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June 24 Famous Birthdays

June 24 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on JUNE 24 can be described as a personality who loves being at home. As a Cancer, they value security and their home provides that and more. They typically don’t like anything which is not consistent. However, their love life is ever changing. To say the least, there is never a dull moment.

Family is a big thing for the famous people born on June 24. Even with their faults, they try to stay close to those who show them love. They want a relationship with their family and with their soul mate to be ideal. So they keep in touch with those near and far. It may not be easy for them to share their true feelings with others though.


When it comes to work, famous people born on June 24 want to be able to do a lot of things. They don’t like idle time and prefer a career that will provide them with enough money to care for their family. And of course, that does not restrict them.


Famous people born on June 24th do not like change. Nevertheless, they can be curious individuals who are  intelligent and artistic. Mostly, they possess an ambitious nature that focuses on winning. However, these famous Cancer may go over their budget.


June 24th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

24 June Good Traits:

  • Charming
  • Quiet
  • Curious
  • Clever
  • Sensitive
  • Loyal
  • Balanced

24 June Bad Traits:

  • Severe
  • Harsh
  • Unstable
  • Nervous
  • Indulgent

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June 24 Famous Birthday Personalities

Adam Pearce, 1978, Wrestler
Adrienne Shelly, 1966, Movie Actress
Al Molinaro, 1919, TV Actor
Alexis Gauthier, 1973, Chef
Ambrose Bierce, 1842, Novelist
Amir Talai, 1977, Voice Actor
Andrew J. May, 1875, Politician
Andy McCluskey, 1959, Pop Singer
Anita Desai, 1937, Novelist
Antoine Winfield, 1977, Football Player
Arberi Ferraj, 1993, Vine Star
Ariana Madix, 1985, TV Actress
Ariel Pink, 1978, Rock Singer
Armando Calderon Sol, 1948, Politician
Astro, 1957, Rapper
Avery Walter Vernon, 1997, Vine Star
Bashirul Haq, 1938, Architect
Bernardo Sassetti, 1970, Pianist
Bernie Nicholls, 1961, Hockey Player
Betsy Randle, 1955, TV Actress
Betty Jackson, 1949, Fashion Designer
Billy Casper, 1931, Golfer
Boris Lagutin, 1938, Boxer
Bowlegged Lou, 1961, Movie Actor
Brad Wardell, 1971, Entrepreneur
Brandon Saller, 1983, Drummer
Brian Bevan, 1924, Rugby Player
Brittney Palmer, 1987, Model
Burak Sahin, 1996, YouTube Star
Candice Patton, 1988, TV Actress
Carla Gallo, 1975, Movie Actress
Cassie Ramoska, 1982, TV Actress
Charles Coghlan, 1863, Politician
Charles Venn, 1973, TV Actor

Chris Knight, 1960, Country Singer
Chris Napster, 1992, Radio Host
Chris Wood, 1944, Rock Singer
Christian Day, 1983, Rugby Player
Christie Rampone, 1975, Soccer Player
Christopher Showerman, 1971, Movie Actor
Chuck Taylor, 1901, Entrepreneur
Claude Chabrol, 1930, Director
Claudia Feliciano, 1987, Rapper
Clay Helton, 1972, Football Coach
Clint Houston, 1936, Bassist
Colin Blunstone, 1945, Rock Singer
Collen Warner, 1988, Soccer Player
Courtney Paul, 1979, Reality Star
Coy Stewart, 1998, TV Actor
Curt Mega, 1988, TV Actor
Curt Smith, 1961, Pop Singer
Dan Browne, 1974, Runner
Dan Gilroy, 1959, Screenwriter
David Abram, 1957, Philosopher
David Alaba, 1992, Soccer Player
David May, 1970, Soccer Player
Dennis Storm, 1985, TV Show Host
Dexter Darden, 1991, Movie Actor
Dick Donato, 1963, Reality Star
Diego Alves, 1985, Soccer Player
Dimos Dikoudis, 1977, Basketball Player
DJ Ravine, 1988, DJ
Dominic Iorfa, 1995, Soccer Player
june-24-famous-birthdaysDominique Tipper, 1988, Movie Actress
Domo Wilson, 1994, YouTube Star
Don Mincher, 1938, Baseball Player
Doug Bernier, 1980, Baseball Player
Dylan Espinosa, 1996, Family Member
Edward Allington, 1951, Sculptor
Elijah Johnson, 1998, Pop Singer
Ellison Onizuka, 1946, Astronaut
Elysandra Quiñones, 1990, Dancer
Emilia Komarnicka, 1985, TV Actress
Emppu Vuorinen, 1978, Guitarist
Erin Moriarty, 1994, TV Actress
Ethan Klein, 1985, YouTube Star
Freddie Brown, 1986, Football Player
Fritz Auer, 1933, Architect
Gary Suter, 1964, Hockey Player
Gautam Adani, 1962, Entrepreneur
Gene Austin, 1900, Pop Singer
Geoff Keighley, 1979, Journalist
Georg Stanford Brown, 1943, TV Actor
George Goyder, 1826,
George Gruntz, 1932, Pianist
George Pataki, 1945, Politician
George Ragan, 1981, Rock Singer
Gerrit Rietveld, 1888, Architect
Glenn Medeiros, 1970, Pop Singer
Grace Valentine, 1996, Blogger
Gracie Whitton, 2004, Movie Actress
Gustav Wood, 1987, Rock Singer

