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Dragon Horoscope 2021 – Luck And Feng Shui Predictions!

Dragon Horoscope 2021 – A Look at the Year Ahead

The Chinese New Year begins on February 12. At this time, there will be a transition from the Year of the Rat to the Year of the White Metal Ox. This is great news for the Dragon 2021 horoscope. This change is years will bring along with it a positive change in attitude. A Dragon-born person will feel more confident, productive, and curious. All of this together can make for one great year, so long as the Dragon sign is ready to put in the work to make it so.

2021 Dragon Predictions For Love

If you are in a romantic relationship already, you are likely to face some ups and downs this year. At some points in the year, your romance will be passionate! At other times, you will be bogged down with disagreements. Luckily, these ups and downs will only last for about the first half of the year. After that, things should level out.

If you are single, this is a great year to get into a relationship, especially if you are attracted to women. Try to put extra effort into your looks to stand a better chance of attracting someone. While the person you meet may not become your future spouse, they are likely to stick around for the remainder of the year.

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Dragon 2021 Career Astrology

Generally speaking, you will need to put in a lot of hard work in your career in 2021. Your career goals might seem more difficult than they usually do. It is best that you plan your moves in your career carefully. Talk to your supervisor about your goals as well. If you do both of these things, then you will stand a better chance of finding success in the workplace this year.

Make sure to be careful at work this year, especially in regards to how you treat your coworkers. It is likely that you will need to spend a lot of time closely interacting with others at work. If you cannot get along with your coworkers, then you are not likely to find success at work this year.

Dragon 2021 Finance

The 2021 Dragon horoscope predicts that you will have good luck in finances. If you are planning on making any large purchases, it is best to do this at the beginning of the year. When spring begins, you will likely find a way to make more money than usual. However, it’s best not to spend this extra income. Instead, save up! You are likely to need the extra cash late in 2021 or early 2022.

Dragon Family Predictions 2021

People who are feeling lonely this year, mostly single Dragons, will do well to spend more time with their family members in 2021. This will help to fill any voids in your life from a lack of romantic interactions. Try to spend the most time with relatives around your own age to get the most out of your interactions.

Year Of The Dragon Predictions For Health

Unfortunately, you are likely to face several minor health issues this year – most commonly in the realm of injuries. This is especially likely if you work out or play sports often. The most common injuries for a Dragon this year include sprains and fractures. Be careful when exercising to try to prevent some of these injuries.

Illness may also come to you in the form of food poisoning this year. For this reason, it’s best to be extra careful when eating out or cooking your own food. Other stomach troubles may ail you from time to time as well. This means it’s best to keep medicine for these sorts of troubles on hand whenever possible.

Dragon Social Life Changes

This year, the Dragon will feel the effects of the lucky Tai Yin star. This star promotes strong female energy. For this reason, even if you are a male, you are likely to have the best time when spending time with your female friends. If you are struggling with anything, in any part of your life, 2021 is a great time to turn to your female friends for help.

Dragon 2021 Yearly Horoscopes

Chinese 2021 horoscope predicts this is a great year for taking an extended period of time to rest and relax. However, it’s not a great year for traveling. Instead of going somewhere for a vacation, it’s better that you stay near your home. Domestic-based holidays will be best. Go to the spa or visit a zoo. If you have to travel, do so by car or train; try to avoid boats or airplanes.

Dragon Monthly Horoscopes

Below we will break down the Dragon 2021 horoscope into monthly sections. Keep reading to see a short summary of what each month has to offer a Dragon-born living through a Year of the Ox.

January 2021 starts the year out on a positive note. You are likely to see good luck in many areas of life. Your finances, especially, should be great.

February 2021 brings both good and bad luck. You may see hardships in your friendships and in your health. All other aspects of life should be lucky.

March 2021 focuses on your social life. Make sure to think before you speak. This will help to avoid any troubles with your romantic partner, friends, family, and coworkers.

April 2021 calls for you to stay alert! If you do not do so, then you may have an accident of some sort. This will most likely involve your health or your career.

May 2021 turns your luck around. Take this month to relax. Try to spend time with your friends and loved ones.

June 2021 leans your focus towards your finances. You will need to work hard to earn what you have. Try to donate money to charity to increase your karma.

July 2021 encourages you to ask for help from your friends when you need it! This applies to all areas of life, especially in your finances.

August 2021 brings good luck, especially in your finances. Savor this time to relax. Reward those who have already helped you this year.

September 2021 may bring bad luck to your social life and in your finances. Watch out to those who may want to trick you out of money or otherwise take advantage of you.

October 2021 provides you with good luck again, in all areas of life. Use this time to relax and spend time with your friends and loved ones.

November 2021 is another lucky month. You are likely to see the most luck in your career and in your hobbies. This month will be full of success.

December 2021 can bring complications to your social life. Work on your communication skills, as misunderstandings can lead to disputes.

Dragon 2021 Feng Shui Yearly Forecast & Horoscope

2021 for Dragons will bring in wealth but can be a little difficult on the personal front. They will form bonds with Monkey, Rat, Rooster this year. Number 8 and number 2 are auspicious. Red, yellow and white will be beneficial. Luck will pour in from the northeast and southeast directions.

Dragon Horoscope 2021: Conclusion

The Dragon horoscope 2021 has its ups and downs, that’s for sure. However, if you are willing to work hard, you can make it so there are more ups and downs. Remember, even though the stars may guide you, it’s up to you to make the final choice. In this way, you create your own future.

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