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March 30 Famous Birthdays

March 30 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on March 30th could be accused of being an adrenaline junkie. They love being different. As an Aries, they tend to be a people’s magnet.

As a friend, they tend to be loyal and committed. If anyone would betray them, then they would have a hard time mending that relationship. When it comes to love, they look for a partner who can motivate them or keep them interested once the sex is over. Needless to say, they need someone who is smart and interesting and willing to let them lead.


Famous March 30th born people feel that they have a lot to offer others as their wisdom is overflowing with stories beyond their years. They have friendships with people who are of different ages and cultures which keep them in touch with reality and history. When it comes to their health, they could do better by taking care of themselves.


Famous people born on March 30 like living on the edge. They are very charming and make friends easily. When it comes to friends, they demand loyalty. According to the March 30th famous birthday love analysis, they are rational and need more than a sex partner. These Aries are prepared for success.


March 30th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

30th March Good Traits:

  • Fearless
  • Fun Loving
  • Cheerful
  • Attractive
  • Communicative
  • Determined

30th March Bad Traits:

  • Cutthroat
  • Extreme
  • Ruthless
  • Superficial

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March 30th Famous Birthday Personalities

Adam Goldstein, 1973, Music Producer
Agasthi Gus, 1998, Vine Star
Alain Macklovitch, 1982, DJ
Alan Fletcher, 1957, Soap Opera Actor
Allie Gonino, 1990, TV Actress
Anatoliy Tymoshchuk, 1979, Soccer Player
Andrew Fung, 1988, YouTube Star
Andy Steinlen, 1965, Movie Actor
Angie Greenup, 1981, YouTube Star
Anitta, 1993, World Music Singer
Ann Sophia Stephens, 1810, Novelist
Anna Nalick, 1984, Pop Singer
Anna Sewell, 1820, Children’s Author
Anouk Slootmans, 1996, Pop Singer
AronChupa, 1991, DJ
Arsenio Erico, 1915, Soccer Player
Bahar Soomekh, 1975, Movie Actress
Ben Setters, 1996, YouNow Star
Bibiano Fernandes, 1980, MMA Fighter
Bil Dwyer, 1962, Game Show Host
Bill Johnson, 1960, Skier
Billy Cundiff, 1980, Football Player

Brian Behlendorf, 1973, Entrepreneur
Brian Hohlfeld, 1957, Screenwriter
Brooke Astor, 1902, Family Member
CabooseXBL, 1997, YouTube Star
Calum Elliot, 1987, Soccer Player
Cameron Murphy, 1973, Politician
Cameron Shepherd, 1984, Rugby Player
Carl Leaburn, 1969, Soccer Player
Cassie Scerbo, 1990, TV Actress
Celine Dion, 1968, Pop Singer
Censu Tabone, 1913, Politician
Charles Booth, 1840, Non-Fiction Author
Charlie Weis, 1956, Football Coach
ChaseOnTwoWheels, 1988, YouTube Star
Chelsea Harris, 1990, TV Actress
Chris Paterson, 1978, Rugby Player
Chris Sale, 1989, Baseball Player
Christopher Bowman, 1967, Figure Skater
CJ Wilson, 1987, Football Player
Corey Cott, 1990, Stage Actor
Craig Ramage, 1970, Soccer Player
Dana Gillespie, 1949, Pop Singer
Danica Thrall, 1988, Model
Daniel Arenas, 1979, Soap Opera Actor
Danielle Mason, 1983, Reality Star
David Ellett, 1964, Hockey Player
David Janson, 1950, TV Actor
David So, 1987, YouTube Star
Davis Romero, 1983, Baseball Player
Debra Byrne, 1957, Pop Singer
Devika Rani, 1908, Movie Actress
Devin Street, 1991, Football Player
DeWolf Hopper, 1858, Music Producer
Dick Roberts, 1878, Soccer Player
Diezel Braxton, 2003, Family Member
Donna D’Errico, 1968, TV Actress
Doug Wickenheiser, 1961, Hockey Player
Duncan Casey, 1984, Movie Actor
Dwi Sasono, 1980, Movie Actor
Eden xo, 1989, Pop Singer
Efstratios Grivas, 1966, Chess Player
Emma Jung, 1882, Family Member
Enrique Gil, 1992, TV Actor
Eric Clapton, 1945, Guitarist
Fiona Gubelmann, 1980, TV Actress

