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Rat Horoscope 2021 – Luck And Feng Shui Predictions!

Rat Horoscope 2021 – A Look at the Year Ahead

The 2021 Chinese New Year begins on February 12. This year is the Year of the Ox. With last year being the Year of the Rat, this year is likely to seem much more difficult in comparison. It may feel like you need to “start from scratch” in many areas of life. According to the Rat 2021 horoscope, hard work and perseverance will help you conquer the year.


2021 Rat Predictions For Love

Luckily, your love life will go smoothly this year. Ox provides stability and passion. If you are already in a romantic relationship, then things are likely to progress for the better. However, make sure to avoid temptation! Cheating and other quarrels, if not dealt with in a compassionate way, could mean the end of the relationship. If you can be loyal and truthful, then your relationship will grow and blossom.

If you are single, then this is a great year to find a new partner. The Rat 2021 horoscope predicts that this new love will be with someone you already have a relationship with, likely with one of your friends. However, any new relationships are not likely to last long. Instead of finding a marriage partner, you are more likely to have a fling.

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Rat 2021 Career Astrology

Chinese astrology 2021 forecasts that your work life is likely to be challenging in 2021. You will be very busy this year and face many new challenges in the workplace. Use your education and creativity to think outside of the box to solve the problems that come up. If you are not able to complete a project at work, then your relationships with your coworkers and boss are likely to suffer because of it. However, if you are able to focus and accomplish your tasks, your business relationships should flourish.


Rat 2021 Finance

Focus on saving money in this year of the white metal ox, rather than spending it. It’s generally a bad idea to make any large purchases this year. Try to save up as much money as you can in the first half of the year, as you are likely to have some financial problems in the second half. If you can do this, then you should be on track to have healthy finances in 2022.


Rat Family Predictions 2021

If you are married, then your family life is likely to go well. As your romantic relationships will tend to be stable this year, so will marriages. If you do not have any children, then this is the perfect year to try to have one. The Year of the Ox makes for a great year to have a baby. If you already have children, then focus on spending more time with them. It is especially important to help them with their studies.


Year Of The Rat Predictions For Health

For the most part, you are likely to be very healthy this year. Unless you already have a chronic illness, it is unlikely that you will have any major health problems in 2021. The Chinese Ox year 2021 also provides you with additional strength, which can help you to cut out bad habits and addictions.

With so much of your life being difficult this year, it is likely that you will be under a considerable amount of stress. However, the Year of the Ox will bless you with a renewed burst of energy. This energy can help you to work through any of the problems you may encounter.

Rat Social Life Changes

The Peach Blossom Star provides you with luck in your social life. You are likely to become more popular with the friends you already have. If you can manage your tasks at work, then you will also be likely to become popular with your coworkers. Try to keep all of your friends in good spirits. If you cannot do this, then your good luck in friendship may turn to bad faster than you might think.

Rat 2021 Yearly Horoscopes

The 2021 Rat horoscope predicts that this might be a bad year to travel. While nothing can stop you from it if you want to go, it is best advised that you avoid it. Traveling will only bring trouble and bad luck. Additionally, it is best not to travel simply because it is likely to be a large expense.

Rat Monthly Horoscopes

The rat 2021 horoscope predicts some troubles but also some luck. Below is the year broken down into months. Let’s see how each month will go.

January 2021 will have money flowing into your bank account. However, this doesn’t mean it is wise to spend it. Remember to save!

February 2021 encourages you to stay by yourself. Now is not a great time to make new friends. This could lead to more quarrels than fun.

March 2021 brings good luck your way in nearly every aspect of your life. Embrace this month with an open mind and follow your heart’s desires.

April 2021 can be difficult in terms of finances and love. Try to avoid temptations, such as making large purchases or cheating.

May 2021 predicts some troubles in your finances. If you can, try to save up money before May to prepare for this. Also, avoid getting involved in other people’s problems this month.

June 2021 is a month to spend with your friends, but be careful! Some friends are loyal and true while others may only want to cause you distress.

July 2021 predicts good luck in love, family, and finances. Take the time to enjoy these blessings.

August 2021 continues to provide you with good luck, especially in family matters. Try to spend more time helping others to share your good luck.

September 2021 will be a mixed bag, especially when it comes to your platonic relationships. Some friends will be kind and generous while others will only cause you pain.

October 2021 is a month for introspection. Be grateful for what the year has blessed you with already. Meditate and focus on your health.

November 2021 provides luck in finances. Try to save whatever extra money you earn. It is almost 2022, after all!

December 2021 is another month full of luck. Let your intuition be your guide and everything should go your way.

Rat 2021 Feng Shui Yearly Forecast & Horoscope

In 2021, the rat will have good relations with Rats, Dragons and Monkeys. This is a year to be strong and unemotional. You need to be smart to prosper in your career and business. Number 6 and Number 1 will prove to be lucky. Your lucky colors are blue and white and your lucky directions are north and southeast.

Rat Horoscope 2021: Conclusion

The Rat horoscope 2021 is full of ups and downs. However, the mighty Ox will help you to ride these waves. If you can face your challenges bravely and work hard to overcome obstacles, then you will make it out of the year feeling more confident and stronger.

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