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March 31 Famous Birthdays

March 31 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on March 31 have their mind on money and it leaves little room for anything else. That’s typical of the Aries born today.

They can go before the Shark Tank and get the deal that nobody could. That shows a lot of confidence in a product that they believe in. It is not hard at all for them to make friends as they have an approachable and beautiful personality.


When famous people who are born on March 31st are partnered with someone who they can truly be at peace with, they are more than happy. They are ecstatic as this does not happen every day. When it comes to their health, they should take it more seriously. They should go to the doctor at least once a year. They are active but still need to implement a workout at least two times a week and watch what they eat.


Famous people born on March 31 are set apart from the other Arians. They are hard to define but they are warm, affectionate people. They can find it difficult to relax but are more likely to spend too much time daydreaming. They should take care of themselves. Famous birthday personalities of March 31st are listed below.


March 31st Famous Birthday Personality Traits

31 March Good Traits:

  • Confident
  • Practical
  • Stable
  • Sincere
  • Social
  • Free Spirited
  • Faithful

31st March Bad Traits:

  • Secretive
  • Artificial
  • Sincere
  • Temperamental
  • Restrictive

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March 31st Famous Birthday Personalities

Abbey Wilson, 1988, Instagram Star
Adam Forsyth, 1981, Boxer
Adam Green, 1975, Director
Adam Zampa, 1992, Cricket Player
Adryan Hanson, 1991, Model
Ajit Ninan, 1955, Cartoonist
Al Goodman, 1943, R&B Singer
Al Gore, 1948, Politician
Alan Duncan, 1957, Politician
Albert Lawton, 1879, Cricket Player
Alejandro Amenabar, 1972, Director
Alex Adams, 1999, YouTube Star
Allison Danger, 1977, Wrestler
Aly Silverio, 1993, Instagram Star
Andrew Baron, 1980, YouTube Star
Andrew Bowen, 1972, TV Actor
Andrew Lang, 1844, Poet
Andrew Marvell, 1621, Poet
Andy Berke, 1968, Politician
Angus King, 1944, Politician
Angus Young, 1955, Guitarist

Anita Carter, 1933, Country Singer
Anna Mae Routledge, 1982, TV Actress
Annabelle Neilson, 1969, Reality Star
Anthony Deluca, 1992, YouTube Star
Aria Saki, 1994, Twitch Star
Art Shay, 1922, Photographer
Ashleigh Ball, 1983, Voice Actor
Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor, 1992, Model
Audrey Napoleon, 1990, DJ
Austin Highsmith, 1981, Movie Actress
Bang Yong-guk, 1990, Rapper
Barney Frank, 1940, Politician
Barney Gibson, 1996, Cricket Player
Benjamin Alves, 1989, Movie Actor
Bob Myers, 1975, Basketball Coach
Cam Pizzo, 2000, YouTube Star
Cesar Chavez, 1927, Civil Rights Leader
Chase Minnifield, 1989, Football Player
Chein-Ming Wang, 1980, Baseball Player
Chien-ming Wang, 1980, Baseball Player
Chris Conkling, 1949, Screenwriter
Christian Scott, 1983, Trumpet Player
Christine Barger, 1980, TV Actress
Christopher Hampson, 1973, Dancer
Christopher Walken, 1943, Movie Actor
Clint Mauro, 1986, Model
Colby Fainga’a, 1991, Rugby Player
Connor Wickham, 1993, Soccer Player
Conrad Sewell, 1988, Pop Singer
Craig McCracken, 1971, Animator
Dafne Fernandez, 1985, TV Actress
Dan Flint, 1989, Drummer
Dan Graham, 1942, Multimedia Artist
Daniel Mays, 1978, TV Actor
David Eisenhower, 1948, Scientist
Dean Richards, 1954, TV Show Host
DeAndre Liggins, 1988, Basketball Player
Dermot Morgan, 1952, Comedian
Deven Hubbard, 1998, Basketball Player
Dino Lee, 1993, Pop Singer
Dom Fera, 1992, YouTube Star
Ed Marinaro, 1950, TV Actor
Eddie Judge, 1973, Reality Star
Eddie Quillan, 1907, Movie Actor
Edward Fitzgerald, 1809, Poet
Edwin Catmull, 1945, Scientist

