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March 17 Famous Birthdays

March 17 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on March 17 are exceptional. As a Pisces, they have a special gift and may learn their purpose in life early on. As a matter of fact, they may have lived before if they believe in reincarnation and things of that nature.

If you share your birthday with famous March 17th born people, then like them you should seek the experts for advice and tools to discover your own talents and psychic gifts. They look to their friends and family for support and guidance. Their career is important as well. But without somebody to love and to share the significant points in life with, there seems to be something amiss.


As a friend and lover, famous people born on March 17 tend to form relationships that are long lasting and conventional. Looking at their diet plan, it does away with candy and sodas. Those born on this day should take their vitamins as they may be prone to a vitamin defect which can throw them off balance.


Famous celebrity birthdays of March 17th are listed below. But if you too are born on March 17, you could be a Pisces that is restless, adaptable and motivated. The March 17 famous birthday astrology predicts that they spend more time with their family and romantic interest. However, they want to live a lavish lifestyle and know that work is the way to achieve this status.


March 17th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

17th March Good Traits:

  • Determined
  • Motivated
  • Adaptable
  • Loyal
  • Loving
  • Insightful
  • Humble

17th March Bad Traits:

  • Restless
  • Detached
  • Sarcastic
  • Irritable
  • Defensive

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March 17th Famous Birthday Personalities

Abby Smith, 1987, YouTube Star
Adam Perkins, 1995, Vine Star
Adam Wade, 1935, TV Actor
Adira Amram, 1981, Comedian
Adolphus Greely, 1844, Explorer
Aisam-ul-haq Qureshi, 1980, Tennis Player
Alejandra Gil, 1985, Instagram Star
Alejandro Lozano, 1939, Painter
Aleksandra Ivosev, 1974, Sports Shooter
Alexa Dowd, 1993, Dancer
Alexander Bard, 1961, Pop Singer
Alexander McQueen, 1969, Fashion Designer
Alfred Newman, 1901, Composer
Amanda Reifer, 1991, Rock Singer
Amber Holcomb, 1994, Pop Singer
Amelia Heinle, 1973, Soap Opera Actress
Andrew Ference, 1979, Hockey Player
Andrew Martin, 1975, Wrestler
Andrew Paul, 1961, TV Actor
Andy Griffin, 1979, Soccer Player
Animenz, 1991, Pianist
Arye Gross, 1960, Movie Actor
Ashley Schmidt, 1997, YouTube Star
Austin Nash Chase, 2003, Movie Actor
Ayda Jebat, 1992, TV Actress
Bayard Rustin, 1912, Civil Rights Leader

Bill Mueller, 1971, Baseball Player
Bill Roycroft, 1915, Equestrian
Billy Corgan, 1967, Rock Singer
Bobby Jones, 1902, Golfer
Bobby Ryan, 1987, Hockey Player
Bodega Bamz, 1985, Rapper
Brendan Galloway, 1996, Soccer Player
Brian Boydell, 1917, Composer
Brigitte Helm, 1906, Movie Actress
Brittany Daniel, 1976, TV Actress
Brock Little, 1967, TV Actor
Brooke Perry, 1992, Model
Bruce Parry, 1969, TV Show Host
Caroline Corr, 1973, Drummer
Caroline Glaser, 1994, Pop Singer
Casey Siemaszko, 1961, Movie Actor
Chan Sung Jung, 1987, MMA Fighter
Charles F. Brush, 1849, Entrepreneur
Charles R. Garry, 1909, Lawyer
Charlie Root, 1899, Baseball Player
Charlie Sims, 1992, Reality Star
Chloe Emanuelle, 1993, Vine Star
Chris Copeland, 1984, Basketball Player

Chris Davis, 1986, Baseball Player
Chris Okano, 1990, YouTube Star
Christian Clemenson, 1958, TV Actor
Christopher Small, 1927, Novelist
Coco Austin, 1979, Model
Cordarrelle Patterson, 1991, Football Player
Craig Ramsay, 1951, Hockey Player
Cynthia Daniel, 1976, TV Actress
Cynthia McKinney, 1955, Politician
Dana Reeve, 1961, Family Member
Danny Ainge, 1959, Basketball Player
Danny Califf, 1980, Soccer Player
Danny GoGo, 1993, YouTube Star
Darrell Basham, 1949, Race Car Driver
Darren Barr, 1985, Soccer Player
Dave Kelley, 1963, Journalist
David Eger, 1952, Golfer
David Park, 1911, Painter
DeForest Buckner, 1992, Football Player
Diana Kaarina, 1975, Stage Actress
Dick Curless, 1932, Country Singer
Domani Harris, 2001, Family Member
Don Mitchell, 1943, TV Actor
Donald Sanford, 1918, Screenwriter
Dwight Eubanks, 1959, Reality Star
Ebenezer Elliott, 1781, Poet
Ebro Darden, 1975, Music Producer
Edin Dzeko, 1986, Soccer Player
Elis Regina, 1945, Jazz Singer
Eliza Bennett, 1992, Movie Actress
Emmanuel Sanders, 1987, Football Player
Ennis Rees, 1925, Poet
Erin Boag, 1975, Dancer
Flynn Morrison, 2005, TV Actor
Francisca Valenzuela, 1987, World Music Singer
Fraser Forster, 1988, Soccer Player
Gale W. McGee, 1915, Politician
Gary Sinise, 1955, Movie Actor
Gene Ween, 1970, Rock Singer
George Bowden, 1888, Politician
Gina Holden, 1975, TV Actress
Giovanni Trapattoni, 1939, Soccer Coach
Giulia Corcos, 2006, Family Member
Gottlieb Daimler, 1834, Entrepreneur

