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March 12 Famous Birthdays

March 12 Famous Birthdays

Famous March 12 people are Pisces who are not afraid of much. They like living on the edge. Some people only exist but they put the L in Life. Those of you born on this day like the famous people born on 12 March are extremely talented communicators. They always know the right words to say and try to avoid confrontations.

On the other hand, those who share this famous March 12 birthday have a candid side that many find hurtful. But sometimes, it is necessary. Before becoming a parent, it is suggested that they take care of the past and any negative emotional childhood ties.


The lovers or prospective life partners of famous people born on March 12 should be able to challenge them and to complement them as well. The career choice should be one that will allow them to use their imagination and one that is fun.

When it comes to health, famous people born on March 12 should make time to exercise. This could mean playing a game of tennis or taking walks after dinner. It’s up to them but they need to take care.


Famous people born on March 12th are Pisces who love surprises and living life on the edge. The March 12 famous birthdays horoscope profile shows them to be playful and agreeable. They have many options as a career. Overall, they are successful individuals that any lover would be lucky to have.


March 12th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

12th March Good Traits:

  • Adventurer
  • Humorous
  • Creative
  • Mystical
  • Demonstrative
  • Agreeable

12th March Bad Traits:

  • Inhibited
  • Reticent
  • Unbalanced
  • Perplexed
  • Destructive

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March 12th Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Eckhart, 1968, Movie Actor
Adolph Ochs, 1858, Entrepreneur
Agathe Von Trapp, 1913, Pop Singer
AJ Rafael, 1989, YouTube Star
Al Jarreau, 1940, Jazz Singer
Alona Forsythe, 1986, Vine Star
Amparo Iturbi, 1898, Pianist
Andrea Brillantes, 2003, TV Actress
Andrew Joseph Lanza, 1964, Politician
Andrew Young, 1932, Politician
Anish Kapoor, 1954, Sculptor
Anna Clendening, 1993, Vine Star
Anne Hyde, 1637, Royalty
Anselmo Ralph, 1981, R&B Singer
Antonio McKee, 1970, MMA Fighter
ApoRed, 1994, YouTube Star
Arap Bethke, 1980, Soap Opera Actor
Arina Tanemura, 1978, Cartoonist
Arlene Alda, 1933, Children’s Author

Asher Levine, 1988, Fashion Designer
Atif Aslam, 1983, Pop Singer
Avery McCain, 1995, Instagram Star
Ayodele Awojobi, 1937, Activist
B Smyth, 1992, R&B Singer
Barbara Feldon, 1933, TV Actress
Barbara Tfank, 1977, Fashion Designer
Ben Kenney, 1977, Bassist
Ben Wilkinson, 1993, Family Member
Beth Liebling, 1967, Guitarist
Bradley Wright-Phillips, 1985, Soccer Player
Brent Johnson, 1977, Hockey Player
Brian Nicholson, 1985, Dancer
Brian West, 1971, Music Producer
Bridget Carpenter, 1975, Screenwriter
Cameron Molloy, 2001, Pop Singer
Camille Anderson, 1977, Movie Actress
Carl Hiaasen, 1953, Novelist
Carlos Blanco Galindo, 1882, Politician
Carlton Leach, 1959, Criminal
Caroline Daur, 1995, Blogger
Casey Mears, 1978, Race Car Driver
Catelynn Lowell, 1992, Reality Star
Cene Prevc, 1996, Skier
Charlie Bell, 1979, Basketball Player
Chioma Chukwuka, 1980, Movie Actress
Chris Sanders, 1962, Director
Chris Seitz, 1987, Soccer Player
Chris Stark, 1987, DJ
Christina Grimmie, 1994, Pop Singer
Christopher Ellis, 1982, Reggae Singer
Claudio Sanchez, 1978, Guitarist
Clay Honeycutt, 1992, Reality Star
Coleen Nolan, 1965, Pop Singer
Conner Dennis, 1998, YouNow Star
Courtney B. Vance, 1960, TV Actor
Dale Murphy, 1956, Baseball Player
Daniel Edward Cohen, 1936, Non-Fiction Author
Danny Jones, 1986, Guitarist
DarkRygen, 2002, YouTube Star
Darlene Vibares, 2004, Reality Star
Darryl Strawberry, 1962, Baseball Player
Dave Eggers, 1970, Novelist

