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April 1 Famous Birthdays

April 1 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on April 1 are Aries who are mainly a treat to have as a friend. They are sweet, soft spoken and loving. They give without expecting anything in return. However, in doing so, they don’t get what they give and this can leave them feeling a bit disenchanted.

They should be totally honest with themselves and with others. When it comes to love, they want it. When it comes to making love, they need it.


This zodiac sign Aries is extremely sexually active. So be forewarned if you are not interested in a whole lot of sex, this may not be the person for you.


At work, the famous Aries born today on April 1 puts in just as much effort to get the job done. It would seem as though he or she is tireless. As far as their health is concerned, they are okay but not made of steel. They should make and keep yearly appointments.

Famous people born on April 1st are not the most patient people. However, they look for a partner who is similar to them. On the job, this Aries person, is most dedicated and faces obstacles fearlessly. They possess a gentle and passionate nature. As a whole, they are in good health. Get a list of famous April 1st celebrities below.


April 1st Famous Birthday Personality Traits

1 April Good Traits:

  • Confident
  • Practical
  • Approachable
  • Genuine
  • Positive
  • Resilient
  • Cheerful
  • Charismatic
  • Focused
  • Passionate

1 April Bad Traits:

  • Restless
  • Impatient
  • Argumentative
  • Opinionated
  • Bored

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April 1st Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Goodwin, 1976, Reality Star
Abdul Qadeer Khan, 1936, Scientist
Abraham Maslow, 1908, Scientist
Aimee Chan, 1981, TV Actress
Ajit Wadekar, 1941, Cricket Player
Alberta Hunter, 1895, Blues Singer
Alberto Zaccheroni, 1953, Soccer Coach
Alexander Aitken, 1895, Mathematician
Alexander Stubb, 1968, Politician
Ali MacGraw, 1939, Movie Actress
Amr Zaki, 1983, Soccer Player
Ana Maria Braga, 1949, TV Show Host
Anamaria Marinca, 1978, Movie Actress
Ananda Krishnan, 1938, Entrepreneur
Andreas Deja, 1957, Cartoonist
Andreas Thorkildsen, 1982, Javelin Thrower
Andrew Considine, 1987, Soccer Player
Andrew Lam, 1964, Novelist
Anna Grostina, 1998, Instagram Star
Anne McCaffrey, 1926, Novelist
Annette O’Toole, 1952, TV Actress

Annie Liu, 1981, Movie Actress
Annie Nightingale, 1940, Radio Host
Antonis Fotsis, 1981, Basketball Player
Arejay Hale, 1988, Drummer
Arrigo Sacchi, 1946, Soccer Coach
Asa Butterfield, 1997, Movie Actor
Augustus Tolton, 1854, Religious Leader
Ayaz Khan, 1979, Soap Opera Actor
Barney Clarke, 1927, Boxer
Barry Sonnenfeld, 1953, Director
BCC Trolling, 1995, YouTube Star
Beatriz Batarda, 1974, Movie Actress
Becky Johnston, 1956, Screenwriter
Bessie Jackson, 1897, Blues Singer
Beth Tweddle, 1985, Gymnast
Bijou Phillips, 1980, Movie Actress
Blair Fowler, 1993, YouTube Star
Bo Schembechler, 1929, Football Coach
Bob Ufer, 1920, Sportscaster
Bobby Murphy, 1988, Entrepreneur
Bonnie Baker, 1917, Jazz Singer
Brad Jones, 1986, Football Player
Brad Meltzer, 1970, Comic Book Author
Brendan Grace, 1951, Comedian
Brian Allen, 1978, Football Player
Brook Lopez, 1988, Basketball Player
Bruce Andrews, 1948, Poet
Bruce Dow, 1963, Stage Actor
Caitlyn Price, 2009, Vine Star
Caue Bueno, 1998, YouTube Star
Cecile Duflot, 1975, Politician
China Chow, 1974, TV Actress
Christian Finnegan, 1973, Comedian
Christian Iverson, 1997, Rock Singer
Clarence Seedorf, 1976, Soccer Player
Clementine Churchill, 1885, Political Wife
Clint Irwin, 1989, Soccer Player
Colby Donaldson, 1974, Reality Star
Columba Marmion, 1858, Religious Leader
Conner Tenbrink, 2001, Gymnast
CookieBreed, 1992, YouTube Star
Courtney McCool, 1988, Gymnast
Da Kurlzz, 1982, Drummer
Daisuke Nishio, 1959, Director
Dan Mintz, 1981, Comedian
Daniel Cook, 1997, TV Show Host
Daniel Lafferty, 1989, Soccer Player
Daniel Murphy, 1985, Baseball Player
Danielle Smith, 1971, Politician
Danny Avila, 1995, DJ
Danny Perea, 1986, TV Actress
Daoud Kuttab, 1955, Journalist
Darren McCarty, 1972, Hockey Player
David Christmas, 1969, Cricket Player

