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March 9 Famous Birthdays

March 9 Famous Birthdays

For the famous birthdays of March 9, number nine could be their lucky number. The famous March 9 Pisces are typically people who have the ability to foresee certain things. It is something that they take seriously and use it in a productive way. They are delicate and insecure people.

Nonetheless, famous people born on March 9th are able to make the best out of any situation. They are known for making peace in conflicting situations. But there are times when their loved ones must hold them up when they need a lift.


Famous people born on 9th March could take time to reflect on the past. They should also practice yoga techniques to help relieve themselves of stress and to develop and maintain fitness goals.


Getting away from the drama always does the mind good. It’s nothing for them to go on a weekend trip for a romantic holiday or for fun with their friends.

Famous people born on March 9 have the zodiac sign of Pisces. They are helpful and could possess spiritual qualities. Nonetheless, they struggle with being a parent. In the kitchen, they can be an excellent chef. Including a glass of wine with dinner could help them relax.


March 9th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

9th March Good Traits:

  • Intuitive
  • Expressive
  • Faithful
  • Positive
  • Creative
  • Brilliant

9th March Bad Traits:

  • Withdrawn
  • Overemotional
  • Indifferent
  • Cautious

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March 9th Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Boone, 1973, Baseball Player
Abraham Abraham, 1843, Entrepreneur
Adam Berry, 1983, TV Actor
Agnes Miegel, 1879, Poet
Algirdas Julien Greimas, 1917, Philosopher
Alodia Gosiengfiao, 1988, Model
Aloysius Gonzaga, 1568, Religious Leader
Alysa Owen, 2006, Dancer
Amerigo Vespucci, 1454, Explorer
Andre Courrèges, 1923, Fashion Designer
Andrew Bennett, 1939, Politician
AndrewOscarDelta, 1992, YouTube Star
Anier Garcia, 1976, Hurdler
Ann Swisshelm, 1968, Curler
Antanas Strazdas, 1760, Poet
Anthony Westlake, 1995, Choreographer

Antigoni Buxton, 1996, Rock Singer
Antonio Saca, 1965, Politician
Aras Ozbiliz, 1990, Soccer Player
Arky Vaughan, 1912, Baseball Player
Ashley Ceaser, 1987, Reality Star
Az, 1972, Rapper
Ben Mulroney, 1976, TV Show Host
Benito Santiago, 1965, Baseball Player
Bert Campaneris, 1942, Baseball Player
Bill Beaumont, 1952, Rugby Player
Bill Holmes, 1899, Hockey Player
Billy Southworth, 1893, Baseball Manager
Bobby Campo, 1983, Movie Actor
Bobby Fischer, 1943, Chess Player
Bobby Sands, 1954, Criminal
Bow Wow, 1987, Rapper
Brendan Canty, 1966, Drummer
Brenna O’Brien, 1991, Voice Actor
Brent Burns, 1985, Hockey Player
Brian Biggs, 1968, Illustrator
Brian Bosworth, 1965, Football Player
Brian Redman, 1937, Race Car Driver
Brittany Snow, 1986, Movie Actress
Bryan Bickell, 1986, Hockey Player
C-Murder, 1971, Criminal
Carl Betz, 1921, TV Actor
Carla Pandolfi, 1982, TV Actress
Carlos Ghosn, 1954, Entrepreneur
Chad Gilbert, 1981, Guitarist
Charles Gibson, 1943, TV Show Host
Charles Siebert, 1938, TV Actor
Chaske Spencer, 1975, Movie Actor
Che Mack, 1984, Reality Star
China Suarez, 1992, TV Actress
Chingy, 1980, Rapper
Chris Phillips, 1978, Hockey Player
Cierra Ramirez, 1995, TV Actress
Claudia Mason, 1973, Model
Clifford Etienne, 1970, Boxer
Clint Dempsey, 1983, Soccer Player
Codrin Bradea, 1996, YouTube Star
Craig Stammen, 1984, Baseball Player
Daley Blind, 1990, Soccer Player
Daniel Maltzman, 1963, Pop Artist
Daniel N Robinson, 1937, Philosopher
Darsheel Safary, 1997, Movie Actor
David Davis, 1815, Supreme Court Justice
David Hume Kennerly, 1947, Photographer
David Pogue, 1963, TV Show Host
David Smith, 1906, Sculptor
DavidParody, 1991, YouTube Star
Dawn Gibbons, 1954, Political Wife
Deborah Flora, 1964, Soap Opera Actress
Dennis Rader, 1945, Criminal
Derick Dillard, 1989, Reality Star

