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May 18 Famous Birthdays

May 18 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on May 18 are down to earth, self-assured and they tend to value their legroom and alone time. They don’t like to be tied down by restrictions and deadlines as they like to be able to pick up and go when they want to. The famous Taurus born today on May 18 tend to make decisions based on this character trait.

The May 18 famous celebrities to look to their spiritual background for support when they need to be lifted and encouraged. In business, they can be pretty sharp and original. They are capable of many things and are willing to work for what they want out of life.


As a lover, famous people born on May 18 demand certain qualities that cannot be compromised such as faithfulness and generosity. Headaches and fatigue are generally associated with those born under the sun sign Taurus on May 18. This can be dealt with in a way that is healthy and organic. All they have to do is exercise, eat right and get plenty of sleep. Oh, and express themselves more freely.


Famous people born on May 18, are realistic, outgoing and self-assured individuals. As a Taurus, their friends can rely on them as they take a humanitarian approach with others. They are also confident and spiritual.


May 18th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

18 May Good Traits:

  • Realistic
  • Outgoing
  • Assured
  • Loving
  • Caring
  • Optimistic
  • Humanitarian
  • Trustworthy
  • Confident
  • Generous
  • Flexible

18 May Bad Traits:

  • Reserved
  • Cunning
  • Nervous
  • Impulsive
  • Careless
  • Foolhardy
  • Impulsive
  • Stubborn
  • Secretive
  • Detached
  • Irritated
  • Stressed

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May 18 Famous Birthday Personalities

Adam Mamawala, 1987, Comedian
Adamari Lopez, 1971, TV Actress
Addison Holley, 2000, TV Actress
Afdlin Shauki, 1971, Director
Ai Weiwei, 1957, Sculptor
Alana Stewart, 1945, Movie Actress
Alex Ogloza, 1992, YouTube Star
Ali Zafar, 1980, Music Producer
Allen Leech, 1981, TV Actor
Allie Brosh, 1985, Illustrator
Amarri Jackson, 1985, Football Player
Ann Williams, 1936, TV Actress
Ariann Black, 1967, Magician
Armon Warren, 1997, Vine Star
Ashley Harrison, 1981, Rugby Player
AshONasty, 1991, YouTube Star
Asia Vieira, 1982, TV Actress
Augusto Cesar Sandino, 1895, Politician
Aundrea Nyle, 1976, R&B Singer
Barrett Baber, 1980, Country Singer
beautifymeeh, 1986, YouTube Star
Ben Tremblay, 2000, Vine Star
Bernadette Chirac, 1933, Political Wife
Bertrand Russell, 1872, Philosopher
Big Joe Turner, 1911, Rock Singer

Bill Macy, 1922, TV Actor
Bill R. Wallace, 1949, Bassist
Billy Howerdel, 1970, Guitarist
Boris Christoff, 1914, Opera Singer
Boris Rotenberg, 1986, Soccer Player
Brad Friedel, 1971, Soccer Player
Brad Loekle, 1978, Comedian
Brandon Reilly, 1981, Rock Singer
Brexton Busch, 2015, Family Member
Brian Thomas, 1940, Rugby Player
Brooks Robinson, 1937, Baseball Player
Bruna Vieira, 1994, Blogger
Candice Azzara, 1945, TV Actress
Carolina Bermudez, 1978, TV Show Host
Cathie Wright, 1929, Politician
Chad Donella, 1978, TV Actor
Chantal Kreviazuk, 1974, Pop Singer
Charles Lewandoski, 1985, Race Car Driver
Charles Trenet, 1913, Pop Singer
Charlie Justice, 1924, Football Player
Charlie Mitchell, 1948, Soccer Player
ChickRightHere, 2001, YouTube Star
Chow Yun Fat, 1955, Movie Actor
Christian Paul, 1973, Movie Actor
Chuy Bravo, 1969, Reality Star
Clint Capela, 1994, Basketball Player
Copeland Quinn, 2012, Family Member
CreepitCute, 1996, YouNow Star
Cynthia Preston, 1968, TV Actress
Danielle Victor, 1988, Reality Star
Danny Mills, 1977, Soccer Player
Darrell Wasyk, 1958, Director
Dave Emory, 1949, Radio Host
David Blaise, 1988, Bassist
David Hallberg, 1982, Dancer
David Hazzard, 1781, Politician
David Nail, 1979, Country Singer
Dean Lewington, 1984, Soccer Player
Debbie Dadey, 1959, Children’s Author
Denny Dillon, 1951, Stage Actress
Diane Duane, 1952, Screenwriter
Diane English, 1948, Screenwriter
Diane McBain, 1941, TV Actress
Diego Perez, 1980, Soccer Player
Don Bachardy, 1934, Painter
Don Lind, 1930, Astronaut
Don Martin, 1931, Cartoonist
Dwayne Hickman, 1934, TV Actor
Eddie Kadi, 1983, Comedian
Edgard Colle, 1897, Chess Player
Edward Hume, 1936, Screenwriter
Emily Nolan, 1986, Model
Emma Engle, 2003, Model
Emmanuelle Alt, 1967, Journalist
Eric Bellinger, 1986, Songwriter
Eric Gerets, 1954, Soccer Player
Eric West, 1983, Model
Eric Young, 1967, Baseball Player
Erik Hanson, 1965, Baseball Player
Ester Boserup, 1910, Economist
Eugenie Le Sommer, 1989, Soccer Player
Ezio Pinza, 1892, Stage Actor
Felicia Pearson, 1980, TV Actress
Fernanda Sasse, 2006, TV Actress
Fernando Pacheco, 1992, Soccer Player
Flozell Adams, 1975, Football Player
Fran Jeffries, 1937, Pop Singer
Francesca Battistelli, 1985, Gospel Singer
Francis Bellamy, 1855, Religious Author