David Dahl, 1994, Baseball Player
David Gilliland, 1976, Race Car Driver
David Gower, 1957, Cricket Player
David N’Gog, 1989, Soccer Player
David Oyelowo, 1976, TV Actor
Debbie Reynolds, 1932, Movie Actress
Denise Nickerson, 1957, Movie Actress
Dexter Manning, 1991, YouTube Star
Ding Junhui, 1987, Snooker Player
Don Hasselbeck, 1955, Football Player
Don Hastings, 1934, Soap Opera Actor
Dounia Batma, 1991, Pop Singer
Duke Jordan, 1922, Pianist
Ed Drewett, 1988, R&B Singer
Eddy Duchin, 1909, Pianist
Edgar Wallace, 1875, Novelist
Edmund Neupert, 1842, Pianist
Edwin Austin Abbey, 1852, Painter
Elena Sandina, 1983, YouTube Star
Elizabeth Gutierrez, 1979, TV Actress
Ella Eyre, 1994, Pop Singer
Ellen Hollman, 1983, TV Actress
Ernest Kinoy, 1925, Screenwriter
Etan Thomas, 1978, Basketball Player
Evan Jones, 1976, Movie Actor
Evan Newton, 1988, Soccer Player
Fadl Shaker, 1969, Pop Singer
Fatmire Bajramaj, 1988, Soccer Player
Fauja Singh, 1911, Runner
Ferenc Puskas, 1927, Soccer Player
Ferruccio Busoni, 1866, Composer
Francine Prose, 1947, Novelist
George Baker, 1931, TV Actor
George Grizzard, 1928, Movie Actor
George H Nash, 1945, Historian
Gil Scott-Heron, 1949, Poet
Gina Jeffreys, 1968, Country Singer

