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June 7 Famous Birthdays

June 7 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on June 7 are self-reliant Gemini. People say that they are determined and it’s hard to get them to change their mind sometimes. But they still are extremely thoughtful of others. This could be a problem for someone wanting all their time and attention.


As a lover and as a friend, the June 7 famous celebrities want a stable relationship. They are a breath of fresh air and people love to have their audaciousness. However, as a negative quality, they could mind their own business. They have good intentions but not everything is under their control.


However, famous people born on June 7 are strong in more ways than one. They are normally fit people but every once in a while, they will be bothered with a minor illness or two. In addition, they could change the way they eat. This will help their immune system to properly fight off those irritations and keep their mood balanced.

Famous people born on June 7th sure are “lucky” or at least that’s what their friends say. But instead, they make their own fortune. Having this quality, they are a tremendous help to others. They are a kind and generous soul mate but they have romantic ideas that could be too idealistic.


June 7th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

7 June Good Traits:

  • Resolute
  • Magnetic
  • Helpful
  • Kind
  • Generous
  • Bubbly
  • Inquisitive

7 June Bad Traits:

  • Pigheaded
  • Jealous
  • Unpredictable
  • Nosy
  • Adamant
  • Grumpy

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June 7 Famous Birthday Personalities

Abulfaz Elchibey, 1938, World Leader
Adam Buxton, 1969, Comedian
Adrienne Frantz, 1978, Soap Opera Actress
Alan Matheus, 2000, Pop Singer
Alessandro Camon, 1963, Screenwriter
Alex McGregor, 1993, Movie Actress
Alex X. Mooney, 1971, Politician
Alexandre Cunha, 1987, Model
Alexis Kaymor, 1996, YouTube Star
Alice Moore Hubbard, 1861, Novelist
Allen Iverson, 1975, Basketball Player
Allison Schmitt, 1990, Swimmer
Alois Hitler, 1837, Family Member
Alyssa Wallace, 1992, YouTube Star
Amanda Leighton, 1993, TV Actress
Amber Holt, 1985, Basketball Player
Amy Childs, 1990, Reality Star
Amy Nuttall, 1982, Soap Opera Actress
Amy Schmittauer, 1985, Blogger
Andrew Astor, 2000, TV Actor
Andrew Astor, 2000, TV Actor
Andrew Michelli, 1994, Drummer
Andrzej Pikul, 1954, Pianist
Anna Kournikova, 1981, Tennis Player
Anna Torv, 1978, TV Actress
Anne McClain, 1979, Astronaut
Anne Twomey, 1951, Movie Actress
Anne-Laure Viard, 1981, Canoer
Anthony Simcoe, 1969, TV Actor
Ari Koivunen, 1984, Metal Singer
Ashari Samsudin, 1985, Soccer Player
Audrey Kate Geiger, 1990, Jazz Singer

Austin Miller, 1976, TV Actor
Bear Grylls, 1974, Reality Star
Beth Reekles, 1995, Young Adult Author
Bill Hader, 1978, TV Actor
Bill Prady, 1960, TV Producer
Billy B, 1963, Makeup Artist
Bradford Washburn, 1910, Explorer
Brendan Coulter, 1982, Gaelic Football Player
Bryan West, 1948, Rugby Player
Cassidy Rae, 1976, TV Actress
Cazzie Russell, 1944, Basketball Player
Cedric Gervais, 1979, DJ
Cesar Miro, 1907, Poet
Cha Seung-won, 1970, Movie Actor
Charles Rennie Mackintosh, 1868, Architect
Charles Strouse, 1928, Composer
Charlie Simpson, 1985, Pop Singer
ChloesAmericanGirl, 2006, YouTube Star
Chris Wilson, 1977, MMA Fighter
Christian McCaffrey, 1996, Football Player
Clarence White, 1944, Guitarist
Claydee Lupa, 1985, World Music Singer
Coco Quinn, 2008, Dancer
Colleen Camp, 1953, TV Actress
Damaine Radcliff, 1983, Movie Actor
Damien Hirst, 1965, Painter
Dani Evans, 1985, Model
Daniel Kenny, 1985, Bassist
Danielle Mackey, 1988, YouTube Star
Dave Filoni, 1974, Cartoonist
Dave Navarro, 1967, Guitarist
Dave Raun, 1970, Drummer
David Diaz, 1976, Boxer
David Macklovitch, 1978, Pop Singer
David Toews, 1990, Hockey Player
Dean DeBlois, 1970, Director
Dean Martin, 1917, Pop Singer
Dean Sullivan, 1955, Soap Opera Actor
DIYlover, 1989, YouTube Star
DJ DX, 1985, Rapper
Dolores Gray, 1924, Stage Actress
Donovan Ricketts, 1977, Soccer Player
Dorothy Ruth, 1921, Family Member
Doug Ulman, 1977, Business Executive
Ekta Kapoor, 1975, Film Producer
Elanip, 1992, YouTube Star
Ellen Wroe, 1988, Movie Actress
Elsie Kelly, 1936, TV Actress
Emily Ratajkowski, 1991, Model
Eric Kretz, 1966, Drummer