Devon Haas, 2004, Model
Didiayer Snyder, 1975, TV Show Host
Diego Torres, 1971, Pop Singer
Diego Zegarra, 1993, Vine Star
Dimitris Horn, 1921, Movie Actor
Dominick Cruz, 1985, MMA Fighter
Dominique Gonzales, 1986, Family Member
Domo Genesis, 1991, Rapper
Elena Furiase, 1988, TV Actress
Ella Ewing, 1872,
Eloise Webb, 2003, Movie Actress
Emmanuel Lewis, 1971, TV Actor
Faith Daniels, 1957, News Anchor
FallFromGrace, 1992, YouTube Star
Ferdo Sisic, 1869, Historian
Gaby Diaz, 1996, Dancer
Garner Ted Armstrong, 1930, Religious Leader
George Lincoln Rockwell, 1918, Politician
George Smith, 1999, Pop Singer
Hamo Thornycroft, 1850, Sculptor
Hannah Elizabeth, 1990, Reality Star
Harry Geithner, 1967, TV Actor
Helen Zille, 1951, Politician
Herbert Gold, 1924, Novelist
Herschel Evans, 1909, Saxophonist
Howard Shelley, 1950, Pianist
Hunter Moore, 1986, Criminal

Isabel Granada, 1976, TV Actress
Jack Ferrante, 1916, Football Player
Jackie Jensen, 1927, Baseball Player
Jaime Lyn Bauer, 1949, TV Actress
James Wesley, 1970, Country Singer
Jean Louisa Kelly, 1972, TV Actress
Jean-Marc Vallee, 1963, Director
Jeffrey Osborne, 1948, Funk Singer
Jemma Wilson, 1979, YouTube Star
JeromeASF, 1994, YouTube Star
Jerry Ross, 1926, Composer
Jess Impiazzi, 1989, Model
Jill Ehat, 1979, Instagram Star
Jim Colbert, 1941, Golfer
Joaquin Ochoa, 1999, Stage Actor
Joaquin Villalobos, 1951, Politician
Joe Franklin, 1926, TV Show Host
Joe Gilgun, 1984, Movie Actor
Joella Deville, 1987, Pop Singer
John Cale, 1942, Rock Singer
John Lounsbery, 1911, Cartoonist
Johnny Kelly, 1968, Drummer
Jonah Nickerson, 1985, Baseball Player
Jose Laurel, 1891, World Leader
Joseph Gallison, 1935, Soap Opera Actor
Joshua Holz, 2000, Instagram Star
Joyce Van Patten, 1934, Movie Actress
Juan Sebastian Veron, 1975, Soccer Player
Julia Mancuso, 1984, Skier
Juliette Binoche, 1964, Movie Actress
Karan Singh, 1931, Politician
Katherine Parkinson, 1978, TV Actress
Kathryn Ann, 1994, YouTube Star
Kato Kaelin, 1959, Reality Star
Keely Smith, 1932, Jazz Singer
Keenon Jackson, 1990, Rapper
Kerr Smith, 1972, TV Actor
Kevin Wade, 1954, Screenwriter
Kim Tae-yeon, 1989, Pop Singer
Kimberly Guilfoyle, 1969, Model
Klariza Clayton, 1989, TV Actress
Kurt Wimmer, 1964, Screenwriter
LA India, 1969, World Music Singer
Lady Isabella Hervey, 1982, Model
Laura Lee, 1945, Soul Singer
Lauren Koslow, 1953, Soap Opera Actress
Leah Rose Kennedy, 2004, Dancer
Lefty Williams, 1893, Baseball Player
Leland Stanford, 1824, Entrepreneur
Liam Martin, 1997, Instagram Star
Lil Jaxe, 1999, Rapper
Lill-babs, 1938, Soul Singer
Linda Fiorentino, 1958, Movie Actress
Lonny Price, 1959, Stage Actor
Lore Segal, 1928, Novelist
Louis Oliver, 1966, Football Player
Lucas Neill, 1978, Soccer Player
Lucia Aldana, 1992, Model
Luis Armand Garcia, 1992, TV Actor
Luis Barragan, 1902, Architect
Luis Vera, 1973, Soccer Player
Maite Perroni, 1983, TV Actress
Makenzie Dustman, 1995, Dancer
Margaret Guilbert, 1990, YouTube Star
Maria Eugenia Suarez, 1992, TV Actress
Mark Dantonio, 1956, Football Coach
Mark Lindsay, 1942, Rock Singer
Mark Mancina, 1957, Composer
Martin Fry, 1958, Pop Singer
Martin Frydek, 1969, Soccer Player
Martin Johnson, 1970, Rugby Player
Martin P. Robinson, 1954, Puppeteer
Mary Murphy, 1958, Reality Star
Mary Thomson, 1989, YouTube Star
