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March 13 Famous Birthdays

March 13 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on March 13th are considered to be a feisty Pisces. They abide by their own rules as they make their own money and don’t ask people for favors. It’s a wonder that they have so many friends. As a rule, they don’t get close to any of them.

March 13 born people who share these famous birthdays prefer their private life to stay private. They like the outdoors and are known to take off in a heartbeat without giving anyone notice of where they are going or when. When it comes to work, they do their fair share.


However, when it’s time to go home, they do just that. The spirituality of famous March 13th people has taken a different turn now that they are an adult. It sounds like they could use an uplifting sermon to get them back on track or back to their roots. It may be the key to having personal and professional success.


If you share this famous March 13th birthday, you could be an unreliable spirit. They tend to love junk foods but need to take care. The Pisces sun sign as a young adult are cheerful individuals with a lot of wisdom. They have a lot to balance with their active lifestyle.


March 13th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

13th March Good Traits:

  • Talented
  • Considerate
  • Energetic
  • Wise
  • Strategist, Lively

13th March Bad Traits:

  • Neurotic
  • Indifferent
  • Aloof
  • Unreliable
  • Careless

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March 13th Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Woods, 1991, Rugby Player
Abigail Fillmore, 1798, Political Wife
Adam Clayton, 1960, Bassist
Adam Wood, 1955, Politician
Adina Porter, 1971, TV Actress
Agnes Rapai, 1952, Poet
Al Jaffee, 1921, Cartoonist
Alan Grayson, 1958, Politician
Alberto Ponce, 1935, Guitarist
Alexej von Jawlensky, 1864, Painter
Alfonso Dosal, 1985, Soap Opera Actor
Allen Stone, 1987, Soul Singer
AmaLee, 1992, YouTube Star
Amobi Okugo, 1991, Soccer Player
Andre Techine, 1943, Director
Andres Escobar, 1967, Soccer Player
Andy Bean, 1953, Golfer

Annabeth Gish, 1971, Movie Actress
Aoife Foden, 2012, Family Member
Arthur Duff, 1899, Composer
Barry Hughart, 1934, Novelist
Beat Richner, 1947, Doctor
Ben Allen, 1978, Politician
Ben Brown, 1986, Kayaker
Bentley Green, 2001, YouTube Star
Bill S. Ballinger, 1912, Film Producer
Billy Frolick, 1962, Journalist
Blaine Stoughton, 1953, Hockey Player
Blas Perez, 1981, Soccer Player
Boris Buzancic, 1929, TV Actor
Brad Imes, 1977, MMA Fighter
Brendan Buckley, 1974, Drummer
Brent Sancho, 1977, Soccer Player
Brian Howard, 1905, Poet
Buzz Fletcher, 2014, Family Member
Byrdie Bell, 1985, Model
Caity Babcock, 1991, Radio Host
Cambria Joy, 1996, YouTube Star
Cameron Carter, 1992, Movie Actor
Camille-Marie Stamaty, 1811, Pianist
Candi Staton, 1940, Gospel Singer
Candice Falzon, 1985,
Carlo Conti, 1961, TV Show Host
Caron Butler, 1980, Basketball Player
Cat Greenleaf, 1972, TV Show Host
Charles Grey, 1764, World Leader
Charles Krauthammer, 1950, Journalist
Charo, 1941, Pop Singer
Chris Ashworth, 1975, TV Actor
Christopher Wilder, 1945, Criminal
Cletus Wotorson, 1937, Politician
Cody Estes, 1994, TV Actor
Cody Hoffman, 1991, Football Player
Common, 1972, Rapper
Corey Miller, 1967, Reality Star
Cynthia Tucker, 1955, Journalist
Dana Delany, 1956, TV Actress
Dani Song, 1990, Blogger
Daniel Chinchilla, 1981, Makeup Artist
Danielle Trotta, 1981, Sportscaster
Danny Masterson, 1976, TV Actor
Dave Roelvink, 1994, DJ
David Draiman, 1973, Metal Singer
David Neilson, 1949, Soap Opera Actor
Denesh Ramdin, 1985, Cricket Player

