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March 3 Famous Birthdays

March 3 Famous Birthdays

If you share this famous March 3 birthday, then chances are you are a complicated Pisces. Although famous people born on March 3 have a way of blending in, they have a way of standing out at the same time. It’s totally up to them how they feel on any given day.

Famous people born on 3 March should not take people’s opinions to heart. Everybody has a opinion so remember that when someone hurts your feelings the next time. Sometimes, people are just mean. Express yourself and be heard the next time instead of turning tail and running.


People who share the famous birthdays of March 3 look good in the color purple. Wear it more often. When searching for a soul mate, one should look for another Pisces.

As a career choice, famous March 3 people should look for occupations that allow them to serve others such as a social worker or counselor. Those fields need more caring individuals.


Famous people with a March 3rd birthday are self-starters with mounds of confidence. They are a natural born leader who can be complicated. However, they tend to spoil their family and friends. It’s hard to fool a famous Pisces born on March 3rd as they have a sixth sense.


March 3rd Famous Birthday Personality Traits

3rd March Good Traits:

  • Motivated
  • Assured
  • Adaptable
  • Determined
  • Promising
  • Creative

3rd March Bad Traits:

  • Difficult
  • Insipid
  • Vague
  • Touchy
  • Dull

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March 3rd Famous Birthday Personalities

Aarti Mann, 1978, TV Actress
Abhijit Kunte, 1977, Chess Player
Adam Fletcher, 1975, Activist
Ahmed Mahmood, 1993, YouTube Star
Aida Nikolaychuk, 1982, Pop Singer
Al Secord, 1958, Hockey Player
Alex Lange, 2001, Model
Alex Zane, 1979, Comedian
Alexander Graham Bell, 1847, Inventor
Alexander Semin, 1984, Hockey Player
Alfred Gruenther, 1899, War Hero
Alison King, 1973, TV Actress
Allie Wesenberg, 1987, Instagram Star
Anatols Dinbergs, 1911, Politician
Andy Breckman, 1955, Screenwriter
Antonio Silva, 1886, Movie Actor
Arthur Aguiar, 1989, TV Actor
Arthur Kornberg, 1918, Scientist
Arthur Machen, 1863, Novelist

Asger Jorn, 1914, Sculptor
Ashunta Sheriff, 1974, Makeup Artist
Audrey Puente, 1970, Journalist
Babbal Rai, 1985, World Music Singer
Barney Martin, 1923, TV Actor
Bella Heathcote, 1988, Movie Actress
Bheki Mseleku, 1955, Pianist
Bo Levi Mitchell, 1990, Football Player
Bob Bradley, 1958, Soccer Coach
Bob Nelson, 1958, Comedian
Bobby Driscoll, 1937, TV Actor
Bodil Bredsdorff, 1951, Children’s Author
Bonnie Dunbar, 1949, Astronaut
Braeden De La Garza, 1997, Family Member
Bree Condon, 1986, Model
Brent Tate, 1982, Rugby Player
Brian Cox, 1968, Scientist
Brian Leetch, 1968, Hockey Player
Brittney Guzman, 1993, Reality Star
Bruno Bozzetto, 1938, Cartoonist
Buddy Valastro, 1977, Chef
Camila Cabello, 1997, Pop Singer
Canada Lee, 1907, Movie Actor
Carla Bonner, 1973, Soap Opera Actress
Carnage The Creator, 1993, Twitch Star
Cass Pennant, 1958, Autobiographer
Cecil Afrika, 1988, Rugby Player
Charles Allen, 1977, Runner
Charles Ponzi, 1882, Criminal
Charlie Brooker, 1971, Journalist
Charlton Booker, 1971, Radio Host
Chelsea Miller, 1987, Model
Chief Joseph, 1840, War Hero
Chris Hyndman, 1966, TV Show Host
Christi Lukasiak, 1977, Reality Star
Christian Eigner, 1971, Drummer
Christian Oliver, 1972, Movie Actor
Ciaran Griffiths, 1983, TV Actor
Claude Choules, 1901, War Hero
Colton Orr, 1982, Hockey Player
Dan Khoo, 1992, YouTube Star
Darnell Williams, 1955, TV Actor
Darren Anderton, 1972, Soccer Player
Dave Amato, 1953, Guitarist
David Darling, 1941, Composer
David Faustino, 1974, TV Actor