Gordon Jump, 1932, TV Actor
Grace Lee Whitney, 1930, TV Actress
Guru Tegh Bahadur, 1621, Religious Leader
Gustavo Ayon, 1985, Basketball Player
Gustavs Celmins, 1899, Politician
Hannah Hindi, 1986, YouTube Star
Hannah Spearritt, 1981, Pop Singer
Harry Carney, 1910, Saxophonist
Hasnat Khan, 1959, Doctor
Hillary Scott, 1986, Country Singer
Ireen Wust, 1986, Speed Skater
Irene Pepperberg, 1949, Scientist
Isabella Bliss, 1998, Chef
Ivano Balić, 1979, Handball Player
Jack Grimes, 1926, Voice Actor
Jairus Aquino, 1999, TV Actor
James McElvar, 1996, Pop Singer
Jane Adams, 1965, TV Actress
Jane Powell, 1929, Movie Actress
Jazmyn Strong, 2002, YouTube Star
Jazz Smollett, 1980, Family Member
Jazzy B, 1976, World Music Singer
Jean-pierre Dumont, 1978, Hockey Player
Jeff Porcaro, 1954, Drummer
Jennifer Runyon, 1960, TV Actress
Jeremy Rose, 1979, Horse Jockey
Jessica Collins, 1971, Soap Opera Actress
Jimmy Cliff, 1948, Reggae Singer
Jimmy Warshawsky, 2001, Chef
JJ Feild, 1978, Movie Actor
Joe Francis, 1973, TV Producer
John Abizaid, 1951, War Hero
John Axford, 1983, Baseball Player
John Barbata, 1945, Drummer
John Butler, 1975, Guitarist
John Quade, 1938, Movie Actor
John Wynne Griffith, 1763, Politician
Johnny Farrell, 1901, Golfer
Johnny Hanel, 1992, YouTube Star
Jojo Bernard, 1993, YouTube Star
Jon Gosselin, 1977, Reality Star
Jonny May, 1990, Rugby Player
Joseph Murray, 1911, Doctor
Josh Herbert, 1990, Pop Singer
Josh Zuckerman, 1985, Movie Actor
Julia Boutros, 1968, Pop Singer
Jussi Jokinen, 1983, Hockey Player
Justin Johnes, 1999, YouTube Star
Kane Sheckler, 1997, Skateboarder
Kareem Kelly, 1981, Football Player
Karen Dunbar, 1971, Comedian
Kate Haywood, 1987, Swimmer
Kayla Collins, 1987, Model
Keith Bearden, 1962, Screenwriter
Kelli White, 1977, Runner
Kevin Duckworth, 1964, Basketball Player
Kevin Maida, 1992, Guitarist
Kid Ink, 1986, Rapper
Kip Moore, 1980, Country Singer
Kris Marshall, 1973, TV Actor
Laiba Zaid, 1992, Instagram Star
Lance Hohaia, 1983, Rugby Player
Libby Riddles, 1956, Dog Musher
Logan Paul, 1995, Vine Star
Lon Chaney Sr., 1883, Movie Actor
Lor Tok, 1914, Comedian
Luz Maria Ramirez, 1983, Pop Singer
Mackenzie Davis, 1987, Movie Actress
Mahii Vij, 1982, TV Actress
Marcelo Tinelli, 1960, TV Show Host
Mario Botta, 1943, Architect
Mark Jackson, 1965, Basketball Player
Martin Shkreli, 1983, Business Executive
Matt Hedges, 1990, Soccer Player
Matt Lanter, 1983, TV Actor
Matt Stewart, 1979, Novelist
Maxence Perrin, 1995, Movie Actor
Maximiliano Rodriguez, 1994, Soccer Player
Melville Shavelson, 1917, Screenwriter
Michael Poulsen, 1975, Metal Singer
Michael Praed, 1960, TV Actor
Michelle Knight, 1981,
Mike Baird, 1968, Politician
Mike McCoy, 1972, Football Coach
Mike Spinner, 1988, BMX Rider
Mikey Goldsworthy, 1989, Bassist
Mirka Federer, 1978, Tennis Player
Miroslava Vavrinec, 1978, Tennis Player
Mister Ces, 1994, Instagram Star
Murali Vijay, 1984, Cricket Player
Mylene Cercado, 1992, Pop Singer
Nancy Morgan Ritter, 1949, Movie Actress
Ned Glass, 1906, Movie Actor
Norm Van Lier, 1947, Basketball Player
Octavian Goga, 1881, Politician
Otto von Bismarck, 1815, Politician
Palak Jain, 1994, TV Actress
Paolo Bettini, 1974, Cyclist
Patty Shukla, 1975, Pop Singer
Paula Holmes, 1984, Blogger
Peggy Noland, 1970, Fashion Designer
Phil Daley, 1964, Rugby Player
Phil Niekro, 1939, Baseball Player
Philip Graham Scott, 2003, TV Actor
Philip Yordan, 1914, Screenwriter
Phillip Schofield, 1962, Sportscaster
Rachel Maddow, 1973, TV Show Host
Ramsey Nijem, 1988, MMA Fighter
Randy Orton, 1980, Wrestler
Raymond St. Leger, 1957, Scientist
Rebecca Ruber, 1996, Model
Reilly Smith, 1991, Hockey Player
Ricardo Cifuentes, 1990, YouTube Star
Richard Adolf Zsigmondy, 1865, Scientist
Richard Biedul, 1984, Model
Richard Christy, 1974, DJ
Robert Chapman, 1803, Religious Leader
Robin Lopez, 1988, Basketball Player
Rolf Hochhuth, 1931, Playwright
Rome Green Jr, 1998, YouTube Star
Ronnie Lane, 1946, Guitarist
Rusty Staub, 1944, Baseball Player
Ruth Beitia, 1979, High Jumper
Sam Huntington, 1982, TV Actor
Sam Mtukudzi, 1988, World Music Singer
Samuel Alito, 1950, Supreme Court Justice
Samuel R. Delany, 1942, Novelist
Sandra Afrika, 1988, Folk Singer
Santosh Mohan Dev, 1934, Politician
Savannah Latimer, 1996, Dancer
Scott Stevens, 1964, Hockey Player
Scotty Sire, 1992, Vine Star
Sean Taylor, 1983, Football Player
Sergei Rachmaninoff, 1873, Pianist
Sergey Lazarev, 1983, Pop Singer
Sergey Volkov, 1973, Astronaut
Sergiusz Piasecki, 1901, Novelist
Shelby Cullom Davis, 1909, Politician
Sidney Grigg, 2002, TV Actress
Simon Buckner, 1823, War Hero
Skales, 1991, Rapper
Sophie Germain, 1776, Mathematician
SpaceGhostPurrp, 1991, Rapper
Stephen Fleming, 1973, Cricket Player
Stephen Quinn, 1986, Soccer Player
Steve Race, 1921, Composer
Susan Boyle, 1961, Pop Singer
Sydney Newman, 1917, TV Producer
Tala Raassi, 1980, Fashion Designer
Tamati Ellison, 1983, Rugby Player
Taran Killam, 1982, TV Actor
Taylor Felt, 2000, YouTube Star
Teddy Diaz, 1963, Guitarist
Terry Nichols, 1955, Criminal
Tom Thum, 1985, YouTube Star
Tomas Alfredson, 1965, Director
Toshiro Mifune, 1920, Movie Actor
Trey Turner, 1988, Rock Singer
Troy Baker, 1976, Voice Actor
Ty Turner, 1988, YouTube Star
Vikram Solanki, 1976, Cricket Player
Vitor Belfort, 1977, MMA Fighter
Wallace Beery, 1885, Movie Actor
Wangari Maaathai, 1940, Activist
Wangari Muta Maathai, 1940, Politician
Whittaker Chambers, 1901, Journalist
Will Bates, 1991, Soccer Player
William Benton, 1900, Politician
William Harvey, 1578, Scientist
William James Sidis, 1898, Mathematician
William Manchester, 1922, Non-Fiction Author
William Tyler, 1998, YouTube Star
Woody Lee, 1968, Country Singer
Yuko Takeuchi, 1980, TV Actress


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