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June 26 Famous Birthdays

June 26 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on JUNE 26 can be persistent, insightful and spontaneous. As a Cancer, they are sympathetic when attending to the needs of others. It’s not unusual for them put others first. This is only natural for them because they tend to like taking care of other people. For this reason, they just might be an excellent caregiver or parent.

But at the same time, famous June 26 celebrities can be self-centered, stingy and devious. Sometimes we cover our true feelings because we don’t like to be turned down or excluded. There are times when they don’t feel like dealing with the world and just want to be by themselves.


Famous people born on June 26 have a tendency of being dependent on their lover for security and this could not be the healthiest of behaviors. They should be aware of the difference between a physical hunger and love. They can’t make someone love them, so they should learn how to deal with the negative aspects of life as effectively as possible.


Famous people born on June 26th can be a selfish, possessive and manipulative Cancer. They try hard to cover weaknesses. Nor are they usually the one to break the ice when it comes to romance. They have a cool attitude and they enjoy a challenge.


June 26th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

26 June Good Traits:

  • Tenacious
  • Shrewd
  • Intuitive
  • Cooperative
  • Responsible
  • Organized
  • Disciplined

26 June Bad Traits:

  • Crabby
  • Cranky
  • Complaining
  • Selfish
  • Jealous
  • Confused

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June 26 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Jackson, 1973, TV Actor
Abi Ann, 1997, Country Singer
Abner Doubleday, 1819, War Hero
Adrian Gurvitz, 1949, Rock Singer
Adrianna Costa, 1981, TV Show Host
Agrippina Vaganova, 1879, Dancer
Aijia Grammer, 1986, Family Member
Aime Ferdinand David Cesaire, 1913, Poet
Alaric Tay, 1979, TV Actor
Albert Tyler, 1906, Scientist
Alex Dezen, 1978, Rock Singer
Alex Dreier, 1916, News Anchor
Alizee Poulicek, 1987, Model
Allison C. Brooks, 1917, War Hero
Alonzo Herndon, 1858, Entrepreneur
Amanda Cerny, 1991, Vine Star
Amanda Du-Pont, 1988, TV Actress
Andre Gray, 1991, Soccer Player
Andrew Lowe, 1997, YouTube Star
Angelina Pivarnick, 1986, Reality Star
Annabel Jones, 1988, Rock Singer
Antonia Brico, 1902, Composer
Ariana Grande, 1993, Pop Singer
Arjun Kapoor, 1985, Movie Actor
Aruna Roy, 1946, Civil Rights Leader
Aubrey Plaza, 1984, TV Actress
Babe Didrikson Zaharias, 1911, Golfer

Barbara Graham, 1923, Criminal
Big Bill Broonzy, 1893, Guitarist
Bill Cunliffe, 1956, Pianist
Bill Lear, 1902, Entrepreneur
Billy Davis Jr., 1938, Soul Singer
Bizzy Boo, 1988, Rapper
Branwell Bronte, 1817, Painter
Brendon Whatley, 1997, YouTube Star
Brittney Karbowski, 1986, Voice Actor
Carlo Boszhard, 1969, TV Show Host
Carmen Finestra, 1947, Screenwriter
Cassie Hollister, 1997, Instagram Star
Chad Pennington, 1976, Football Player
Chali 2na, 1971, Rapper
Chesty Puller, 1898, War Hero
Chiquis, 1985, World Music Singer
Chris Butterfield, 1974, Football Player
Chris Isaak, 1956, Rock Singer
Chris Mazdzer, 1988, Luger
Chris O’Donnell, 1970, Movie Actor
Chris Shelton, 1980, Baseball Player
Christina Fulton, 1967, Movie Actress
Chuck Robb, 1939, Politician
Claira Hermet, 1987, YouTube Star
Clarence Profit, 1912, Pianist
Claudio Abbado, 1933, Conductor
Clive Francis, 1946, TV Actor
Cody McLeod, 1984, Hockey Player
Craig Flournoy, 1951, Journalist
Curtis Ward, 1986, Guitarist
Dany Boon, 1966, Comedian
Dave Grusin, 1934, Composer
Dave Rubin, 1976, Comedian
Derek Jeter, 1974, Baseball Player
june-26-famous-birthdaysDeron Williams, 1984, Basketball Player
Dick Smith, 1922, Makeup Artist
DizzyBrunette3, 1991, YouTube Star
Donald M. Ashton, 1919, Director
Dr. Ranjit Singh, 1979, Doctor
Drew Monson, 1995, YouTube Star
Dustin Dollin, 1980, Skateboarder
Dustin Martin, 1991, Australian Rules Footballer
Duvier Riascos, 1986, Soccer Player
Ed Jovanovski, 1976, Hockey Player
Ed Lopez, 1974, Politician
Eddie Wineland, 1984, MMA Fighter
Eleanor Parker, 1922, Movie Actress
Emma Miller, 1839, Civil Rights Leader
Emma Noble, 1971, Model
Eric Nelsen, 1991, TV Actor
Fahad Mustafa, 1983, TV Actor
Fat Trel, 1990, Rapper
Felipe Melo, 1983, Soccer Player
Flynn McHugh, 2000, Movie Actor
Francis Magee, 1959, TV Actor
Freddie Mills, 1919, Boxer
Gabrielle Walcott, 1984, Model
Garou, 1972, Pop Singer