David Lindsay, 1876, Novelist
David Schweikert, 1962, Politician
Deshawn Raw, 1991, YouTube Star
Desi Perkins, 1987, YouTube Star
Devin Smith, 1992, Football Player
Diana Barrymore, 1921, Movie Actress
DJ Splyce, 1981, DJ
Doc Watson, 1923, Folk Singer
Dominick Farinacci, 1983, Trumpet Player
Duncan Phillips, 1964, Drummer
Ed Carpenter, 1981, Race Car Driver
Edmund Lowe, 1890, Movie Actor
Edmund Waller, 1606, Poet
Edna Best, 1900, Movie Actress
Edouard Lock, 1954, Choreographer
Edward Thomas, 1878, Poet
Elijah McCall, 1988, Boxer
Ellen Ternan, 1839, Stage Actress
Emil Hajek, 1886, Pianist
Emily Rosenfeld, 2004, Stage Actress
Enhle Mlotshwa, 1987, TV Actress
Eric Da Re, 1965, TV Actor
Eric Platz, 1973, Drummer
Eric Walters, 1957, Children’s Author
Eugene, 1981, Pop Singer
Eva Jiricna, 1939, Architect
Fatima Whitbread, 1961, Javelin Thrower
FazinoHD Qais, 1993, YouTube Star
Fernando Colunga, 1966, Soap Opera Actor