Eileen Coparropa, 1981, Swimmer
Elizabeth Cavendish Stuart, 1555, Royalty
Elizabeth Koshy, 1996, Vine Star
Emma Atkins, 1975, TV Actress
Erik Turner, 1964, Guitarist
Erin Hawksworth, 1981, News Anchor
Evan Williams, 1972, Entrepreneur
Ewan McGregor, 1971, Movie Actor
Facundo Arana, 1972, TV Actor
Faith Leech, 1941, Swimmer
Fellag, 1950, Movie Actor
Francis Maloney, 1894, Politician
Frank Gomez, 1986, MMA Fighter
Freddie Green, 1911, Guitarist
Gabe Kaplan, 1945, TV Actor
Garth Tander, 1977, Race Car Driver
Georg Listing, 1987, Bassist
George Iloka, 1990, Football Player
George Schindler, 1929, Magician
Gerard McCarthy, 1981, TV Actor
Glynnis Talken, 1965, Novelist
Gordie Howe, 1928, Hockey Player
Grigori Nelyubov, 1934, Astronaut
Guy Mariano, 1976, Skateboarder
Hashim Amla, 1983, Cricket Player
Hayven McCracken, 1998, Vine Star
Heinrich Fink, 1935, Politician
Henry Morgan, 1915, Comedian

