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chinese march horoscope 2021

March 2021 Chinese Horoscope Predictions

March 2021 Chinese Monthly Horoscope For All Zodiac Signs

Sunsigns.Org is offering you the Chinese horoscope for the month of March 2021. They foretell the likely events during the month. Many fields of life such as relationships, well-being, finance, and career are covered for this month of this Year of the White Metal Ox. Check out the March 2021 Chinese horoscope below.


Rat Monthly Prediction for March 2021

rat march 2021

Rat people are born with exceptional capabilities and a pleasing personality. These qualities will be of great help in their careers. During the Lunar month of March, they will be entrusted with significant assignments. It gives an opportunity for rats to prove themselves.
Rats should avoid all types of investments to avoid financial losses.
Proper day to day budgeting of income and expenses is advisable.

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Ox Monthly Prediction for March 2021

ox march 2021

Health will pose a few problems for Ox people this month. Regular exercises and healthy diet habits are advised to maintain health.
Oxen people can anticipate a few financial problems. It is advisable to cut down all unnecessary spending. It is extremely important to conserve money. You should also avoid lending money to others. There is every likelihood that you will not get back the money.

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Tiger Monthly Prediction for March 2021

tiger march 2021

Tiger people should not exert themselves too much during this lunar month. It is important that they should maintain harmony in the family environment. Spending precious time with your spouse will add to happiness.
The month is beneficial for profession and finances. Business people will thrive in their businesses. All types of risks should be avoided to prevent financial losses. Investments should be restricted to a few minor ones.

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Rabbit Monthly Prediction for March 2021

rabbit march 2021

Lunar month of March is the most fortunate month of the year for Rabbits. They can make profits by investing in good financial instruments and in share market.
On the professional front, they can expect promotions if they work diligently. Good relationships with colleagues are equally important. They should not get entangled in office politics. Professional income will be fabulous.

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Dragon Monthly Prediction for March 2021

dragon march 2021

Dragons should be careful this lunar month as luck is not in their favor. There is every possibility of being cheated by other people. You do not know who will stab you in the back. They may be close relations, friends and even outsiders.
It is important to have a pleasant relationship with your spouse for the sake of mental peace.
Dragons are especially prone to accidents this month. At all costs avoid drunken driving and obey traffic regulations. Senior citizens should avoid exposure to cold weather.

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Snake Monthly Prediction for March 2021

snake march 2021

This month is favorable for socializing and making plenty of friends. Snakes will be able to find many of them compatible with their nature. This will brighten up their social circle. They will be able to find them in social functions and common parties with friends. This will make life enjoyable and exciting.
Social contacts will also help you in the execution of any project you are likely to start.
Students will have a beneficial month and they will excel in their academic pursuits.
Health will be a matter of concern. They should seek medical assistance in case of any health problems.

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Horse Monthly Prediction for March 2021

horse march 2021

The lunar month of March 2021 does not promise to be a fortunate month for Horse people. They are likely to be cheated, if they indulge in financial activities with unknown people or agencies.
Career poses a tough challenge for Horses. If they fail to come up to the expectations of the management, they will end up losing their jobs.
They should use their present positions to improve their professional skills. This will help them in the future. Lessons learnt during these tough times will come in handy for future career advancement.

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Sheep Monthly Prediction for March 2021

sheep march 2021

Prospects for career and finances for the Rams appear to be quite promising for Sheep during the month. While they are making progress, they have a price to pay for it. Career obligations will induce lots of tension.
Sheep has a tendency to vent their frustrations on their spouses and love mates. This may even lead to divorces or break-ups.
It is important for the goats to find ways of reducing their stress levels by relaxation or exercise. Health may also suffer if timely care is not exercised forecasts the March 2021 Chinese horoscope.

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Monkey Monthly Prediction for March 2021

monkey march 2021

Luck is returning for Monkey people in the lunar month of March. Single Monkeys will be able to find their partners for love. You will excel at your work in your profession. Finances will be good and you will be able to save money for the rainy day.
Health will be excellent. Chronic ailments will disappear. Minor health issues can be resolved by proper medical intervention. You can engage in sports activities of your liking.

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Rooster Monthly Prediction for March 2021

rooster march 2021

The month of March will be more fortunate for Roosters. Finances will be plenty. They can make money from their profession as well as their investments. However, they should refrain from splurging money on unnecessary items. It is advisable to save money for the rainy day. This is a good time to plan for a child.
They may face problems of insomnia. To have good sleep, they should avoid drinking heavily. Proper relaxation techniques such as meditation also will help.

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Dog Monthly Prediction for March 2021

dog march 2021

The Lunar month of March is not encouraging for love relationships. On the other hand, there will be severe problems in the existing relationships. New relationships will be under stress continuously due to frequent fights. Many of them will end in break ups.
Marriages will be under turmoil and the passion will be missing in the relationship. Serious efforts should be made to save the partnership with serious dialogue.
Career and finance will present hardly any excitement.
Stress levels can be reduced and mental sanity can be maintained through exercise, sports and meditation.

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Pig Monthly Prediction for March 2021

pig march 2021

Career professionals will have a highly productive lunar month. They can expect promotions and increase in emoluments.
For Boars interested in their fitness, the month offers hope. Dieting and exercise will help them to reduce weight and help their fitness targets.
Marital happiness can be achieved by spending time together and participating in social events together. Overall, the month will be very much lucky for Pig individuals.

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