Matt Barnes, 1980, Basketball Player
Matt Bowen, 1982, Rugby Player
Matt Crocker, 1987, Gospel Singer
Matthew Briggs, 1991, Soccer Player
Matthew Gray Gubler, 1980, TV Actor
Maurizio Stecca, 1963, Boxer
Mel Lastman, 1933, Politician
Melina Perez, 1979, Wrestler
Meryem Can, 1995, YouTube Star
Michael Feldman, 1949, Radio Host
Michael Kinsley, 1951, TV Show Host
Mickdeth, 1978, Bassist
Mickey Gilley, 1936, Country Singer
Mickey Roker, 1932, Drummer
Mickey Spillane, 1918, Novelist
Mike Leach, 1961, Football Coach
Mike Pollock, 1965, Voice Actor
Min Yoongi, 1993, Rapper
Mircea Eliade, 1907, Philosopher
Misa Musaly, 1996, Twitch Star
Mohammed Shami, 1990, Cricket Player
Mona Sahlin, 1957, Politician
Morgan Rielly, 1994, Hockey Player
Natalia Pogonina, 1985, Chess Player
Nathan Owens, 1984, Soap Opera Actor
Naveen Jindal, 1970, Politician
Neil Strauss, 1969, Self-Help Author
Niamh Wilson, 1997, Movie Actress
Ophelie Guillermand, 1994, Model
Ornella Muti, 1955, Movie Actress
Ornette Coleman, 1930, Saxophonist
Oscar Isaac, 1979, Movie Actor
Oscar Stanton Depriest, 1871, Politician
Park Yu-hwan, 1991, TV Actor
Parthiv Patel, 1985, Cricket Player
Pat Miletich, 1966, MMA Fighter
Patrice Curry, 1979, Reality Star
Patricia Maxwell, 1942, Novelist
Paul Caligiuri, 1964, Soccer Player
Paul MacLean, 1958, Hockey Coach
Pete Wishart, 1962, Politician
Phil Housley, 1964, Hockey Player
Plumb, 1975, Pop Singer
Priscilla Ahn, 1984, Folk Singer
Rachel Nabors, 1985, Cartoonist
Radek Dvorak, 1977, Hockey Player
Randy Edwards, 1961, Football Player
Raul Julia, 1940, Movie Actor
Renee Lyon, 1975, Vine Star
Richard Quest, 1962, TV Show Host
Richard Woods, 1923, TV Actor
Rick Steiner, 1961, Wrestler
RissRose, 1989, YouTube Star
Robert Barry, 1936, Performance Artist
Robert Calvert, 1945, Poet
Robin Trower, 1945, Guitarist
Roy Makaay, 1975, Soccer Player
Rozita Che Wan, 1973, TV Actress
Sam Sheen, 2004, Family Member
Samuel Barber, 1910, Composer
Samuel Blatchford, 1820, Supreme Court Justice
Sanne Vloet, 1995, Model
Sean Salisbury, 1963, Sportscaster
Shane Whitaker, 1992, Film Producer
Shannon Leto, 1970, Drummer
Shashi Tharoor, 1956, Politician
Shelley Thompson, 1959, TV Actress
Simon Dominic, 1984, Rapper
Simon Monjack, 1970, Director
Stacey Dooley, 1987, Journalist
Steve Wilkos, 1964, TV Show Host
Stony, 1993, Rapper
Sutton Crawford, 1985, Reality Star
Thomas Clay McDowell, 1866, Entrepreneur
Thomas Cruise, 1991, Soccer Player
Tiago Della Vega, 1984, Guitarist
Tim Helbig, 1988, YouTube Star
Tobias Hysen, 1982, Soccer Player
Tom Amandes, 1959, TV Actor
Tom Fawkes, 1990, YouTube Star
Tony Lockett, 1966, Australian Rules Footballer
Travis Stork, 1972, TV Show Host
Trish Van Devere, 1943, Movie Actress
Umberto Saba, 1883, Poet
Valerie Lemercier, 1964, Movie Actress
Victoria Vida, 1999, TV Actress
Wally Bronner, 1927, Entrepreneur
Walter Kohn, 1923, Scientist
Walter Mercado, 1932, TV Show Host
Warren Earp, 1855, Family Member
Wayne Franklin, 1974, Baseball Player
Will Geer, 1902, TV Actor
William Jackson, 1759, Politician
Wretch 32, 1985, Rapper
Yamila Diaz, 1976, Model
Youri Djorkaeff, 1968, Soccer Player
Yuri Gagarin, 1934, Astronaut
Yuriy Bilonog, 1974, Shot Putter
Zakir Hussain, 1951, Drummer
Zillur Rahman, 1929, Politician

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