Reality Star
Tenley Molzahn, 1984, Reality Star
Tevin Washington, 1990, Football Player
Therealpapi.ed, 2002, Instagram Star
Thomas Vinterberg, 1969, Director
Valeria Kudryavtseva, 1971, TV Show Host
Vegard Ylvisaker, 1979, Comedian
Victor Ibarbo, 1990, Soccer Player
Victoria Wood, 1953, Comedian
Vjekoslav Karas, 1821, Painter
Vytautas Kernagis, 1951, Rock Singer
Walker Zimmerman, 1993, Soccer Player
Walter Russell, 1871, Scientist
Will Simmons, 2000, Dancer
William Clark Green, 1986, Songwriter
William Hood Simpson, 1888, War Hero
Yo Gotti, 1981, Rapper
Zack Pearlman, 1988, TV Actor
Zajcu37, 1997, YouTube Star
Zhang Ning, 1975, Badminton Player


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