Derek O’Brien, 1961, TV Show Host
Diana Moldovan, 1987, Model
Dick Katz, 1924, Pianist
DJ Fluker, 1991, Football Player
Dominic Deutscher, 1992, TV Actor
Dominik Landertinger, 1988, Biathlete
Dorothy Davenport, 1895, Screenwriter
Edgar Davids, 1973, Soccer Player
Eli Kim, 1991, Rapper
Ellen Raskin, 1928, Children’s Author
Emile Hirsch, 1985, Movie Actor
Emmy Verhey, 1949, Violinist
Emory Cohen, 1990, Movie Actor
Fito Paez, 1963, World Music Singer
Flavia Cacace, 1980, Dancer
Francesca Newman-Young, 1988, Reality Star
Frank Baker, 1886, Baseball Player
Fred Berry, 1951, TV Actor
George MacKay, 1992, Movie Actor
George McAfee, 1918, Football Player
Gerard Deulofeu, 1994, Soccer Player
Gero Vonwilpert, 1933, Novelist
Gillian Alexy, 1986, TV Actress
Glenn Lewis, 1975, Soul Singer

Glenne Headly, 1955, Movie Actress
Gordie Bell, 1925, Hockey Player
Gustavo Rangel, 1998, Music Producer
Gyula Donath, 1850, Sculptor
Hans Bellmer, 1902, Sculptor
Hans Gude, 1825, Painter
Hans Hanke, 1912,
Harry Melling, 1989, Movie Actor
Holger Badstuber, 1989, Soccer Player
Hugo Wolf, 1860, Composer
Igor Kio, 1944, Magician
Jack Harlow, 1998, Rapper
Jacque Fresco, 1916, Scientist
Jade Holden, 2001, TV Actress
Jadson Andre, 1990, Surfer
James Dewees, 1976, Rock Singer
Jamie Dimon, 1956, Entrepreneur
Jan Howard, 1930, Country Singer
Jan Lechon, 1899, Poet
Jan Zaveck, 1976, Boxer
Janet Flanner, 1892, Journalist
Jared Watson, 1982, Reggae Singer
Jelani Jenkins, 1992, Football Player
Jeremy Curl, 1982, Explorer
Jessica Rich, 1984, Reality Star
Joe Bugner, 1950, Boxer
Joe Ranft, 1960, Screenwriter
Johan Santana, 1979, Baseball Player
John Greyson, 1960, Director
John H. Vanvleck, 1899, Scientist
John Hoeven, 1957, Politician
Jonah Levine, 1997, Entrepreneur
Jordyn Jones, 2000, Dancer
Jorge Sampaoli, 1960, Soccer Coach
Jose Mojica Marins, 1936, Director
Joseph Cao, 1967, Politician
Joseph Mascolo, 1929, Soap Opera Actor
Joseph Priestley, 1733, Philosopher
Joshua Allen, 1989, Dancer
Julie Chu, 1982, Hockey Player
Juri Vilms, 1889, Politician
Juwaniie, 1997, YouTube Star
Kat Driscoll, 1986,
Katherine Berman, 1981, Chef
Kathy Hilton, 1959, Fashion Designer
Kaya Scodelario, 1992, TV Actress
Kemal Tahir, 1910, Novelist
Kenny Watson, 1978, Football Player
Kevin Meyer, 1993, Rock Singer
Khanya Mkangisa, 1988, TV Actress
Kris Fadeley, 1998, Vine Star
L, 1992, Pop Singer
L Ron Hubbard, 1911, Religious Leader
Lambros Konstantaras, 1913, Movie Actor
Lauren Wood, 1993, Instagram Star
Le Quang Liem, 1991, Chess Player
Leigh-Allyn Baker, 1972, TV Actress
Len Roberts, 1947, Poet
Lenny Montana, 1926, Movie Actor
Leslie Parrish, 1935, Movie Actress
Lina Posada, 1988, Model
Linda Robson, 1958, TV Actress
Lisa Lutz, 1970, Screenwriter
Liz Anderson, 1930, Country Singer
Lizzie Velasquez, 1989, Non-Fiction Author
Louise Dearman, 1979, Stage Actress
Luan Santana, 1991, World Music Singer
Luciano Ligabue, 1960, Rock Singer
Lucy Fry, 1992, TV Actress
Magico Gonzalez, 1958, Soccer Player
Mahmoud Darwish, 1941, Poet
Malcolm Fox, 1906, Race Car Driver
Malik Hammond, 1994, TV Actor
