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March 10 Famous Birthdays

March 10 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on March 10 take education seriously. As a Pisces, they believe in the power of knowledge and teaching others to become productive and aggressive humans.

With this in mind, the famous March 10th people will likely choose a profession that helps others achieve personal and professional success especially the young adults. People take note of them as they have a certain appeal that rarely goes undetected. Some say they have a tendency to seduce others with their playful attitude.


There is never a boring moment for people who share the famous birthdays of March 10th. They stand up for themselves when they need to and they also find themselves defending others. Trust is not something they give freely. It is most definitely earned where they are concerned.


At the same time, famous people born on March 10 hold their friends and family close. When they have decided on a life partner, it is with surety and with their family’s blessings. Perhaps she or he is a Virgo as this zodiac sign is most compatible with thiers.


March 10th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

10th March Good Traits:

  • Spunky
  • Lively
  • Agreeable
  • Learned
  • Enthusiastic
  • Spirited
  • Energetic

10th March Bad Traits:

  • Ostentatious
  • Suspicious
  • Envious
  • Standoffish
  • Detached

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March 10th Famous Birthday Personalities

Abby Anderson, 1997, Country Singer
Aecio Neves, 1960, Politician
Ahmed Sylla, 1990, TV Actor
Alanoud Badr, 1980, Fashion Designer
Alec Reeves, 1902, Scientist
Alexander Goldenweiser, 1875, Composer
Alexander III, 1845, Royalty
Alfonso Leon, 1976, TV Show Host
Alfred Peet, 1920, Entrepreneur
Alfredo Zitarrosa, 1936, Composer
Alice Hirson, 1929, TV Actress
Aloma Wright, 1950, TV Actress
Andrew Hawkins, 1986, Football Player
Anna Gare, 1969, TV Show Host
Arthur Honegger, 1892, Composer
Ashley Callus, 1979, Swimmer

Austin Carr, 1948, Basketball Player
Austin Matelson, 1985, Wrestler
Axl Smith, 1984, TV Show Host
Barbara Corcoran, 1949, Entrepreneur
Barry Fitzgerald, 1888, Movie Actor
Behrouz Vossoughi, 1938, Movie Actor
Belinda Bencic, 1997, Tennis Player
Ben Davis, 1977, Baseball Player
Ben Grubbs, 1984, Football Player
Ben May, 1984, Soccer Player
Benjamin Burnley, 1978, Rock Singer
Bix Beiderbecke, 1903, Pianist
Biz Stone, 1974, Entrepreneur
Blaine Mitchell, 1991, Rock Singer
Bob Greene, 1947, Journalist
Bobby Petrino, 1961, Football Coach
Bree Turner, 1977, Movie Actress
Bruce Rubin, 1943, Screenwriter
Bulldog Turner, 1919, Football Player
Camille, 1978, Pop Singer
Carlos Flores Facussé, 1950, Politician
Carol Castro, 1984, Model
Carrie Underwood, 1983, Country Singer
Casey Berry, 1998, YouTube Star
Chandler Harper, 1914, Golfer
Chris Atton, 1959, Teacher
Chris Cole, 1982, Skateboarder
Chris Starr, 1984, YouTube Star
Chris Sutton, 1973, Soccer Player
Christa Pike, 1976, Criminal
Chuck Norris, 1940, TV Actor
Claire Hosterman, 1989, Family Member
Clare Boothe Luce, 1903, Playwright
Clay Borrell, 1996, Pop Singer
Cole Seely, 1990, Motorcycle Racer
Colin Murray, 1977, Radio Host
Conceited, 1989, Rapper
Corrado Parducci, 1900, Sculptor
Cristian de la Fuente, 1974, TV Actor
Daan Zwierink, 1998, Pop Singer
Dan Eardley, 1982, YouTube Star
Danny O’donnell, 1986, Soccer Player
Danny Pudi, 1979, Comedian
Daphne Willis, 1987, Pop Singer
Daryle Singletary, 1971, Country Singer
Dave Krusen, 1966, Drummer
Dave Sheridan, 1969, Movie Actor
David Cruz Thayne, 1971, Politician
David Grann, 1967, Journalist
David Newsom, 1962, Film Producer
Dayan Viciedo, 1989, Baseball Player
Dean-Ormsby Torrence, 1940, Rock Singer
Debra Antney, 1962, Entrepreneur
DJ Aligator, 1975, DJ
Dolores Fuller, 1923, Movie Actress
Don Bexley, 1910, TV Actor
Dusty Smith, 1976, YouTube Star
Ed Gamble, 1986, Comedian
Edi Gathegi, 1979, TV Actor
Edie Brickell, 1966, Rock Singer
Edward Baker Lincoln, 1846, Family Member
El General, 1964, World Music Singer
Elena Mendoza, 1973, Composer
Eliz Camacho, 1991, R&B Singer
Emeli Sande, 1987, R&B Singer
Emily Osment, 1992, TV Actress
Emily Pauline Johnson, 1861, Poet
Endigo, 1992, Metal Singer
Erika Schaefer, 1984, TV Actress
Etrit Berisha, 1989, Soccer Player
Eugenia Golea, 1971, Gymnast
Eva Herzigova, 1973, Model
Evan Horwood, 1986, Soccer Player
Fanny Stevenson, 1840, Family Member
Felice Arena, 1968, Children’s Author
Fou Ts’ong, 1934, Pianist
Frankie Ruiz, 1958, World Music Singer
Gabby Berry, 1998, Vine Star
George W Randolph, 1818, War Hero
Gloria Diaz, 1951, Movie Actress
Grace Victoria Cox, 1995, TV Actress
Gregory La Cava, 1892, Director

