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Make Your Wishes Come True: 6 Feng Shui Tips

6 Feng Shui Tips to Make Your Wishes Come True

You are embarking on or wishing for a new career, new family, or new chapter in your life. This wish is one you feel deep inside and one you cannot let go of. There must be something you can do to make your wishes come true besides thinking about it, right? In Feng Shui, ancient Chinese philosophy and tradition, the main focus is on energy or Qi balance. Here are a few tips on how to use Feng shui to make your wishes come true.


Most of the time that is about arranging your home or workspace to obtain maximum energy benefits, but there is more to Feng Shui than layout and design. That balance also extends to the physical and spiritual parts of your being. It is possible to coax something in your spirit (your deeply held wish) to manifest in the physical world using symbols rich in meaning. Here are just a few.


How to Manifest Your Wishes To Come True With Feng Shui?

#1. Wishing Jar

A wishing jar is a tool that allows you literally to bring your wishes out of the spiritual (your mind) world and into the physical world. This jar is meant for everyday desires rather than one deeply felt wish. The jar may be big or small, straightforward or highly decorated, displayed prominently, or hidden, so only you know about it. Every time you have a new wish, significant or trivial, take the time to write that wish down on a piece of paper, roll the paper, tie it with a ribbon, and place it in the jar.

It is helpful to use appropriate colors with each wish to take the time and effort. The ink, paper, and ribbons all play a part in strengthening the power of these wishes.


#2. Wishing Gem

Choose your wishing gem wisely. If you think about it, choosing your wishing gemstone is not unlike choosing the gems couples will wear in wedding sets; they hold significance and specific meaning for the twosome. The color and substance of your gem are just as crucial as your intentions.

Blue is the color of spiritual illumination and clarification. At the same time, red is the color of renown and success. Green stands for health, while pink is known to attract romantic love. Clear gemstones are said to bring luck with creativity and are relatively open to interpretation.

Some experts even advise keeping a small bowl of gems containing one color representing your desires. This is much like the wishing jar in that many little wishes may be addressed at once; however, others will tell you to focus on the primary want in your heart when it comes to a wishing gem. If you choose the latter, keep it on your person almost always.


#3. Wishing Tree

The main thing Feng Shui associates itself with is nature. Nature is the essence of everything sacred. There are five elements in Feng Shui: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. A tree, the ultimate symbol of the wood element, represents new life and new growth. Since a tree is a vast, living thing, it generates its positive energy and is an excellent entity to have around anyway.

What makes a wishing tree special is where it is planted and what you sow—every little detail matters. You mustn’t grow or place the tree just anywhere, however. Ensure it is in the south, southeast, or eastern corner of your property (or home, if indoors).

This part of the property is associated with abundance and wealth. Even if your wish has nothing to do with money, the concept of abundance is helpful regardless. In warmer climates (or indoors where it is climate-controlled), citrus fruit-bearing trees are an excellent idea.

In colder climates, trees such as peach, apple, or plum work just as well. The fruit of these trees symbolizes the materialization of your wish coming to life. Take special care of your tree; if it dies, that is a highly unlucky sign for obvious reasons!

#4. Wishing Envelopes

Some Feng Shui practitioners swear by a much more abstract option: the red envelope option. Buy yourself a red envelope. Red is a powerful color in Feng Shui. It signifies power and action. Please do not write on it or place two hollow pieces of bamboo inside it, then tie the envelope closed with green and black ribbon.

#5. Wishing Animals

Because nature has such an essential role in Feng Shui (and even before the practice in Chinese history), animals known to the Chinese were all given specific meanings. Some were unlucky, while others were fortunate indeed! Before buying random statues or pictures of animal scenes, knowing which ones will help you with your wishes is essential. This list is not in order of importance; please note. First, there is the bat. There is a history of superstition against bats in the West when, in reality, they are beneficial little animals.

#6. The word for happiness

Happiness is pronounced the same as the word for bat, so that should give you some idea of how they feel, those little flying wonders. It is considered good luck to have bats (specifically, the red bat) nearby, so if you feel adventurous, buy a bat house and place it near your home.

Not only will they attract good luck, but they will eat annoying, disease-carrying insects like mosquitoes! If you do not want the real thing, having representations is not as good, but they are still helpful. Second, there is the humble cow.

While keeping a cow around the house is less practical, it is reasonably easy to find representations of a cow, especially one sitting or standing on a foundation of coins. Coins are considered lucky for finances, and cows symbolize endurance and hard work, two things necessary for success.

Cows in Feng Shui to fulfill wishes for wealth and luck. Third, there is the humble rat or mongoose. Although quite different in real life, these animals are both considered to have similar effects regarding financial luck. Fourth, Chi Lin is for those wishing to have children or create happiness at home or work. Chi Lin is known as a Chinese unicorn, a mythical creature who is known to breathe out good luck.

What do these four wish animals have in common? They are reminders. Every time you look at these animals, they remind you of your wishes and that you are doing something about them. Whether keeping something as simple and small as a wishing jar or gem or planting something as big as a wishing tree, each option in this list gives you a slightly different approach when tackling your wishes and dreams.


The important thing is that you must do something to bring those wishes to fruition. Simply thinking about it will keep your wishes locked away in the spirit realm. Please bring them to life in the physical sphere, and watch your world change for the better!

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