Gustavus Franklin Swift, 1839, Entrepreneur
Heidi Voight, 1982, Model
Helena Vondrackova, 1947, Pop Singer
Henry Ward Beecher, 1813, Religious Leader
Hirzi Zulkiflie, 1989, YouTube Star
Hope Sandoval, 1966, Pop Singer
Iain Glen, 1961, TV Actor
Ian Rogers, 1960, Chess Player
Ian Ross, 1940, News Anchor
J.H. Prynne, 1936, Poet
Jack Dempsey, 1895, Boxer
Jack Welsh, 1996, YouTube Star
Jamari Traylor, 1992, Basketball Player
James Walter Chapman-Taylor, 1878, Architect
Jarret Stoll, 1982, Hockey Player
Jean Baptiste Massillon, 1663, Religious Leader
Jean Charest, 1958, Politician
Jean-Pierre Ferland, 1934, Pop Singer
Jeff Beck, 1944, Guitarist
Jeff Janis, 1991, Football Player
Jensen Daggett, 1969, Movie Actress
Jere Lehtinen, 1973, Hockey Player
Jessalyn Ward, 2001, Dancer
JesseTheReader, 1992, YouTube Star
Jessica Davenport, 1985, Basketball Player
Jessica Koh, 1994, Instagram Star
Ji Jin-hee, 1971, TV Actor