David d’Angers, 1788, Sculptor
David Eggers, 1970, Memoirist
David Mellor, 1949, Politician
DeenisTJ, 2000, YouTube Star
Dennis Alexio, 1959, Boxer
Donny Lalonde, 1960, Boxer
Dont’a Hightower, 1990, Football Player
Drazen Ricl, 1962, Rock Singer
Ed Clancy, 1985, Cyclist
Eddie Ifft, 1974, Comedian
Eddie Sutton, 1936, Basketball Coach
Edmund North, 1911, Screenwriter
Edward Albee, 1928, Playwright
Elaine De Kooning, 1918, Painter
Elly Jackson, 1988, Pop Singer
Eric Stenbock, 1860, Poet
Eric Striffler, 1991, YouTube Star
Felix Kroos, 1991, Soccer Player
Frank Catalano, 1978, Saxophonist
Frank Howley, 1991, YouTube Star
Frank Welker, 1946, Movie Actor
Gareth Widdop, 1989, Rugby Player
George Ariyoshi, 1926, Politician
George Buckston, 1881, Cricket Player
George Negus, 1942, Journalist
Georges Delerue, 1925, Composer
Georges Marini, 1998, Family Member
Googie Withers, 1917, Movie Actress
Gordon MacRae, 1921, Movie Actor

Graham Coxon, 1969, Guitarist
Gustavo Diaz Ordaz, 1911, World Leader
Harry Harrison, 1925, Novelist
Herb Kelleher, 1931, Entrepreneur
Hjalmar Andersen, 1923, Speed Skater
Holly Williams, 1981, Country Singer
Hugh Lawson, 1935, Pianist
Ian Holloway, 1963, Soccer Coach
Inese Galante, 1954, Opera Singer
Irving Layton, 1912, Poet
Isaac Matongo, 1947, Politician
Isabella Beeton, 1836, Memoirist
Isaiah Rider, 1971, Basketball Player
Ivari Padar, 1965, Politician
Jack Kerouac, 1922, Novelist
Jaimie Alexander, 1984, Movie Actress
Jake Tapper, 1969, News Anchor
Jama Williamson, 1974, TV Actress
James Taylor, 1948, Folk Singer
Jamie Dwyer, 1979, Field Hockey Player
Jane Pierce, 1806, Political Wife
Jason Beghe, 1960, TV Actor
Jason Lively, 1968, Movie Actor
Javier Clemente, 1950, Soccer Player
Jerami Grant, 1994, Basketball Player
Jerome Edward Listecki, 1949, Religious Leader
Jerry Levine, 1957, Director
Jessica Hardy, 1987, Swimmer
Jessie Paege, 1999, YouTube Star
Jessy Dixon, 1938, Gospel Singer
Jim Sharman, 1945, Director
Jimmy Wynn, 1942, Baseball Player
Joaquim Cruz, 1963, Runner
John Abbott, 1821, Politician
John Andretti, 1963, Race Car Driver
John Clellon Holmes, 1926, Novelist
John-Paul Lavoisier, 1980, Soap Opera Actor
Johnny Callison, 1939, Baseball Player
Johnny Rutherford, 1938, Race Car Driver
Johnny Young, 1947, Composer
JoJoe, 1993, Vine Star
Jon Provost, 1950, TV Actor
Jordan Jansen, 1998, Pop Singer
Julia Campbell, 1962, Movie Actress
Julia Lennon, 1914, Family Member
Justin Wilcox, 1979, MMA Fighter
Karen Bradley, 1970, Politician
Kasha Davis, 1971, Reality Star
Katie Archibald, 1994, Cyclist
Katie Soellner, 1997, Star
Keeley Elise, 2000, YouNow Star
Kendall Applegate, 1999, TV Actress
Kent Conrad, 1948, Politician
Kenta Kobayashi, 1981, Wrestler
Kerrynton Jones, 1999, Dancer
Kim Ji-yeon, 1988, Fencer
Konstantinos Mitroglou, 1988, Soccer Player
Kyle Harrison, 1983, Lacrosse Player
Larry Murphy, 1972, Voice Actor
Leon Douglass, 1869, Entrepreneur
Les Shannon, 1926, Soccer Coach
Lesley Manville, 1956, Movie Actress
Lil Sipp, 2000, Rapper
Lili Bordan, 1982, Movie Actress
Liza Minnelli, 1946, Movie Actress
Luenell, 1959, Comedian
Luis Gerardo Mendez, 1982, TV Actor
Luke Nolen, 1980, Horse Jockey
Mackenzie Caquatto, 1992, Gymnast
Madeleine Shaw, 1990, Blogger
Mae Young, 1923, Wrestler
Malina Weissman, 2003, TV Actress
MangoSirene, 1992, YouTube Star
Marisol Gonzalez, 1983, Model
Mark Moseley, 1948, Football Player
Marlon Jackson, 1957, Pop Singer
Matt Goodenough, 1994, Pop Singer
Matt Millen, 1958, Football Player
Matt Webb, 1987, Guitarist
Max Wall, 1908, Comedian
Maxi Lim, 1987, Movie Actor
Meg Turney, 1987, YouTube Star
Michael Thorpe, 1944, Scientist
Michael Van London, 1977, Rock Singer
Mike Relm, 1978, DJ
Mikey Minden, 1985, Dancer
Mikko Koivu, 1983, Hockey Player
Minerva Mirabal, 1926, Activist

