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March 2 Famous Birthdays

March 2 Famous Birthdays

If you share this March 2nd famous birthday, you are a Pisces. As a Pisces, famous people born on this day are particularly insightful. They may have the ability to see things as others do making it easy to make decisions and compromises. This can make life somewhat stress-free.

Famous March 2nd people have a tendency to be a giving and dedicated friend. They send flowers, cards and candy on special occasions or sometimes, for no reason at all. They are just a sweetie. They love their job and work hard but at the same time, they know home and family come first.


Famous people born on March 2nd realize that balance is the key to having a quality of life that makes everyone happy. The famous Pisces born on this day can be extremely resourceful.


They avoid stressful situations but sometimes, they can’t sleep at night. Perhaps drinking a bit of tea or exercising before going to bed with help in alleviating this problem and the probability of weight gain.

The famous birthdays celebrated on March 2nd have this persona of being a practical Piscean who sets high standards in love and professionally. Their devoted friends enjoy being at their charming home. It’s the result of their hard work. Likely, those with a March 2nd famous birthday are successful but exhausted individuals that look forward to relaxing.

March 2nd Famous Birthday Personality Traits

2 March Good Traits:

  • Ethical
  • Devoted
  • Considerate
  • Nurturing
  • Loyal
  • Supportive
  • Talented

2nd March Bad Traits:

  • Stressed
  • Insecure
  • Devious
  • Hesitant

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March 2nd Famous Birthday Personalities

Abdelaziz Bouteflika, 1937, Politician
Adam Conover, 1983, Comedian
Adam Lundgren, 1988, YouTube Star
Adanna AdannaDavid, 1988, YouTube Star
Akuc Bol, 1994, TV Actress
Al Waxman, 1935, TV Actor
Alain Chamfort, 1949, Jazz Singer
Alesi Summer, 2000, Pop Singer
Alex Elmsley, 1929, Magician
Alexander Armstrong, 1970, Comedian
Amber Smith, 1971, Model
Ami Bera, 1965, Politician
Andrew Strauss, 1977, Cricket Player
Annrenaye Diaz, 1993, Model
Ante Razov, 1974, Soccer Player
Aron Erlichman, 1983, Rapper
Asi Taulava, 1973, Basketball Player
Avery Morrison, 2002, YouTube Star
Aviva Mongillo, 1998, TV Actress
Bailey McConnell, 1999, Pop Singer
Barbara Luna, 1939, TV Actress
Becky G, 1997, Rapper
Bedrich Smetana, 1824, Composer
Ben Oxenbould, 1969, TV Actor
Ben Roethlisberger, 1982, Football Player
Bernard Rands, 1934, Composer
Bianca Umali, 2000, TV Actress

Bill Maas, 1962, Sportscaster
Billy McNeill, 1940, Soccer Player
Blake Anderson, 1984, Comedian
Bobby Steggert, 1981, Stage Actor
Bradden Hurn, 1995, YouTube Star
Brandon Semenuk, 1991, BMX Rider
Brennan Heart, 1982, Music Producer
Bruce Glover, 1932, Movie Actor
Bruna Lima, 1996, Instagram Star
Bryce Dallas Howard, 1981, Movie Actress
Bud Norris, 1985, Baseball Player
Buster Drayton, 1954, Boxer
Cailee Rae, 2000, Pop Singer
Cassie Amato, 1994, Instagram Star
Cassie Yates, 1951, TV Actress
Charles Perez, 1963, News Anchor
Charlie Coyle, 1992, Hockey Player
Charlie Neff, 1987, TV Show Host
Chelsea Crockett, 1998, YouTube Star
Chloe Green, 1991, Fashion Designer
Chris Carney, 1959, Politician
Chris Martin, 1977, Pop Singer
Chris Powell, 1980, Reality Star
Chris Rainey, 1988, Football Player
Chris Woakes, 1989, Cricket Player
Chuck Hughes, 1943, Football Player
Cookie Mueller, 1949, Movie Actress
Corey Webster, 1982, Football Player
Dale Bozzio, 1955, Pop Singer
Damien Duff, 1979, Soccer Player
Dan Wootton, 1983, Journalist
Daniel Craig, 1968, Movie Actor
Daniel Gibson, Jr., 2010, Family Member
Danielle Milian, 1986, Family Member
Dante Colón, 1999, Blogger
Dave Gorman, 1971, Comedian
David Goodis, 1917, Screenwriter
David Gunn, 1972, Movie Actor
David Reutimann, 1970, Race Car Driver
Debra Marshall, 1960, Wrestler
Denny Crum, 1937, Basketball Coach
Derek Watkins, 1945, Trumpet Player
Desi Arnaz, 1917, World Music Singer
Dewitt Clinton, 1769, Politician
Dexter Pittman, 1988, Basketball Player
Diabl0x9, 1993, YouTube Star
Diamond Kitty, 1985,
Dominique McLean, 1998, eSports Player
Donnabellez, 1988, YouTube Star
Dotti Rambo, 1934, Gospel Singer
Dr Seuss, 1904, Children’s Author
Drupatee Ramgoonai, 1945, World Music Singer
Duane Graveline, 1931, Astronaut
Edgar Bowers, 1924, Poet
Edmund McMillen, 1980, Game Designer
Edward Condon, 1902, Scientist
El-p, 1975, Rapper
Elizabeth Hiley, 2004, Model
Elizabeth Jagger, 1984, Model
Elliot Goldenthal, 1954, Composer
Emily J Miller, 1971, Journalist
Enoch Adeboye, 1942, Religious Leader
Epi Taione, 1979, Rugby Player
Eric Bolling, 1963, TV Show Host
Eric Ripert, 1965, Chef
Ethan Peck, 1986, TV Actor
Eusebio Pedroza, 1953, Boxer

