Thursday, October 6, 2022

The Truth About Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading: The Truth

Tarot reading has been around for centuries, usually passed down within families through generations. Some people hold the talent to use tarot cards to try ‘to predict the future through a tarot reading. I am well aware that there are 3 types of people reading this right now, and every kind of person thinks differently about a tarot reading. I will be describing what each type here believes and help correct any misconceptions you may have about tarot readings.

Tarot Cards and the Future

Firstly, some people may think that Tarot cards are used to tell the future, foreshadow the mysteries in life and answer unknown questions that are impossible for you now. This is one of the most common thoughts about Tarot reading. However, some people give this impression and convey it exceptionally well, for that matter. Sometimes I even question myself; sometimes, the ‘magic’ or predictions I hear in a Tarot reading are compelling and sometimes come true. Lucky guess, or does it run deeper?


The second type of person is the non-believer. I’m sure the name is pretty self-explanatory! These people don’t believe in tarot readings at all. They think tarot reading is a simple scam and is all to do with lucky guessing and identifying body language. However much I wouldn’t say I like shunning others’ opinions, this is a case where I have to put my foot down and disagree. In one aspect, a tarot reading may seem as if it is entirely untrue. However, this is not always the case… I believe that the extent of the ‘power’ tarot cards project is based on the mindset of the person using them and the person being read. Confused? I thought so…

Role in Everyday Life

Your mindset plays a huge role in your everyday life and an even more significant during a tarot reading. Your mind and its thoughts create energy. This energy impacts how your daily life goes about. For instance, if you project positive reviews, you will have a more positive outcome. However, you will have a negative effect if you project negative thoughts. Quite a simple concept to understand, a difficult one to believe! The same idea happens during a tarot reading. If you constantly tell yourself it won’t work, it will affect the results the tarot reading will draw out for you.

The Truth about the Tarot Readings

Lastly, the third type of person here is those who know the truth about tarot readings. Well, I call it the ‘truth’ because it’s my firm view of it in this aspect; I’m inclined to believe it. I think tarot readings are somewhat accurate, considering you keep the correct mindset. Now you may be thinking, “Well, then you’re just like the first type of person”… this is not the case. My belief differs slightly. Tarot cards are not for telling the future. This is not supposed to be the intention of a tarot reading. Tarot readings help GUIDE you in the right direction in life, keep following the road that will be most dear to you, and help you avoid unnecessary conflicts on the way.

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