JJ Redick, 1984, Basketball Player
Joe Penny, 1956, TV Actor
Joel Stroetzel, 1980, Guitarist
Johann Heinrich Von-thunen, 1783, Economist
John Ciardi, 1916, Poet
John Coplans, 1920, Painter
John Galea, 1987, Film Producer
John Illsley, 1949, Bassist
John Lloyd Cruz, 1983, Soap Opera Actor
John Tortorella, 1958, Hockey Coach
Jordan Davies, 1992, Reality Star
Jordan Pearlman, 1967, Director
Jorge Narvaez, 1986, YouTube Star
Juan Francisco, 1987, Baseball Player
Juan Manuel Fangio, 1911, Race Car Driver
Juan Osorio, 1957, TV Producer
Juan Roman Riquelme, 1978, Soccer Player
Juelia Kinney, 1984, Reality Star
Juli Inkster, 1960, Golfer
Julian Holloway, 1944, TV Actor
Justin Hires, 1985, TV Actor
Kamal Hosni, 1929, World Music Singer
Kannadasan, 1927, Composer
Kassius Nelson, 1997, Soap Opera Actress
Kathryn Lasky, 1944, Young Adult Author
Katie Williams, 1985, Journalist
Kelly Butler, 1982, Football Player
Kelly Carrington, 1986, Fashion Designer
Kelly Wiglesworth, 1977, Reality Star
Ken Read, 1961, Sailor
Kevin Avery, 1957, Novelist
Kevin Grady, 1986, Football Player
Kevin Nolan, 1982, Soccer Player
Korbin Miles, 1991, Vine Star
Kristian Digby, 1977, TV Show Host
Kyle Searles, 1985, TV Actor
Laura Donnelly, 1982, TV Actress
Lawrence Block, 1938, Novelist
Levi Roots, 1958, Reggae Singer
Liana Ramirez, 1998, Dancer
Liane Balaban, 1980, Movie Actress
Lionel Messi, 1987, Soccer Player
Loren Roberts, 1955, Golfer
Lotte Verbeek, 1982, Movie Actress
Louis Brassin, 1840, Pianist
Luke Kennard, 1996, Basketball Player
MagikarpUsedFly, 1991, YouTube Star
Malinda Prud’homme, 1986, Painter
Marcel Mule, 1901, Saxophonist
Margaret Olley, 1923, Painter
Mark Andrew, 1985, Folk Singer
Mark Damon Espinoza, 1960, TV Actor
Mark Lowry, 1958, Gospel Singer
Marvin Smith, 1961, Drummer
Matt Jackson, 1992, Reality Star
Matt Traynor, 1987, Drummer
Max Ehrich, 1991, TV Actor
Max Malanaphy, 1992, Reality Star
Mercedes Lackey, 1950, Novelist
Mia St. John, 1967, Boxer
Micah Richards, 1988, Soccer Player
Michael Barnes, 1988, Soccer Player
Michael Del Zotto, 1990, Hockey Player
Michael Gothard, 1939, TV Actor
Michael Todd Berland, 1992, YouTube Star
Michele Lee, 1942, Movie Actress
Mick Fleetwood, 1947, Drummer
Micki Consiglio, 1991, Rock Singer
Milton Katims, 1909, Composer
Mindy Kaling, 1979, TV Actress
Mindy McKnight, 1979, YouTube Star
Minka Kelly, 1980, TV Actress
Mo’ne Davis, 2001, Baseball Player
Mozzy, 1987, Rapper
Nancy Allen, 1950, Movie Actress
Nate Carr, 1960, Wrestler
Nate Myles, 1985, Rugby Player
Nellie Gray, 1924, Activist
Nelson Peltz, 1942, Entrepreneur
Niall Hone, 1968, Guitarist
Nichkhun, 1988, Rapper
Nick Woodman, 1975, Entrepreneur
Nicole Munoz, 1994, TV Actress
Norman Lessing, 1911, Screenwriter
Oaklee Pendergast, 2004, Movie Actor
Oswald Veblen, 1880, Mathematician
Papi Ricco, 1996, Star
Pawel Strzelecki, 1797, Explorer
Peter Shaw, 1918, Film Producer
Peter Weller, 1947, Movie Actor
Petra Nemcova, 1979, Model
Phil Harris, 1904, Comedian
Piero Barone, 1993, Opera Singer
Pierre Vaultier, 1987, Snowboarder
Portia White, 1911, Opera Singer
Rafi Gavron, 1989, Movie Actor
Randy Santel, 1986, Competitive Eater
Raven Goodwin, 1992, Movie Actress
Rich Eisen, 1969, Sportscaster
Richard Kruspe, 1967, Guitarist
Richard Lumsden, 1965, TV Actor
Risa Oribe, 1987, Pop Singer
Robbie Ross, 1989, Baseball Player
Robert Downey Sr., 1936, Director
Robert Henri, 1865, Painter
Robert Reich, 1946, Economist
Ronnie Aguilar, 1987, Basketball Player
Roy O Disney, 1893, Entrepreneur
Ruben Bover, 1992, Soccer Player
Ruffa Gutierrez, 1974, Movie Actress
Sadatu Usman, 1979, Model
Sajida Talfah, 1937, Family Member
Sam Wanamaker, 1919, Director
Sarai Givaty, 1982, TV Actress
Sean Vincent Gillis, 1963, Criminal
Shane Churla, 1965, Hockey Player
Shanthanu Bhagyaraj, 1986, Movie Actor
Shawn Harris, 1982, Punk Singer
Shawn King, 1972, Football Player
Shea Salinas, 1986, Soccer Player
Sherry Miller, 1955, TV Actress
Sherry Stringfield, 1967, TV Actress
Shunsuke Nakamura, 1978, Soccer Player
Simon Rouse, 1951, Soap Opera Actor
Sofia Mulanovich, 1983, Surfer
Sohail Sen, 1984, Composer
Solange Knowles, 1986, R&B Singer
Soma Bhatia, 1998, TV Actress
Stacy Sykora, 1977, Volleyball Player
Stassi Schroeder, 1988, Reality Star
Stephanie Bruno, 1983, Pop Singer
Stuart Broad, 1986, Cricket Player
Stuart Hogg, 1992, Rugby Player
Sumona Chakravarti, 1988, TV Actress
Taj Gibson, 1985, Basketball Player
Tana Mongeau, 1998, YouTube Star
Tess Christine, 1991, YouTube Star
Thomas Blanchard, 1788, Entrepreneur
Tim McGill, 1979, Football Player
Tommy Lister, 1958, Movie Actor
Tori Gomez, 2014, Family Member
Tory Green, 1994, Movie Actress
Trevor Wesley, 1986, Jazz Singer
Trip Adler, 1984, Entrepreneur
Tyler Beazley, 2000, YouTube Star
Vanessa Ray, 1981, Soap Opera Actress
Vicki Vivacious, 1987, Reality Star
Vinnie Fiorello, 1974, Drummer
Wellington Boyce, 1993, Vine Star
Whitney Bischoff, 1985, Reality Star
William D’Elia, 1946, Criminal
William E Moerner, 1953, Scientist
William Hull, 1753, Politician
William Saxbe, 1916, Politician
Yasmin Paige, 1991, TV Actress
Yves Bonnefoy, 1923, Poet


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