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Famous Events For March 9

Famous Events for March 9 – Today in History

March 9: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – March 9 Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1500: The fleet of Pedro Alvares Cabral leaves Lisbon for the Indies and discovers Brazil.

18th Century – What Happened on March 9 – The 1700s

1701: After a three-year occupation of Basra, Safavid troops make a retreat.
1765: Jean Calas is posthumously exonerated of killing his son after the campaign by Voltaire.
1776: The book, The Wealth of Nations by Scottish economist Adam Smith, is published.
1796: Napolean Bonaparte takes Josephine de Beauhamais as first wife after marriage.
1862: In the Battle of Hampton Roads, USS Monitor and CSS Virginia fight to a draw.


19th Century – March 9 This Day That Year – The 1800s

1811: Manuel Belgrano is defeated by the Paraguayan forces in the battle of Tacuari.
1815: The Philosophical Magazine carries the first description of the first battery-operated clock by Francis Ronalds.
1842: Italy’s foremost opera composer Giuseppe Verdi releases his third opera Nabucco in Milan
1847: in the Mexican-American war, the Siege of Veracruz marks the biggest amphibious assault.
1856: Sigma Alpha Epsilon was initiated at the University of Alabama.
1860: First Japanese ambassador to the United States arrives in San Fransisco.


1864: Ulysses Grant is named as the Commanding General of the United States Army.
1868: The opera “Hamlet” by Ambrose Thomas debuts in Paris
1889: First General Antitrust law in the US is passed in Kansas.
1891: Beginning of the Great Blizzard in England. It resulted in the death of 200 people and 6,000 animals.
1897: Gustav Mahler’s 3rd Symphony is premiered in Berlin, Germany.
1898: Beatification of Peter of Tarantaise as Pope Innocent V in the Catholic Church by Poe Leo XIII on March 9, 1898.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day March 9th – The 1900s

1908: Inter Milan was created on Football Club Internazionale after a split from A. C. Milan
1914: War against Portugal declared by Germany.
1914: US senator Albert B. Fallputs up a demand for “Urbanization of Mexico”
1916: Germany announces war against Portugal
1916: During the Mexican Revolution, Pancho Villa attacks the border town of Colombus, New Mexico with about 500 Mexican soldiers.
1918: The Russian Bolshevik Party is renamed as the Communist Party.
1918: Jews of Seredino were massacred by the Ukrainian mobs.


1922: KJR_AM begins radio transmissions in Seattle
1926: Bertha Landes elected the first Woman Mayor of Seattle. She was the first female mayor of a major US city.
1932: Eamon De Valera declared as the President of Ireland.
1932: Former Chinese Emperor Henry Pu-Yi becomes the head of Manchuria.
1933: President Franklin D. Roosevelt presents the Emergency Banking Act to Congress as the first part of his New Deal policies.
1933: Georgi Dimitrov, Blagoy Popov, and Vasil Tanev of the Bulgarian Communist Party are acquitted of the charges of complicity in the Reichstag fire.

1933: US congresses commences its “100 Days” special session called by President Franklin D Roosevelt.
1935: Adolf Hitler creates a new air force, the Luftwaffe.
1942: The Japanese complete their Dutch East Indies Campaign after the unconditional surrender of the Dutch East Indies to Japanese forces in West Java.
1943: Greek Jews of Salonika are sent to Nazi extermination camps.
1944: Soviet Army Planes raid Tallinn in Estonia.
1945: The French are disempowered in French Indochina after a coup by the Japanese Forces.
1945: Allied forces destroy a large portion of Tokyo by bombing in World War II. More than a lakh civilians are killed.

1946: 33 People are killed and hundreds are injured in Bolton Wanderers stadium disaster at Bunden Park, Bolton, England
1948: Provisional Indonesian Government takes over in Batavia.
1950: Manufacturers Bank of NYC is robbed of $64,000 by William Sutton.
1951: Edward Teller and Stanislaw Ulam propose a staged implosion for a megaton hydrogen bomb in their paper at Los Almos lab.
1953: Josep Stalin’s funeral is held in Moscow USSR after the completion of four days of mourning.

1954: CBS television broadcasts” A Report on Senator Joseph McCarthy” on McCarthyism produced by Fred Friendly
1956: Nikita Khrushchev’s de-Stalinization faces mass demonstrations in the Georgian SSR. Soviet forces are deployed to overpower the demonstration.
1956: Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus arrested on charges of sedition. He is exiled to Seychelles.
1957: A destructive Tsunami hits the Aleutian Islands after an 8.6M earthquake and causes damage of 5 Million Dollars.
1959: First radar contact is established with Venus.
1959: The American International Toy Fair in New York unveils the new Barbie Doll.

1960: Dr. Belding Hibbard Scribner invents a Shunt and implants for the first time in a patient. This allowed the patient to receive hemodialysis regularly.
1961: The Soviet Union launches Sputnik 9 carrying a dog and a human dummy successfully into space. This was a precursor to human spaceflight.
1961: 72 people are killed in a mine cave-in in Japan.
1962: Egyptian President Nasser announces that Gaza belongs to Palestinians.
1964: The production of the 1st Ford Mustang.
1967: Trans World Airlines Flight 553 has a mid-air collision with a Beechcraft Baron and crash lands in a field in Concord, Ohio. The accident kills 26 people.

1974: The Mars 7 Flyby bus misses Mars as the descent module is released too early.
1974: 29 years after the end of World War II, the last Japanese soldier, a guerilla operating in the Philippines surrenders.
1976: The Cavalese cable car disaster resulted in the death of 42 people.
1977: Hanafi Muslims seize three buildings in Washington, D.C. after a 39-hour stalemate.
1979: France conducts a nuclear test at Mururoa Atoll
1983: The opposition leader of Zimbabwe, Joshua Nkomo escapes to Botswana.
1986: Remains of Challenger astronauts found by NASA search operation.
1987: Chrysler acquires the American Motors Corporation.
1989: The US performs a nuclear test at the test site of Nevada.
1991: The US launches its manned space mission Discovery 12 into orbit.
1996: Landing of NASA space shuttle Columbia19.
1997: An eclipse allows Comet Hale-Bopp to be seen during the day in China, Mongolia, and Eastern Siberia.

21st Century – March 9 This Day in History – The 2000s

2006: Discovery of water in the sixth largest moon of Saturn, Enceladus.
2011: The final landing of Space Shuttle Discovery after 39 flights.
2012: The Salvadoran government enters into a treaty with 30 gang leaders. Leaders are put in low-security prisons.
2020: Italy locks down the whole nation due to 10,040 pandemic cases and the death of 630 people.
2021: 1972 daily deaths due to the pandemic recorded in Brazil. The overall death tally was recorded at 168,370.

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