Mirta Wons, 1965, TV Actress
Mitt Romney, 1947, Politician
Moctesuma Esparza, 1949, Film Producer
Musa Cazim Catic, 1878, Poet
Naomi Shihab Nye, 1952, Poet
Naomi Shihab Nye, 1952, Poet
Neil Fachie, 1984, Cyclist
Nils Verkooijen, 1997, Movie Actor
Parker Coppins, 1995, YouTube Star
Passion Jonesz, 1992, YouTube Star
Paul Castro, 1975, Screenwriter
Paul Gerhardt, 1607, Composer
Paul Weston, 1912, Pianist
Pete Doherty, 1979, Rock Singer
Peter Waterfield, 1981, Swimmer
Petras Cvirka, 1909, Children’s Author
Philip Jones, 1928, Trumpet Player
Phillip Sheppard, 1958, Reality Star
Pietro Boselli, 1988, Instagram Star
Rad Martinez, 1978, MMA Fighter
Ramiro Corrales, 1977, Soccer Player
Randy Stonehill, 1952, Rock Singer
Raul Alfonsin, 1927, Politician
Raul Brandao, 1867, Journalist
Raul Mondesi, 1971, Baseball Player
Red Byron, 1915, Race Car Driver
Reno Rojas, 1999, Vine Star
Rex Walters, 1970, Basketball Coach
Rhonda Byrne, 1951, TV Producer
Rhys Coiro, 1979, TV Actor
Ricardo Gabriel Alvarez, 1988, Soccer Player
Rich Koz, 1952, TV Show Host
Richard Eckersley, 1989, Soccer Player
Rick Worthy, 1967, TV Actor
Rob Cohen, 1949, Director
Robert Sandifer, 1983, Criminal
Roger Lodge, 1960, Game Show Host
Ron Funches, 1983, Comedian
Ron Jeremy, 1953,
Roxy Shahidi, 1983, Soap Opera Actress
Roy Khan, 1970, Metal Singer
Ruth Ozeki, 1956, Novelist
Sabrina Man, 2000, Movie Actress
Samm Levine, 1982, TV Actor
Sammy Gravano, 1945, Criminal
Sandra Brown, 1948, Novelist
Savion Wright, 1992, Pop Singer
Scarlet Ortiz, 1974, Soap Opera Actress
Scott Nicholson, 1985, Dancer
Scotty Arh, 1994, YouTube Star
Sebastien De La Cruz, 2002, World Music Singer
Sergio Castro, 1941, Activist
Shareefa, 1984, R&B Singer
Shaun Rogers, 1979, Football Player
Shoukry Sarhan, 1925, Movie Actor
Shreya Ghoshal, 1984, World Music Singer
Sid Lucero, 1981, Movie Actor
Sonny Lubick, 1937, Football Coach
Steve Finley, 1965, Baseball Player
Steve Harris, 1956, Bassist
Steve Levy, 1965, Journalist
Steve Price, 1974, Rugby Player
Steven Dangle, 1988, YouTube Star
Steven Motlop, 1991, Australian Rules Footballer
Stewart Edward White, 1873, Novelist
Stromae, 1985, Rapper
Suad Nasr, 1953, Movie Actress
Susan Musgrave, 1951, Poet
Suzanne Lanza, 1965, Model
Takashi Shimura, 1905, Movie Actor
Tammy Duckworth, 1968, Politician
Tara Mounsey, 1978, Hockey Player
Taylor Johnson, 1998, Instagram Star
Taylor Knight, 1999, Dancer
Teimour Radjabov, 1987, Chess Player
Thione Seck, 1955, World Music Singer
Thomas Arne, 1710, Composer
Thomas Rhodes Rockwell, 1933, Young Adult Author
Titus Welliver, 1961, TV Actor
Tongai Moyo, 1968, World Music Singer
Tony Galento, 1910, Boxer
Tony Luke Jr., 1962, Chef
Tony Terry, 1964, R&B Singer
Troy Winbush, 1970, TV Actor
Tyler Clary, 1989, Swimmer
Tyler Ward, 1988, Pop Singer
Valerie Nicolas, 1975, Handball Player
Vanessa Pose, 1990, Soap Opera Actress
Victoria Cabello, 1975, TV Show Host
Virginia Hamilton, 1934, Children’s Author
Walid Badir, 1974, Soccer Player
Wally Schirra, 1923, Astronaut
Yuri Balashov, 1949, Chess Player
Zhao Wei, 1976, Movie Actress

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