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May 11 Famous Birthdays

May 11 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on MAY 11 are exceptionally smart and talented, and demand respect. If nurtured, this Taurus celebrity will have a huge potential for success. They are likely to mingle with like-minded professionals. However, they are devoted to their friends.

Sovereignty is vital to the May 11 born famous people. Therefore maintaining close relationships or friendships is not a priority of the bull. They are most conscientious when someone else‘s needs must be considered.


Famous people born on May 11 typically will walk away from confrontation. They are likely to be a jealous partner but aim to please their partner so the ill feelings are short-lived. They characteristically have hopes for committing to their one and only soul mate.


May 11 born famous people are close to their parents. The May 11 Taurus famous celebrities are sociable but are cautious when it comes to knitting close relationships. However, when they fall in love, it can be one intense love affair.


May 11st Famous Birthday Personality Traits

11 May Good Traits:

  • Smart
  • Talented
  • Devoted
  • Intense
  • Attractive
  • Conscientious
  • Earthy
  • Generous
  • Loving
  • Excitable

11 May Bad Traits:

  • Angry
  • Unstable
  • Disagreeable
  • Indecisive
  • Jealous

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May 11 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Wheeler, 1988, Soccer Player
Abou Diaby, 1986, Soccer Player
Ace Hood, 1988, Rapper
Adah Sharma, 1989, Movie Actress
Alice Amter, 1966, TV Actress
Amanda Freitag, 1972, Chef
Amanda Zuckerman, 1985, Reality Star
Amber Hayes, 1981, Country Singer
Ami Nakashima, 1988, Pop Singer
Ammy Virk, 1992, World Music Singer
Amrinder Gill, 1976, World Music Singer
Ana Jara Velasquez, 1968, Politician
Andres Iniesta, 1984, Soccer Player
Antanas Sireika, 1956, Basketball Coach
Ashley Barnhill, 1982, Comedian
Austin O’Brien, 1981, TV Actor
Beau Ryan, 1985, Rugby Player
Ben Bledsoe, 1982, Pop Singer
Ben Fankhauser, 1990, Stage Actor
Benoit Magimel, 1974, Movie Actor
Bernard Fox, 1927, Movie Actor
Billy Bean, 1964, Baseball Player
Billy Kidman, 1974, Wrestler
Blac Chyna, 1988, Model
Boyd Gaines, 1953, Movie Actor
Brad Marchand, 1988, Hockey Player
Brian Mercurio, 1983, Entrepreneur
Brice Hortefeux, 1958, Politician
Brye Ashley, 1981, YouTube Star
Butch Trucks, 1947, Drummer
Cam Newton, 1989, Football Player
Camilo Jose Cela, 1916, Novelist
Carl Koch, 1912, Architect
Carla Bley, 1936, Composer
Casey Treat, 1955, Religious Leader
Cecile Licad, 1961, Pianist
Celina Karine, 1996, YouTube Star
Cengiz Dogrul, 1990, YouTube Star
Charles W. Fairbanks, 1852, Politician
Charlotte D’Amboise, 1964, Stage Actress
Christian Brando, 1958, Family Member
Christoph Schneider, 1966, Drummer
Clarence Anglin, 1931, Criminal
Claude Lenners, 1956, Composer