Grimes, 1988, Pop Singer
Grover Mitchell, 1930, Trombone Player
Hallam Hope, 1994, Soccer Player
Hank Sauer, 1917, Baseball Player
Hans Wollschlager, 1935, Historian
Harold Morris, 1890, Pianist
Harry Clarke, 1889, Artist
Henry Taylor, 1885, Swimmer
Hind Dehiba, 1979, Runner
Homer Plessy, 1862, Civil Rights Leader
Hozier, 1990, Blues Singer
Hugo Speer, 1969, Movie Actor
iVicViolent, 1995, YouTube Star
Jackson Davies, 1950, TV Actor
Jade Alleyne, 2001, TV Actress
James Irwin, 1930, Astronaut
James K. Morrow, 1947, Novelist
Janet Gardner, 1962, Rock Singer
Jarkko Laine, 1947, Poet
Jay Swingler, 1995, YouTube Star
Jean Segura, 1990, Baseball Player
Jeff Banks, 1943, Fashion Designer
Jeremy Frérot, 1990, Pop Singer
Jeremy Pargo, 1986, Basketball Player
Jeremy Sheffield, 1966, Movie Actor
Jerome Woods, 1973, Football Player
Jessica Williams, 1948, Pianist
Jim Gary, 1939, Painter
Jim Telfer, 1940, Rugby Player
Joe Stydahar, 1912, Football Player
Joel Lutzow, 1995, TV Actor
Johannes Strate, 1980, Rock Singer
John Boyega, 1992, Movie Actor
John John Molina, 1965, Boxer
John Lill, 1944, Pianist
John Sebastian, 1944, Pop Singer
John Wayne Gacy, 1942, Criminal
Jose Garcia, 1966, Movie Actor
Josh Gilbert, 1987, Bassist
Josh Phillips, 1984, Criminal
Juan Lagares, 1989, Baseball Player
Julia Winter, 1993, Movie Actress
Julian Watts, 1971, Soccer Player
Jung Chan-Sung, 1987, MMA Fighter
Juri Pihl, 1954, Politician
Justin Hawkins, 1975, Guitarist
Kalpana Chawla, 1962, Astronaut
Katey Red, 1983, Rapper
Katie Ledecky, 1997, Swimmer
Katie Morgan, 1980,
Keifer Thompson, 1976, Country Singer
Keith Obrien, 1938, Religious Leader
Ken Mattingly, 1936, Astronaut
Kim Tae-hyung, 1989, Soccer Player
King Cinco, 1995, Instagram Star
King Manni, 1998, YouTube Star
Kira Dikhtyar, 1989, Model
Kit Cope, 1977, MMA Fighter
Kris Durham, 1988, Football Player
Kurt Russell, 1951, Movie Actor
Kyle Korver, 1981, Basketball Player
Ladislav Kupkovic, 1936, Composer
Lee Dixon, 1964, Soccer Player
Lesley-Anne Down, 1954, TV Actress
Linda Milani, 1995, Model
Lindsay Woods, 1994, YouTube Star
Lisa Dengler, 1989, Blogger
Lise Simms, 1967, TV Actress
Lollipop, 1979, Wrestler
Louis Hunter, 1992, TV Actor
Lydia Lloyd Henry, 1996, Soap Opera Actress
Macy Maloy, 1993, Pop Singer
Maia Cotton, 1999, Model
Manohar Aich, 1912, Bodybuilder
Manuel Garcia, 1805, Opera Singer
Marina Morga, 1998, Dancer
Marisa Coughlan, 1974, TV Actress
Mark Boone Junior, 1955, TV Actor
Mark Dolan, 1974, Comedian
Mark Pellington, 1962, Director
Mark White, 1940, Politician
Marquis Childs, 1903, Novelist
Martin Hadden, 1971, Chef
Mason Musso, 1989, Pop Singer
Mathew St. Patrick, 1968, TV Actor
Megan Leeds, 1995, YouTube Star
Melissa Auf der Maur, 1972, Pop Singer
Mia Hamm, 1972, Soccer Player
Mich Liggayu, 1991, YouTube Star
Michael Hayden, 1945, War Hero
Michael O’Shea, 1906, Movie Actor
Michele Mahone, 1969, Family Member
Michelle Nolden, 1973, TV Actress
Miles Kane, 1986, Guitarist
Million Wolde, 1979, Runner
Myrlie Evers-Williams, 1933, Civil Rights Leader
Nat King Cole, 1919, Jazz Singer
