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March 23 Famous Birthdays

March 23 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on March 23rd could be somewhat eccentric. As an Aries they do not allow others to define who they are. They take control of most situations and sometimes, people, too.

People who share this famous March 23 birthday are known to start many projects at once. When they do this, some of the projects are left unfinished. There’s no sense in telling them a lie because they will see right through it. They have little tolerance for those that lie.


Because of their past, famous March 23 celebrities tend not to give away their trust or their heart to just anybody. They make sure that a person is genuine before committing to anyone. Those born on this day tend to be secretive. They have learned not to disclose business.


Freedom means a lot to the famous birthdays of March 23. And they don’t want it compromised in any way. Once they feel that they have been betrayed, they usually do not let them back in.

Famous people born on March 23 have a good heart but are likely to be domineering. Those you born under the zodiac sign Aries generally start things that never get finished. They are known to change their mind in a heartbeat. They, however, have little tolerance for lies and deceit.


March 23rd Famous Birthday Personality Traits

23rd March Good Traits:

  • Benevolent
  • Expressive
  • Challenging
  • Passionate
  • Spontaneous
  • Evolutionary

23 March Bad Traits:

  • Bossy
  • Impatient
  • Indulgent
  • Dominating
  • Unrealistic

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March 23rd Famous Birthday Personalities

Abe Laboriel Jr., 1971, Drummer
Abigail Cruttenden, 1968, TV Actress
Adam Blair, 1986, Rugby Player
Adnan Zahirovic, 1990, Soccer Player
Ahmed Ramzy, 1930, Movie Actor
Aidan Davis, 1997, Dancer
Akira Kurosawa, 1910, Director
Alan Toovey, 1987, Australian Rules Footballer
Alexander Walker, 1930, Journalist
Ali Hewson, 1961, Entrepreneur
Alyssa Renee, 1999, YouTube Star
Ama Ata Aidoo, 1940, Playwright
Amanda Plummer, 1957, Movie Actress
Amanda Troya, 2000, Movie Actress
Amir Amor, 1985, Music Producer
Anastasia Griffith, 1978, TV Actress
Andrea Dovizioso, 1986, Motorcycle Racer
Andrew John Bower Mitchell, 1956, Politician
Armaan Kohli, 1972, Movie Actor
Asaf Avidan, 1980, Folk Singer
Atl Bre, 2001, Instagram Star
Ayesha Curry, 1989, Family Member
Barbara Rhoades, 1947, Movie Actress
Barry Cryer, 1935, Comedian

Ben Green, 1996, YouTube Star
Ben Higgins, 1988, Reality Star
Ben Rappaport, 1986, Movie Actor
Bertie Auld, 1938, Soccer Player
Bethanie Mattek-Sands, 1985, Tennis Player
Bette Nesmith Graham, 1924, Entrepreneur
Bill Dellinger, 1934, Runner
Bill Kelliher, 1971, Guitarist
Bipasha Hayat, 1971, Movie Actress
Brandon Marshall, 1984, Football Player
Breaunna Womack, 1995, Pop Singer
Brett Eldredge, 1986, Country Singer
Brittney Elena, 1989, TV Actress
Bruce Bastian, 1948, Entrepreneur
Bryson Andres, 1991, Violinist
Bunty Bailey, 1964, Dancer
Cache Melvin, 1995, Dancer
Camilla Martin, 1974, Badminton Player
Carole Ashby, 1955, Movie Actress
Catherine Keener, 1959, Movie Actress
Chad Ferrin, 1973, Screenwriter
Chaka Khan, 1953, R&B Singer
Chris Bluser, 1986, Guitarist
Chris Henchy, 1964, Screenwriter
Chris Hoy, 1976, Cyclist
Clayton Watson, 1977, Movie Actor
Craig Breedlove, 1937, Race Car Driver
CromoTag, 1992, YouTube Star
Daisy Tomlinson, 2004, Family Member
Damon Albarn, 1968, Rock Singer
Dana Buchman, 1973, Fashion Designer
Daniel Bovet, 1907, Scientist
Daniel Fathers, 1966, Movie Actor
Daniel Hardcastle, 1989, YouTube Star
Daniel Wilcox, 1977, Football Player
Danielle Corsetto, 1981, Cartoonist
Danny O’Reilly, 1985, Rock Singer
Dave Frishberg, 1933, Composer
Dave Pike, 1938, Drummer
David Grisman, 1945, Composer
David Olney, 1948, Folk Singer
David Tom, 1978, TV Actor
Dellin Betances, 1988, Baseball Player
Divian Nair, 1987, TV Show Host
Donald Campbell, 1921,
Earl Bennett, 1987, Football Player
Edon Pinchot, 1998, Pop Singer
Edwin Siu, 1977, TV Actor
Egon Petri, 1881, Pianist
Ejike Uzoenyi, 1988, Soccer Player
Elisa Tovati, 1976, Pop Singer
Emma Hansen, 1990, Blogger
Emmy Noether, 1882, Mathematician