Faith Wladyka, 2004, Movie Actress
Faith Yang, 1974, Rock Singer
Fedor Andreev, 1982, Figure Skater
Fiona Richmond, 1945, Model
FistPump, 1984, YouNow Star
ForneverWorld, 1991, YouTube Star
Francis Plante, 1839, Pianist
Francisco Robles Ortega, 1949, Religious Leader
Frank Adamo, 1929, TV Actor
Friedebert Tuglas, 1886, Novelist
Gabby Eigenmann, 1978, TV Actor
Gates McFadden, 1949, TV Actress
Gayle Nerva, 1989, Pop Singer
Gene Stallings, 1935, Football Coach
Geoffrey Grigson, 1905, Poet
George Klay Kieh, 1956, Politician
Gina DeVettori, 1975, Voice Actor
Glen Perkins, 1983, Baseball Player
Gustavo Rocha, 1997, Vine Star
Ha Dae-sung, 1985, Soccer Player
Hamza Abdullahi, 1945, Politician
Harri Moora, 1900, Scientist
Harriet Frank Jr., 1917, Screenwriter
Harry Redknapp, 1947, Soccer Coach
Havva Rebke, 1994, Reality Star
Hayley Lewis, 1974, TV Show Host
Heath Herring, 1978, MMA Fighter
Heather McComb, 1977, TV Actress
Henrik Lundqvist, 1982, Hockey Player
Henry Billings Brown, 1836, Supreme Court Justice

