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June 25 Famous Birthdays

June 25 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on JUNE 25 know that their zodiac sign is Cancer. They are people who are respected among their peer group although they like being alone. It’s hard to fool them as they have great intuition.

Additionally, the famous June 25 celebrities have learned many things by just watching other people make mistakes and through their accomplishments. When they talk, everybody listens. Typically, they solve some heavy problems for others and this could actually be their calling. They tend to take note of the little things. They can be guilty of making compromises to make others happy.


As a lover, famous people born on June 25 spoil their partner with unexpected gifts – large and small. When it comes to work or a job, they may not find their niche until later in life. But they look for gratification rather than pay. When it comes to their health, it’s their attitude that makes all the difference in the world. However, they need to spend more time and money on what makes them happy instead of fueling other people’s needs.


Famous people born on June 25 have an insightful nature. They can be an observant learner. With an inquisitive nature, these famous Cancer have a tendency to be analytical thinkers. When it comes to personal relationship, they tend to be more giving and understanding than most.


June 25th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

25 June Good Traits:

  • Discerning
  • Observant
  • Remarkable
  • Analytical
  • Impeccable

25 June Bad Traits:

  • Impulsive
  • Frivolous
  • Wastrel
  • Annoying
  • Mocking

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June 25 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Berry, 1988, Football Player
Aaron Duncan, 2003, Pop Singer
Aaron Sele, 1970, Baseball Player
Abby Chapman, 2003, TV Actress
Adam Elmakias, 1989, Photographer
Adam Monastero, 1993, YouTube Star
Aftab Shivdasani, 1978, Movie Actor
Alan Green, 1952, Sportscaster
Albert Costa, 1975, Tennis Player
Alessia Mancini, 1978, TV Show Host
Alex Marie Drummond, 1997, Family Member
Alice Frey, 1895, Painter
Alissa Czisny, 1987, Figure Skater
Alix Coburn, 1992, YouTube Star
Alja Kamillion, 1988, Rapper
Allen Fox, 1939, Tennis Player
Allen Lanier, 1946, Rock Singer
Allysha Bergado, 1996, Skateboarder
Alvaro Siza, 1933, Architect
Andi Eigenmann, 1990, TV Actress
Andre Fili, 1990, MMA Fighter
Andres Forero, 1971, TV Actor
Angela Kinsey, 1971, TV Actress
Annaleigh Ashford, 1985, Stage Actress
Anne Revere, 1903, Movie Actress
Anthony Allen Shore, 1962, Criminal
Anthony Barber, 1994, Basketball Player
Anthony Bourdain, 1956, Chef
Antoni Gaudi, 1852, Architect
Aramis Ramirez, 1978, Baseball Player

Arthur Chapman, 1873, Poet
Ashley Nell Tipton, 1991, Fashion Designer
Austin Hargrave, 1990, YouTube Star
Aya Matsuura, 1986, Pop Singer
Bailey Shea, 2009, Reality Star
Barbara Montgomery, 1939, TV Actress
Blaine Saunders, 1993, TV Actress
Bob West, 1956, Voice Actor
Bobby Gill, 1959, Race Car Driver
Bonang Matheba, 1987, TV Show Host
Boris Trajkovski, 1956, Politician
Bradley Fletcher, 1986, Football Player
Brandi Burkhardt, 1979, Stage Actress
Busy Philipps, 1979, TV Actress
Callum Davidson, 1976, Soccer Player
Carlos Delgado, 1972, Baseball Player
Carly Simon, 1945, Pop Singer
Carol Loomis, 1929, Journalist
Cecile Cassel, 1982, Movie Actress
Chakrit Yamnam, 1978, Movie Actor
Charles Rhodes, 1985, Basketball Player
Charlie Davies, 1986, Soccer Player
Chenoa, 1975, Pop Singer
Chloe Bartoli, 1990,
Chloe Norgaard, 1991, Model
Chris Brochu, 1989, TV Actor
Chrissa Sparkles, 1990, YouTube Star
Christa Theret, 1991, Movie Actress
Christina Caradona, 1988, Blogger
CJ Leslie, 1991, Basketball Player
CohhCarnage, 1984, Twitch Star
june-25-famous-birthdaysCraig Johnston, 1960, Rugby Player
Cyril Fletcher, 1913, Comedian
Daniel Bard, 1985, Baseball Player
Daniel Fuchs, 1909, Novelist
Darren King, 1982, Drummer
Daryush Shokof, 1954, Director
David Larson, 1959, Swimmer
David Paich, 1954, Composer
David Pajo, 1968, Guitarist
Dell Curry, 1964, Basketball Player
Denys Arcand, 1941, Director
Destin Conrad, 2000, Vine Star
Devin Devasquez, 1963, Model
Dikembe Mutombo, 1966, Basketball Player
DJ Chuckie, 1978, DJ
DJ Exel, 1986, DJ
Dner, 1994, YouTube Star
Doug Gilmour, 1963, Hockey Player
Dylan Heckert, 1995, YouNow Star
Edgar Morais, 1989, Movie Actor
Egor Kreed, 1994, Rapper
Ehra Madrigal, 1985, TV Actress
Elisha Herbert, 1999, Instagram Star
Emma Suarez, 1964, Movie Actress
Enrique Martinez, 1887, Politician
Eric Carle, 1929, Children’s Author

