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March 18 Famous Birthdays

March 18 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on March 18 are Pisces who like to take more than their share of risks. People don’t understand their need to be different or their mood swings. They just seem to come out from nowhere.

What triggers them can come from their impetuous attitude or nature. Even their lover says it is hard to keep up with them and this can affect their personal relationships. The best partner or match for them is one that will welcome the opportunity of change and excitement.


People look to those who are born on March 18 however for a shoulder to lean on or an ear that is unbiased. They are hard workers and tend to have their goals in order to live a successful life and a lifestyle that is comfortable and without restrictions.


Where their health is concerned, famous people born on March 18 are likely vigorous individuals who don’t have to do much to maintain a body that is fit.

Famous March 18 people can be highly sexually motivated. This could be a problem in most of their  relationships. Those born on this day March 18 are famous Pisces that are competitive and have a practical approach to life and retirement. They want someone special to share their life with. The famous birthdays of March 18th are listed below.


March 18th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

18th March Good Traits:

  • Thorough
  • Devoted
  • Practical
  • Realistic
  • Determined

18th March Bad Traits:

  • Aggressive
  • Inflexible
  • Rigid
  • Prejudiced
  • Disconnected

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March 18th Famous Birthday Personalities

Adam Levine, 1979, Pop Singer
Adam Maida, 1930, Religious Leader
Adam Pally, 1982, Comedian
Aidan Andrews, 2000, TV Actor
Aislinn Derbez, 1987, TV Actress
Al Hall, 1915, Bassist
Alex Higgins, 1949, Snooker Player
Alex Jones, 1977, TV Show Host
Alexei Yagudin, 1980, Figure Skater
Alisha Chinai, 1965, World Music Singer
Alyssa Vanlandingham, 1999, Instagram Star
Ana Obregon, 1955, TV Actress
Andre Rison, 1967, Football Player
Andrea Cox, 1978, Chef
Andres Felipe Lopez, 1994, YouTube Star
Andres Zaldivar, 1936, Politician
Andrew Gonzalez, 1995, YouTube Star
Andy Sonnanstine, 1983, Baseball Player
Angelica Anders, 1990, Instagram Star
Anna Blue, 1997, Pop Singer
Anne Will, 1966, TV Show Host
Anthony Barr, 1992, Football Player
Anthony Maher, 1979, Soccer Player

Antonio Margarito, 1978, Boxer
Ashley Lobo, 1967, Dancer
Ben Cohen, 1951, Entrepreneur
Ben Wilson, 1967, Basketball Player
Bianca King, 1985, TV Actress
Bill Frisell, 1951, Guitarist
BJ Wilson, 1947, Drummer
Blake Rosenthal, 2004, TV Actor
Bobby Steele, 1956, Guitarist
Bonnie Blair, 1964, Speed Skater
Brad Dourif, 1950, Movie Actor
Brendan Schaub, 1983, MMA Fighter
Brian Griese, 1975, Football Player
Brian Scalabrine, 1978, Basketball Player
Briana Vega, 1982, Golfer
Caleb Marshall, 1993, YouTube Star
Callum David, 1988, Model
Cameron Jack Cook, 2001, Musical.ly Star
Carl Gottlieb, 1938, Screenwriter
Cecilia Rodriguez, 1990, Model
Chad Cordero, 1982, Baseball Player
Charley Pride, 1938, Country Singer
Charlotte Roche, 1978, Novelist
Chelseah Ongsee, 1999, Instagram Star
Chris Geere, 1981, TV Actor
Christa Wolf, 1929, Novelist
Christer Fuglesang, 1957, Astronaut
Christine Fan, 1976, Pop Singer
Christopher Hanke, 1976, Stage Actor
Ciara Bravo, 1997, TV Actress