Frank Capra, 1897, Director
Fred Perry, 1909, Tennis Player
Gabi Victor, 1988, Reality Star
Gabriel Gonzaga, 1979, MMA Fighter
Gary Albright, 1963, Wrestler
Gary O’Neil, 1983, Soccer Player
George Strait, 1952, Country Singer
Gina Liano, 1967, Reality Star
Gregg Karukas, 1956, Pianist
Gwabir, 1988, YouTube Star
Haley Hauser, 2001, TV Actress
Harvey Carignan, 1927, Criminal
Helena Noguerra, 1969, Movie Actress
Henry Schwartz, 1869, Politician
Heo Ga-yoon, 1990, Pop Singer
Holly Aird, 1969, TV Actress
Hugh Clapperton, 1788, Explorer
Ina Wroldsen, 1984, Pop Singer
Isabella d’Este, 1474, Politician
Ivet Lalova, 1984, Runner
Jack Johnson, 1975, Rock Singer
Jacques Santer, 1937, Politician
Jaden Martin, 2001, Movie Actor
Janet Fish, 1938, Painter
Jari Kurri, 1960, Hockey Player
Jeana Yeager, 1952, Pilot
Jemma Griffiths, 1975, Pop Singer

Jenny Berggren, 1972, Opera Singer
Jens Bergensten, 1979, Game Designer
Jeremy Larsen, 1984, MMA Fighter
Jesse Cox, 1981, YouTube Star
Jessica Watson, 1993, Explorer
Jim Fox, 1960, Hockey Player
Jim McNeely, 1949, Pianist
Jim McNeely, 1949, Pianist
Jim Moginie, 1956, Guitarist
Jim Sundberg, 1951, Baseball Player
Jimmy Snuka, 1943, Wrestler
Joakim Soria, 1984, Baseball Player
Joe Bonsall, 1948, Country Singer
Joe Brooks, 1987, Pop Singer
Joe Pietersen, 1984, Rugby Player
Joel Quartuccio, 1991, Metal Singer
Jon Finkel, 1978,
Jonathan Maberry, 1958, Novelist
Joni Derouchie, 1973, Screenwriter
Joshua Ovenshire, 1987, YouTube Star
Joy Cho, 1979, Blogger
Jules B. Kroll, 1941, Entrepreneur
Julian Speroni, 1979, Soccer Player
Justus Frantz, 1944, Pianist
Karel Roden, 1962, Movie Actor
Kaspars Daugavins, 1988, Hockey Player
Katelynn Ansari, 1989, Model
Katya Shchekina, 1986, Model
Kenda Perez, 1983, Model
Kevin Anderson, 1986, Tennis Player
Kiarra Says, 1991, YouTube Star
Koji Seto, 1988, TV Actor
Koji Seto, 1988, TV Actor
Kyle Harvey, 1993, Rapper
Laisha Wilkins, 1976, Soap Opera Actress
Laura Omloop, 1999, Pop Singer
Laura Ulewicz, 1930, Poet
Lauren Flanigan, 1959, Opera Singer
Lee Hendrie, 1977, Soccer Player
Lenin Raghuvanshi, 1970, Activist
Lil Trill, 1994, Rapper
Lionel Shriver, 1957, Novelist
Lourdes Stephen, 1976, TV Show Host
Luisana Lopilato, 1987, Soap Opera Actress
Luke Kleintank, 1990, TV Actor
Lyndon Ogbourne, 1983, TV Actor
Madeline Becker, 1991, Blogger
Madilyn Paige, 1997, Pop Singer
Manny Malhotra, 1980, Hockey Player
Manu Tuilagi, 1991, Rugby Player
Marcus Giles, 1978, Baseball Player
Margot Fonteyn, 1919, Dancer
Mark Mothersbaugh, 1950, Pop Singer
Marta Marrero, 1969, Pop Singer
Martin Harris, 1783, Religious Leader
Marty McSorley, 1963, Hockey Player
Mathew Brady, 1822, Photographer
Matt Fiddes, 1979,
Matt Long, 1980, Movie Actor
Megan Goodman, 1998, TV Actress
Meredith Willson, 1902, Songwriter
Michael Llodra, 1980, Tennis Player