Gedde Watanabe, 1955, Movie Actor
George Hainsworth, 1895, Hockey Player
George Skinner, 1917, Soccer Player
George Windsor, 1962, Royalty
Gilberto Gil, 1942, World Music Singer
Gladys Hasty Carrol, 1904, Novelist
Glen Stewart Godwin, 1956, Criminal
Greg LeMond, 1961, Cyclist
Greg Saniatan, 1987, Dancer
Gregory Finnegan, 1980, Soap Opera Actor
Gretchen Wilson, 1973, Country Singer
Hal Greer, 1936, Basketball Player
Harley Quinn Smith, 1999, Movie Actress
Harriet Wheeler, 1963, Rock Singer
Ian Fimple, 1998, YouTube Star
Iman Shumpert, 1990, Basketball Player
Indila, 1984, R&B Singer
Irv Gotti, 1970, Music Producer
Isaiah Rose, 1843, Politician
Isiah Hadley, 1996, YouTube Star
Jace Amaro, 1992, Football Player
Jackie Fargo, 1930, Wrestler
Jacob Druckman, 1928, Composer
Jai Taurima, 1972, Long Jumper
Jake Gleeson, 1990, Soccer Player

James Lowery, 1973, Rapper
Janus Friis, 1976, Entrepreneur
Jason Kendall, 1974, Baseball Player
Jason Puncheon, 1986, Soccer Player
Jason Schwartzman, 1980, Movie Actor
Jeanne Eagels, 1890, Movie Actress
Jeff Frankenstein, 1974, Bassist
Jennette McCurdy, 1992, TV Actress
Jerome Kersey, 1962, Basketball Player
JJ Barea, 1984, Basketball Player
Joel Campbell, 1992, Soccer Player
Joey Baron, 1965, Drummer
John Beasley, 1943, TV Actor
John Mark Loudermilk, 1991, TV Actor
John Tunney, 1934, Politician
Jonah Kirsten Sorrentino, 1975, Rapper
Jordan Fish, 1986, Pianist
Jorge Goeters, 1970, Race Car Driver
Jorge Poza, 1977, Soap Opera Actor
Josh Charnley, 1991, Rugby Player
Josh Rimer, 1977, YouTube Star
Julia Benson, 1979, TV Actress
Jussi Sydanmaa, 1972, Guitarist
Kamila Hansen, 1992, Model
Kate Squillace, 1986, Reality Star
Katelyn Ashley, 1996, Vine Star
Kellie Cockrell, 1988, Movie Actress
Kerr Grant, 1878, Scientist
Kevin Lepage, 1962, Race Car Driver
King Bach, 1988, Vine Star
Kyle Jacobs, 1973, Songwriter
Lance Loud, 1951, Journalist
Lee Cox, 1990, Soccer Player
Leo Rossi, 1946, Movie Actor
Leonid Hambro, 1920, Pianist
Leopold Kozeluch, 1747, Composer
Lettice Rowbotham, 1989, Violinist
Luis Valdez, 1940, Director
Mallory Moye, 1987, TV Actress
Marguerite Pindling, 1932, Politician
Mark McKinney, 1959, Comedian
Mark Robert Jindrak, 1977, Wrestler
Marvin Minoff, 1931, Film Producer
Mary Styles Harris, 1949, Scientist
Matheus Chequer, 1997, TV Actor
Mathias Eick, 1979, Trumpet Player
Matt Letscher, 1970, TV Actor
Matt Smith, 1996, Cheerleader
Matt Striker, 1974, Wrestler
Melanie Amaro, 1992, Pop Singer