Griffen Jennings, 1998, Family Member
Gus Henderson, 1889, Football Coach
Haifa Wehbe, 1972, World Music Singer
Hallie Quinn Brown, 1849, Teacher
Heart Defensor, 1989, YouTube Star
HeFlawless, 1995, YouTube Star
Helmut Lang, 1956, Painter
Hendrick Bages, 1987, TV Actor
Hilary Devey, 1957, TV Show Host
Hilary Goldstein, 1975, Journalist
Holly Herndon, 1980, Composer
Holly Hughes, 1955, Performance Artist
Hugh Johnson, 1939, Non-Fiction Author
iBobbyHD, 1998, YouNow Star
Ieng Thirith, 1932, Political Wife
Ina Coolbrith, 1841, Poet
Ivan Rakitic, 1988, Soccer Player
Jack Butland, 1993, Soccer Player
Jack Kent, 1920, Cartoonist
Jake Ryan, 1994, YouTube Star
James Earl Ray, 1928, Criminal
Janet Mock, 1983, Activist
Jasmine Guy, 1962, TV Actress
JC Devera, 1986, TV Actor
Jeff Ament, 1963, Guitarist
Jeff Branson, 1977, TV Actor
Jen Atkin, 1980, Entrepreneur
Jennifer Arnold, 1974, Reality Star
Jerry Horton, 1975, Guitarist
Jesse Saunders, 1962, Music Producer
Jessie Boswell, 1881, Painter
Jim Valvano, 1946, Basketball Coach
Jim White, 1957, Guitarist
Joe Gold, 1922, Entrepreneur
Joel Prentiss Bishop, 1814, Lawyer
Johanna Lindsey, 1952, Novelist
Johannes Semper, 1892, Novelist
John Rechy, 1931, Novelist
Johnnie Allan, 1938, Pop Singer
Jojo Lastimosa, 1964, Basketball Player
Jojo Offerman, 1994, Wrestler
Jon Hamm, 1971, TV Actor
Jonas Olsson, 1983, Soccer Player
Jonathan Ansell, 1982, Opera Singer
Josh Altman, 1979, Reality Star
Julia Barretto, 1997, TV Actress
Justinas Marcinkevicius, 1930, Poet
Karel Van de Woestijne, 1878, Teacher
Kate McGill, 1990, Folk Singer
Katharine Houghton, 1945, Movie Actress
Keith Jeffery, 1982, Rock Singer
Keke Wyatt, 1982, R&B Singer
Khadijah Haqq, 1983, Movie Actress
Kim Campbell, 1947, World Leader
Kiya Cole, 1975, Family Member
Knxwledge, 1988, Music Producer
Kokane, 1969, Rapper
Kris Welham, 1987, Rugby Player
Kristen Maloney, 1981, Gymnast
Kun-Woo Paik, 1946, Pianist
Kwame Brown, 1982, Basketball Player
Kyree Myers, 2000, Musical.ly Star
Lance Burton, 1960, Magician
Landon Liboiron, 1991, TV Actor
Larry Hernandez, 1977, World Music Singer
Lashinda Demus, 1983, Runner
Laurel Clark, 1961, Astronaut
Leroy Ellis, 1940, Basketball Player
Lesley Dunlop, 1956, Movie Actress
Li Ning, 1963, Gymnast
Lillian Wald, 1867, Doctor
Lissette, 1947, World Music Singer
Liu Shishi, 1987, TV Actress
Logan Mankins, 1982, Football Player
Logan Shroyer, 1999, TV Actor
Lorna Thayer, 1919, Movie Actress
Luba Lisa, 1941, Stage Actress
Luc Dardenne, 1954, Director
Lupita Dalessio, 1954, Pop Singer
Lydia McLaughlin, 1980, Reality Star
Mace Coronel, 2004, TV Actor
Madeleine Arthur, 1997, TV Actress
Malachi Barton, 2007, TV Actor
Malika Haqq, 1983, Movie Actress
Marcello Malpighi, 1628, Doctor
Marcie Dodd, 1978, Stage Actress
Marianne Rosenberg, 1955, Jazz Singer
Marie Spartali Stillman, 1844, Painter
Marion Hutton, 1919, Opera Singer
Marsha FitzAlan, 1953, TV Actress
Martellus Bennett, 1987, Football Player
Matt Barlow, 1970, Metal Singer
Matt Kenseth, 1972, Race Car Driver
Matt Knudsen, 1957, TV Actor