Cindy Busby, 1983, TV Actress
CJ Miles, 1987, Basketball Player
Clay Gober, 1994, Bassist
Clem Hill, 1877, Cricket Player
Cluny Macpherson, 1879, Doctor
Connor Byrne, 1963, TV Actor
Corey Liuget, 1990, Football Player
Cory Schneider, 1986, Hockey Player
Courtney Pine, 1964, Saxophonist
Curt Warner, 1961, Football Player
Damien Lauretta, 1992, Pop Singer
Dane Cook, 1972, Comedian
Danneel Harris, 1979, TV Actress
Danny Murphy, 1977, Soccer Player
Danny Potter, 1979, Soccer Player
Darius Butler, 1986, Football Player
David Cubitt, 1965, TV Actor
David Gogo, 1969, Guitarist
David Lloyd, 1947, Cricket Player
Davina, 1965, R&B Singer
Derrick Bateman, 1983, Wrestler
Devin Lima, 1977, Pop Singer
Dieter Van Tornhout, 1985, Soccer Player
Different Heaven, 1995, YouTube Star
Dinakshie Priyasad, 1990, TV Actress
Divya Narendra, 1982, Entrepreneur
Drew Struzan, 1947, Illustrator
Dwayne Murphy, 1955, Baseball Player
Edgar Cayce, 1877, Scientist
Edward Everett Horton, 1886, Movie Actor
Elliot Scheiner, 1947, Music Producer
Emma Carus, 1879, Stage Actress
Eric Wood, 1986, Football Player
Ernest Gallo, 1909, Entrepreneur
Ethan Carter III, 1983, Wrestler
Eva Noblezada, 1996, Stage Actress
Fabian Cancellara, 1981, Cyclist
Felix Hardy, 1996, YouTube Star
Fernando Rodney, 1977, Baseball Player
Franz Wright, 1953, Poet
Fred Shuttlesworth, 1922, Civil Rights Leader
FW de Klerk, 1936, World Leader
Gabriel Gardner, 1976, Volleyball Player
GEM Anscombe, 1919, Philosopher
Geoffrey Owens, 1961, TV Actor
George Plimpton, 1927, Journalist
Gerren Keith, 1941, Director
Giovanna Antonelli, 1976, Soap Opera Actress
Gordon Schildenfeld, 1985, Soccer Player
Grant Hart, 1961, Drummer
Grover Cleveland, 1837, US President
Guillermo Davila, 1955, TV Actor
Guy Carbonneau, 1960, Hockey Player
Henry Lee Junior, 1958, Race Car Driver
Ingemar Stenmark, 1956, Skier
Irene Cara, 1959, Movie Actress
Jada Facer, 2001, TV Actress
James Conlon, 1950, Conductor
James McMurtry, 1962, Folk Singer
Jang Na-ra, 1981, TV Actress