Eric Kronberg, 1983, Soccer Player
Fetty Wap, 1991, Rapper
Flavia Alessandra, 1974, TV Actress
Frederick Hart, 1943, Sculptor
Gary Graham, 1950, TV Actor
Gaylord Wilshire, 1861, Entrepreneur
George Ezra, 1993, Folk Singer
Georges Marchais, 1920, Politician
Gia Carides, 1964, Movie Actress
Gillis Grafstrom, 1893, Figure Skater
Gordon Gano, 1963, Rock Singer
Gwendolyn Brooks, 1917, Poet
Harry Crews, 1935, Novelist
Helen Baxendale, 1970, TV Actress
Henkka Seppala, 1980, Bassist
Henri Coanda, 1886, Pilot
Herb Score, 1933, Baseball Player
Hirohiko Araki, 1960, Cartoonist
Howard Finkel, 1950, Sportscaster
Iggy Azalea, 1990, Rapper
Jace Peregord, 1998, Vine Star
Jack McCollough, 1977, Fashion Designer
Jade Johnson, 1980, Long Jumper
Jaime Laredo, 1941, Violinist

James Ivory, 1928, Director
James J Braddock, 1905, Boxer
James Young Simpson, 1811, Doctor
Jamie Skehan, 1988, Guitarist
Jan Theuninck, 1954, Painter
Jason Morrison, 1984, Soccer Player
Jason Probst, 1997, YouTube Star
Jazel Lim, 1993, Model
Jenny Jones, 1946, TV Show Host
Jennyfer Jewell, 1984, TV Actress
Jesse Ball, 1978, Poet
Jessica Tandy, 1909, Movie Actress
Jim Burt, 1959, Football Player
Joey Scarbury, 1955, Rock Singer
John Joe Nevin, 1989, Boxer
John Sweeney, 1958, Journalist
Johnny Clegg, 1953, Guitarist
Jon Balke, 1955, Pianist
Jordan Clarkson, 1992, Basketball Player
Jordan Fry, 1993, Movie Actor
Josh Clark, 1990, Vine Star
Juan Carlos Blum, 1994, Race Car Driver
Juan Luis Guerra, 1957, World Music Singer
Jun Marques Davidson, 1983, Soccer Player
Justin Adore, 1992, Star
Karl Urban, 1972, Movie Actor
Keegan Bradley, 1986, Golfer
Kelley Wentworth, 1985, Reality Star
Ken Osmond, 1943, TV Actor
Kim Rhodes, 1969, Soap Opera Actress
Knud Rasmussen, 1879, Explorer
Kurt Gidley, 1982, Rugby Player
Kyle Fowler, 1992, Race Car Driver
Kylie Smith, 1995, Model
Kym Whitley, 1961, TV Actress
LA Reid, 1956, Music Producer
Larisa Oleynik, 1981, TV Actress
Leigha Hancock, 1986, Movie Actress
Leopold Auer, 1845, Violinist
Lexi Rivera, 2001, Family Member
Liam Neeson, 1952, Movie Actor
Linnart Mall, 1938, Politician
Lionard Pajoy, 1981, Soccer Player
Lonan O’Herlihy, 1989, Reality Star
London Hughes, 1989, Comedian
LookingForLewys, 1999, YouTube Star
Louise Erdrich, 1954, Children’s Author
Luke Steyn, 1993, Skier
Mac Foster, 1942, Boxer
Mahesh Bhupathi, 1974, Tennis Player
Mark Lowe, 1983, Baseball Player
Mark Ravenhill, 1966, Playwright
Mark Ryan, 1956, Movie Actor
Mark Schultz, 1955, Cartoonist
Mark Steines, 1964, TV Show Host
Martin Carter, 1927, Poet
Marty Whelan, 1956, TV Show Host