Matthew Roberts, 1978, Guitarist
Melvin Spencer Newman, 1908, Scientist
Mia Rose Frampton, 1996, TV Actress
Michael Barnes, 1979, Rock Singer
Michael Lucas, 1972,
Mike Timlin, 1966, Baseball Player
Miroslava Duma, 1985, Entrepreneur
Mitch Gaylord, 1961, Gymnast
Miwako Fujitani, 1963, Movie Actress
Mod Sun, 1987, Rapper
Momoko Ishii, 1907, Children’s Author
Morgan Tsvangirai, 1952, Politician
Motoo Abiko, 1934, Cartoonist
Natali Germanotta, 1992, Family Member
Natasha Alam, 1983, TV Actress
Neil Budworth, 1982, Rugby Player
Neneh Cherry, 1964, Rapper
Norah Flatley, 2000, Gymnast
Norman Blake, 1938, Folk Singer
Olivia Wilde, 1984, TV Actress
Omar Abdullah, 1970, Politician
Omer Tarin, 1966, Poet
Osama bin Laden, 1957, Criminal
Pablo Espinosa, 1992, TV Actor
Paget Brewster, 1969, TV Actress
Pam Oliver, 1961, Sportscaster
Pamela Mason, 1916, TV Show Host
Pappo, 1950, Guitarist
Pastor Maldonado, 1985, Race Car Driver
Patrick Henry Hughes, 1988, Pianist
Paul Charlton, 1970, YouTube Star
Paul Haggis, 1953, Screenwriter
Peter DeRose, 1900, Composer
Phil X, 1966, Guitarist
Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, 1964, Royalty
Quincy Pondexter, 1988, Basketball Player
Rafe Spall, 1983, Movie Actor
Ralph Emery, 1933, TV Show Host
Ranald Macdougall, 1915, Screenwriter
Raymond Ackerman, 1931, Business Executive
Richard Gant, 1944, Movie Actor
Richard Haydn, 1905, Movie Actor
Rick Rubin, 1963, Music Producer
Rita Simons, 1977, Soap Opera Actress
Robert Kearns, 1927, Entrepreneur
Robert Llewellyn, 1956, TV Actor
Robin Thicke, 1977, R&B Singer
Rod Woodson, 1965, Football Player
Ronnie Earl, 1953, Guitarist
Ruan Pienaar, 1984, Rugby Player
Ruthie Collins, 1984, Country Singer
Ryan Nassib, 1990, Football Player
Sahara Ray, 1993, Model
Sahrel Lopez, 1990, Pop Singer
Sam Rainsy, 1949, Politician
Samara Redway, 1995, YouTube Star
Samuel Eto’o, 1981, Soccer Player
Sara Maldonado, 1980, Soap Opera Actress
Sara Montiel, 1928, Movie Actress
Scott Gardenhour, 1961, Film Producer
Scott Harrington, 1993, Hockey Player
Sean Pierson, 1976, MMA Fighter
Seansauce, 1993, Vine Star
Senait Ashenafi, 1966, TV Actress
Sepp Blatter, 1936, Sports Executive
Shannon Miller, 1977, Gymnast
Shannon Tweed, 1957, Movie Actress
Sharon Stone, 1958, Movie Actress
Shin Koyamada, 1982, Movie Actor
Shin Peniel, 1993, Pop Singer
Simon Culhane, 1968, Rugby Player
Simon Moser, 1989, Hockey Player
Skye McDonald, 1991, Instagram Star
Stefanie Heinzmann, 1989, Soul Singer
Steve Howe, 1958, Baseball Player
Steve Marino, 1980, Golfer
Thomas Hunter, 1937, Cricket Player
Thomas Middleditch, 1982, TV Actor
Thomas Stringfellow, 1998, Pop Singer
Timbaland, 1972, Music Producer
Tina Charles, 1954, Pop Singer
Tom Scholz, 1947, Rock Singer
Toni Polster, 1964, Soccer Player
Tuukka Rask, 1987, Hockey Player
Tyler Mizak, 1996, TV Actor
Uriah Shelton, 1997, TV Actor
Vernon Dahmer, 1908, Civil Rights Leader
Ximena Restrepo, 1969, Runner
Yousra, 1955, Movie Actress
Youssef Dawoud, 1938, Movie Actor
Zach LaVine, 1995, Basketball Player

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