Michael McConnell, 1955, Lawyer
Michael Tait, 1966, Rock Singer
Mikey Coppola, 1946, Criminal
Miriam Margolyes, 1941, Movie Actress
Mitchell Guist, 1964, Reality Star
Morgan McMichaels, 1981, Reality Star
Nadia Nakai, 1990, Rapper
Nancy Juvonen, 1967, Film Producer
Nanne Gronvall, 1962, Pop Singer
Natalia Osipova, 1986, Dancer
Nathaniel Parker, 1962, TV Actor
Nephew Tommy, 1967, Comedian
Nevers Mumba, 1960, Politician
Nicholas II, 1868, Royalty
Nick Wyman, 1950, Stage Actor
Nicolas Gomez Davila, 1913, Philosopher
Nigel S. Wright, 1963, Politician
Nobby Stiles, 1942, Soccer Player
Olivia Harrison, 1948, Family Member
Omar Khayyam, 1048, Poet
OnlyAfro, 1993, YouTube Star
Page Hamilton, 1960, Metal Singer
Patrick Dennis, 1921, Novelist
Pernell Roberts, 1928, TV Actor
Perry Como, 1912, Pop Singer
Phoenix Banuelos, 1997, Vine Star
Pierre Balmain, 1914, Fashion Designer
Polina Edmunds, 1998, Figure Skater
Pope John Paul II, 1920, Religious Leader
Priscilla Pointer, 1924, TV Actress
Ramaj Eroc, 1991, Rapper
Raychul Moore, 1993, YouTube Star
Reggie Evans, 1980, Basketball Player
Reggie Jackson, 1946, Baseball Player
Ricardo Carvalho, 1978, Soccer Player
Rich Garces, 1971, Baseball Player
Richard Brooks, 1912, Director
Richard Yap, 1967, TV Actor
Rick Wakeman, 1949, Rock Singer
Rob Bartlett, 1957, Comedian
Rob Base, 1967, Rapper
Robert Morse, 1931, TV Actor
Robert Quinn, 1990, Football Player
Roble Ali, 1985, Chef
Rodney Davies, 1989, Rugby Player
Rodolfo Francisco Acuna, 1932, Novelist
Romualdas Granauskas, 1939, Novelist
Ron Mercer, 1976, Basketball Player
Ryan Cooley, 1988, TV Actor
Samantha Dorrance, 1992, TV Actress
Shane Ray, 1993, Football Player
Shawn Booth, 1987, Reality Star
Silvana Armenulic, 1939, Folk Singer
Simon Pagenaud, 1984, Race Car Driver
Siv HD, 1991, YouTube Star
Sophie Reade, 1989, Reality Star
Spencer Breslin, 1992, Movie Actor
Sprout Your Mind, 1993, Blogger
Steve Phillips, 1963, Sportscaster
Sue Rose, 1995, YouTube Star
Susan Waters, 1923, Painter
Tabrett Bethell, 1981, TV Actress
Taeyang, 1988, Pop Singer
Teo Halm, 1999, Movie Actor
Teresa Giudice, 1972, Reality Star
Thomas Gottschalk, 1950, Game Show Host
Tim Warwood, 1973, TV Show Host
Tina Fey, 1970, TV Actress
Tom Major-Ball, 1879, Family Member
Tom Udall, 1948, Politician
Toyah Wilcox, 1958, Rock Singer
Toyah Willcox, 1958, Punk Singer
Troy Cassar-Daley, 1969, Country Singer
Turner Stevenson, 1972, Hockey Player
Vicky Sunohara, 1970, Hockey Player
Vince Young, 1983, Football Player
Vincent Du Vigneaud, 1901, Scientist
Violett Beane, 1996, TV Actress
Walter Gropius, 1883, Architect
Walter Hawkins, 1949, Gospel Singer
Wazir Agha, 1922, Poet
William Moore, 1985, Football Player
Yane Sandanski, 1872, War Hero
Zac Kara, 2002, Chef
Zou Shiming, 1981, Boxer


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