Hillary Hindi, 1990, YouTube Star
Howard Cassady, 1934, Football Player
Ian Sinclair, 1984, Voice Actor
Ian Woosnam, 1958, Golfer
Ice Billion Berg, 1989, Rapper
Ingrid Bolso Berdal, 1980, Movie Actress
Isaac Caldiero, 1982, Rock Climber
Jack Gibbons, 1962, Pianist
Jackson C. Frank, 1943, Songwriter
Jakob Strid, 1972, Cartoonist
James Arthur, 1988, Pop Singer
Jamie Stewart, 1978, Pop Singer
Janos Arany, 1817, Poet
Jason Smith, 1986, Basketball Player
Jay McClement, 1983, Hockey Player
Jay Osmond, 1955, Drummer
Jayanta Talukdar, 1986, Archer
Jean Boht, 1932, TV Actress
Jennifer Jones, 1919, Movie Actress
Jesse Turner, 1978, World Music Singer
Jessie Morrison, 1991, Instagram Star
Jill Cimorelli, 1994, YouTube Star
JMX, 1998, YouTube Star
Jocelyn Jee Esien, 1979, Comedian
Joe Weller, 1996, YouTube Star
John Cowsill, 1956, Rock Singer
John Cullum, 1930, Stage Actor
John Peace, 1949, Entrepreneur
John R. Ellis, 1955, Animator
John Winslow Irving, 1942, Novelist
Jon Bon Jovi, 1962, Rock Singer
Jon Finch, 1942, Movie Actor
Jonas Jerebko, 1987, Basketball Player
Jonathan Ericsson, 1984, Hockey Player
Jong Tae-se, 1984, Soccer Player
Jordon Hodges, 1987, Movie Actor
Josh Saunders, 1981, Soccer Player
Joy Garrett, 1945, TV Actress
JPR Williams, 1949, Rugby Player
Karen Carpenter, 1950, Pop Singer
Kate Alexa, 1988, Pop Singer
Kate Dillon Levin, 1974, Model
Katie Redford, 1989, TV Actress
Katie Rosman, 1972, Journalist
Keith Jack, 1988, Pop Singer
Ken Salazar, 1955, Politician
Kevin Burkhardt, 1974, Sportscaster
Kevin Curren, 1958, Tennis Player
Kevin W. Sharer, 1948, Business Executive
Kirsten Lawrence, 1976, Composer
Kofi Siriboe, 1994, Movie Actor
Kurt Weill, 1900, Composer
Kyle Edwards, 1994, DJ
Laird Hamilton, 1964, Surfer
Lance Cade, 1981, Wrestler
Laraine Newman, 1952, Comedian
Larry Carlton, 1948, Guitarist
Larry Stewart, 1959, Country Singer
Laura Kaeppeler, 1988, Model
Laurie Baker, 1917, Architect
Lazar Markovic, 1994, Soccer Player
Lee Hong-gi, 1990, Pop Singer
Lee Sedol, 1983,
Lembit Öpik, 1965, Politician
Lexee Smith, 2001, Dancer
Lou Reed, 1942, Rock Singer
Louis Healy, 2001, Family Member
Louis Verdad, 1980, Fashion Designer
Lu Ferreira, 1985, Blogger
Luke Combs, 1990, Country Singer
Luke Pritchard, 1985, Rock Singer
Maisie Richardson-Sellers, 1992, TV Actress
Malcolm Butler, 1990, Football Player
Marc Menard, 1975, Soap Opera Actor
Marcel Hirscher, 1989, Skier
Marco Silvestri, 1991, Soccer Player
Margaret Karcher, 1915, Family Member
Mariya Yaremchuk, 1993, Pop Singer
Mark Dean, 1957, Engineer
Mark Evans, 1956, Guitarist
Martin Gilks, 1965, Drummer
Martin Gillespie, 1985, Rock Singer
Martin Sexton, 1966, Rock Singer
Matthew Mitcham, 1988, Diver
Mauricio Pochettino, 1972, Soccer Player
Max Domi, 1995, Hockey Player
Mel Ott, 1909, Baseball Player
Method Man, 1971, Rapper
Michael Cooke Kendrick, 1983, Family Member
Michael Hutchinson, 1990, Hockey Player
Michael White, 1977, Basketball Coach
Mike Nugent, 1982, Football Player
Mike VonErich, 1964, Wrestler
Mikhail Gorbachev, 1931, World Leader
Mikhail Tyurin, 1960, Astronaut
Mimi Imfurst, 1983, Reality Star
Mir-hossein Mousavi, 1942, World Leader
Moe Berg, 1902, Baseball Player
Murray Rothbard, 1926, Historian
Nadine Samonte, 1988, TV Actress
Nathalie Emmanuel, 1989, TV Actress
Newton Marshall, 1983, Dog Musher
Nick Franklin, 1991, Baseball Player
Nicole Grace, 1996, YouTube Star
Nikkie De Jager, 1994, YouTube Star
Olivia Manning, 1908, Novelist
Omar Fatti, 1998, YouTube Star
Pandelela Rinong, 1993, Diver
Paulo Nagamura, 1983, Soccer Player
Peter Straub, 1943, Novelist
Pope Leo XIII, 1810, Religious Leader
Pope Pius XII, 1876, Religious Leader
Raymond Mason, 1922, Sculptor
Rebecca Harrell Tickell, 1980, Film Producer
Rebel Wilson, 1980, Movie Actress
Reggie Bush, 1985, Football Player
Rene Bitorajac, 1972, Movie Actor
Ricci Pamintuan, 1995, YouTube Star
Richard Rossi, 1963, Religious Leader
Richard Ruccolo, 1972, TV Actor
Robert Iler, 1985, TV Actor
Robert Williams, 1943, Cartoonist
Ron Gant, 1965, Baseball Player
Rory Gallagher, 1948, Guitarist
Rosa Delauro, 1943, Politician
Ross Tucker, 1979, Football Player
Russ Feingold, 1953, Politician
Ryan Shannon, 1983, Hockey Player
Sam Houston, 1793, Politician
Samuel Brannan, 1819, Journalist
Sandy Parker, 1952, Wrestler
Scott La Rock, 1962, DJ
Scott Steckly, 1972, Race Car Driver
Sebastian Janikowski, 1978, Football Player
Shane Vereen, 1989, Football Player
Sharam Diniz, 1991, Model
Sharon Carpenter, 1982, TV Show Host
Slug Christ, 1991, Rapper
Sorah Yang, 1991, Dancer
Spencer Susser, 1974, Screenwriter
Steve Kudlow, 1956, Metal Singer
Steve Rifkind, 1962, Music Producer
Steve Snow, 1971, Soccer Player
Sunny Malouf, 2004, Pop Singer
Suzette Charles, 1963, Pop Singer
Tatum Bell, 1981, Football Player
Tempany Deckert, 1978, TV Actress
Tiger Shroff, 1990, Movie Actor
Toby Alderweireld, 1989, Soccer Player
Tom Wolfe, 1931, Journalist
Tony Meehan, 1943, Drummer
Tre Coast, 1998, YouTube Star
Tre Haynes, 1999, Family Member
Trevor Sinclair, 1973, Soccer Player
Tuff Hedeman, 1983, Bull Rider
Tulio Rocha, 1997, Vine Star
Veronica Dunne, 1995, TV Actress
Viktor Frisk, 1995, Pop Singer
Vito Mannone, 1988, Soccer Player
Wren Weichman, 1989, YouTube Star
WubWoofWolf, 1995, YouTube Star


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