Floyd Odlum, 1892, Entrepreneur
Fortunato Depero, 1892, Sculptor
Frances Cornford, 1886, Poet
Francisco Goya, 1746, Painter
Frankie Laine, 1913, Pop Singer
George Van Haltren, 1866, Baseball Player
Gerald McCullouch, 1967, Screenwriter
Gerry Connolly, 1950, Politician
Gianna Isabella, 2000, Pop Singer
Gracie Gustin, 1994, Family Member
Graeme Edge, 1941, Drummer
Gratton Dalton, 1861, Criminal
Gustavo Angheben, 1995, YouTube Star
Harry Song, 1981, Reggae Singer
Hebe Tien, 1983, Pop Singer
Helena Mattsson, 1984, Movie Actress
HollowPoiint, 1991, YouTube Star
Ian Ziering, 1964, TV Actor
Ignazio Gardella, 1905, Architect
Ingvar Kamprad, 1926, Entrepreneur
Isaac Lupien, 1995, Dancer
James White, 2003, Family Member
Jammal Brown, 1981, Football Player
Jan Koller, 1973, Soccer Player
Janella Salvador, 1998, TV Actress
Janet McCloud, 1934, Civil Rights Leader
Janice Hahn, 1952, Politician

Jared Cardona, 1999, Pop Singer
Jason Dohring, 1982, TV Actor
Jason Simmons, 1976, Football Player
Jean-Claude Brialy, 1933, Movie Actor
Jerry Lucas, 1940, Basketball Player
Jessica Cauffiel, 1976, TV Actress
Ji Soo, 1993, TV Actor
Joao Sousa, 1989, Tennis Player
Joey Castillo, 1966, Drummer
Joey Cook, 1993, Folk Singer
John Astin, 1930, TV Actor
John Barnhill, 1938, Basketball Player
John Eaton, 1935, Composer
John Proctor, 1632,
Johnny Jones, 1961, Basketball Coach
Jon Hassler, 1933, Novelist
Jose Pablo Cantillo, 1979, TV Actor
Josh S. Peters, 1981, Non-Fiction Author
Julia Sofia Aastrup, 1998, YouTube Star
Juliet Landau, 1965, TV Actress
Justin Moore, 1984, Country Singer
Kaden Roque, 2012, YouTube Star
Kai Cyre, 1992, Instagram Star
Kalel Cullen, 1989, YouTube Star
Katy Mixon, 1981, TV Actress
Kenneth Welsh, 1942, TV Actor
Kevin Brooks, 1959, Young Adult Author
Kojo Funds, 1995, World Music Singer
Kyson Roque, 2012, YouTube Star
Lara Wollington, 2003, Stage Actress
LaRue Martin, 1950, Basketball Player
Lauren Rose, 1994, YouTube Star
Lee Gi-kwang, 1990, Pop Singer
Leleti Khumalo, 1970, Movie Actress
Lene Lovich, 1949, Pop Singer
Lex Medlin, 1969, TV Actor
Lillo Brancato Jr., 1976, Movie Actor
Lomas Brown, 1963, Football Player
Madeleine Peters, 1996, Voice Actor
Makenna Gott, 1994, YouTube Star
Marc Davis, 1913, Cartoonist
Marc-Edouard Vlasic, 1987, Hockey Player
Marcus Hill, 1992, YouTube Star
Margaret Fingerhut, 1955, Pianist
Marilyn Crispell, 1947, Pianist
Mario Ancic, 1984, Tennis Player
Mark Begich, 1962, Politician
Mark Consuelos, 1971, TV Actor
Marnie Goldberg, 1973, YouTube Star
Matt Doran, 1976, Movie Actor
Matthew Pritchard, 1973, Skateboarder
Maurice LaMarche, 1958, Voice Actor
MC Hammer, 1962, Rapper
Melvin Guillard, 1983, MMA Fighter
Michael Hammond, 1957, Novelist