Natalie Zea, 1975, TV Actress
Nicholas Corozzo, 1940, Criminal
Nick Newell, 1986, MMA Fighter
Nicky Jam, 1980, Reggae Singer
Ninian Edwards, 1775, Politician
Norbert Rillieux, 1806, Engineer
Olesya Rulin, 1986, Movie Actress
Oskar Herman, 1886, Painter
Owain Fon Williams, 1987, Soccer Player
Paolo Bediones, 1974, TV Show Host
Pat Fry, 1964,
Pat Page, 1929, Magician
Pat Rice, 1949, Soccer Player
Patricia Breslin, 1931, TV Actress
Patricia Kazadi, 1988, TV Show Host
Patrick Cantlay, 1992, Golfer
Patrick Duffy, 1949, TV Actor
Patrick Joseph Sullivan, 1865, Politician
Patrick McVey, 1910, TV Actor
Patrick Perkins, 1995, Vine Star
Patrick Seitz, 1978, Voice Actor
Patti Hansen, 1956, Model
Pattie Boyd, 1944, Model
Paul Andrews, 1958, Metal Singer
Paul Black, 1959, Metal Singer
Paul Kantner, 1941, Rock Singer
Paul Overstreet, 1955, Country Singer
Pebe Sebert, 1956, Pop Singer
Penelope Lively, 1933, Children’s Author
Pilar Rubio, 1978, Journalist
Prithviraj Chavan, 1946, Politician
Puneeth Rajkumar, 1975, Movie Actor
QueenTay, 1998, Musical.ly Star
Ralph Rose, 1885, Runner
Rasmus Elm, 1988, Soccer Player
Raul Meireles, 1983, Soccer Player
Reed Timmer, 1980, Reality Star
Richard Kingi, 1989, Rugby Player
Rico Blanco, 1973, Rock Singer
Rob Kardashian, 1987, Reality Star
Rob Lowe, 1964, Movie Actor
Roberto Suazo Cordova, 1927, World Leader
Robin Knox-Johnston, 1939, Sailor
Roger B. Taney, 1777, Supreme Court Justice
Roger Corbalan, 2001, Pop Singer
Rory McGrath, 1956, Comedian
Rory Sloane, 1990, Australian Rules Footballer
Roxy Petrucci, 1960, Drummer
Rudolf Nureyev, 1938, Dancer
Rudolf Schrader, 1875, Gymnast
Rudy Ray Moore, 1927, Comedian
Ruth Langsford, 1960, TV Show Host
Ryan Rottman, 1984, TV Actor
Ryan White, 1988, Hockey Player
Saina Nehwal, 1990, Badminton Player
Sam Bowie, 1961, Basketball Player
Sammy Baugh, 1914, Football Player
Samoa Joe, 1979, Wrestler
Sarah Burgett, 1997, YouTube Star
Sayed Darwish, 1892, Composer
ScareTheater, 1999, YouTube Star
Scott Gorham, 1951, Guitarist
Sean Price, 1972, Rapper
Sheanon Williams, 1990, Soccer Player
Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, 1920, Politician
Shinji Kagawa, 1989, Soccer Player
Sid Grauman, 1879, Entrepreneur
Siobhan McDonnell, 1982, YouTube Star
Sissela Kyle, 1957, Movie Actress
Smokie Almo, 1989, Rapper
Sparkles*, 1988, Rock Singer
Stephen Gately, 1976, Pop Singer
Stephen Kramer Glickman, 1979, TV Actor
Steven Pienaar, 1982, Soccer Player
Steven Whyte, 1969, Sculptor
SubZeroExtabyte, 1998, YouTube Star
Susie Allanson, 1952, Country Singer
Tamar Braxton, 1977, R&B Singer
Taylor Sander, 1992, Volleyball Player
Terry Rozier, 1994, Basketball Player
Thomas Ketchum, 2001, YouTube Star
Thomas Robinson, 1991, Basketball Player
Torquil Campbell, 1972, Rock Singer
Tyler Berdy, 1996, Family Member
Valentino Bisegna, 1993, YouTube Star
Vicki Lewis, 1960, TV Actress
Walter Rudolf Hess, 1881, Doctor
William Gibson, 1948, Novelist
Wolfgang Gartner, 1982, DJ
Yanic Truesdale, 1970, TV Actor
Yeltsin Tejeda, 1992, Soccer Player

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