Masika Kalysha, 1985, Reality Star
Matt Beleskey, 1988, Hockey Player
Matteo Leone, 1987, Bassist
Maximillion Cooper, 1972, Fashion Designer
Melissa Whitelaw, 1993, Instagram Star
Michael Cartellone, 1962, Drummer
Michael Cera, 1988, Movie Actor
Michael Laverty, 1981, Motorcycle Racer
Michelle Charlesworth, 1970, News Anchor
Mick Foley, 1965, Wrestler
Mike Modano, 1970, Hockey Player
Mike Pence, 1959, Politician
Milan Lucic, 1988, Hockey Player
Milly Zero, 1999, TV Actress
Mini Anden, 1978, Model
Morgan Flynn, 1994, Movie Actress
Mouse Myers, 1999, Rapper
Muammar Gaddafi, 1942, World Leader
MyGreekBurlesque, 1988, YouTube Star
Necro, 1976, Rapper
Neeme Jarvi, 1937, Conductor
Nikki Giovanni, 1943, Poet
Nikolas Caballero, 2002, TV Actor
Nisha Nayar, 1967, TV Actress
Nixxiom, 1992, YouTube Star
Nora Salinas, 1976, Soap Opera Actress
Olli Mustonen, 1967, Pianist
Orhan Pamuk, 1952, Novelist
Park Ji-yeon, 1993, Pop Singer
Parson James, 1991, Pop Singer
Paul Gauguin, 1848, Painter
Paulie Merciadez, 1990, Pop Singer
Philippe Entremont, 1934, Pianist
Poppy Drayton, 1991, TV Actress
Preston Campbell, 1977, Rugby Player
Prince, 1958, R&B Singer
Ragheb Alama, 1962, Pop Singer
Randy Turpin, 1928, Boxer
Red Grooms, 1937, Pop Artist
Reg Park, 1928, Bodybuilder
Robert Cullen, 1985, Soccer Player
Robert S. Mulliken, 1896, Scientist
Robert Tilton, 1946, Religious Leader
Robert Trebor, 1953, TV Actor
Ronald Pickup, 1940, TV Actor
Royce Campbell, 1952, Guitarist
Ryan Bader, 1983, MMA Fighter
Saara Chaudry, 2004, TV Actress
Sara Lee, 1992, Wrestler
Sara Niemietz, 1992, Pop Singer
Sarah Parish, 1968, TV Actress
Sarah Stephens, 1990, Model
Shawn Farquhar, 1962, Magician
Stephen Bywater, 1981, Soccer Player
Sunshine Anderson, 1974, R&B Singer
Superstar Billy Graham, 1943, Wrestler
Susie Feldman, 1982, Model
Swae Lee, 1995, Rapper
Taeler Hendrix, 1989, Wrestler
Tal Farlow, 1921, Guitarist
Tammy Cazares, 1998, Star
Thomas McCarthy, 1966, Director
Thurman Munson, 1947, Baseball Player
Tiare Claudette, 1994, Rapper
Tim Murray, 1968, Politician
Tim Richmond, 1955, Race Car Driver
Tina Brooks, 1932, Saxophonist
Tisha Merry, 1993, Soap Opera Actress
TJ Brodie, 1990, Hockey Player
Tom Jones, 1940, Pop Singer
Tom McCarthy, 1966, Director
Vaclav Hudeček, 1952, Violinist
Vanessa Mdee, 1988, Pop Singer
Virginia Apgar, 1909, Doctor
Virginia McKenna, 1931, Movie Actress
William Forsythe, 1955, Movie Actor
Willie Nile, 1948, Folk Singer
Willy Kalombo Mwenze, 1970, Runner
Wynn Stewart, 1934, Country Singer
Yasmin Torres, 1992, YouTube Star


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