Michael Lehmann, 1957, Director
Michael McGrady, 1960, TV Actor
Mighty Gabby, 1948, Folk Singer
Mike Rotunda, 1958, Wrestler
Mike Thackwell, 1961, Race Car Driver
Mili Avital, 1972, Movie Actress
Milton Acorn, 1923, Poet
Mimi Wood, 1999, Dancer
Miss Fame, 1985, Reality Star
Modii101, 1977, YouTube Star
Morgan Beck, 1987, Volleyball Player
Myles White, 1990, Football Player
Naomi Sims, 1948, Model
Natalie Pack, 1989, Model
Nazizi Hirji, 1981, Rapper
Neef Buck, 1983, Rapper
Neel Kolhatkar, 1994, YouTube Star
Nick Uhas, 1985, TV Show Host
Norah Jones, 1979, Jazz Singer
Palak Muchhal, 1992, World Music Singer
Pat Higgins, 1974, Director
Paul Crouch, 1934, Religious Leader
Paul Oliver, 1984, Football Player
Paul Reiser, 1957, TV Actor
Paul Verlaine, 1844, Poet
Peggy Tanous, 1970, Reality Star
Pete Holmes, 1979, Comedian
Peter Marshall, 1926, Game Show Host
Pierre Marini Bodho, 1938, Religious Leader
Piers Morgan, 1965, TV Show Host
Randy VanWarmer, 1955, Songwriter
Ratko Janev, 1939, Scientist
Ray Lema, 1946, Composer
Ray Magliozzi, 1949, Radio Host
Ray Scott, 1975, Country Singer
Regan Mizrahi, 2000, Voice Actor
Richard Dysart, 1929, Movie Actor
Richard Ray Rawlings, 1969, Reality Star
Richard Sherman, 1988, Football Player
Robbie Coltrane, 1950, TV Actor
Robbie Gray, 1988, Australian Rules Footballer
Robert Badinter, 1928, Politician
Roberto Antonio, 1962, World Music Singer
Robin Coleman, 1973, Reality Star
Roland Kickinger, 1968, Movie Actor
Rolf Harris, 1930, Pop Singer
Ron Baker, 1993, Basketball Player
Rupert Evans, 1977, TV Actor
Saint Raymond, 1995, Pop Singer
Samantha Stosur, 1984, Tennis Player
Sarah Stevenson, 1983, MMA Fighter
Scott Moffatt, 1983, Pop Singer
Sergio Ramos, 1986, Soccer Player
Shayla Beesley, 1988, Movie Actress
Simon Richard Baker, 1986, TV Actor
Simon Webbe, 1978, R&B Singer
Song Min-ho, 1993, Pop Singer
Sonnyboy Williamson I, 1914, Blues Singer
Steven Pinder, 1960, TV Actor
Stuart Armstrong, 1992, Soccer Player
Sue Cook, 1949, TV Show Host
Sundy Carter, 1972, Reality Star
Tanner Smith, 1990, Basketball Player
Tatiana Maya, 1998, Instagram Star
Ted Heath, 1902, Composer
Teri Blitzen, 2000, YouTube Star
Tessa Ferrer, 1986, TV Actress
Thomas Rhett, 1990, Country Singer
Tim Hawkins, 1975, Comedian
Tom Sharpe, 1928, Novelist
Tracy Chapman, 1964, Pop Singer
Trent Barreta, 1987, Wrestler
Troy Bayliss, 1969, Race Car Driver
Twin Shadow, 1983, Pop Singer
Ty Conklin, 1976, Hockey Player
UnlistedLeaf, 1995, YouTube Star
Vincent van Gogh, 1853, Painter
Warren Beatty, 1937, Movie Actor
Willie Galimore, 1935, Football Player
Yelena Kondakova, 1957, Astronaut
Zach Gowen, 1983, Wrestler


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