Clive Wearing, 1938, Composer
Coby Bell, 1975, TV Actor
Cody Kessler, 1993, Football Player
Corey La Barrie, 1995, Instagram Star
Cory Monteith, 1982, TV Actor
Cristian Baltoc, 1986, YouTube Star
Daizee Haze, 1983, Wrestler
Daran Little, 1966, TV Producer
Darryl Pollard, 1964, Football Player
Dat Saintsfan, 1994, YouTube Star
David Gest, 1953, Reality Star
Delvin Choice, 1989, Gospel Singer
Denver Pyle, 1920, TV Actor
DJ Sennett, 1992, YouTube Star
Doodles Weaver, 1912, TV Actor
Doug McClure, 1935, TV Actor
Drummond Money-Coutts, 1986, Magician
Dylan Allen, 1998, R&B Singer
Edgar Cardoso, 1913, Engineer
Einar Jonsson, 1874, Sculptor
Eliad Cohen, 1988, Entrepreneur
Emiliano Chamorro, 1871, World Leader
Emily Wolfe, 1990, Rock Singer
Eniko Mihalik, 1987, Model
Eric Burdon, 1941, Rock Singer
Estelle Lefebure, 1966, Model
Foster Brooks, 1912, TV Actor
Frances Fisher, 1952, Movie Actress
Garrett Underhill, 1998, YouTube Star
Gemma Janes, 1995, Model
George Roughton, 1909, Soccer Player
Gerald Clayton, 1984, Pianist
Giggs, 1981, Rapper
Gio Volpe, 1996, Vine Star
Giovani dos Santos, 1989, Soccer Player
Giuseppe Albanese, 1979, Pianist
Graham Griffiths, 1988, Reality Star
Greg Dulli, 1965, Rock Singer
Guji Lorenzana, 1980, TV Actor
Gwen Davis, 1936, Poet
Hanna Verboom, 1983, Movie Actress
Hannah Blackwell, 1992, Family Member
Harold Ford Jr., 1970, News Anchor
Haroon, 1973, Pop Singer
Harriet Quimby, 1875, Pilot
Holly Frazier, 1970, Reality Star
Holly Valance, 1983, Pop Singer
Holman Jenkins, 1956, Journalist
Howard Lawrence, 1994, DJ
Humberto Soto, 1980, Boxer
Irving Berlin, 1888, Songwriter
J Dawg, 1981, Rapper
Jacob Martin, 1972, Cricket Player
Jacqueline Cochran, 1906, Pilot
Jacqueline Cochran, 1906, Pilot
Jadyn Wong, 1985, TV Actress
Jake Campbell, 1986, Guitarist
James Haven, 1973, Movie Actor
James L Dolan, 1955, Entrepreneur
James Reid, 1993, Reality Star
Janne Ahonen, 1977, Skier
Jason Queally, 1970, Cyclist
Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, 1827, Sculptor
Jeff Sellers, 1964, Baseball Player
Jeffrey Donovan, 1968, TV Actor
Jelena Peric, 1991, Blogger
Jeremy Maclin, 1988, Football Player
Jeremy Paxman, 1950, News Anchor
Joe King Oliver, 1885, Trumpet Player
Joe McCoy, 1905, Guitarist
John B. Calhoun, 1917, Scientist
John Clayton, 1954, Sportscaster
John Parrott, 1964, Snooker Player
Johnny Doyle, 1951, Soccer Player
Johnny Erasme, 1989, R&B Singer

Jonathan Jackson, 1982, TV Actor
Josette Vidal, 1991, TV Actress
Juan Palacios, 1985, Basketball Player
Juan Ramon Chapa, 1970, Sportscaster
Judy Ann Santos, 1978, TV Actress
Julian Joseph, 1966, Pianist
Kaif, 1993, Vine Star
Kaitlyn Dias, 1999, Movie Actress
Kamau Brathwaite, 1930, Poet
Kara Taitz, 1981, TV Actress
Karan Tacker, 1986, TV Actor
Karla Martinez, 1976, TV Show Host
Karlis Baumanis, 1835, Composer
Katie Wagner, 1964, TV Show Host
Kennedy Zimet, 1996, TV Show Host
Kenneth Schmidt, 1987, Movie Actor
Kent Taylor, 1907, Movie Actor
Kevin Fowler, 1966, Country Singer
KrisKo, 1988, DJ
Kulap Vilaysack, 1980, TV Actress
Laetitia Casta, 1978, Model
Lauren Jackson, 1981, Basketball Player
Leo Roelandschap, 1985, DJ
Liz Swaine, 1960, News Anchor
Louis Farrakhan, 1933, Politician
Louis Murphy, 1987, Football Player
Luis Felipe, 1961, Criminal
Luis Robles, 1984, Soccer Player
Madison Lintz, 1999, Movie Actress
Marcel Kittel, 1988, Cyclist
Margaret Kerry, 1929, TV Actress