Herb Alpert, 1935, Entrepreneur
Hermann van Pels, 1898,
Hogan Ephraim, 1988, Soccer Player
Holly Henry, 1994, Pop Singer
Howard Gordon, 1961, Screenwriter
Hugh McCracken, 1942, Guitarist
Humpy Koneru, 1987, Chess Player
Jack Antonoff, 1984, Guitarist
Jack Johnson, 1878, Boxer
Jack Scaro, 1999, Vine Star
Jacob Lateiner, 1928, Pianist
Jake Heggie, 1961, Composer
James Jones, 1984, Football Player
James P Pope, 1884, Politician
Jamie Jo, 1994, YouTube Star
Jay DeFeo, 1929, Painter
Jay Rock, 1986, Rapper
Jedd Hughes, 1982, Country Singer
Jeff Mathis, 1983, Baseball Player
Jeff Young, 1962, Guitarist
Jennifer Ortega, 1987, Journalist
Jessica Szohr, 1985, TV Actress
JJ Garcia, 1989, Reality Star
Jobyna Howland, 1880, Movie Actress
Joe Wild, 1998, YouTube Star
Johann Sebastian Bach, 1685, Composer
John Calvin Coolidge Sr., 1845, Family Member
John Fowles, 1926, Novelist
John Jakes, 1932, Novelist
John L. May, 1922, Religious Leader
John Lafarge, 1835, Painter
John Loudermilk, 1934, Country Singer
Johnny Saunders, 1975, Radio Host
Joseph Haydn, 1732, Composer
Josh Beauchamp, 2000, Dancer
Josh Harms, 1974, Politician
Josh Saviano, 1976, TV Actor
Judith Rossner, 1935, Novelist
Judith Shekoni, 1982, TV Actress
Justin Braun, 1987, Soccer Player
Justin Mateen, 1986, Entrepreneur
Kamala Surayya, 1934, Poet
Kamilla Osman, 1995, Instagram Star
Karl Klug, 1980, Football Player
Kate Micucci, 1980, Comedian
Keisha White, 1988, Pop Singer
Kenny Moffitt, 1992, YouTube Star
Kevin Greutert, 1965, Director
Kimmy Erin Kertes, 1981, Fashion Designer
King Jacob, 2004, Star
Koo Junhoe, 1997, Pop Singer
Kory Sheets, 1985, Football Player
Kuupik Kleist, 1958, Politician
Kylie Bisutti, 1990, Model
Landon Moss, 1995, Vine Star
Layla Brooklyn Allman, 1993, Metal Singer
Lefty Frizzell, 1928, Country Singer
Lennon Murphy, 1982, Rock Singer
Leo Buscaglia, 1924, Novelist
Lexi Walker, 2002, Pop Singer
Lilly Mae, 2001, YouTube Star
Linse Kessler, 1966, Model
Liz Claiborne, 1929, Entrepreneur
Lorinc Szabo, 1900, Poet
Lucille Bliss, 1916, Voice Actor
Mad Cobra, 1968, Reggae Singer
Marc McClure, 1957, Movie Actor
Marge Piercy, 1936, Poet
Marloes Coenen, 1981, MMA Fighter
Martin Atkinson, 1971, Referee
Mary Boykin Chesnut, 1823, Memoirist
Matt Craig, 1992, YouTube Star
Melissa Ordway, 1983, TV Actress
Michael Ryder, 1980, Hockey Player
Michael Savage, 1942, Radio Host
Michaela Bercu, 1967, Model
Michelle Nicastro, 1960, Stage Actress
Mick Ralphs, 1944, Guitarist
Mike Kyle, 1980, MMA Fighter
Miller Barber, 1931, Golfer
Molly Qerim, 1985, Sportscaster
Nagisa Oshima, 1932, Screenwriter
Nathan Codner, 1989, YouTube Star
Nathaniel Taylor, 1938, TV Actor
NF, 1991, Rapper
Nichita Stanescu, 1933, Poet
Nikolai Gogol, 1809, Novelist
Noah Cato, 1988, Rugby Player
Noah Shebib, 1983, Music Producer
Noah Urrea, 2001, Movie Actor
Nyamko Sabuni, 1969, Politician
Octavio Paz, 1914, Poet
Pablo Piatti, 1989, Soccer Player
Page Ruth, 1995, Model
Patrick Forrester, 1957, Astronaut
Patrick Lachman, 1970, Rock Singer
Patrick Magee, 1922, Movie Actor
Paul Gemignani, 1961, Director
Paul Mercurio, 1963, Movie Actor
Paulo Machado, 1986, Soccer Player
Pavel Bure, 1971, Hockey Player
Peggy Rea, 1921, TV Actress
Peter Bourjos, 1987, Baseball Player
Peter Porte, 1985, Soap Opera Actor
Petras Kalpokas, 1880, Painter
Philippa Of Lancaster, 1359, Royalty
Pistol Slamfire, 1990, Twitch Star
Prabal Gurung, 1979, Fashion Designer
Priscilla Delgado, 2002, TV Actress
Ragegaming, 1993, YouTube Star
RD Robb, 1972, Movie Actor
Rene Descartes, 1596, Philosopher
Reza Attaran, 1968, Movie Actor
Rhea Perlman, 1948, TV Actress
Rich Clementi, 1977, MMA Fighter
Richard Chamberlain, 1934, Movie Actor
Richard Kiley, 1922, Stage Actor
Rik Hoogendoorn, 1958, TV Actor
Robert Barranco, 1995, BMX Rider
Robyn Dixon, 1979, Reality Star
Roger Black, 1966, Runner
Roxanne Potvin, 1982, Blues Singer
Roy Andersson, 1943, Director
Ryan Bingham, 1981, Pop Singer
Ryland Blackinton, 1982, Guitarist
Samantha Brown, 1970, TV Show Host
Sammie Coates, 1993, Football Player
Sawyer Fredericks, 1999, Folk Singer
Seb la Frite, 1996, YouTube Star
Shawty Lo, 1976, Rapper
Sherif Fayed, 1992, TV Show Host
Shirley Jones, 1934, Movie Actress
Shoshana Damari, 1923, World Music Singer
Simone Johnson, 1968, Family Member
Sofia Tarasova, 2001, Pop Singer
Sofia Tarasova, 2001, Pop Singer
Stefan Olsdal, 1974, Guitarist
Stephanie Bendixsen, 1985, TV Show Host
Steve Bernier, 1985, Hockey Player
Stevie Johnson, 1989, Reality Star
Stu Douglass, 1990, Basketball Player
Sujatha Mohan, 1963, World Music Singer
Tal Benhaim, 1982, Soccer Player
Tamar Davis, 1980, R&B Singer
Tanner Flood, 2003, TV Actor
Tanya Tate, 1979,
Tesho Akindele, 1992, Soccer Player
Thijs Van Leer, 1948, Flute Player
Thomas Batuello, 1994, Cellist
Tiffany Ma, 1993, YouTube Star
Tim Cowlishaw, 1955, Journalist
Tom Barrasso, 1965, Hockey Player
Tommy Bolt, 1916, Golfer
Tommy Heath, 1947, Rock Singer
Tony Cardenas, 1963, Politician
Tony Cox, 1958, Movie Actor
Tony Yayo, 1978, Rapper
Trenyce, 1980, Stage Actress
Tyler Falcoa, 1994, Pop Singer
Valerie Curtin, 1945, Director
Vardis Fisher, 1895, Novelist
Vice Ganda, 1976, Comedian
Victoria Smurfit, 1974, TV Actress
Volker Schlondorff, 1939, Director
Wang Yue, 1987, Chess Player
William Daniels, 1927, Movie Actor
William Lederer, 1912, Novelist
William Morris Hunt, 1824, Cartoonist
Yanin Vismitananda, 1984, Movie Actress
Ze Frank, 1972, YouTube Star


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