Jareb Dauplaise, 1979, Movie Actor
Jaron Lowenstein, 1974, Pop Singer
Jason Paul, 1991, Freerunner
Jean-Pierre Wallez, 1939, Violinist
Jeff Mullins, 1942, Basketball Player
Jeric Teng, 1991, Basketball Player
Jerry Cantrell, 1966, Guitarist
Jerry Kobza, 1969, Race Car Driver
Jessie Pope, 1868, Poet
John C Calhoun, 1782, Politician
John Clayton Nienstedt, 1947, Religious Leader
John Kander, 1927, Composer
John Kirkpatrick, 1905, Pianist
John Updike, 1932, Novelist
Jon Boden, 1977, Folk Singer
Jon Weber, 1961, Pianist
Jose Tengiz, 1996, Instagram Star
Joseph Rene Bellot, 1826, Explorer
Josephine Hopper, 1883, Painter
Jovan Kirovski, 1976, Soccer Player
JR Garcia, 1988, Movie Actor
Julia De Mars, 1997, Family Member
Julia London, 1959, Novelist
Julia Telles, 1995, Dancer
Juliette Buchs, 1983, Model
Juris Fernandez, 1978, Pop Singer
Kana Nishino, 1989, Pop Singer
Kedrick Brown, 1981, Basketball Player
Keith Hudson, 1946, Music Producer
Keith Millard, 1962, Football Player
Kevin Dobson, 1943, Soap Opera Actor
Kevin Hench, 1977, Screenwriter
Kimmo Timonen, 1975, Hockey Player
Klea Pineda, 1999, Reality Star
Kris Dunn, 1994, Basketball Player
Kurt Ostlund, 1992, TV Actor
Kyle Downes, 1983, TV Actor
Lagan Sebert, 1981, Family Member
Lenny Cooper, 1988, Country Singer
Leury Garcia, 1991, Baseball Player
LightGoesRawr, 1998, YouTube Star
Lillian Vernon, 1927, Entrepreneur
Lily Collins, 1989, Movie Actress
Luc Besson, 1959, Director
Luci Christian, 1973, Voice Actor
Lucien Laurin, 1912, Horse Jockey
Lykke Li, 1986, Pop Singer
Macdonald Smith, 1892, Golfer
Madeline Carroll, 1996, Movie Actress
Manly Palmer Hall, 1901, Self-Help Author
Mantorras, 1982, Soccer Player
Marie Lopez, 1995, YouTube Star
Mark Medoff, 1940, Playwright
Mark Teich, 1973, TV Actor
Marvin Humes, 1985, Pop Singer
Mauro Zarate, 1987, Soccer Player
Michael Bergin, 1969, Model
Michael Reagan, 1945, Radio Host
Michelle Arseneau, 1990, YouTube Star
Micky Mellon, 1972, Soccer Player
Miguel Herrera, 1968, Soccer Coach
Mihai Radut, 1990, Soccer Player
Mike Rowe, 1962, TV Show Host
Mike Webster, 1952, Football Player
Moriah Jefferson, 1994, Basketball Player
Moti Tikaram, 1925, Politician
MzIsabel, 2000, Pop Singer
Natalie Roser, 1990, Model
Neville Chamberlain, 1869, World Leader
Nigel Sweeney, 1954, Lawyer
Nikolai Rimsky-korsakov, 1844, Composer
Pat Eddery, 1952, Horse Jockey
Paul Barber, 1951, Movie Actor
Paul Marc Rousseau, 1989, Guitarist
Peter Graves, 1926, TV Actor
Peter Jones, 1966, Entrepreneur
Phillip Sweet, 1974, Country Singer
Piers Haggard, 1939, Director
Princess Louise, 1848, Royalty
Queen Latifah, 1970, Movie Actress
Rasmus Brohave, 1998, YouTube Star
Raymond Patriarca, 1908, Criminal
Rebecca Soni, 1987, Swimmer
Richard Biggs, 1960, TV Actor
Richard Condon, 1915, Novelist
Robert Bortuzzo, 1989, Hockey Player
Robert Donat, 1905, Movie Actor
Robert Emmett O’Connor, 1885, Movie Actor
Rodrigo Rato, 1949, Politician
Ron Atkinson, 1939, Sportscaster
Ronald Harrison, 1940, Painter
Rudolf Diesel, 1858, Entrepreneur
Ryan Truex, 1992, Race Car Driver
Scott Podsednik, 1976, Baseball Player
Sebastian Cevallos, 1994, YouTube Star
Sebastien Frey, 1980, Soccer Player
Shane Stockton, 1974, Country Singer
Shang Chunsong, 1996, Gymnast
Shashi Kapoor, 1938, Movie Actor
Shaun Udal, 1969, Cricket Player
Sherron Collins, 1987, Basketball Player
Shihan Mihiranga Bennet, 1985, World Music Singer
Shola Ama, 1979, R&B Singer
Simon Bradstreet, 1603, Politician
Simon Curtis, 1986, Pop Singer
Skal Labissiere, 1996, Basketball Player
Smiley Burnette, 1911, Country Singer
Sophia Myles, 1980, Movie Actress
Srecko Kosovel, 1904, Poet
Stephane Mallarme, 1842, Poet
Steve Kloves, 1960, Screenwriter
Steve Patrick, 1989, Drummer
Steven Cole, 1982, TV Actor
Susan Tyrrell, 1945, Movie Actress
Sutton Foster, 1975, Stage Actress
Tamer Hassan, 1968, Movie Actor
Tayluer Amos, 2001, Dancer
Timo Glock, 1982, Race Car Driver
Tink, 1995, Rapper
TJ Davidson, 1989, YouTube Star
Tora Berger, 1981, Biathlete
Travis Frederick, 1991, Football Player
Trey Richards, 1994, YouTube Star
Unikkatil, 1981, Rapper
Urassaya Sperbund, 1993, TV Actress
Vanessa Evigan, 1981, TV Actress
Vanessa Williams, 1963, TV Actress
Vassily Ivanchuk, 1969, Chess Player
Vonzell Solomon, 1984, R&B Singer
Wilfred Owen, 1893, Poet
Willy Lindwer, 1946, Director
Wilson Pickett, 1941, Soul Singer
Zdeno Chara, 1977, Hockey Player

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