Manuel Pasqual, 1982, Soccer Player
Marcell Dareus, 1990, Football Player
Margaret Craven, 1901, Novelist
Mariand Castrejon, 1993, YouTube Star
Mariano Duncan, 1963, Baseball Player
Marion Foale, 1939, Fashion Designer
Mark Clattenburg, 1975, Referee
Marko Marin, 1989, Soccer Player
Matt Phillips, 1991, Soccer Player
Max Jenkins, 1985, TV Actor
MaxPlaysFIFA, 1994, YouTube Star
Michael Arrington, 1970, Entrepreneur
Michel Blavet, 1700, Composer
Mikaela Shiffrin, 1995, Skier
Mike Aviles, 1981, Baseball Player
Mike Stoller, 1933, Songwriter
Mohammed Abdel Wahab, 1902, Composer
Molly Stanton, 1980, Soap Opera Actress
Moses Hogan, 1957, Composer
Myrtle Bachelder, 1908, Scientist
Nathan Phillips, 1980, Movie Actor
Neil Sedaka, 1939, Pop Singer
Nick Bean, 1995, YouNow Star
Nick Raiano, 1992, Vine Star
Nicole Albino, 1984, Pop Singer
Nikki Giavasis, 1977, YouTube Star
Nimrat Kaur, 1982, TV Actress
Noel Fisher, 1984, Movie Actor
Olafur Olafsson, 1973, TV Actor
Oscar Nemon, 1906, Sculptor
Pancho Vladigerov, 1899, Composer
Paul Fix, 1901, Movie Actor
Paul Grice, 1913, Philosopher
Paul Stewart, 1908, Movie Actor
Peaches Geldof, 1989, Journalist
Percival Lowell, 1855, Scientist
Peter Ames Carlin, 1963, Journalist
Peter Breck, 1929, TV Actor
Pierre Niney, 1989, Movie Actor
Pyper America Smith, 1997, Instagram Star
Rachael Bella, 1984, Movie Actress
Rafe Tangorra, 1993, Drummer
Rashawn Copeland, 1987, Gospel Singer
Richard Blue Mitchell, 1930, Trumpet Player
Rick Carey, 1963, Swimmer
Ridley Pearson, 1953, Novelist
Rita Pereira, 1982, TV Actress
Robert S Woods, 1948, Soap Opera Actor
Robin Duke, 1954, TV Actress
Roy Haynes, 1925, Drummer
Ryan Good, 1984, Music Producer
Ryan Jones, 1981, Rugby Player
Ryan Lynch, 1987, Soccer Player
Saber Rebai, 1967, World Music Singer
Sammy Kaye, 1910, Composer
Sari Ibrahim Khoury, 1941, Painter
Sayuri Yoshinaga, 1945, Movie Actress
Scatman John, 1942, Pop Singer
Scott Maddox, 1968, Politician
Sergei Sidorsky, 1954, Politician
Shahid Khan, 1985, DJ
Shane Taylor, 1974, TV Actor
Sheila Simon, 1961, Politician
Sian Elias, 1949, Politician
Simone Shepherd, 1982, Vine Star
SirCutieYuki, 1996, YouTube Star
Stephen Grindlay, 1982, Soccer Player
Steve Bacic, 1965, TV Actor
Steve Craig, 1951, Football Player
Summer Bellessa, 1980, YouTube Star
Terence Blanchard, 1962, Trumpet Player
Theron Thomas, 1982, Songwriter
Tim Story, 1970, Director
Toccara Jones, 1981, Model
Tracy Wells, 1971, TV Actress
Trent Dilfer, 1972, Football Player
Trevor Gillmeister, 1964, Rugby Player
Tristan Thompson, 1991, Basketball Player
Tyler Ross, 1989, TV Actor
Tyrone Mings, 1993, Soccer Player
Vado, 1985, Rapper
Valerie Amos, 1954, Politician
Varun Gandhi, 1980, Politician
Walter Annenberg, 1908, Entrepreneur
Will Clark, 1964, Baseball Player
William Casey, 1913, Politician
William Glackens, 1870, Painter
William H Macy, 1950, Movie Actor
Yemi Alade, 1989, Pop Singer
YG Hootie, 1987, Rapper
Yonatan Netanyahu, 1946, War Hero
Yuuka Nanri, 1984, Pop Singer
Zangado, 1987, YouTube Star
Zella Day, 1995, Pop Singer


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