Eric-Maxim Choupo-Moting, 1989, Soccer Player
Erin Crocker, 1981, Race Car Driver
Etienne Dewilde, 1958, Cyclist
Eyong Enoh, 1986, Soccer Player
Fannie Farmer, 1857, Chef
Fernando Hierro, 1968, Soccer Player
Fidel Rueda, 1983, World Music Singer
Filip Burkhardt, 1987, Soccer Player
Florence Ellinwood Allen, 1884, Politician
Gail Porter, 1971, TV Show Host
Geno Auriemma, 1954, Basketball Coach
Gentle Bones, 1994, Pop Singer
George Helm, 1950, Opera Singer
George Scott, 1944, Baseball Player
Georgianna Robertson, 1972, Model
Giorgio Koukl, 1953, Pianist
Gordon Hayward, 1990, Basketball Player
H Beam Piper, 1904, Novelist
Hakan Balta, 1983, Soccer Player
Hannah Noble, 1993, YouTube Star
Hassan Fathy, 1900, Architect
Hope Clarke, 1941, Stage Actress
Hope Davis, 1964, Movie Actress
Hubert Urbanski, 1966, Game Show Host
Ian Smith, 2000, Vine Star
Isabella Tammaro, 2009, Reality Star

Jack Meyer, 1932, Baseball Player
Jack Rollins, 1915, Film Producer
Jaime Alguersuari, 1990, Race Car Driver
Jakob Elzein, 1996, YouTube Star
Jalal Talebi, 1942, Soccer Player
James Clark, 1944, Entrepreneur
James Coyle, 1873, Religious Leader
Jan Carlo Bautista, 2000, Vine Star
Jan Lisiecki, 1995, Pianist
Jarrod Knowles, 1990, Director
Jasmine Harper, 1993, Dancer
Jason Chambers, 1980, TV Actor
Jason Francis Kenny, 1988, Runner
Jason Kidd, 1973, Basketball Player
Jeff Parke, 1982, Soccer Player
Jeffrey Hidy, 2000, Instagram Star
Jenn Brown, 1981, Sportscaster
Jennifer Howard, 1925, Stage Actress
Jerome Thomas, 1983, Soccer Player
Jerzy Dudek, 1973, Soccer Player
Jessica Marie Garcia, 1987, TV Actress
Joan Crawford, 1908, Movie Actress
Joanna Page, 1978, TV Actress
Joe Calzaghe, 1972, Boxer
Joe Moravsky, 1989, Reality Star
Johannes Anyuru, 1979, Poet
John Bartram, 1699, Scientist
John Pinette, 1964, Comedian
John Tonelli, 1957, Hockey Player
Johnny Guarnieri, 1917, Pianist
Johnny Logan, 1927, Baseball Player
Jonathan Ames, 1964, Comic Book Author
Jorge Munoz, 1964, Entrepreneur
Jose Manuel Barroso, 1956, World Leader
Jose Pablo Minor, 1991, TV Actor
Josef Elzein, 1996, YouTube Star
Josef Locke, 1917, World Music Singer
Joseph Chinotimba, 1950, Politician
Josh Bryceland, 1990, Cyclist
Joshua Epstein, 1982, Pop Singer
Juan Gris, 1887, Sculptor
Julia Glass, 1956, Novelist
Julius Reubke, 1834, Composer
Jurgis Dobkevicius, 1900, Engineer
Justin Bogle, 1993, Motorcycle Racer
Justin Gullett, 1967, Screenwriter
Kangna Ranaut, 1987, Movie Actress
Kanika Kapoor, 1978, Pop Singer
Karen McDougal, 1971, Model
Karsyn Elledge, 2001, Family Member
Kelly Perine, 1969, TV Actor
Kenneth Cole, 1954, Fashion Designer
Kenneth Tobey, 1917, Movie Actor
Keri Russell, 1976, TV Actress
Kevin Sacre, 1978, Soap Opera Actor
Kim Ismay, 1961, Stage Actress
Kim Min-jong, 1971, TV Actor
Kim Stanley Robinson, 1952, Novelist
King Los, 1982, Rapper
Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, 1953, Entrepreneur
Kurt Fearnley, 1981, Paralympian
Kurt Johnson, 1963, Race Car Driver
Kylie Crockett, 1999, Family Member
Kyra Santoro, 1993, Model
Kyrie Irving, 1992, Basketball Player
Laura Censabella, 1956, Screenwriter
Lauren de Graaf, 1997, Model
Lee Hyun-woo, 1993, Movie Actor
Lee May, 1943, Baseball Player
Lena Park, 1976, R&B Singer
Leszek Mozdzer, 1971, Pianist
Lil Chief Dinero, 1994, Rapper
Lisa Murphy, 1971, TV Show Host
Lisa Surihani, 1986, Movie Actress
Logey Dogey, 1987, Vine Star