Erica Gimpel, 1964, TV Actress
Erika Moen, 1983, Cartoonist
Ernest Dickerson, 1951, Director
Eve Gordon, 1960, Movie Actress
Fares Karam, 1973, World Music Singer
Fernanda Lima, 1977, TV Show Host
Flippin Katie, 2004, YouTube Star
Gabe Tamariz, 1997, Rapper
Gary Goldberg, 1944, Screenwriter
George Abbott, 1887, Director
George Michael, 1963, Pop Singer
George Orwell, 1903, Novelist
Georgi Partsalev, 1925, Movie Actor
Gigi Becali, 1958, Politician
Gonzalo Goette, 1995, YouTube Star
Greg Raymer, 1964,
Gunilla Bielke, 1568, Royalty
Habib Al-Habib, 1979, TV Actor
Hannah Tolentino, 1997, YouTube Star
Hans Muller, 1884, Politician
Harry Seidler, 1923, Architect
Hedieh Tehrani, 1972, Movie Actress
Henry Arnold, 1886, War Hero
Hirooki Goto, 1979, Wrestler
Hunter Foster, 1969, Stage Actor
Inma Cuesta, 1980, TV Actress

Jack Brinkman, 2000, YouTube Star
Jack Cork, 1989, Soccer Player
Jack Hayford, 1934, Religious Leader
Jacopo Malnati, 1990, YouTube Star
Jacquie Lee, 1997, Pop Singer
Jaden Schwartz, 1992, Hockey Player
James Francis McIntyre, 1886, Religious Leader
James Howard Meredith, 1933, Civil Rights Leader
Jamie Genevieve, 1993, YouTube Star
Jamie Redknapp, 1973, Soccer Player
Jarod Thompson, 1985, TV Actor
Jason Gallian, 1971, Cricket Player
Jason Lewis, 1971, TV Actor
Jeff Cohen, 1974, Movie Actor
Jeff Nimoy, 1966, Voice Actor
Jermaine Johnson, 1980, Soccer Player
Jessie Lynn Rabideau, 1988, Model
Jhonas Enroth, 1988, Hockey Player
Jillian Loyden, 1985, Soccer Player
Jimmie Walker, 1947, TV Actor
Joao Carlos Martins, 1940, Pianist
Jody McBrayer, 1970, Pop Singer
Joe Brolly, 1969, Gaelic Football Player
Joe Kuhel, 1906, Baseball Player
Joey Alexander, 2003, Pianist
John Benjamin Hickey, 1963, Movie Actor
John Henry Niemeyer, 1839, Painter
John McCrea, 1964, Rock Singer
John Rollins, 1975, Golfer
Johnny Carpenter, 1914, Screenwriter
Johnny Herbert, 1964, Race Car Driver
Johnny Smith, 1922, Guitarist
Josh Braaten, 1977, TV Actor
Josh James, 1973, Entrepreneur
Joshua Price, 2002, Dancer
Julia Clancey, 1959, Fashion Designer
June Lockhart, 1925, TV Actress
KalaSketch, 1988, Illustrator
Karisma Kapoor, 1974, Movie Actress
Kayla Brackett, 1992, Reality Star
Kayla McBride, 1992, Basketball Player
Kayleigh Pearson, 1985, Model
Kellie Stewart, 1997, Model
Kelly Collins Lintz, 1970, Movie Actress
Ken Hodge, 1944, Hockey Player
Ken Sekine, 1977, YouTube Star
Kene Holliday, 1949, TV Actor
Kent Austin, 1963, Football Coach
Kevin White, 1992, Football Player
Killian Donnelly, 1984, Stage Actor
Kim Saigh, 1973, Reality Star
Kristin Nelson, 1945, TV Actress
Kyah Simon, 1991, Soccer Player
La La Anthony, 1983, DJ
Labi Siffre, 1945, Poet
Larry Kramer, 1935, Screenwriter
Laure, 1989, YouTube Star
Lauren Bush Lauren, 1984, Model
Lauren Faust, 1974, Animator
Lauren Reynolds, 1991, BMX Rider
Layla El, 1977, Wrestler
Lee Mazin, 1991, Rapper
Lee Wilkof, 1951, TV Actor
Lele Pons, 1996, Vine Star
Lex McAllister, 1984, Reality Star
Lilly Becker, 1976, Model
Linda Cardellini, 1975, TV Actress
Lola Ponce, 1979, Pop Singer
Lu Chen, 1976, Magician
Lucy Benjamin, 1970, TV Actress
Luke Monastero, 1993, YouTube Star
Luke Scott, 1978, Baseball Player
Lukman Alade Fakeye, 1983, Sculptor
Madison Joseph, 1994, Family Member