Melissa Jimenez, 1987, Pop Singer
Michael Braxton, 1947, Reality Star
Michael Vick, 1980, Football Player
Mick Jones, 1955, Guitarist
Moeenuddin Ahmad Qureshi, 1930, Politician
Molly Gibbons, 1996, Cheerleader
Morgan Mason, 1955, Politician
Mr Hudson, 1979, Music Producer
Nancy Walters, 1933, Movie Actress
Nathan Followill, 1979, Drummer
Neil Abercrombie, 1938, Politician
Nick Compton, 1983, Cricket Player
Nick Offerman, 1970, TV Actor
Nicole Arbour, 1985, Comedian
Nicole Saba, 1974, Pop Singer
Ollie McKendrick-Ness, 1994, Vine Star
Oscar C. Badger, 1890, War Hero
Pamela Bellwood, 1951, TV Actress
Paolo Cannavaro, 1981, Soccer Player
Paolo Maldini, 1968, Soccer Player
Parry Shen, 1973, Movie Actor
Patty Smyth, 1957, Rock Singer
Paul Castellano, 1915, Criminal
Pavel Belyayev, 1925, Astronaut
Pearl S. Buck, 1892, Novelist
Peter Lorre, 1904, Movie Actor
Petya Koleva Ivanova, 1984, Pop Singer
Philippe Couillard, 1957, Politician
Philippe Streiff, 1955, Race Car Driver
Pokey LaFarge, 1983, Folk Singer
Princess Alexia of the Netherlands, 2005, Royalty
PT Anderson, 1970, Director
Ralph Endersby, 1950, TV Actor
Raymond Felton, 1984, Basketball Player
Rebecca Budig, 1973, Soap Opera Actress
Reggie Workman, 1937, Bassist
Remy LaCroix, 1988,
Richard Bull, 1924, TV Actor
Richard Garfield, 1963, Game Designer
Robert Borden, 1854, Politician
Robert Davi, 1953, Movie Actor
Roger Voisin, 1918, Trumpet Player
Roy J. Plunkett, 1910, Scientist
Rudy Gobert, 1992, Basketball Player
Ryan Abe, 1990, YouTube Star
Ryan Tedder, 1979, Pop Singer
Salvador Allende, 1908, Politician
Samir Nasri, 1987, Soccer Player
Sarah Schoenbeck, 1994, TV Actress
Saundra Quarterman, 1968, TV Actress
Sean Hayes, 1970, TV Actor
ShadyPenguinn, 1991, YouTube Star
Shannon Sharpe, 1968, Football Player
Sid Kaan, 1986, YouTube Star
Sidney Howard, 1891, Screenwriter
Signmark, 1978, Rapper
Sombat Metanee, 1937, Movie Actor
Steve Barton, 1954, Stage Actor
Steve Grissom, 1963, Race Car Driver
Suresh Gopi, 1959, Movie Actor
Thomas W. Miller, 1886, Politician
Tite Kubo, 1977, Illustrator
Todd Pletcher, 1967,
Tolga Safer, 1982, Movie Actor
Travis Fine, 1968, Movie Actor
Tuki Brando, 1990, Model
Walt Windham, 1987, Reality Star
Wande Abimbola, 1932, Politician
William Pailes, 1952, Astronaut
Wolfgang Reitherman, 1909, Cartoonist
Wolfgang Unzicker, 1925, Chess Player
Zhao Zong-Yuan, 1986, Chess Player


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