Louis Delgrande, 1943, TV Actor
LoveLaughAndMakeup, 1993, YouTube Star
Luciana Carro, 1981, TV Actress
Luke Beale, 1995, YouTube Star
Madelyn Deutch, 1991, Movie Actress
Madison Cawein, 1865, Poet
Madison Cubbage, 1998, Instagram Star
Malaika Firth, 1994, Model
Malena Muyala, 1971, Pop Singer
Marc Cherry, 1962, TV Producer
Marianela Nunez, 1982, Dancer
Marin Hinkle, 1966, TV Actress
Marina Orta, 2001, TV Actress
Mark Buehrle, 1979, Baseball Player
Mark Hunt, 1974, MMA Fighter
Martha Wright, 1926, Stage Actress
Marti Pellow, 1965, Pop Singer
Marty Allen, 1922, Comedian
Matt Koff, 1983, Comedian
Matthew Justice, 1988, Wrestler
Maurice Jones-Drew, 1985, Football Player
Maynard Jackson, 1938, Politician
Melissa Errico, 1970, Stage Actress
Michael Haneke, 1942, Director
Michael Nyman, 1944, Composer
Michael Powell, 1963, Politician
Michael Stebbins, 1971, Scientist
Michelle Monaghan, 1976, Movie Actress
Midajah, 1970, Wrestler
Mike Atherton, 1968, Cricket Player
Mike Easley, 1950, Politician
Mike Will, 1989, Music Producer
Mini Muka, 1997, YouTube Star
Misslisibell, 2001, YouTube Star
Mo Farah, 1983, Runner
Moses Malone, 1955, Basketball Player
Mubarac Alsabah, 1989, Instagram Star
Naomi Hedman, 1993, Reality Star
Natalie Smith, 1975, Paralympian
Natascha McElhone, 1970, TV Actress
Nicholle Tom, 1978, TV Actress
Nick Powell, 1994, Soccer Player
Okan Bayulgen, 1964, TV Show Host
Olivia Burns, 1999, YouTube Star
Olivia Stuck, 1999, TV Actress
Oscar Vargas, 1964, Cyclist
Paige Danielle, 1995, YouTube Star
Parviz Tanavoli, 1937, Sculptor
Patrick Massett, 1964, Screenwriter
Payton Johnson, 1999, Dancer
Penelope Milford, 1948, Movie Actress
Perez Hilton, 1978, Blogger
Phil Keaggy, 1951, Guitarist
Phil Lanzon, 1950, Pianist
Philip Zimbardo, 1933, Scientist
Phoebe Tomlinson, 2004, Family Member
Princess Eugenie, 1990, Royalty
Queen Margaret Of Anjou, 1430, Royalty
Quinn Cook, 1993, Basketball Player
Randall Park, 1974, TV Actor
Ray Ligaya, 1993, Vine Star
Reggie Watts, 1972, Comedian
Ric Ocasek, 1949, Rock Singer
Richard Cadell, 1969, Entrepreneur
Richard Grieco, 1965, Movie Actor
Robert Charles Gallo, 1937, Scientist
Roberto Tapia, 1984, World Music Singer
Roger Bannister, 1929, Runner
Ron Jaworski, 1951, Football Player
Roshan Ranawana, 1981, Movie Actor
Russell Howard, 1980, Comedian
Salesi Ma’afu, 1983, Rugby Player
Sam Tomkins, 1989, Rugby Player
Sandra Dee Robinson, 1967, Soap Opera Actress
Scarlett Tammaro, 2009, Reality Star
Simon Barnett, 1967, Radio Host
Siya, 1987, Rapper
Sophia Chang, 1992, YouTube Star
Steve Redgrave, 1962, Rower
Steven Strait, 1986, Movie Actor
Stevie McCrorie, 1985, Pop Singer
Taylor Henderson, 1993, Pop Singer
Tayyiba Haneef-park, 1979, Volleyball Player
Teresa Ganzel, 1957, Voice Actor
Terroriser, 1989, YouTube Star
Terry Paine, 1939, Soccer Player
TheDuckVoice, 1995, YouTube Star
Toke Nasty, 1988, YouTube Star
Tony Burton, 1937, Movie Actor
Tony McPhee, 1944, Guitarist
Txunamy, 2009, Instagram Star
Tyler Chrome, 1993, Vine Star
TypicalGamer, 1992, YouTube Star
Vanessa Morgan, 1992, TV Actress
Vasily Zaytsev, 1915, War Hero
Viktor Korchnoi, 1931, Chess Player
Viktor Korchnoi, 1931, Chess Player
Walter Samuel, 1978, Soccer Player
Wernher Von Braun, 1912, Scientist
Winston Groom, 1944, Novelist
Wyatt Peverill, 1999, Vine Star
Yasmeen Ghauri, 1971, Model
Yevgeny Grishin, 1931, Speed Skater


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