Madison Shipman, 1992, Softball Player
Maja Latinovic, 1980, Model
Marc Goone, 2000, Rapper
Marc Janko, 1983, Soccer Player
Mario Easton, 1997, YouTube Star
Marshall Traver, 1994, Rock Singer
Marybeth Peil, 1940, Stage Actress
Mason Vale Cotton, 2002, TV Actor
Matt Gallant, 1964, TV Show Host
Matt Hodgson, 1981, Rugby Player
Matt Schaub, 1981, Football Player
Matthew Axelson, 1976, War Hero
Matthew Denton, 1983, YouTube Star
Mauricio Umansky, 1970, Family Member
McKenna Grace, 2006, TV Actress
Megan Burns, 1986, Pop Singer
Michael Anmar, 1956, Magician
Michael Lembeck, 1948, Director
Miguel Layun, 1988, Soccer Player
Mike Kroeger, 1972, Bassist
Mike McShane, 1955, TV Actor
Mike Stoker, 1941, TV Actor
Mikhail Mikhailovich Youzhny, 1982, Tennis Player
Milton Shapp, 1912, Politician
Naoya Tsukahara, 1977, Gymnast
Natasha Klauss, 1975, Soap Opera Actress
Nate Walka, 1986, Songwriter
Neil Lennon, 1971, Soccer Player
Nicholas Jarecki, 1979, Screenwriter
Nico Segal, 1993, Trumpet Player
Nicolas Arrieta, 1993, YouNow Star
Norm Sloan, 1926, Basketball Player
Ozan Marsh, 1920, Pianist
Paris Themmen, 1959, Stage Actor
Peggy Scott-Adams, 1948, R&B Singer
Peter Blake, 1932, Pop Artist
Peter Erdo, 1952, Religious Leader
Peter Lind Hayes, 1915, TV Show Host
Peter Wishart, 1921, Composer
Petre Mito Andreevski, 1934, Poet
Peyo, 1928, Cartoonist
Phil Jupitus, 1962, Comedian
Phyllis George, 1949, Sportscaster
Pontus Wernbloom, 1986, Soccer Player
Pooja Umashankar, 1981, Movie Actress
Rain, 1982, Pop Singer
Renee Herbert, 1999, Instagram Star
Ricardo Iorio, 1962, Metal Singer
Ricky Gervais, 1961, Comedian
Rob Marciano, 1968, TV Show Host
Robert Six, 1907, Entrepreneur
Robert Venturi, 1925, Architect
Rod Kafer, 1971, Rugby Player
Rodney Toole, 1981, Rapper
Ron Lundy, 1934, Radio Host
Roope Latvala, 1970, Guitarist
Rose O’Neill, 1874, Illustrator
Roy Marsden, 1941, TV Actor
Saif Al-islam Gaddafi, 1972, Politician
Sam Francis, 1923, Painter
Satish Shah, 1947, TV Actor
Savannah Vinsant, 1993, Gymnast
Scott Brown, 1985, Soccer Player
Scott Maslen, 1971, Soap Opera Actor
Scott Terra, 1987, Movie Actor
Scru Face Jean, 1991, Rapper
Shane Sparks, 1969, Dancer
Shannon Lucio, 1980, TV Actress
Sheridan Smith, 1981, TV Actress
Sidney Lumet, 1924, Director
Simon Ammann, 1981, Skier
Simone Zaza, 1991, Soccer Player
Sonia Sotomayor, 1954, Supreme Court Justice
Stan Longinidis, 1965, Boxer
Sucheta Kriplani, 1908, Civil Rights Leader
Sunetra Sarker, 1973, TV Actress
Super Cat, 1963, DJ
Susan Storm Large, 1969, Rock Singer
Tate Chapman, 2003, TV Actress
Tatyana Averina, 1950, Speed Skater
Therese Johaug, 1988, Skier
Tim Finn, 1952, Rock Singer
Tim Malchak, 1957, Country Singer
Tim Schmoyer, 1980, YouTube Star
Timur Bekmambetov, 1961, Director
Tom Maxwell, 1968, Guitarist
Tom Misch, 1995, Music Producer
Tony Puletua, 1979, Rugby Player
Tre Boston, 1992, Football Player
Vatroslav Mimica, 1923, Director
Vernon Crawford, 1974, Football Player
Victor Wanyama, 1991, Soccer Player
Vladimir Kramnik, 1975, Chess Player
Walther Nernst, 1864, Scientist
Willard Van Orman Quine, 1908, Philosopher
Willis Reed, 1942, Basketball Player
Xantia Jamieson, 1993, Instagram Star
Yann Martel, 1963, Novelist


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