Margaret Rutherford, 1892, Movie Actress
Marguerite MacIntyre, 1965, TV Actress
Mari Sandoz, 1896, Novelist
Mariyah Khan, 1997, Family Member
Mark Neveldine, 1973, Director
Marla Catherine, 2003, Instagram Star
Martha Graham, 1894, Choreographer
Martha Quinn, 1959, TV Show Host
Mary Elizabeth Ellis, 1979, TV Actress
Masatoshi Hamada, 1963, Comedian
Matt Leinart, 1983, Football Player
Matt Wolf, 1982, Director
Matthew Lesko, 1943, Non-Fiction Author
Maurice Harkless, 1993, Basketball Player
Max Morlock, 1925, Soccer Player
Maxime Crepeau, 1994, Soccer Player
Mick Norcross, 1963, Reality Star
Miguel Sano, 1993, Baseball Player
Miguel Veloso, 1986, Soccer Player
Mike LeDonne, 1956, Pianist
Mike Lupica, 1952, Journalist
Mike Nesbitt, 1957, Politician
Mort Sahl, 1927, Comedian
Mustafa Tlass, 1932, Politician
Natasha Richardson, 1963, Movie Actress
Nicky Katt, 1970, TV Actor
Nicolette Dinki, 1983, Chef
Olubanke King Akerele, 1946, Politician
Pam Ferris, 1948, Movie Actress
Paul Nash, 1889, Painter
Paula Sack, 1981, Journalist
Perttu Kivilaakso, 1978, Composer
Peter North, 1957,
Phil Silvers, 1911, TV Actor
Pooja Bedi, 1970, Movie Actress
Prince Royce, 1989, Pop Singer
Princess Niya, 2001, Rapper
Radaustin27, 1995, YouTube Star
Raissa Chaddad, 2002, TV Actress
Rebel Rodriguez, 1999, Movie Actor
Richard Feynman, 1918, Scientist
Rip Sewell, 1907, Baseball Player
Roark Critchlow, 1963, Soap Opera Actor
Robbie Handsome, 1974, Vine Star
Robert Jarvik, 1946, Entrepreneur
Rolandas Kazlas, 1969, Movie Actor
Ryan Capps, 1980, Twitch Star
Rylizzle, 2000, Star
Saadat Hasan Manto, 1912, Screenwriter
Sabrina Carpenter, 1999, TV Actress
Salvador Dali, 1904, Painter
Sebastian Robak, 1994, eSports Player
Septimus Winner, 1827, Songwriter
Severin Freund, 1988, Skier
Shabba Doo, 1955, Movie Actor
Shohreh Aghdashloo, 1952, Movie Actress
Sofia Viscardi, 1998, YouTube Star
Stanley Elkin, 1930, Novelist
Stanley Gene, 1974, Rugby Player
Stephanie Lalumandier, 2005, Dancer
Stephen Paea, 1988, Football Player
Steve Bono, 1962, Football Player
Steve Hass, 1975, Drummer
Steven Sotloff, 1983, Journalist
Sue Gardner, 1967, Journalist
Taewoon, 1990, Rapper
Tara Emad, 1993, TV Actress
Tara Kemp, 1964, Blues Singer
Terry Pheto, 1981, Movie Actress
Theodore Von Karman, 1881, Engineer
Thibaut Courtois, 1992, Soccer Player
Tia Ballard, 1986, Voice Actor
Tim Baillie, 1979, Canoer
Tim Blake Nelson, 1964, Movie Actor
Tim Flock, 1924, Race Car Driver
Tony Church, 1930, Movie Actor
Valentino Garavani, 1932, Fashion Designer
Vojislav Brajovic, 1949, TV Actor
Warren Brown, 1978, TV Actor
Willem Alberts, 1984, Rugby Player
William Grant Still, 1895, Composer
Willis Augustus Lee, 1888, Sports Shooter
Yaacov Agam, 1928, Sculptor
Yassi Pressman, 1995, TV Actress
Yvonne Furneaux, 1928, Movie Actress
Zlatko Crnkovic, 1931, Memoirist
Zoe Whelan, 1994, Model
Zoran Radmilovic, 1933, Movie Actor


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