Ferre Gola, 1976, World Music Singer
Frank Martin, 1966, Basketball Coach
Frank McLaury, 1848, Criminal
Gabrielle Pearl, 1995, Vine Star
Georg Cantor, 1845, Mathematician
George Miller, 1945, Director
George Pullman, 1831, Entrepreneur
Geza Maroczy, 1870, Chess Player
Gia Scala, 1934, Movie Actress
Grace Lumpkin, 1891, Novelist
Greg Lee, 1962, Game Show Host
Gudrun Pausewang, 1928, Young Adult Author
Haley Nicole Tipton, 1993, Instagram Star
Hamish Bowles, 1963, Journalist
Hannah Bridges, 1998, Instagram Star
Harris J, 1997, Pop Singer
Hattie Winston, 1945, TV Actress
Hayley Marie Norman, 1989, Movie Actress
Heather Fell, 1983, Pentathlete
Henry Stanley Plummer, 1874, Doctor
Herschel Walker, 1962, Football Player
Horia, 1995, YouTube Star
Ian Beattie, 1965, TV Actor
Inzamam-ul-Haq, 1970, Cricket Player
Ira Glass, 1959, Radio Host
Irocc Williams, 1990, Rapper
Izzy Canillo, 2004, TV Actor
Jackie Joyner-Kersee, 1962, Runner
Jade Dernbach, 1986, Cricket Player
James Adamson, 1946, Astronaut
James Doohan, 1920, TV Actor
James Merrill, 1926, Poet
James S. Voss, 1949, Astronaut
Jamison Ernest, 1976, Fashion Designer
Jamsetji Tata, 1839, Entrepreneur
Jared Rushton, 1974, Movie Actor
Jary, 1997, Pop Singer
Jason Crabb, 1977, Rock Singer
Jaylen Barron, 1998, TV Actress
Jayson Tatum, 1998, Basketball Player
Jean Harlow, 1911, Movie Actress
Jeff Hanson, 1978, Opera Singer
Jeffrey Banks, 1955, Fashion Designer
Jennifer Warnes, 1947, Country Singer
Jess McDonell, 1991, YouTube Star
Jesse Calvillo, 1993, Vine Star
Jessica Biel, 1982, TV Actress
Jim Jarvis, 1943, Basketball Player
Jimmy Garrison, 1934, Bassist
Joel Turner, 1987, Rapper
Joey Prusak, 1994, Race Car Driver
Johanna Wokalek, 1975, Movie Actress
John Carter Cash, 1970, Country Singer
John Huppenthal, 1954, Politician
John Lilley, 1954, Guitarist
John Montgomery Ward, 1860, Baseball Player
John Virgo, 1946, Snooker Player
Johnny Jackson, 1951, Drummer
Jon Bailey, 1979, Voice Actor
Jordy Lucas, 1992, Soap Opera Actress
Jorge Vergara, 1955, Entrepreneur
Josey Scott, 1972, Rock Singer
Josh Kerr, 1984, Surfer
Joshua Duggar, 1988, Reality Star
Joshua Fu, 1987, YouTube Star
Juan Covington, 1962, Criminal
Juanita Hansen, 1895, Movie Actress
Julie Bowen, 1970, TV Actress
Julieanna Goddard, 1990, Instagram Star
Juliette Angelo, 1999, TV Actress
Julius Boros, 1920, Golfer
Julius Malema, 1981, World Leader
Juri Allik, 1949, Scientist
Justin Gabriel, 1981, Wrestler
Katherine Waterston, 1980, Movie Actress
Keit Pentus-Rosimannus, 1976, Politician
Kelly Key, 1983, Pop Singer
Kim Smith, 1983, Model
Lalaine Bianca Lapus, 1978, Movie Actress
Landen Roque, 2014, YouTube Star
Larry Pine, 1945, TV Actor
Laura Harring, 1964, Movie Actress
Laura Ziskin, 1950, Film Producer
LeiBao, 1985, Guitarist
Lil Flip, 1981, Rapper
Louis I, 1326, Royalty
Louis-Philippe Loncke, 1977, Explorer
Lucy Collett, 1989, Model
Luis Roberto Guzman, 1973, Soap Opera Actor
Maine Mendoza, 1995, TV Show Host
Mal Anderson, 1935, Tennis Player
Mandie Adell Taketa, 1976, Family Member
Mandy León, 1992, Wrestler
Marco Antonio Muniz, 1933, World Music Singer
Mariel Zagunis, 1985, Fencer
Mary Page Keller, 1961, TV Actress
Matt Treanor, 1976, Baseball Player
Matthew James Thomas, 1988, Stage Actor
Matthew Marsden, 1973, TV Actor
Matthew Ridgeway, 1895, War Hero
Max Waller, 1988, Cricket Player
Mei Melancon, 1980, TV Actress
Mercedes Masohn, 1982, TV Actress
Metisha Schaefer, 1985, Model
Michael Morrison, 1988, Soccer Player
Miranda Richardson, 1958, Movie Actress
Mitch Hughes, 1994, YouTube Star
Mohamed Sobhi, 1948, Movie Actor
Mohsen Namjoo, 1976, World Music Singer
Montana of 300, 1989, Rapper
Moshe Feinstein, 1895, Religious Leader
Nathalie Kelley, 1985, Movie Actress
Neal Heaton, 1960, Baseball Player
Neelam Kothari, 1968, Movie Actress
Nick Rhys, 1982, Soap Opera Actor
Norman Bethune, 1890, Doctor
Odessa Cleveland, 1944, TV Actress
Owen Reynolds, 1999, Vine Star
Park Cho-rong, 1991, Rapper
Patric Cilliers, 1987, Rugby Player
Patricia MacLachlan, 1938, Children’s Author
Patrick Renna, 1979, Movie Actor
Pedro Costa, 1959, Director
Perry Ellis, 1940, Fashion Designer
Perry McCarthy, 1961, Race Car Driver
Pete Yurkowski, 1988, Reality Star
Peyton Ella, 2006, TV Actress
Peyton Heitz, 2005, Dancer
Randall Pinkston, 1950, Journalist
Raymond Lussier, 1997, eSports Player
Robert Gossett, 1954, TV Actor
Robert Shaye, 1939, Film Producer
Robert Vaden, 1985, Basketball Player
Robyn Hitchcock, 1953, Rock Singer
Ron Chernow, 1949, Non-Fiction Author
Ron Wotus, 1961, Baseball Player
Ronald Searle, 1920, Cartoonist
Ronan Keating, 1977, Pop Singer
Ryan Met, 1994, Pop Singer
Sacha Arquiza, 2003, Dancer
Sam Way, 1988, Model
Samantha Ravndahl, 1993, YouTube Star
San Yu, 1918, Politician
Santonio Holmes, 1984, Football Player
Sarah Kim Gries, 1990, Movie Actress
Sarah Smart, 1977, TV Actress
Shankar Mahadevan, 1967, Composer
Shatha Hassoun, 1981, Pop Singer
Shraddha Kapoor, 1989, Movie Actress
Shuichi Gonda, 1989, Soccer Player
Silver Fox, 1994, Instagram Star
Simon Biwott, 1970, Runner
Simon Whitlock, 1969, Darts Player
Sleepy Floyd, 1960, Basketball Player
Stacie Orrico, 1986, R&B Singer
Stephane Robidas, 1977, Hockey Player
Sung Yu-ri, 1981, TV Actress
Suraj Partha, 1997, Movie Actor
T Fame, 1995, Rapper
Tanisha, 1978, Movie Actress
Tanishaa Mukerji, 1978, Movie Actress
Tay Dizm, 1985, Rapper
Thomas Barbusca, 2003, TV Actor
Tim Kazurinsky, 1950, Comedian
Tim Maddren, 1984, TV Actor
Timo Tolkki, 1966, Guitarist
Tobias Forge, 1981, Metal Singer
Toby Turner, 1985, YouTube Star
Tomas Milian, 1933, Movie Actor
Tommy McCook, 1927, Saxophonist
Tone Loc, 1966, Rapper
Tracy Anderson, 1975, Entrepreneur
Ty Walker, 1997, Snowboarder
Tyler Florence, 1971, Chef
Vanessa Hill, 1987, YouTube Star
Willie Keeler, 1872, Baseball Player
Yagub Mammadov, 1941, Politician
Yeremiah Bell, 1978, Football Player
Zbigniew Boniek, 1956, Soccer Player
Zico, 1953, Soccer Player


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